Happy to Help

by Rodav

Copyright© 2018 by Rodav

Fan Fiction Sex Story: This addendum to "Summer camp" is a fan fiction. Thanks to Nick Scipio for his generosity. When Beth got lonely and needed a man's touch, her husband David who is a pilot was out of town flying for the airlines. So David had to ask their family friend Chris for help. When it was Chris who went out of town and his wife Elizabeth needed that same help, and David was not available, it was David's and Beth's son Paul who came to the rescue. There's also lots of incest innuendos.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fan Fiction   Humor   Sharing   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Nudism   .

This event occurred at the Hughes residence during the time Paul and Gina were in College in Knoxville.

David called Beth telling her over the phone that he can’t go home this week because they have shortage of pilots due to unforeseen circumstances. Beth complained that she misses him so much now and she felt lonely and needs a man’s touch.

David told her that she can always ask Chris. Of course he is their close friend and part of their inner circle so he would be more than happy to help. Beth was reluctant to ask Chris, so David said he would call Chris himself.

The phone rung and Chris answered, “Hello!”

“Hi Chris, this is David.”

“Oh, What’s up man!”

“I need to ask you a favor.”

“Oh, sure David, anything, that’s what friends are for.”

David told Chris the favor he was asking.

Chris smiled happily and said, “I would be more than happy to help David. To think that could be the most exciting favor any man would like to fulfill.”

That day at the Hughes residence,

“Do we need to have an audience?” Beth asked.

“We’re thinking you might need some emotional support”, responded Elizabeth, as she smiled at her friend.

“Oh, come on!” Beth rolled her eyes smiling. “Isn’t it quite embarrassing only Chris and I doing It? It’s different when we’re doing it all together in our party, than here only we are being watched.”

“It’s ok Mom, it’s only us and this is also part of our private party.” Erin said, also smiling at her mom. Besides we are family and with the company of close friends who are willing to help in times of need.”

“Erin, aren’t you and Leah suppose to go to the mall today?” Still trying to convince her audience to go and leave them alone.

“Yeah Mom, but later on after watching this exciting espectacle going to unfold shortly.” Erin said with a teasing smile to her mom.

Beth was on her back naked in bed while Chris also naked positioned between her spread legs and Elizabeth laying alongside Beth ready to assist any which way she can.

Chris had to ask her the proper way of what she wants him to do. Because she is demure it’s kinda hard for her to say it, but was forced to say it.

“What can I do to help Beth?” Chris teased as he was standing between her legs with his hard cock ready to do the work.

“You know what help I need Chris. You really want me to say it huh!”

“Mmm hmm. He can’t help to really tease her.

“Ok? I need you inside me. Now, are you happy?”

“Not really yet, try to convince me more.” Chris continued his teasing.

Beth glanced at Elizabeth who was smiling, then turned to Chris who was obviously still wants to hear more. Finally Beth took a deep breath and said softly “Chris ... would you please ... fuck me?”

“Your wish is my command.” Chris responded with a satisfied smile.

Beth rolled her eyes as she turned to look at Elizabeth who started giggling.

“May I have the honor?” Elizabeth suggested as she reached and held her husband’s cock and gently guiding it towards Beth’s pussy.

“By all means Elizabeth, after all I’m just borrowing your husband.”

Elizabeth started to gently rub the head of Chris’s cock up and down Beth’s slit. Then let it settled at her opening.

“Are you both ready?” Elizabeth asked.

With a demurred smile, Beth said softly, “ Hmm ... yes.”

“Me too.” Chris said excitedly.

Erin and Leah went behind Chris and put their hands in the small of his back and started to push him gently forward.

Beth moaned as Chris’s cock started entering her. “Mmmm ... that’s nice,” when she felt him bottomed out.

Then all of everyone glanced down and glued to where Beth and Chris bodies were joined.

“Wow, that’s so hot and looked so exciting Dad!” As Leah looked at Chris and smiled.

“Thanks pumpkin.” Chris smiled at his daughter.

“Thank you, I really appreciate this.” Beth said softly to Chris as he slowly thrusting in her in a long smooth stroke.

Chris could hardly believe what he was hearing, and said, “here I am being appreciated for banging a gorgeous married housewife. God, how could life be better than this? how could I be this lucky?” As he watched Beth’s gorgeous breast gently moved while thrusting into her.

Both Beth and Elizabeth smiled and then rolled their eyes and started laughing.

Erin and Leah joined in laughing. They both agreed that Chris was a lucky guy.

“We housewives are lucky too because we have an extra man that comes handy when we are horny and our own man is not around.” Elizabeth said.

“Yes indeed.” Beth happily agreed. Then she raised her head up and looked down between her spread legs and saw Chris’s cock sliding in and out of her. “Just like now, we have one man handy and is a good help.” Then when she looked up she caught Chris’s eyes watching her. Chris looked down to see his hard cock glistening with Beth’s juices and being enveloped by her pussy. When he looked back up and met Beth’s eyes, she shyly smiled and mouthed “thank you.”

“You’re most welcome,” Chris mouthed back smiling.

When the phone rung, Erin answered and it was Paul on the other end. They exchanged greetings and Erin mentioned to him that the Coulters are in their house cause their mom needs help.

When Paul asked what kind of help. “Here listen Paul!” Erin put the phone close to where Beth and Chris bodies joined. “Oh my gush!” Paul exclaimed, he could clearly hear the wet squelching sound obviously created by fucking.

It’s so happen that Gina was also at Paul’s apartment and he let Gina hears it. Gina asked to talk to her dad.

Erin handed the phone to Chris.

“Hey dad, we can hear that wet squelching sound, are you and Paul’s mom fucking?”

“What you think honey?” Chris answered smiling as he continued sliding his cock in and out of Beth’s pussy. “Well, duh! We all know what that sounds like.” Gina said obviously sounded excited.

“You are right honey, I was summoned to the Castle by the Queen, and I’m so honored to perform this important task.” Chris said smiling and can’t help to be funny.

“By scratching her itch? Gina said excitedly.

Leah came behind her father and put one of her arm around his shoulder then moved her face close to the phone that is pressed on his ear and interjected, “Our dad is fucking your boyfriend’s mother.”

“Yeah, that’s right, my sweet daughters. I’m so honored to have coitus with Her Majesty.”

“Oh Dad! That is so corny!” Leah said laughing.

“Oh my God!” Beth exclaimed and blushing as she covered her face with her hands and looked embarrassed. “ Do they have to know this too? specially Paul?”

Unbeknownst to Atlanta folks, Paul and Gina in Knoxville were also fooling around and naked. So in just about a minute, Paul and Gina were already having sex.

Gina was talking with her mom when she put the phone down close to her and Paul’s genitals and said, “listen to this Mom and guess what we are doing.”

“Oh my goodness Gina! You’re also fucking!” Elizabeth exclaimed as she listened to the same wet squelching sound of sex.

Elizabeth lets everybody hears the wet squelching fucking sound in the other end of the line as they were all laughing.

“Oh, I love our family.” Erin said giggling.

“Me too.” Leah agreed.

Just about a few minutes after they have their phone conversation with Paul and Gina, the phone rung again.

“Hey Erin, this is dad.” When Erin answered the phone.

After a few greetings Erin said that The Coulters were in their house and Chris helping her mom. David knew precisely what’s that help means since he was the one who asked Chris for it.

“Here’s dad,” Erin gave the phone to Chris.

“Hey buddy, what’s up man?” David said on the other end.

“I’m doing what you asked me for.” Chris answered. “Here listen,” he puts the phone down to where he’s thrusting to Beth and David could clearly hear the slippery slurping sound and periodic wet smacking sound of Chris cock slapping against his wife’s cunt.

“Thanks Chris, I know I can count on you.” David said. “I owe you one buddy!”

Chris suddenly felt like teasing David.

“Oh yeah man, you really owe me one big time. This is not an easy job. It’s a lot of work taking care of two horny housewives,” Chris said with mock seriousness.

Beth was amazed at what Chris were saying.

“Oh, I’m sorry Chris,” Beth said, “I don’t mean to impose, you don’t really have to do this.” As she put her hands on his hips and gently trying to push him off her.

“I’M JUST KIDDI-I-I-I-NG!!!” Chris exclaimed and his eyes went wide as he panicked and pushed in and thrust harder into Beth.

Everybody around burst out laughing. Even David on the other end could be heard laughing hard.

Beth was also laughing quite hard that it created a ripple effect in her tummy and Chris felt it vibrated inside her massaging his dick.

“Beth got you huh!” David said as he was still trying to stop laughing.

“Oh yeah, she really got me good.” As he wiped an imaginary sweat across his forehead.

Beth was holding the phone on her ear with David in the other end listening as she was climaxing. She moaned and went rigid. She arched her back under Chris and her pussy clamped down on his shaft as her orgasm erupted.

They can hear the wet sound when Chris pulled out off Beth.

Erin and Leah glued at Chris’s wet shiny cock still hard. Because he did not come yet.

“May I?” Erin asked but did not wait for a response as she slowly kneeled down and sucked his cock for a few seconds then got up and kissed Leah on the lips.

Both Beth and Elizabeth rolled their eyes and laugh when they witnessed this. Then Erin knelt down again and continued to suck Chris. Leah also knelt beside Erin almost cheek to cheek and watching intently at her dad’s cock going in and out Erin’s mouth. Chris kind of worried watching his daughter’s face so close that it’s almost touching him.

Leah was pouting as she watched her best friend enjoying herself on her dad’s cock. “Umpt!, stupid rules,” Leah murmured, as she and her dad’s eyes met, then she did her sad puppy face.

“Don’t worry honey, there might be a time when the rules will be bent somehow. Elizabeth said to her daughter.

After a while Chris ejaculated inside Erin’s mouth. Then she turned to Leah and they kissed and shared the cum to her best friend.

“Oh look at that!” Elizabeth laughing as she and Beth watched amused when they saw the two girls sharing Chris’s cum with each other.

Leah has a teasing smile on her face as she gazed at her father’s eyes while licking her lips and then swallowed her dad’s cum. Her dad just rolled his eyes and sigh, “Oh well.”

After a few Months just before the school ends for the summer, Chris had go out of town for a week. And this time it was Elizabeth’s turn who needs some help. But unfortunately David was also out of town flying. The good thing was that Paul and Gina came home that weekend.

Beth told Paul that Chris was out of town for a week and Elizabeth needs help. She also said that his dad was happy to help but suddenly he has to leave for a last minute call.

“So honey, It’s a good thing you and Gina came home this weekend. I think you are the only hope.” Beth said to her son.

“Oh, I would be happy to help mom!”

“Thanks honey, you are a dear.” Beth said as she kissed her son on the forehead.

When they reached the Coulter residence. Beth came out of the car first and walked towards the house. Then she turned and gestured to Paul to hurry up.

“Come on Romeo ... Juliet’s mother is waiting.” Beth with a teasing smile said to her son.

“Mo-om!” Paul kind of embarrassed of his mom’s teasing.

“He is a dweeb.” Erin said chucking looking at her mom.

Elizabeth was so happy to see them, specially Paul. They have their regular huggy huggy greetings. Then She turned on to Paul.

“Oh Paul, my savior!” Elizabeth hugged Paul so tightly. “Thank you, thank you for coming.

“My pleasure to serve you, and coming to the rescue.” He answered sweetly and smiling then glanced sideways to Gina who rolled her eyes and also smiling. He hugged Elizabeth as he slightly pushed his bulging crotch towards her.

“Oh, that’s what I need so badly.” As she felt him pressed on her center.

They all first started lounging naked in the tub. Then they all enjoyed swimming in the pool, playing horsey. Playfully touching and grabbing one another’s private parts. Paul and Erin can openly fool around with their parents blessings. Aside with his girlfriend Gina, he can also fool around with Leah and of course to their mom Elizabeth. But Paul has to make it quite accidental when he wants to at least touch his own mother. Actually Gina arced her eyebrow when she saw Paul playfully as if by accident grabbed his mom’s breast when they were horsing around. Although Beth just laugh about it and pretended it wasn’t a big deal.

Paul can’t help not to look at his attractive naked mother. He tried not to be obvious but a lot of times the girls noticed him doing it. When he tries to steal a glance at her nice full breast that he used to nursed when he was a baby. Specially that heavenly place between her legs where he came out to this world.

Elizabeth was seated at the edge of the pool with her legs dangling in the water. Then Beth raised herself up from the shallow part of water to sit beside Elizabeth. In doing so she supported her hand on the rails as she put one foot on the edge causes her legs to spread a bit. Paul just behind her got a good view of her pussy and her asshole winked at him. When she slowly twist her body to sit beside Elizabeth, her legs parted more causing her pussy lips to pull apart. Paul just almost in front of them got a bird’s eye view of his dear Mother’s gate of heaven. Her pink inner lips showed in all it’s glory and and this time it’s her clit winks at him.

He was standing with the water level just above his thighs. He noticed the girls saw the whole spectacle and were giggling and staring down between his legs. He blushed when he realized his cock was so erect. His mom and Elizabeth were staring at his erection too when he looked towards them. His mom immediately closed her legs and seemed embarrassed at the display of her intimate parts to her son’s eyes. So Paul immediately submerged himself in the water and hid his erection. The girls did not let him get away with it so quickly and gathered around him and teased him some more about it.

“I saw your eyes almost came off the suckets.” Gina tease her boyfriend.

Erin slowly reached towards his brother’s cock under the water and gently wrapped it with her hands. “Oh boy, he’s still very hard Mom!”

Leah also came closer and had a feel of it too and said, “Wow Paul, you’re really hard. Can I have it in me too?”

Elizabeth heard what Leah said, “Not today sweety! He’s mine today.”

“Can I at least suck him or he licks my pussy?”

“Why not? It’s up to him honey!”

“Can I have a say about it too?” Paul pretended to complain.

“Oh look at that, my boyfriend is playing as if he’s being used.” Gina hugged Paul and lovingly kissed his cheek.

Beth could not help not to join the teasing. “How many guys in this world would love to be in his shoes of being used right now?”

“All the guys!” Leah said.

“Unless if a guy is aspiring to be a saint.” Gina said. “But I’m sure my boyfriend doesn’t aspire to be one.”

“And I’m sure my dear brother is so happy to be alone around these five naked women.” Quipped Erin.

“Two women and three teen girls.” Beth corrected her daughter.

“Oh ok. But still he’s a lucky thorn among the roses.” Erin said as she fondled his brother’s still hard cock.

Beth smiled and rolled her eyes when she saw the gestures of her daughter’s hand under the water stroking her brother.

Together the girls pulled Paul up to stand, then all three of them put their fingers at the base of his erect cock holding and wiggled it back and forth.

“The thorn among the roses!” Erin hollered.

“The cock among the pussies,” Gina followed as they continued to wiggle his erection.

Paul rolled his eyes as if to look dismayed at the girls antics, but surely he obviously enjoyed it. And who doesn’t?

“I’m glad you made him hard and ready for me.” Elizabeth said to her best friend seated beside her.

“About what?” Beth asked pretended to be innocent.

“Oh come on my friend, you look cute when you pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about.”

“Did I make him that? his penis hard, Is it because of me?”

“Of course it’s because of you. I saw his eyes bug out when you spread your legs and he clearly saw the promised land.”

“You’re silly, what promised land.” Beth chucked.

“You showed your son your vagina.”

“The last time I checked we’re nudists, and of course he had seen my vagina many times already.”

“Yes, but not all the time with the lips parted or its gaping open just like it was earlier.”

“I didn’t mean to show him that, it’s so happen that he’s just right in front of me when I unintentionally spread it. It normally happens when you try to casually sit specially in this situation.”

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