Sleeping With the Devil in My Mind

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Flash Sex Story: Woman sleeping beside a lover has thoughts about other ones both past and present. That both stimulates and concerns her.

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Sharing   Gang Bang   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

Sleeping With the Devil Song by Lee Ann Womack Songwriter: Brennen Leigh Hulbert


I’ve been sleeping with the devil, I thought you ought to know
I can’t look you in the eye and tell you it’s not so
I’m his little Darlin’, I’m that old man’s dream
I’ve been sleeping with the devil, so it seems
I’ve been sleeping with the devil, arms around him tight
Breathing my hot breath upon his chest the whole long night
Get up in the morning, God knows I have tried
I’ve been sleeping with the devil by my side
Sunday morning singing, chicken getting fried
I missed it all by sleeping in, And I feel no light inside
I gave him all my heart’s blood
And he’s run off with my soul
I’ve been sleeping with the devil in control
I never let him know it, what it was all about
I hid behind that bar room wall and I pulled the stopper out
I let it burn down slowly then I followed on behind
I’ve been sleeping with the devil in my mind
I’ve been sleeping with the devil, I thought you ought to know
I can’t look you in the eye and tell you it’s not so
I’m his little Darlin’, I’m that old man’s dream
I’ve been sleeping with the devil, so it seems

Mindy’s thoughts were racing and she couldn’t get to sleep. Her pussy was satisfied but her mind was not. The man she was with was a good and considerate lover but something was missing from the carnal episode just concluded. She thought of a country song and knew that booze wasn’t her “devil”, sex was.

It wasn’t real complicated; she just loved to fuck. Ever since a young age the itch to have a hard male shaft rubbing inside her crotch was dominant. This man slumbering next to her who had filled her with his sperm was the third today. Probably the last though since it was late and she wouldn’t ask him to leave, hoping he’d wake in the night or the morning, or hopefully both, and satisfy her again.

She didn’t know why her pussy itched so much to be filled but it did, so she scratched it. She worked at avoiding the devil in the song because it just lowered her resistance and she had some regrettable drunken episodes where she’d lost count of the dicks that had shot sperm in her. At least if she was gonna get fucked she should get more out of it.

Mindy sought the counsel of an older woman she could trust, her maternal grandmother. It wasn’t easy to reveal her concerns but Grandma was sympathetic rather than judgmental. “My dear granddaughter, your issue is far from new. Women have struggled with their natural built-in desires to perpetuate the race since time immemorial. I’ve had my struggles too and have given in some times that were not wise.”

Mindy looked with wonder at this pillar of the family. Grandmother got her promise of confidentiality, clearly wanting to share secrets held for a long time.

“Your older uncle does not have the same father as your mother. That was a result of an indiscretion and carelessness. I was engaged to Grandfather and then another man I had been infatuated but never intimate with caught me at a lonely moment and I was inseminated several times one evening. When I realized the timing I made love many times to your grandfather. I knew I was pregnant already and we hurried up the wedding. During the pregnancy I was very needy and the actual father filled me some more times too. I don’t think Grandpa ever realized but I was never that reckless again.”

“So you became a good and faithful wife forevermore?” stated Mindy.

Grandmother smiled, “I only said I was not reckless. Later, when the babymaking was done, Grandfather and I exchanged partners a few times with special couples. ‘Swinging’ as it is called now is not a modern invention. I think I could still enjoy it. I miss your grandfather very much.”

Mindy had never thought of Grandma as a sex-loving person. That wasn’t something older people did, right? WRONG, she realized. The conversation had reassured and relieved her. She wasn’t as weird as she thought.

Tonight she would be having dinner and more with George, a man more than double her tender age but who really knew how to ring her chimes. He’d mentioned how he’d always appreciated older women but never specified what “older” exactly meant. She’d push that a bit while they talked between bangs as they often did. He was usually good for two but there was a wait between them, a good time for conversation.

“Hey George, you told me that you like older women. Is there an upper limit to that?” He shook his head and said it depended on what kind of shape they were in. “My grandma is a pretty horny one and I’ll bet she’d like a helping of some of what I just got. Can I introduce the two of you?” He nodded.

The next time George came over Grandma was there too. They were introduced and visited a bit. When he got Mindy aside, he asked how old she was and said that was the oldest he’d ever tried but he would not disappoint her. She said she had some shopping to do so left them alone for about an hour. When she came back Grandma was glowing and George looked tired. It took a while before George could give her what she wanted from him.

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