Nutty Lesson

by Harry Bolo

Copyright© 2018 by Harry Bolo

Young Adult Story: Infinity revenge on a gang of 17 year old boys who like young teens.

Caution: This Young Adult Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Crime   Gang Bang   Revenge   .

His name was Joe. He was a muscular man185cm, having just been medically discharged from the Arms Services. He never stated which part of the services he was attached to. He joined at 18 and left at the age of 38. This was like his gap year. He purchased a Honda super glider bike and was travelling around the country.

Joe pulled up at a local cafe after some 4 hours on the bike. He saw the town was quite spread out and a homely feel. He asked at the counter for a steak meal. The waitress advised him to sit down and she would bring over his meal together with his coffee. Meg was 36, widow around 165cm small top and slim waist, with a small bubble rear end. Very pretty.

As the cafe was very quiet Joe asked about the town. Meg advised it has a population of around 8,000. They chatted for a while. He asked if they had any boarding houses or room to let places. Because of his bike, he preferred that type of accommodation, so he could either place his bike in a garage or around the back of a property. Meg advised she has a 5 bedroom house on the outskirts of town and he could have a room or room and food it would be around $100 per week.

“How long were you planning to stay?” Meg asked.

Joe replied “A week, a month, no plans, I just travelling around to see my home country.” He produced his licence and a reference letter from a place he stayed in for a month which he left some two weeks ago. “Please ring them for a reference.”

Meg left him at the table and went out the back to ring. She checked the address on line first. They strongly recommended him, Quiet, helpful, he is doing some soul searching due to his service injury. He lost 40% of lung capacity in a gas attack. She returned his letter and licence advising “Your friends certainly recommended you”

Joe advised “No acquaintances, they like you offered their assistance, whilst staying with them I did help them out with some home repairs. They did not want me to go but realised I was restless. They wrote the letter, I did not ask them too. I am pleased they did. Now how do I find your place please. I accept your offer for room and breakfast.”

Meg advised “I finish work in 1 hour. If you would like to wait you can follow me home. Today I do wait at the school for my daughter Stella, she is 14. I then drive home today. Most days Stella likes to catch the bus to be with her girlfriends.

Joe followed Meg in her old Ford Escort. Stella was a small frame girl skinny, lanky, with mouse brown straight hair. A typical looking 14 year old. She looked at Joe and gave a small but not an encouraging smile and entered her mum’s car. Meg explained about the arrangement with Joe.

They arrived at her house it was off one of the B class roads it was the last house in the street with some rolling hills and farm land behind. Joe placed his bike along side the garage hidden from the main road and visible only if you walked pass the house. He placed it under the winter wood storage shed.

Following the girls inside with his back pack and swag roll they showed him his room. They then showed him around the rest of the large house and his bathroom. He thanked them for allowing him to stay and asked if he could use the shower. He was given a clean towel. Whilst he was in the bathroom the girls made his bed and moved into his room a lounge chair for him.

Neither of the girls expected anything more from him as they realised he would only stay for a week or three. Joe returned to his bedroom very happy to see the chair and the bed made. He unpacked his few belongings and went out to make a coffee. Joe always carried around a tin cup and coffee. He boiled the water and made his strong black coffee. The girls smelt his coffee and entered the kitchen Stella said “Yuk another coffee drinker” this time smiling in a more friendly manner. Meg told her daughter off for her remarks, Joe laughed.

Joe thanked them for making his bed and asked if he was allowed to use their washing machine or would they prefer him to find a laundromat. Meg agreed for him to use their machine but warned it was old. She show him the laundry and due to leaking hoses they needed to be aware of water leaking. When he finished could he please turn the water off at the taps. He agreed.

Returning to the kitchen he handed over, to Meg, $100. This is for at least a week. He sat down at the dining table to finish his coffee. Stella sat across from him and asked “That is a nice bike you have, If Mum approves, could you take me for a ride. I have never been on a motor bike?”

Meg spoke out “Stella”

Joe replied “As you have asked very politely and, as you say, your mother approves, Yes I will take you for a ride. I do have a spare helmet.”

Stella looked at her mum with puppy dog eyes that set both of them laughing.

“Please Mum” Stella pleaded.

Meg replied “OK, but do not pester Joe for a ride all of the time.”

Stella was so happy she ran to her mum and gave her a big hug.

That evening Meg made dinner for them all. Meg asked Joe about his injury and what occurred if he wanted to talk about it. Joe explained he was on a special assignment overseas when they came under a chemical attack. He lost a few colleagues but he managed to get on his gas mask before too much damage, he believed, occurred. He was shipped out to the middle east to complete a medical check. They found the gas was still in his lung and operated on me. They cut 50% of one lung and 33% of the other to remove the gas residue. This reduced my breathing capabilities so I have been medically discharged from the services. I am on a special pension. They have no idea how long I will live so I was told to ‘Go and enjoy life.’ I have to return every two years for a check up. If you see me breathing hard for no apparent reason. Just get me to sit down. It means I have pushed myself too hard and need to rest. Sitting down allows me to recover generally within 30 minutes. If I lie down then it could take an hour or so. I’m letting you know this so you have no need to call an ambulance. If I am bad I will call or get you to call an ambulance. The girls looked at him and agreed in need.

They then chatted about other things. Meg advised she lost her husband in a car accident some 8 years ago. She has been out with other men but her devotion was to her daughter who come first in her life. When her husband died they had just purchased this house and his insurance paid out the mortgage. Meg works to just pay living costs and school fees. They also let out a room once in a while to bring in some more cash.

The next morning Meg and Stella left for work and school. Joe started to use the washing machine and found where the hoses were worn. He quickly jump on his bike and went to the hardware store for two replacement hoses together with some washers and filters. Returning home he turned off the water, replaced the washers and filters. Connected the new hoses and cleaned up around the area. Balanced the machine. Turning back on the water he tested the hoses then completed his washing. Outside were the girls clothes already dry. He folded these and left them on the machine for the girls to sort out.

He returned to the cafe and saw Meg busy with customers. He ordered a rump steak and salad. Meg smiled at him. The other waitress Anne was surprised with Meg’s reaction. He left the cafe and went around for a scenic drive. He returned home around 4pm and saw Stella get off the bus. He gave her a lift up the short street to their home. Stella advised “That was not her official ride, just a teaser.” Joe smiled and agreed. Joe collected his clothes from the line and returned to his bedroom to place them away.

Meg came home around 5.30. This is her normal home time, except Wednesday that is 3pm. Stella told her mum that Joe had given her a ride from the bus stop to home along the street but it was not her ‘ride’. They both laughed. Stella also thanked Joe for bringing in the washing and folding it. That was one of Stella’s chores. Joe just smiled then replied “I needed some room for my clothes.

Joe did notice the clothes line was very worn and almost breaking point.

Friday morning after the girls left he walked around the house and saw a few repairs needed. Walking outside around the double brick home he mentally listed a few more items of repair. Personally he did not mind doing these types of work. He knew if you get them early they would not be a big problem. Going to the hardware store again he picked up some more repair supplies together with a better quality clothes line.

Returning home he changed over the clothes line and did some external repairs like mortar in some loose bricks and clear the weep holes for air and drainage. By 1pm he was ready for lunch. He again returned to the cafe for some fish, salad and chips. Again Meg served him to Anne’s astonishment. Joe returned home with Stella coming home at 4pm. She threw her school bag into her room and changed her clothes. When she saw Joe she exclaimed “Hooray the weekend is here.” smiling happy. Stella then started on her chores. She noticed the washing machine was quiet and working correctly. Walking to Joe she asked “Did you do something to the washing machine?”

Joe smiled and asked “Yes, Why whats wrong?”

Stella smiled at him “No It great, it not bouncing all over the place and the hoses are not leaking. It great. Mum will be happy. Thank you Joe.” She returned to the laundry smiling.

Stella started on dinner, tonight was pizza night, Stella made the base of the pizza then asked Joe what he wanted on his. Joe replied whatever is available please.

Meg came home to the smell of pizza, placing her handbag in her room, she returned to the dining table just as Stella took the pizza’s and garlic bread out of the oven. Stella had also made some coffee for Joe and Meg. Whilst they were sitting at the table Stella mentioned. “Mum, Can you hear the washing machine?”

Meg replied “No, why? is it on?”

Stella replied “Yes. My school clothes are washing, Joe has fixed the machine for us including repairing the hoses.”

Meg looked at Joe “Thank you, what did you do to it. It has never been so quiet?”

Joe replied “I just repaired the washers, filters and balanced the machine to the spot. It was an easy job for me. I don’t mind helping out on easy items like that.”

Stella replied “That’s why I made dinner for all of us I had time to do it.”

Joe replied “This pizza is wonderful and a lot better than the commercial varieties. Thank you Stella.” She smiled at him.

After finishing dinner Stella went out to hang up her clothes. She was surprised with the new clothes line. She called out to her mum. They both went into Joe room and thanked him. He replied “I was hoping it would not break with my heavy clothes.” They thanked him again and went out to hang the clothes. Stella said “Mum, he is very nice to have around. I wonder if he could help with the lawn mower?” Joe heard them talk and smiled. Joe’s parents were very much handy persons and always instructed him on how to do things. Lawn mowers, he had spent 12 years as a kid pulling them apart and fixing them. An easy job.

Ch 2.

Joe awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs cooking. He sniffed the air and dressed just as Stella knocked on his door. “Breakfast is ready and hot if you wish to have any?” Stella asked.

Joe smiled “It smells beautiful just like you ladies. Yes I will join you.”

They had a very pleasant breakfast together then Stella asked “Joe do you know anything about lawn mowers. Please?”

Meg replied “Stella!”

Joe smiled at her request. “Yes I do know a little, why?”
Meg replied “You do not have to do it Joe?”

Stella rushing her words to cut off her mother “We have 4 mowers in the shed and none of them work well. It takes hours to do the lawn and with your help with the washing machine, I am hoping you can get at least get one mower working correctly please.” Tilting her head to the side with her puppy dog look.

Joe and Meg cracked up in laughter. “Yes Stella we can look at them after we have finished our coffee. I was going to have a shower but I have one after looking at your mowers?

Meg replied “Thank you. Let me know of any cost or whats needed and I get it for you?”

Joe replied smiling at both “No problem, I have been working, repairing lawn mowers since I was 8 years old. My parents always made sure I could fix anything in the house.”

They finished their breakfast and drinks. Joe informed Stella “You better get some old clothes on, you will be covered with oil, petrol and other dirt doing this job.”

Meg advised “Stella listen to what Joe says, he is experienced, you are not?”

Stella replied “Yes mum.” and went off to her room to change.

Meg said “Joe, don’t put up with any of her fancy ways please.”

Joe replied quietly “If she plays up she will be covered in oil and dirt, don’t worry, I’ll teach her in a fun way.

They went out to the shed It was messy inside with everything thrown in. Joe advised first thing is tidy up, come on Stella. Pull everything out and place similar items together. It took over 40 minutes to pull everything out. There were infact 6 mowers, five push and one ride on. Joe and Stella cleaned out the shed then replaced all of the tools together in a resemblance of an order. Joe got all of the tools together with the cans of oil and petrol.

Meg walked over after an hour to see what they were doing together with coffee for Joe. She was amazed at the difference in the shed. “Wow, we can actually see the floor and everything is tidy. Good work Joe!” Meg stated.

Joe replied “Stella did help as well Meg”

Meg replied “She made the mess in the first place. OK Good helper Stella.” smiling.

Joe thanked Meg for the coffee. They started on testing the mowers. Joe got one to work OK. He then checked the blades. One problem, Oil another problem, Spark plus another. Joe asked “Does Stella need to do the lawns today? Or can it wait a few days.?”

Meg replied “Stella chore is to do the mowing, she generally does it this morning so it frees her weekend up why?”

“You have 5 push mowers all with various problems, let me sort them out for you and make up one or two good mowers. We can then dump the rest. I will need to get some parts, like new blades, oil and spark plugs. I have a look at the ride on for you as well. The mowing job will be done a lot quicker with the ride on mower. Stella good experience on handling the ride on mower. Will be a benefit when she learns to drives she will have had experience in driving.” Joe asked.

Meg looked at Stella “You still have to mow but yes lets help Joe make some good mowers for us. What do you want to do now Joe?”

“Stella lets strip down this motor for your knowledge” Joe stated.

They lifted the mower onto the work bench and stripped down all of the parts. Meg left them to play. She took the empty coffee cups back to the house.

Stella was fascinated with the parts in a mower. There was not much salvaged from the first mower. Stella lifted the second older one and started to strip this one down herself. Joe just looked. She understood where Joe put the other parts and added them to the same piles. This motor was broken. Joe explained how this could have occurred. They dumped this motor. After 2hours Joe called rest. They cleaned up in the shed then returned to the house to clean themselves in hot water. They used the laundry for this. Meg advised lunch would be an hour away.

Joe got Stella to change to shorts and t-shirt. He change to cleaner clothes and advised Meg they would be back within the hour. Joe took Stella on his bike to the hardware shop and collected the lawn mower parts needed. They called into a servo and collected some petrol in a new can, together with some two stroke oil. They returned within the hour. Meg was worried until she saw them take the spares to the shed together with the petrol and oil.

She called for lunch. They cleaned their hands again and sat down to some lovely salmon salad with bread rolls together with some coffee. Stella kept talking during lunch about the different parts of a mower and why one never worked. You could see she was looking forward to learning more.

After lunch both Joe and Stella change back into their old clothes and went back to the shed. Within 30 minutes Meg could hear a lawn mower working. It sounded like a musical instrument. Stella started mowing the lawn whilst Joe continued to get another mower working.

Joe then started on the ride on mower. He stripped the motor down and checked all of the working parts. Stella finished the back lawn and advised Joe she would finish the front tomorrow. Joe showed her the correct way to clean and stow the machine. Joe was starting to assemble the ride on, Stella help by handing the correct part and necessary tools. It took 45 minutes to finish. Joe checked his work then started the engine. It started first time with a nice motor purring sound. He took it for a ride. He then let Stella ride, giving her instructions. Looking down she asked. “It not cutting”

Joe laughed saying “No I have not fitted the blade yet. No point fitting that until we know it working. Stella drove back to the shed. They fitted the blade. Joe showed Stella how to raise and lower the blade. She took it for another ride this time grass cutting. She left a mess.

Returning to the shed she stowed the machine away similar to the push mowers. Joe was impressed.

Walking back into the house Joe explained about how to cut the grass with the ride on and make all of the mess either into the centre or out to the far sides. They use the normal mower to pickup the mowed grass. Stella appeared to understand. Tomorrow will tell when she uses it to mow the front lawn and kerb side grass. Joe was pleased with her performance. Inside he went to have a shower. Stella used her mothers ensuite to have her shower.

Sitting down for dinner Meg look at the back lawn and asked about the mess. Joe explained, it would be cleaned up tomorrow. Meg did mention about the musical sound of the mowers. Joe smiled. They enjoyed dinner together then Joe went into his room to rest. The girls talked in the lounge room watching TV.

The next morning Stella was cooking pancakes for breakfast together with a fruit composite she has made from various berries. This morning Meg knocked on Joe’s door apologising for Stella noise. It look as if she wants to do the lawns this morning. Joe smiled and replied ‘It good to see her wanting to do her chores with energy.” They entered the dining area. Stella came around with the pancakes and coffee. Joe complemented Stella on a beautiful breakfast.

They left the dished for Meg to clean up and moved towards the shed. Joe made sure Stella remembered the start sequence and maintenance chores before starting. This she did perfectly.

Joe started her in the front yard with mowing from the edge towards the centre and only moving the mower 2/3 of the body with each time. Stella could see the difference in the way she mowed. The lawn looked really good when she finished. Joe taught her to use the hand mower to clean up. It was easy. All of the clippings placed in the green recycle bin and they fitted. Stella then went out the back and cleaned up yesterday mess. She was a happy lass. Stella cleaned up the two mowers and placed them in the shed correctly. It was 10.30 and the lawns were finished and looking good.

Meg came out with drinks “Wow they look professionally complete. Nice work Joe and Stella.”

Joe replied “I just directed. Stella did all of the work, put the rubbish away and returned the mowers back to the shed correctly”

Meg answered “Nice job my daughter.” and gave her a hug.

Stella came over and hugged Joe saying “Thank you for the correct instructions. You have made this a fun chore now.” Joe smiled.

They sat on the verandah admiring the lawn and the lovely sunny day having their morning drink. Life was peaceful.

Ch 3.

Stella and Meg returned to work on Monday. Joe went back into the shed and made the place clean and tidy. Hanging up all of the tools and making some make shift shelves from old fence palings. Anyone who saw the shed on Friday would not believe it was the same shed. On Tuesday he asked Meg if he could borrow her car to take the rubbish to the tip. He would drive her to work then take the old junk from the shed to the tip and return her car to her work. Meg agreed when she saw the amount of rubbish for the tip.

Joe had finished the tip run by 10am so he took Meg car home, washed and polished it both inside and out. He returned the car around 1pm and had lunch in the cafe. It was a quiet day so Meg sat with Joe whilst he ate his lunch. They talked about Stella. Meg was worried that Joe would do too much work on behalf of Stella. Joe stated He did not mind helping around but would certainly tell her if her requests were too much. As he stated he really enjoyed teaching Stella about lawn mowers and she seem to have a natural flair about learning and retaining the knowledge.

Joe started to walk to his abode looking around at all of the properties along his walk. By the time he got to his room he had overdone it and was breathing heavy. By the time Stella and Meg had returned home he had recovered somewhat. Meg made dinner and thanked Joe for cleaning her car. Of cause she told him he did not have to do it. Joe smiled. He went to bed early.

That walk yesterday did make Joe very tired today. After the girls left he used his O2 bottle for 30 minutes. He felt a lot better realising he should have used it yesterday. He spend a quiet day at home in his room.

On Friday Stella was very happy, it was free dress day and she certainly looked very nice in her new skirt and top. They both left Joe at home. Joe check out Meg’s fence line and found some pickets loose. He hammered in 3 and replaced two. There were spare pickets in the shed. He tighten the fence lines. They look well maintained by the time he finished the job. Returning to the cafe at lunchtime he ordered some lunch. Meg advised “I had a call from Mum’s nursing home. They want me to call around tonight to discuss some plans about my mother. She does have dementia. Could you tell Stella not to make any dinner for me and I will see her when I get home possibly around 9pm.”

Joe agreed to pass on the message.

It was 4pm and the school bus had passed the street and no Stella. Around 6pm a car came up the street and push Stella out calling her ‘Our gang bang slut’.

Joe went to the door but the car, a red ford, was driving around the corner. He saw Stella on the gutter crying. He went out to her and could see her skirt and top were very dirty.

He asked “What happened?”

Stella burst into tears “The untouchable gang of five raped me today at their country home.”

Joe said “I call the police?”

Stella replied “Don’t bother, one of the gang is the senior police officer son. They have raped other girls in town and nothing can be done because of the photographs they take. It’s five to one.” She started crying again. Joe got angry. He lifted Stella and carried her into the house. He returned for her school bag and other items.

He sat Stella down “What about the Judge or head master at school?”

Stella replied “The gang of five have all the answers, One is the head policeman son, another the school Head’s son, one is the Judge son, the other the Head Doctor son and finally the other one dad owns the local computer and electronics shop. Another girl claimed rape and they claimed she agreed producing film and pictures of her enjoying the sex, what they don’t show is the knife they are holding out of shot saying they will cut your face up so no one wants you. I think they have done it to about 7 to 8 girls that I know. The other problem is they are only 17. Not adults yet.”

Joe mentioned about her mum request tonight.

Stella asked “Please don’t tell mum yet. I’ll get cleaned up and start dinner.”

Joe stated “No run a bath and I’ll add some oils to make you feel better and I’ll get some pizza for dinner. You rest and recover.”

Stella went to the bathroom and started to fill the bath with warm to hot water. Joe added some drops of essential oils, black pepper and rose. Joe advised “Just rest in the bath, I go and get some pizza and be back in 20-30 minutes.”

Joe left Stella to have her bath in private. He got his bike and went to the local pizza parlour. He ordered three pizza, one’s the girls liked. In the eating area were five boys eating their pizza. One stated “That was a brilliant session with Stacy today, we must get her back to do some more filming and selling. That filming today has already got us some 5 figure amounts.”

Joe walked out and saw the red ford parked in the lot. Returning to the shop he picked up his order. The counter staff quickly returned to the kitchen area as they were busy. He saw a can of oven cleaner spray. He reached over and grabbed the can.

Outside he went over to the red ford and sprayed the car with some words. As it was dark he felt they would not see what he did for a few hours. Joe returned home with dinner. Stella hearing Joe returning got out of the bath feeling a lot better. They had dinner together. They agreed not to tell Meg about what occurred. Joe advised “I have some friends who are good in actions with whats occurred with you. They don’t break the law just kinda bend the rules. Let me talk to them. Do you know where they took you, so tomorrow on your bike ride with me, you can show me the place?”

Stella agreed to show him. Stella went to bed after dinner. Joe cleaned up and waited for Meg to arrive home. Meg was not happy because the nursing home will have to send her mother to another home due to her advance dementia, Not that my mun will understand but it’s another hour away from here. She had a cry and Joe comfort her by holding her in his arms. Meg thanked him and went to bed as well.

Joe returned to his room and rang Bradly one of his mates from the army. They had a good 2 hour chit chat about the situation and came up with some plans.

Ch 4

The next morning Stella cooked breakfast acting like nothing was wrong, When she heard about Grandma she was upset but it also took the enquiring mind away from Stella. Joe did notice though. The manner of the way she was dressed etc. Stella went out and completed the lawns in about 2 hours. On returning she asked Joe “Did you fix the loose fence, if so thank you very much. Now I have done my chores in quick time, it’s your time to do yours Joe?”

Meg looked at Joe. He replied “Today is her ride day, we might not be back for lunch. It will give you some time to decide.”

Joe and Stella went for the bike ride. She showed the old building they raped the girls in. The area was empty Joe scouted around and saw, in the tiny shed, a good computer equipment setup together with sensors. He noted the area and had a good ride around. As they went to the end of the road they hid, as they heard another motor noise. They saw another green ford driver go to the small room with the computer setup then leave without taking anything. Stella said “That is the electronic guy car.”

Joe rang Bradly and informed him on what he found. They returned to the shed and Joe picked the locks, deactivated the sensors and entered the room. It was humming with 2 computers busy. Ringing Bradly, he telnet into Bradly computer. Bradley then set up some systems so he could enter quietly without anyone knowing. Bradley was a computer hacker in the highest degree. They left the shed locking the door correctly and returned for a ride. After about an hour they stopped some 100 km from home for some lunch in a park.

Joe rang Bradly “How’s it going?”

Bradly was livid. “Bloody bastards they are selling the rape tapes and have accumulated quite a bank account. I have put traces on all deposits and limited withdraws. However it looks like few withdraws todate, maybe they are saving the funds? Or waiting until they are 18 to get paid. I am following the movies and checking the dark net for buyers. When you decide some action I will put into place my plan to rob them of their monies and they cannot complain as they will have to declare how they got the funds. I put them into some government black fund accounts I have. I’m talking some 6 to 7 figures Joe.”

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