Much Fuckee, No Babee

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Asian girl offers her body in exchange for a place to stay. The arrangement with an American develops into something much more.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Cheating   Sharing   Oriental Female   .

I was a man from Arkansas in a strange land. It was an Asian island and I worked for a company that sold products in the US and needed somebody with a better command of English to do their technical manuals.

Sitting in an outdoor restaurant eating my dinner I was approached by a young woman. Now I didn’t know a bit of their language but most everybody speaks some level of English so I was getting along okay. She sat down with me and asked, “You need cleanee, cookee?”

I had an apartment but I could boil water and not much more. Plus I was working a lot and am naturally messy, so this sounded interesting. “How much does it cost?”

She smiled, happy to get a positive response, “Food and bed. No have place.”

“Hmmm, homeless I guess. She seems to be neat and clean and I am badly in need of those services,” I thought, “What the hell? Give it a try”. I told her to order some food and watched as she ate it hungrily.

She appeared to have no possessions as she followed me back to my apartment. Without any delay, she began tidying up the place as I watched. When that was finished she looked in the pantry and refrigerator and said, “We shop?” I nodded and out we went. She knew where to go and what to get so I was just along to pay for and carry things. We hadn’t discussed menus but she figured since I was eating local food that was a good sign.

Our supplies were put away in short order and I went back to work. That happened from home three days a week with the other two at my client site working with their technical people to understand the products.

I didn’t have a name yet for this girl who didn’t reach five feet tall, seemed to have a slim figure with a bosom probably as big as proportional for her size. So I asked, “Your name?”

She smiled, “Ya-wen” and curled up on my couch to sleep while I continued to work on my computer. In due time she prepared a simple dinner which I have to admit was quite tasty. I watched a video on my computer and she sat next to me quietly.

When it got late I pointed her to the shower and gave her one of my T-shirts to wear when she got out. I had a couch that she would probably fit on so I got out some bed linens and put them there as a hint. Then I stripped down to my boxers and got under my covers leaving the light on.

When she came out in the T-shirt she looked at the couch for a moment but came to my bed and got under the covers. “You like fuckee?”

Yikes! I hadn’t expected that and my first reaction was, “Yes but I don’t want to get you pregnant and I don’t have any condoms.”

That brought a big smile and she pointed to a contraceptive implant bump on her inner arm, “Have this. Much fuckee, no babee!” Then she pulled off the T-shirt and I could see firm, proud breasts and a hairy crotch. I was hornier than hell and when her mouth expertly engulfed my erection I knew that resistance was futile.

I’ll never forget that night. She was the most enthusiastic piece I’d had yet in my life and I’d had my share. Down in the Ozarks a woman didn’t stay a virgin any longer than she had to. This girl had obviously “been there and done that” and liked it a lot.

The next morning on my 3rd cup of coffee I asked her if she had any belongings. That’s when I got the story of how she had arrived at my doorstep.

Orphaned early on, she was taken in by an aunt. Her uncle began using her at puberty but got her the implant first and renewed it too so he could keep screwing her. She liked it a lot. When her aunt caught them she was kicked out. She’d been doing what we call “couch-surfing” for about a year, trading pussy for food and lodging. She enjoyed the fuckee too.

“Why did you talk to me,” I asked. The man she was last with was mean and she wouldn’t go back there.

We went after her small bag of possessions and there was no confrontation. I was a lot bigger. She was “mine” now.

I had a friend from the States that I got together with from time to time. He was surprised when he met Ya-wen and said he envied me. He didn’t know how to meet women here. Ya-wen was listening as she served us drinks and snacks and piped up, “Friend like fuckee? I give to him.”

THAT got our attention and his face lit up. Very good at reading men, she opened her button-up-the-front dress to make the offer even more enticing. I just grinned. “Why the hell not?” I’d always liked watching sex ever since I saw my sister and a boyfriend doing it at home.

She teased him with her fingers and mouth before laying back and opening her legs. She looked and smiled at me as he took her gift. We had fucked before he came over so she was nice and wet. I pulled out my dick and stroked it in time with his thrusts and she smiled even bigger, knowing he was just the first course.

He watched and worked his shrunken tool as I pounded in his cum. He wanted more and we took turns for quite a while. She fucked right back and made sounds that told us how much she liked it.

This little girl was something! She fucked me the next day just as if she hadn’t been gangbanged the night before.

She wasn’t just putting on for me. She enjoyed sex just naturally. That was demonstrated when I invited a local work colleague over for dinner. She made the same offer and we had a repeat only with a yellow cock to compare to mine. OK, I told her, I’d invite my States friend over from time to time.

I asked her how many cocks she’d fucked. She held up two fingers and I knew that wasn’t right so I asked a different way. “Two” meant at the same time. How many in the past she couldn’t even figure.

The next time “our” friend Toby visited, Ya-wen demonstrated a real “Two” fuck. Awkward but very interesting. Uncomfortable for her with our bigger Anglo dicks.

We also figured out that she was sixteen years old. I was thirty-five and never married. Never found the right one.

A few months later my contract was up. I couldn’t take her back with me so she moved in with Toby who had a longer term engagement.

Three months later I missed Ya-wen a lot, enough to get her a visitor visa and plane ticket. We spent the first twenty-four hours in bed, her getting over the jet lag and me getting my balls drained “aoap” (as often as possible). Then I took her sightseeing. She was as amazed by this country as I had been of hers. The flight was a totally new experience and now my world.

She stayed a wonderful and sex-filled month. Toby had been good to and for her. I was thanked for that. We had some serious discussions. Yes, she cared for me the most but could not live in US long-term, not just because of immigration issues, but the culture was too different. She would go back to Toby and be alright.

I cried after she left me at airport security. My next task was to find a long-term position over there and be with her again. I wanted her to have my babee.

Three months later Toby found me a job with his employer. Ya-Wen was overjoyed and of course I would live with them. Only one bed in the place but it was big enough for three. Ya-Wen fucked me senseless for the first few days but made sure that Toby got some. Sex was something she never got too much of.

I wondered about the age of her birth control implant. It might be close to expiring. Toby was snipped so no mention was made of b/c when she was living with him. Not long after I arrived Ya-Wen was pregnant. She was, of course, concerned at first but when it was explained to her that it was mine, she was delighted. By then she knew my feelings.

We arranged a simple wedding with Toby as a witness. Our living arrangement was working out well so there was no reason to change it. For all practical purposes, Toby was a second husband. We all knew that was perfect for our horny little hottie. We still shared a bed. Sex happened when and where it happened. Oftentimes not in the bed. For example, when Toby and I got home from work she might be cooking in the nude, which she often did to get our lusty attention, and we would bonk her from behind as she bent over the counter. Ya-Wen was always delighted when the fucking of one of her husbands arose the interest of the other. She liked seconds even more than we did.

Her belly grew and her libido fluctuated but she was proud of her enlarging tits and teased us with them frequently. In due time a little boy was born. She was thankful for our help and took care of our hornies with her mouth and her ass while her pussy recovered.

The baby was only a month old when her uncle tracked her down. He came knocking on her door but was surprised when two men answered it. They chattered away so fast that Toby and I couldn’t follow the conversation. We could tell from his expression how unhappy he was and then he stormed out, giving us nasty looks.

Ya-Wen explained that he come searching for her to be a wife for his son. Because of misguided population policies, there was a severe shortage of women where they lived so he would have accepted her even with her sexual history. Since she was already married with a baby, he would have to keep looking. She was grateful that we kept her away from him.

Our little apartment was pretty crowded now. Ya-Wen had made friends with the woman who owned the building and lived in a two-bedroom apartment on the ground floor. She was widowed and about 10 years older than myself. She never had children and doted on our little one. When Ya-Wen mentioned how crowded our place was, she suggested we move in with her. She was too shy to ask herself but told Ya-Wen that she wanted Toby to be in her bedroom. Since Me Ling was not unattractive, although not making any effort to look nicer, Toby agreed.

The first night that we moved, it was a bit different not having Toby on the other side of Ya-Wen. As we joined bodies while she nursed the baby, we wondered how things were going in the other bedroom. It wasn’t noisy but the place was well-built so we couldn’t hear anyway.

The next day was a workday and Toby and I took the bus together. He didn’t volunteer anything on the trip there but at lunch time I managed to get him in a quiet corner of the café. “So how did it go? We missed you.”

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