The Awakening

by Deus Draconem

Copyright© 2018 by Deus Draconem

Fantasy Story: A young man awakens his inner powers and goes to save his lover.

Tags: Ma/Fa   Magic   Fiction   Crime   GameLit   High Fantasy   Violent  

A handsome young man was seen leaving a city while wearing a light leather armor with a pure white spear on his back that is even taller than himself. The young man was named Lucas, an adventurer, the rumors about him though shaded him a dark light. According to others, Lucas was incompetent and had little to no actual strength, very rarely did he join up with others when he went out. As he walked on his way towards a forest in the distance Lucas thought to himself, wondering if he would be able to see her today. Who was the woman he was referring to? Rose, a well known bell in the sector 5 main city, a death mage, and an enchantress. Not only was she renowned for her beauty but just as much for the battle prowess that she possessed.

As he neared the forest Lucas could make out 5 bulky guys walking towards him with not-so-friendly expressions on their faces, eyes filled with amusement and arrogance. Once he got within earshot Lucas heard one of the guys say towards him, “Lucas, my friend, what are you doing around here?” Lucas frowned not knowing what the guy wanted.

“What do you mean? Do I have to give you guys any explanation why I am here?” answered Lucas back a foreboding feeling starting to arouse in his mind. One of the guys on the right started chuckling while looking at Lucas with a gaze filled with mockery.

“What do we mean? Well, shouldn’t you go try help that girl you fancy? Or is it that you decided to let somebody else feast on her pure body?” the left-most guy said. This only made the one on the right laugh ever louder.

In the distance pitch black clouds could be seen converging towards the location the guys were at with an astonishing speed, which would not have been possible without the use of magic, or something similar. A very cold and dark atmosphere started forming around Lucas. If any of the guys were to pay special attention to Lucas instead of mocking him, they could have saw that very small tattoos started appearing on Lucas’s body, starting from his neck.

“What. Did. You. Just. Say?” asked Lucas with a tone filled with ice. His eyes were similarly cold and dark, mirroring the atmosphere, no emotion other than anger and rage could be seen in them. However, if anyone had the awareness and was able to look deep into their depths, a big amount of worry could be seen.

The guys finally realized the abnormalities around them, and Lucas entered an alert state. As they got into a battle formation, the guy in the center said with a voice full of arrogance, “My friend here said that Rose is about to have be done the biggest honor in her life. She’s about to lose her virginity to Matteo, the leader of the dark alliance, and the man with one of the darkest karma aura.” Lucas was petrified when he heard that, and that is when something akin to a chain breaking was heard.

The five guys looked towards the source of the sounds, which just so happened to be Lucas. On his body tattoos of runes could be seen wriggling, slowly, scales started to form on his skin, they were pitch black with little red lines running along them. As a new sound, this time akin to a dragon roar, two curved horns started to form on Lucas’ forehead, his eyes no longer looking human. They were slits, like a reptile, taking on a beautiful golden color the same color that his hair now had changed to. His fingers morphed into deadly sharp claws, a long scaly tail with a sharp tip emerged from the base of his spine, large leathery wings sprouting spontaneously from between his shoulder blades.

The previous young man could no longer be seen, instead, only a humanoid dragon was now in the place that Lucas was. The eyes even colder than the ones of the young man. The five guys couldn’t suddenly see the now transformed young man, as he ran behind them, making all of their heads fly into the air. Even in the last moment they could not see or realize what happened, their eyes portraying only confusion at the disappearance of Lucas.

Flapping the wings using his instinct Lucas started flying towards the city activating two skills, [Dragon Eyes] and [Guide]. The former being a new skill, just received upon transforming into a dragon, that made his vision a hundred times better, along with giving additional effects that were unnoticed at this very moment. The second skill is an uncommon skill that helped track targets that are not protected from scrying. Most if not all the people after a certain level would start wearing equipment that blocked scrying or learn skills to do the same thing.

Matteo just so happened to have one such equipment. Rose had one as well, however, it seemed at this moment that she was not wearing it. It made one wonder why she would do that. Lucas upon knowing this became even more furious, his thoughts churned violently, his speed rose even more. A sonic boom could be heard as he entered the city, startling the people below, and causing a few kids to point in the direction he was flying.

As he was coming nearer and nearer his destination he started growing increasingly worried, Rose was the only woman he loved in the entirety of his current short life, it had been love at first sight. Not many people knew this but she was actually the girlfriend of Lucas, but they decided to not tell anybody and keep the relationship a secret, at least for now. After knowing the information from the five guys he could no longer give a shit. He would slaughter Matteo along with anyone involved in the most painful way imaginable, with the [Cauldron of Suffering].

[Cauldron of Suffering] despite as its name may suggest, was not an item, it was an ancient skill that had been found by Lucas in a ruin at the bottom of a mountain. The mountain was located in a zone of death that anyone below a certain level of strength would perish in with absolute certainty.

As he arrived at his destination, which was a big building that rivaled the ancient Shanghai Tower, being 650 meters tall, and made out of a special magical metal that could resist the full attack of a dragon for several seconds. While several seconds doesn’t sound like it would be much, to dragons which are beings that transcend common sense and said to rival demigods, it was an eternity.

The [Guide] skill was telling Lucas that Rose was on the top floor of the building. Quickly flying there and destroying a wall with his new found powers, he entered the building.

Upon entering the floor he was stunned, the first thing he saw on a big X that was hanging on the wall, was Rose being held captive and fully naked. Bruises could be seen all over her body, but luckily it appeared her chastity was still intact, as there was no blood or anything else running between her legs. Shifting his sight towards the only man on this floor, who was previously smoking a cigar on a couch near Rose, his gaze become even colder. That man looking at Lucas slack-jawed and stunned was Matteo, the leader of the dark alliance.

“Who are you?!” Matteo shouted as he jumped backwards off the couch, cold sweat running on his forehead when he realized the being in front of him destroyed a wall of this building, of which he believed was as hard to break as becoming a saint.

“Who, you ask? Well, considering you’re the guy that sent the five scumbags to tell me about Rose shouldn’t you know just who I am?” Lucas answered with a blood curdling calm voice, however he was anything but calm, rage filled his insides to near bursting.

“What? How could you be Lucas?! That guy is an idiot that can’t fight anything to save his life!” Matteo shouted in a shrill voice, displaying the panic he was starting to feel.

Lucas looked at the man and laughed in a very cold way, “Idiot, if I was really that weak do you think I could be here? Has arrogance seeped so much into your brain and bones that you haven’t even looked into my strength a little more in depth? Do you think you are the strongest under the skies, thinking that there is nothing that can kill you?”

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