Emmanuelle's Submission

by tunefulbob

Copyright© 2018 by tunefulbob

Erotica Sex Story: A lovely and sexy woman experiences the joy of submitting.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   MaleDom   Light Bond   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Safe Sex   .

I greeted him at the door wearing a thong and a top both so diaphanous that they were practically invisible. I stood there, awaiting his commands. He gazed at me up and down, starting with a searching gaze at my eyes and face, then letting his eyes trail down over my body, my neck, my shoulders, lingering over my breasts, then on to my tummy, my hips, lingering again on the neatly trimmed triangle of hair over my pussy, the slit that was all that was visible of my pussy, my thighs, my calves, and finally my feet. I could tell by his slight smile that he was pleased with what he saw. He hugged me, pressing my breasts against his chest. I folded my body against his, pressing my loins against his cock, which felt large and firm. I loved the feel of his strong arms around me, and hoped that he was enjoying the feel of my body against his.

We had our first kiss, which started out soft, lingering, sweet, and which built to a passionate crescendo, with our open mouths hungrily, deeply, intensely exploring each other.

He stood back and told me to undress. Moving quickly to please him, I unfastened my top and flung it in the direction of a dresser. I rapidly pulled the thong down to my calves, and, holding it in one hand, swiftly stepped out of it, then tossed it aside. After I was completely undressed, he moved around behind me, pressing his engorged cock against my ass, and grasping my breasts in both hands. He caressed my breasts and my nipples, then began, at intervals, punctuating his caresses with slaps, squeezes and pinches. I sighed softly with the twin pleasures of the good pain I was experiencing and of giving myself over to whatever he wanted to do with me.

He turned me around to face him, held one hand behind my shoulders, and leaned me back while he bent to gather one of my nipples into his mouth to kiss it and suck on it, then to put it between his back teeth and chew on it. I sighed quietly, barely audibly, and occasionally gasped and squirmed with pleasure. After a few minutes of this treatment, he moved his mouth to my other nipple and repeated his appreciative actions there.

He told me to lie on my back on the bed and to pull my legs up, keeping them straight, and to press my thighs against my breasts. He then just stood there for a moment, looking my legs and ass over thoroughly. Once again, I could tell from his brief smile that he approved. He told me to cross my arms in front of my thighs and hold them there. Taking two silk ties from his briefcase, he tied them together at the narrow end and proceeded to lash my wrists together, first wrappinging the ties around my wrists three times, leaving them separated by nearly two inches, then looping the wide ends of the ties around the wrapping and between my wrists, then tying the ends together with a bulky square knot. He checked the lashing carefully making sure it was exactly as he wanted it – tight enough to restrain me yet loose enough to permit blood to flow freely to my hands.

Throughout the time it took for him to look me over and lash my wrists together, I was completely still, expectantly waiting to satisfy whatever desire he might have. I remained still and quiet while he looked me over again. My submissiveness pleased him...

He told me I could relax my legs and, as I lowered my calves over my lashed wrists, he lifted me into position on my side at a corner of the bed, with my mouth conveniently located near one side of the bed and my ass and pussy close to the foot.

He unzipped his pants and pulled out his large, fully erect cock, then leaned over me and caressed my body with both hands – neck, shoulders, back, ass and legs. The bed had one of those extra-thick mattresses, so his cock was just a few inches away from my face. I wanted it to fill my mouth. He could see me looking at it intently, hungrily, so he teasingly moved the tip almost to my lips and, when I opened my mouth expectantly, pulled it back to a distance of a few inches. I said nothing, and kept my face expressionless, knowing that I was his to command, that only his wishes mattered. From time to time, he repeated the sequence of teasing me with his cock while continuing to caress me and look me over.

After several minutes of this, he placed his hands between my shoulder blades and on the back of my head and pulled me toward his cock. I opened my mouth wide, with my lips drawn back tightly over my teeth, waiting for the first of my love orifices to be filled. He teased me just a little more, poking his cock against my chin and my cheek, but then holding it still so I could seek it out with my mouth. After pausing briefly with the tip of his cock barely inside of my lips, he plunged his cock into my mouth, thrusting deeply. I was ready for this and had already relaxed my throat. The tip of his cock slammed into the back of my throat, causing me to gag, but only slightly. He pressed his cock against the back of my throat, so that almost all of his big cock was in my mouth. He paused there for a moment, wanting me to enjoy the discomfort for just a moment, then began fucking my mouth forcefully and deeply, moving my head back and forth a couple of inches while he made up the rest of the length of his cock by thrusting into my fully engorged mouth. I could tell he was soon close to climaxing, and could feel his cock pulsing and throbbing; but he must have suppressed the ejaculation, so my yearning for his sperm in my mouth and throat was unfulfilled.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and walked to the foot of the bed, where my ass and pussy were right at the edge, waiting to be taken. Rolling me onto my back, he told me to resume my position with my legs extended beyond my head. He rolled on a Magnum, began caressing my clit with his thumb, and sliding his fingers up and down on my inner labia. While still rubbing his thumb on my clit, he pushed first one finger, then a second and third, inside of me and began rubbing them against my g spot. Almost instantly, my body responded to the simultaneous rubbing of my two most erogenously sensitive spots. Soon I was moaning and trembling with the force of the orgasm that swept over me.

While my orgasm was in full swing, he took his fingers out of my pussy, placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to my pussy and thrust it deep into my second love-orifice, fucking in and out of me roughly. On every inward thrust, he was balls-deep inside of me, with the tip of his cock deep inside my innermost love chamber. I pulled my legs against my breasts with my arms, which were still lashed together by silken bonds, and lifted my neck and head from the bed, shaking with the force of the orgasm that was now stronger than ever. He continued fucking me hard for several minutes; I came continuously for the entire time. Once again, he apparently stopped himself from ejaculating, though I could feel him throbbing deep inside of me.

When my orgasm gave signs of easing up, my head sank down onto the bed again, and my arms released the pressure holding my thighs so tightly against my breasts. He eased up on pumping into my pussy, then finally stopped with his body pressed against my pussy lips and clit. His cock remained hard, and buried deep within the recesses of my body. I could feel occasional quivers and contractions of my pussy around his cock, aftershocks of the long, intense orgasm I’d had. When those aftershocks finally stopped, he pulled his still-engorged cock out of my pussy and told me to relax my legs again.

It wasn’t until then that he undressed. I relaxed and waited for whatever it was that he planned for me next. I could feel the coolness of my lubricating juices where they had coated the entire lower portion of my ass, with the heaviest concentraion within the crack between my ass cheeks. When he began caressing my anus, I welcomed the touch of his fingers, and pushed my ass against them to show that penetration would be most welcome. He obliged me, slowly pushing one finger in about a half inch, causing me to gasp, then an inch, and began a slow in and out movement. After a few moments of this, I felt him push a second finger into me. My asshole was pretty well lubricated, and there was little resistance from my anal sphincter. I don’t know how to describe the sensation. It was so very sexy and exciting. My mind and my body were both thrilled at this penetration of my third orifice of pleasure.

I still wanted more. And again my lover obliged me.

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