Why Willa Went Wild

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: At 7 years into her marriage, shy housewife goes promiscuous.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant   Romantic   Cheating   Sharing   Slut Wife   .

Willa had been raised in one of those Christian sects where men completely dominated women and she never learned about her potential as a human being. She was married off, thinking it was the way things were supposed to be done, to an older man who continued the male domination. Sex wasn’t a pleasant experience, being not of her own volition and just a brief experience to empty his prostate. She felt that it was one of the things that the Bible said you had to endure.

One of the few things she was allowed to do was to have daycare at her home. She’d not produced any offspring of her own but came from a large family and knew how to take care of little ones. Unbeknownst her husband, this would become a source of her discontent.

One of her clients was a single mother with two children who she discovered had never been married. That was so out-of-the-box with her background that she was intensely curious and the woman seemed to be in no rush to leave so they began visiting.

Sandra described a sexual philosophy that was totally different than any she had ever heard. She had multiple lovers and the babies were of unknown parentage, kind of contraceptive accidents, but were still greatly loved. She was currently living with one man but he was not the only one that she enjoyed without clothes on.

Willa had never even enjoyed her husband that way, pulling up her cotton nightie whenever he wanted to insert his penis and move it for his own pleasure. Sandra quickly sensed the differences in their experience and began asking questions of the other woman.

This led to some pretty intense discussions with Willa often rattled to the core when Sandra departed. Sandra was familiar with the Gospels and had an entirely different interpretation then what she had been imbued with. The stories of Sandra’s sexual adventures were so radically different than her own experience that she had some difficulty believing that they were not fantasies. Sandra assured her that they were not.

When her husband next decided to put his penis in her, she thought about some of the things that Sandra had shared. This time she got a little bit of a tingle as he moved inside her, noticing, maybe for the first time, when his hot seed was sprayed. She knew it was expected that she would become pregnant and produce several children but it hadn’t happened so far. This was not a disappointment to her because she got enough satisfaction from caring for those of others.

Finally she told Sandra that she felt cheated as a wife by being misled by those that she trusted. “I don’t think that my husband can change but I think that maybe I can. Do you have any suggestions for me because I am wide open to them.”

Sandra smiled, “I was hoping you would come to this conclusion. There is one lover of mine who I think would be very good for you if you can handle the moral side of having a man not your husband pleasuring you. It would not be love, but I think it would be good for you anyway.”

Pulling together all of her bravery, Willa said she was ready. How would this take place?

Sandra told her that she usually got together with this man on Saturdays so Willa would have to find a reason to leave and come to her place. She would defer her sex with him so that Willa could have the experience. Willa would let her know ASAP.

So Willa found herself in Sandra’s apartment meeting a new man. He was a little older than her, but very polite and good looking too. Sandra said she’d take the kids someplace while they “got acquainted”.

He was skillful and when Sandra returned Willa was smiling and hugged her very intensely. “That was amazing! I didn’t know it could be like that and maybe you have ruined me for life but I don’t care. Can I come here next Saturday?” Sandra laughed and said, “I mean to join with him after you leave because I know he’s capable of it. Since I’m not going to be deprived, why not?”

During the week, Willa reported that she hated spreading her legs for her husband and really look forward to the next Saturday. Sandra hugged her and said, “Good for you.”

With her confidence in her sexuality finally developing, Willa responded to another apartment dweller who usually did laundry about the same time she did. Promoting conversation between them, she detected his interest in her as a woman. It didn’t take long before he invited her to his apartment for a drink after the kids left. Her husband wouldn’t be home for an hour and a half.

She wasn’t much of a drinker and got kind of tipsy and that led her feelings take over a bit more than usual. He was quite a bit older but also nice and not bad looking either. Her pussy twitched and tingled as he paid attention to her. She made some “wicked comments” and he responded with some as well so she knew he was attracted to her.

It only took a couple of weeks before they were naked in his bed and he was pounding her to some real pleasure. He was at least as good as Sandra’s friend and she was resentful that night when her husband wanted to dip his dick but she had to cover her tracks, hoping he wouldn’t notice the other semen already inside her. He was oblivious, thank goodness.

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