My Boss Takes Charge

by Tiny Tommy

Copyright© 2018 by Tiny Tommy

Erotica Story: A totally unrealistic story where a man's boss forces his young wife to return to a religious Jr High, pretending to be a fourteen year old girl. This girl is then subject to many spankings finding enjoyment from the exhibitionism and the submission. Maybe she will prefer to stay this age.

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Blackmail   Coercion   School   Spanking   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Clergy   Small Breasts   .

“Tom, please come into my office.”

I work for a small company. Jerome is both my boss and the owner. I’m dreading this conversation. Nothing has been announced, but I know that the company is struggling financially.

“Close the door behind you.”

I can feel my heart racing. I can’t afford to lose this job. Not with the current economy. I have a wife and a 6 year old daughter to support.

“There is no easy way to say this but the economic downturn means that we need to downsize.”

I felt like I was going to throw up, or maybe pass out. Or worse yet, start to cry.

“This is a very tough decision for me. You have proven yourself to be a hard-working, extremely capable employee. But honestly, so are all of your co-workers. However, you have one asset that most of them don’t.”

My heart leaped with joy that there was hope that I would still have a job.

“You have a very beautiful and very young wife.”

My heart sank. My wife is beautiful, she is 27 and, despite having a daughter, still looks exactly the same as she did when we met at 16. Sandy was a virgin when we met, and she insisted on saving her virginity until our wedding night. I loved her more than anything in the world. I didn’t like where this was going.

“Your wife looks young enough that she could pass for a school girl. I happen to have a close friend who is the principal at a very strict Baptist church school. But he and I share certain ‘interests’. Please bring your wife into the office first thing tomorrow morning and we can discuss your career options.”

I wondered what he wanted from my wife in order for me to keep my job. I considered filing a lawsuit, but I knew that I was the least experienced person in the department. I was the obvious choice to let go. I doubted that anyone would believe me. So instead of going to an attorney, I went straight to my wife.

“Honey, I’m likely to lose my job. It isn’t anything that I ‘ve done. It’s simply the current economy. However, Jerome hinted at an alternative that involves you.”

“What does he want me to do?”

“I’m not sure. If we are interested, we are supposed to come to his house tonight at 8 pm. If not, I’m supposed to head straight to HR in the morning. It kills me to even ask you.”

“I know honey. He isn’t leaving us much choice. Without your job, we are homeless before Christmas. And we have to think about our daughter. We need to at least hear what it is he wants. There is a lot that I’d endure to keep food on our table and a roof over our head.”

“I’m sure Jerome is counting on that.”

“Do you have any better ideas?”

“I can go on unemployment, sell our car, clip coupons; we can figure out a way.”

“Can you guarantee me that Lori and I won’t go hungry or end up homeless?”

“No, it would depend on how long it took me to find a new job.”

“Then I need to talk to Jerome. It sounds like he is capable of guaranteeing me something.”

That stung, but I am sure that it was supposed to hurt. I had placed Sandy in this awkward situation and she had every right to lash out at me. It is my responsibility to provide for our family and I had just proven myself to be incapable of that. I was, most likely, asking my wife to prostitute herself, to cover my shortcomings.

My wife arranged a babysitter for the evening and went upstairs “to get ready”. I suspect that she mostly needed time and distance from me. However, when Sandy came downstairs, she was beautiful. She normally doesn’t do much with her hair or make-up. Tonight she had curled her long blonde hair and wore just enough makeup to accentuate her Nordic cheekbones. She wore a flowered sundress that she had professionally altered to fit her perfectly.

The altered dress might not seem like that big of deal if you’ve never seen my wife. Petite doesn’t even begin to describe her body. Her drivers license says that she is 5 foot tall, but she can only make that height if she stands on her toes. She struggles to keep her weight over 90 pounds. She is an avid runner and workout fiend. When her weight falls below 90, her periods stop-or at least become sporadic.

If anything, her 27 year old body is more firm than when we met. The child didn’t change that much, including her wonderfully tight pussy. The doctor insisted that her hips we too narrow for natural childbirth, so he opted for a C-section. The only difference I can tell after pregnancy is that her breasts have changed. No, they didn’t grow. They are still less than an A-cup. The only change was that her already prominent nipples seemed to grow even larger.

Without alterations, even a size 00 fits baggy enough that Sandy looks completely flat. But when a top (or dress) is altered to fit, her small breasts look perfect for her frame. I don’t know that anything she owns emphasizes that more than her sundress. As I ogled my wife walking down the stairs, I noticed that her nipples were more prominent against the fabric than I would have expected.

“Are you wearing a bra with that dress?”

“You forfeited your right to know when you asked me to submit to your boss. The only way you will find out what I am wearing under this dress is if he undresses me in front of you. Would you like that? Do you want your boss to undress your wife?”

“No dear, none of this is what I wanted.”

As she walked past me it was clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Apparently, she wasn’t wearing anything at all underneath that dress.I’m not sure what she expected to happen when we visited my boss, but then I didn’t know what to expect either.

We drove in silence.

“Did you husband explain why you are here?”

“He didn’t give me many details. All he could tell me was that I needed to come to your house tonight or else he would lose his job.”

“What do you think I want from you?”

“I’m not sure. But I suspect that you want to fuck me. Perhaps in front of my husband to show him what a worthless wimp he is.”

“Really? Is that what you want?”

“No. While my wimpy husband deserves it, I’m not particularly interested in having sex with anyone else. But I’m willing to do what is necessary for my husband to keep his job.”

“Anything that is necessary?”

“Nearly anything. There are something that are too extreme, or too gross, to even consider.”

“Before you imagine every worst case scenario, allow me to explain what I’ll require. As beautiful as you are, I don’t get excited by coercing women to have sex with me. I will never force you to have sex with me or anyone else. In one sense it will be almost the opposite of that. I will demand that you quit having sex with your husband. Is that going to be an issue?”

“As pissed as I am at him right now, it would be a long time before I would view him in any sexy way.”

My heart sank at the exchange, but for some strange reason my dick was hard as a rock.

“Good. That part is settled. Now it is time to talk about what I want from you. You are going back to school as Lori’s cousin. You and your daughter will be enrolled at one of the best private schools in the area. I will pay the tuition.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad.”

“You will be enrolled as a 7th grader. You will have to look and act like a girl who is barely into her teens. Also, this school believes in spanking, even for small infractions. Very few teenagers make it through a week without being spanked.”

“You’re right. That doesn’t sound great. But how could this work? Won’t someone notice?”

“The official story will be that you have been called up to the reserves and are being deployed overseas. Your niece is staying with you to help take care of Lori.”

“But I was never in the military, won’t that make people suspicious?”

“How many people in town know what you did before you moved here?”

“None. We have both been too busy to make any close friends.”

“That part of the deception will be easy to pull off. But this is one of the reasons why you won’t be allowed to have any sexual contact with Tom. People might notice a relationship between Tom and his “niece” while his dutiful wife is on deployment.”

“How long will I be on deployment?”

“It will be for at least the length of the school year.”

“I’m betting that will be very hard for Tom to go without sex for that long. What if he pressures me into having sex with him?”

“If he ever pressures you to have sex, and you give in, you will be severely punished. Instead, you should tell me, and I will make sure that he is severely punished. He won’t lose his job or his pay, but he might wish he had.”

“So I could tease him, and make his life miserable, and he couldn’t do anything about it?”

“That’s right. If you want to tease him, make sure it fits within the role of a teenage niece. Which is a good segue into what will be required of you. I have taken the liberty of booking a couple appointments for you to prepare you for your new role. At 8 am you will have laser hair removal so that your cunt looks like the barely pubescent girl you will be.”

“Couldn’t I just keep it shaved?”

“No, I don’t want any chance that some pesky stubble will make you look older. You exercise a great deal, does that interrupt your monthly cycle?”

“Yes, I have to be careful to keep my weight high enough that I don’t stop having periods completely.”

“That will match your new age perfectly. I want you to quit making any effort to keep your weight up. In fact, you will be soundly spanked every day that you are on your period. It will be in your best interest to exercise enough to skip them.”

“OK, that shouldn’t be too hard. Is there anything else?”

“At 10:30 you have an appointment with the orthodontist. He will be fitting you with braces. The ones that he puts on you tomorrow will strictly be for show, but if you actually want your teeth straightened, the company will pay 100% of that.”

“I have scheduled an appointment for you at 3:00 with a plastic surgeon for a hymenoplasty.”

“What kind of surgery is that?”

“You will be given a new hymen. It will be like you are a virgin again. We will know if you and Tom have sex again. I have also asked the surgeon to make this replacement hymen considerably thicker and stronger than the original. There will be no chance of an accidental tear, but when you do have sex again, he has warned me that it will hurt considerably more than your first time.”

“You will throw away all of your bras and panties. From now on, if you wear a bra it has to be a training bra. All of your panties have to be from the kids section, no juniors for you. Plain white cotton panties or images of cartoon figures.”

“You will wear your hair in braids, pigtails, a ponytail or any other style that makes you look younger than 15. The only person at the school who will know you are an adult will be the principal, who is also the church pastor. He will forge the records to make you look like an incoming 7th grader. But he will spank your bare ass like the adult that you are.”

“You and Tom will begin attending his church every week.”

“Tom, you will likely have to explain your sudden interest in the church and the church school. You should tell people that your wife’s sudden deployment made you think more about the future for both you and your daughter. Let them know that you work with me and that I invited you to attend.”

“Obviously, Tom can’t have any sexual contact with you, because that would be strange between a niece and her uncle. While you will need firm discipline, it might also appear awkward to have your uncle spank you without your aunt around. Every Friday will be a punishment night for you. Tom will bring you to the church and the pastor and elders will decide the appropriate punishment for your misdeeds for the week and then apply them.”

I found it a little self-serving that my boss who was setting all of this up would also be one of the elders responsible for her weekly spankings.

“When does school start?”

“School doesn’t start until next month. But I need your decision by the morning.”

“I don’t need to wait until morning to decide.”

“You do realize that you will be spanked frequently?”

“My sweet husband doesn’t know, but I was spanked almost daily until literally the morning of my wedding. My Dad applied a farewell session with his belt while I was wearing my wedding dress, about 15 minutes before I walked down the aisle. I’m not a stranger to being spanked.”

I knew my wife had been spanked well into her teen years, but I had always wondered just how long it had gone one. The thought of her being spanked in her wedding dress turned me on. I was busy visualising Sandy bent over with her wedding dress pulled up around her waist. I can hear my Father-in-Law scolding Sandy for the “slutty” garter belt, stockings and thong as he swung his thick belt at my wife’s firm little ass. I can picture the red welts appearing on her pale white bottom.

I realized that my wife and boss were still talking. Apparently, Sandy was going to join the Cross Country team so that she would have more time to exercise. The team had already started practices and she would join as soon as she had recovered from her surgery.

“Let’s stop at Kohl’s and Target on the way home. It seems like I have to do some shopping for new clothes.”

It sounded to me like Sandy might actually be a little happy about this. But there was no chance that I was going to ask her.

Sandy took a few items into the dressing room to get the sizing right. She didn’t know her size in tween clothing. Once she knew the sizing, she went on a shopping spree. I think the cashier looked at us funny when she was ringing out the order.

The Transformation Begins

At home, Sandy moved all of her stuff out of the bed room. She disappeared into the spare bedroom for about 30 minutes and came out with her hair in pigtails wearing her new pajamas. If she was my daughter, I would have insisted that the boxer shorts were far too short and too loose because they showed far too much. The top suffered from similar issues. It seemed like I was always on the verge of a great downblouse or side boob view. Sandy pranced around the house for about 15 minutes teasing me mercilessly before giving me a hug goodnight.

Sandy drove herself for the appointments for the wax job and braces. These would be the last times that she would be able to drive. I would have to drive her home from the surgeon and the next morning I would take her to the school to register. Once she registered at school, her new life would begin in earnest and she would have to become 14.

The registration was very quick. My boss had arranged a fake birth certificate and temporary guardianship documents that I provided to the school. I had to sign the waiver allowing corporal punishment. We each received a student handbook that outlined the school rules.

Sandy (Christine now) was anxious to start exercising again and was looking forward to cross country practice, but the doctor was very insistent about waiting 2 full weeks to recover from the surgery. She spent the two weeks practicing different hair styles, reading tween websites and just practicing being her new age. My boss told me that the Friday night punishment sessions wouldn’t start until school began, so that Christine could have some time to adapt to her new role.

Cross Country Practices

Two weeks had passed, and Christine could finally start cross country practice. The combination of braces, ponytail, and lack of makeup made her look considerable younger. The short running shorts and tight top emphasized her tiny frame and combined to make her look even younger than the 14 years she was pretending to be.

I dropped her off at school near where the team was just starting to gather for practice. I probably stared at her nice behind a little too much as she walked to practice. But maybe all men are basically pigs and would have taken the opportunity to check out their young niece if they didn’t think they would get caught. I didn’t worry about it too much.

I returned about 2 hours later to pick her up. When she got to the car I ask how practice went.

“I got spanked today at practice.”

Sandy turned around and bent over slightly so that I could see the red marks on her bottom.


“One of the team rules is that any missed practice results in 5 swats.”

“But you had a doctor’s note.”

“I tried to explain that, but the coach was insistent that the rules had to apply to everyone on the team. He said that I could have attended practice and been supportive of my teammates even if I couldn’t run for another 2 weeks. If I wanted to stay and practice, I would have to accept my punishment. Apparently I have missed 9 practices since I enrolled at the school, so I was due 45 swats.”

“And you were able to handle 45 swats?”

“He gave me 2 choices, I could split it into 3 sessions of 15 swats each for each of the next 3 practices, or I could take half of the total if I agreed to being spanked in front of the whole team.”

“A punishment in front of the whole team? Isn’t it a coed team?”

“He explained that he always offered the reduced punishment for accepting a punishment in front of the whole team because it is really the whole team that you are letting down when you skip practice. Very few people accept that, and apparently almost none of the girls. He was surprised when I chose that option. And yes, it is a coed team, and it includes the High School varsity and JV teams. I think there are about 30 total guys and about half that many girls.”


“The team gathered in a circle around me. Coach had me bend over and rest my elbows on my knees. I could tell that my shorts had pulled up when I bent over and that most of my butt had to be showing. Coached used a leather belt and he wasn’t gentle. The longer the spanking went on, the more the circle moved to one side where they could see my bottom getting whacked. I’m sure some of the boys just wanted a good peek at my butt, but they shouldn’t have worried. Coach made me stay bent over long enough that everyone could see the cost of skipping practices.”

I was jealous thinking that these teenage boys were getting to see more of my wife than I was allowed to see now.

Most days were fairly uneventful. I was adjusting to having a teenage niece in the house instead of my wife. She was starting to make friends and was spending too much time talking on her cell phone or surfing social media. I know she needed to do those things to “sell” her new identity, but it meant I was having to do far more around the house than I was used to doing.

The next major spankings for Christine came later in the week. One event triggered two different spankings for two very different reasons. The first one happened in cross country again. This time it was at a practice meet against the local Catholic school. The state limits how many “meets” each team can have, but this joint practice before school started didn’t count as an official meet. Neither team saw it that way.

When the team started their pre-race stretching, Sandy decided to do her own pre-race routine.

“Are you too good to join the rest of the team?”

“It isn’t that coach. I just need to get in the right mindset before a race and the whole ‘team activity thing is a distraction.”

“So you think you’re some special runner? Let me tell you what I think. We are a team. Your actions hurt the team. But I’ll give you the chance to determine your own punishment. You will get one swat with the switch for every person who finishes in front of you.”

Christine proceeded to run an outstanding race. The second place finisher wasn’t even entering the track when Christine crossed the finish line. If this has been an official event, her time would have been the female course record, which included females from other schools. She figured she had showed coach.

“Did your parents ever make you cut your own switch?”

“Yeah, pretty often.”

“Take my knife and go cut a good one.”

“Why? I finished first; there was no one in front of me.”

“11 of the high school boys from our team posted better times than yours. As did 12 of the boys from the other team. My math makes that 23.”

Apparently some of her teammates shared the story of her upcoming punishment with the other team because they hung around while Christine went to the woods to cut her switch. Coach had her kneel on the bleachers. It didn’t expose her ass cheeks quite as much as last week. But this time there were nearly twice as many spectators.

Coach took careful aim with the switch and brought it down on her left cheek just below the shorts. A thin red mark quickly became visible.

The next stroke was just a little lower and looked exactly parallel with the last one.

Slowly he worked the switch down that one cheek until he reached the top of her thigh. 8 little lines filled her small butt cheek.

Coach stepped to the other side and applied strokes back handed. 8 strokes for that side.

He returned to his forehand swing. SMACK, the next swat landed on Christine’s left thigh. She had been sobbing slightly before that stroke. But the hit on the thighs elicited a sharp scream followed by full-fledged crying. The next 6 were all on her left thigh.

Coach left her kneeling on the bleachers for 5 minutes with the welts on clear display. Boys from both teams took advantage of the chance to look closer. There was nothing “obscene” about my wife’s clothing or her body position. The running shorts didn’t completely cover her tiny bottom, but the same thing could have been said about every team member while they stretched. The public spanking was a little out of the ordinary, but not so much as to seem “strange”. Plenty of runners from both teams had been spanked at one time or another by their coach.

Despite this knowledge, Christine was certain that plenty of boys would be rubbing their cocks tonight to the memory of her spanking. She could feel a wetness growing between her thighs even as the pain from the spanking was still present.

“If only Tom could fuck me when I got home” Christine thought to herself.

The second spanking was considerably more severe, even if it wasn’t public.

The phone call the next morning was quite unexpected.

“Tom, I need you to bring Sandy to my office this morning.”

School didn’t start until next week, so I didn’t expect to hear from the principal yet. I certainly didn’t think I would hear from him using my wife’s real name, rather than her student identity. I drove my wife to his office before work. I wondered what this could be about.

“Setting a new course record draws attention to yourself. Someone might wonder whether you are the person that you say. That could hurt the reputation of the entire school. Fortunately, yesterday’s event was a “practice” so no one expects me to post your time. Still, you need to appreciate how your actions affect the entire school.”

“I’m sorry. But coach threatened to spank me if I didn’t run well.”

“Isn’t there more to that story?”

“Well. I guess. I have my own pre-race routine and”

“Stop right there. How many 7th graders would have a pre-race routine?”

“Probably none.”

“So you were drawing attention to yourself in several ways and deserve to be punished accordingly.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Anytime that I punish you in my office you will be completely naked. Please undress and fold your clothes neatly on the chair.”

Sandy undressed quickly and carefully folded all of her clothes before placing them on the chair. She stood facing the principal with her hands at her sides. With the pigtails, braces, tiny breasts, and bald beaver my wife could easily have been in elementary school.

“I want you to bend over and grab the edge of my desk with your outstretched arms.”

Stretching her arms overhead made her tiny tits disappear, even when she was bent over. I think the principal had this carefully planned to make sure that my wife looked as young as possible. I’m sure this “Christian” leader would like to see the young girls in his school and church in this very position. Since he can’t, he has to live that fantasy through my wife.

Although I could hardly judge him. My dick was pressing hard against my jeans.

“Your punishment will be 20 with the strap for your performance in the race that could draw attention to your true age. There will also be 4 with the cane for your insolence when insisting on using your own routine and the chance that this would also draw attention to your true age.”

The strap was half again as wide as my widest belt. It was also much thicker. It appeared to be made of very well worn leather than had been meticulously cleaned and oiled.


The first mark from the belt seemed to take up half of my wife’s tiny bottom. She let go of the desk and grabbed her bottom.

“I forget that this is your first time in my office and that you aren’t familiar with the rules. I’ll let this time go; however, it is your job to count each stroke. If you don’t count it, out loud so that I can plainly hear it, the stroke won’t be counted towards your punishment. If you move out of the position I place you in, such as removing your hands from the desk, that stroke won’t count and you will get two extra strokes with the paddle at the end.”

The smacks of the belt fell rather close together, he wasn’t pausing much between hits. Sandy’s entire bottom was bright red by the time he finished.

“Stay in position while I get the cane.”

Sandy was losing the battle of trying to fight back her tears. They ran down her face between sobs.

The principal lined up for the cane. It swung down hard on Sandy’s deep red bottom. The area where it hit turned white right after the cane landed. Sandy let out a scream, but still managed to count the stroke out loud. He seemed to be savoring the cane, taking his time waiting for the next stroke. The white that appeared right after the stroke quickly gave way to a deep red line.

The principal was obviously well practiced in using the cane. The 4 red lines across my wife’s ass were very evenly spaced and almost exactly parallel.

“Stand in the corner until you compose yourself. When you are ready, you can get dressed and leave. Make sure to rub lotion on those cane lines for a few days so that they don’t scar.”

While I waited in the office for Sandy to stop crying, I heard the principal speaking with the cross country coach in the main office.

“I want to talk to you about your spanking of Christine yesterday after practice.”

“Did her uncle complain? It wasn’t that hard of a spanking and she certainly deserved it.”

“I’m sure she deserved every stroke you gave her. And her uncle didn’t complain. My concern is about spanking any of our students where someone from another school could see. Our students all come from families that share the same idea about the value of a good spanking, but outsiders might not. If one of those other students said something to the wrong person, it could mean an awkward investigation into our school by the state authorities.”

“Should I quit giving students the option of being punished in front of their teammates?”

“No, I didn’t say that. Seeing a firm punishment can be a strong deterrent for the other kids. Just don’t give any spankings where someone who isn’t from our school can either see or hear what is happening.”

Sandy’s crying was mostly under control by this point. She dressed slowly and we walked out to the car. She would only have a little time at home before cross-country practice started. I had no idea how she would be able to participate in practice with such a well-spanked bottom.

She returned from her room dressed for practice. It didn’t take much effort to see glimpses of her red bottom and the lowest of the 4 cane marks when she moved; running shorts don’t offer much coverage.

Practice began, as it always does, with the team stretching. The stretches left the marks on Sandy’s butt visible to several of the students. Soon whispers were passing through the whole team and everyone was glancing at, or in a few cases staring at, Sandy. This didn’t escape coach’s notice, so he looked as well and noticed the visible cane mark.

“Christine, please come over here.”

Mercifully, he walked away from the rest of the team before he spoke with Christine.

“Were you spanked just before practice?”

“Yes, sir.”

“It looks like you received a caning?”

“Twenty with a strap plus 4 with a cane, sir.”

“Your parent, or in your case uncle, can send a note excusing you from practice after a punishment like that.”

“With all due respect sir, I didn’t want to be excused from practice. I deserved the punishment I received and I shouldn’t be shirk my responsibilities because of that. My teammates deserve my participation in every practice and I am here to do my best.”

“That is certainly the kind of commitment I like to see from my team members. I realize that you might run a little slower today and I won’t hold that against you. But you are also causing a distraction for the entire team. Everyone is wondering if you got spanked or how hard you got spanked, so they are trying to catch a look at your bottom.”

“If you will allow me coach, I think I can put an end to that fairly quickly by addressing my team mates.”

“Go ahead.”

Christine returned to where the team was stretching, cleared her throat and addressed her teammates.

“I’m sorry for causing such a distraction. In case you were wondering; yes, I did get spanked earlier today. Both a strap and the cane. If you are curious what that looks like, I’m happy to show all of you.”

With that announcement, Sandy turned around and pulled up her running shorts, along with the built in liner, to reveal both red butt cheeks. Her teammates could see the lingering marks from the strap and the 4 clear lines from the cane. She held that position for over a minute before she turned back around to continue her comments.”

“Is there anyone who didn’t get a good look? No? Good. If you wonder how it feels, I wouldn’t recommend finding out. It hurts. Now can we please get back to practice before I get in more trouble for distracting the whole team!”

The rest of practice proceeded without incident, but the same couldn’t be said for that evening.

Introduction to the Church Elders

School officially started the following Tuesday and we were supposed to meet with the Pastor/Principal and the church Elders to make sure that we understood how the weekly punishment sessions would work. We visited the church after dinner to learn about the process.

The pastor recapped the situation for everyone. “Tom’s wife was called up for a deployment and his niece, Christine, has come to live with him and help with their child while she is gone. Christine is at an age where firm discipline is crucial to her development, but that could create too much temptation for Tom. As we have done for similar cases in the past, the church leadership will step in and provide the necessary discipline. I’ve spoken to Christine’s parents and they agree this is the best solution.”

He continued, “Today we are only going over how these weekly meetings will work. Both Christine and Tom will keep a weekly log of her infractions. I will decide what punishment is appropriate for each infraction. If both Christine and Tom list that infraction, my punishment will be imposed as determined. If only Christine noted the infraction, I will reduce my punishment to 1/4th of the planned amount to reward her honesty. But if Tom lists a legitimate infraction that Christine didn’t include, her punishment will double. Do you understand how this will work?”

Neither of us had any question. Less than 5 minutes after we arrived at church, we were on our way home. Sandy went to bed soon after our daughter was asleep. A few minutes later I could hear loud moans from her bedroom. I moved closer to her door, listening closely the whole time. It was easy to imagine her lying naked on her stomach. She wouldn’t have anything on top of her, because it hurt her well-spanked bottom too much. Her right hand would be between her legs, rubbing her swollen clit. Her spread legs would provide a clear view of her damp, bald pussy.

Based on the variations in moans and breathing, I suspect Sandy had at least three orgasms. I desperately wanted to be the one making her cum. I wasn’t going to get that chance, but I was certainly going to make sure the pastor and elders punished Sandy for this next Friday night.

Visiting Sunday School

Sunday school was starting this week and Christine was a little nervous.

“I don’t understand what the big deal is, you’ve already met some of your classmates during cross country.”

“Only a couple, and we have running in common. I was never part of the “in” crowd growing up. I didn’t have many friends. I would like this time to be different.”

“It sounds to me like you are taking this role a little too far.”

“A little too far? Thanks to your inadequacies I’m stuck pretending to be a teenager for an entire year. Worse yet, I have to be 14 again. That was one of the worst years of my life. I don’t intend to go through that again.”

As my wife/niece stomped out of the room I couldn’t avoid thinking that she wasn’t struggling much with being in character for her supposed age.

She didn’t come back downstairs until we were ready to leave for church. She came downstairs in a striped dress with bows on each shoulder. It was designed for pre-pubescent girls, so it had a flat front. She had probably altered the dress as well to fit her snugly. As a result, her little breasts pressed out against the front of the dress. My first impression of the dress was that it would be something a Mom would pick our for her daughter, trying to hold on the little girl that the daughter was quickly leaving behind.

When we arrived at church and I dropped my niece at her classroom, I quickly checked the other girls in the Junior High class. My wife had chosen perfectly, at least half of the girls had that same general look. Their bodies looked ready to grow up, but their clothes, probably were probably picked out by their Mothers and conveyed exactly the opposite message. Even though it had been over a decade, Sandy knew how to fit in.

I tried to strike up a conversation between Sunday school and church, but I could only get one word responses.

“Can I sit with some of my friends in the balcony?”

We were in public so I had to stop and think about how an uncle might respond. Fortunately, the delay just seemed like I was considering her question.

“I guess so, but if your group causes any disruptions during the service I will hold you accountable.”

My wife gave me a quick smile and wink. Apparently I had just given her the right amount of freedom vs control to fit in with the group.

First Week of School

It was finally time to start school. Christine stressed over the perfect look, just like any 7th graders would likely do before the first day. Fortunately the school requires uniforms, so she could only stress about hairstyle and the limited accessories that would be allowed.

I had a completely different worry. We had been coaching Lori for over a month to call her Mom “Christine” and pretend that she was her cousin. We told her that we needed to pretend that Mommy was her cousin so that they could go to school together and spend more time playing. But it had to be a secret and no one else could know about our pretend game. I’m sure that Lori would slip up from time to time and say Mommy rather than Christine. This didn’t worry me too much as a young child calling their nanny “Mommy” once in a while when Mom was away wouldn’t raise any suspicions. What worried me was the Lori might not understand the concept of a secret. The ruse wouldn’t work if Lori started telling classmates about her Mommy pretending to be someone else.

I drove Lori and Christine to school. They had matching school uniforms and hair styles. The required uniform for females was a grey or navy blue pleated skirt and a white blouse. Girls could choose between white anklet socks, white knee socks, or white tights. The only real option for customization was in the tie where the only requirement was the tie was color coordinated with the skirt. Both girls were wearing knee socks, grey skirts, and pink bow ties with grey stripes. They both wore their hair in braids with a ribbon that matched the tie.

Christine arrived at her home room well before the first bell rang. Her home room teacher had a note waiting for her, instructing her to report to the principal’s office. Both Christine and her teacher were curious why she would be called to the office before the 1st day of school even started.

“Thanks for coming down so promptly Christine. I will ask you to stop in my office before you go to home room every Monday. Part of your enrollment agreement is remaining a virgin and being subjected to regular verification that you are keeping your agreement. Remove your panties and lay back on my desk”

Christine’s legs were spread wide and her bald little pussy was plenty visible, but that didn’t stop the principal from positioning a floor lamp to shine even more light on her body.

“I notice that there is a little bit of stretching in the small opening of your hymen. I will have to document that opening with measurement and pictures so that I can verify that it isn’t growing any larger.”

The principal removed a box from his lower desk drawer that contained a series of probes ranging from very small to rather large. It looked almost like a socket set. He inserted several different sizes of probes until he reached a size that encountered resistance.

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