by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: How a country boy learns about an important bodily function with his mother's help. Other relatives make his life even more interesting.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Sharing   Slut Wife   Incest   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   .

Author’s note: Some of the dialogue must be read phonetically since I have tried to give the story the flavor of where it occurs. Say it out loud if necessary. Just think of the Beverly Hillbillies and you will catch on. If you can’t appreciate this then exit right now, please.

Ah were setting on the porch when Maw came frum the vegetable patch with some greens fer supper. She stopped when she saw me a playing with my tallywgaker which wuz all long and hard lahk it did sometimes.

“Ah guess ye’re growin up from the sahze of yer boner.”

“Is thet whut it’s called? Makes sense. It shore feels good to rub and squeeze on.”

She nodded, not able to keep her eyes off’n it, “After vittles Ah’ll shew yew some other things it kin dew.”

Paw wuz gone tew sellin some livestock sew it wer jest me and Maw in the little cabin. Fer some reason she never explained Ah didn’t have no brothers or sisters lahk other kids did. We didn’t have kin round there either but frum tahm tew tahm some menfolk did come a visitin. There weren’t much room sew they usally slept behind the curtain with Maw and Paw. Often there were thumpin and squealin sounds jest lahk when Maw and Paw wuz by therselves. Ah always wondered about thet.

When we cleaned up the kitchen Maw said, “It’s tahm yew larned about boners and wimmin. Ah’m gonna teach yew since we ain’t got no other wimmenfolk around here to dew it. Now git off them duds and come behind the curtain with me.”

Ah only had on some Big Jims sew gittin nekkid were easy. When I pushed past the curtain Maw were setting nekkid in the bed, her big titties saggin down. She were kinda old, mebby thirty but still looked kinda nahce. She motioned me upp on the bed. My tallywhacker were fillin up to be a boner already. It must have sumthin to do with bein nekkid.

She reached over to hold it and said, “Hmmm, looks a lot like yer Paw. Ah’m glad of thet cuz Ah weren’t always shur yew wuz his.” I didn’t understand thet. She continued, “After yew wuz born the doctor said Ah couldn’t have no more babies, but Ah shore lahked tryin. Thet’s wht God gave yew men boners fer, to make babies in wimmin. Ah’m gonna shew yew how and yew’ll feel how much fun it is tryin. Let’s dew the basic part and then get fancy later. Ah misses yer Paw so yew will be helpin me out tew.”

She rubbed mah boner and tole me to suck on her titties lahk Ah had dun as a baby. It were fun tew see her big nipples swell raht out as she made some of them pleasure noises I’d heard. Did she let them visitor men do this?

She shewed me where to rub mah fingers down in thet furry place where her legs came together. “Thet’s where seeds go in and babies come out. Yew were once small enough to come out of mah belly thru thet hole but it had to stretch quite a bit.” Ah’d seed other women with big bellies and knew they wuz preggers with a baby inside but nothin more.

Maw cupped my balls as she explained, “These make the seeds for babies. Yer boner is a way to put them deep inside a woman’s garden to start em. Now Ah’m ready fer some seedin.”

She laid back and helt the end of my boner, pullin me towards her wet place in the crotch fur. Ah’ll be damned if’n it didn’t just open to let me slide in to a wonderful warm and wet place. It kept goin deeper until my fur met up with hers. It shore felt good and Ah tole her.

“Now move in and out slow. Thet makes both of our parts feel better and better. When Ah tells yew tew, pump real hard to make yer stuff shoot out and it will give me a big pleashur too.” Ah did whut she said and all of a sudden my boner started to feel all tingly, almost lahk ah were peein inside her. She held me close snd kept me inside as she began blubberin. “Now yer a man and Ah want this frum you agin and agin.”

Ah wus wunderin somethin, “But won’t Paw do this tew”?

“Oh shore but Ah kin dew it lots. Men’s take a little whahl to reload but wimmins kin do one after another if’n they want.”

“Sew thet’s whut Ah bin heerin when we have men company?”

She started movin her hips and mah boner, which had shrunk a little, started fillin agin. “Yep. Ah loves gettin filled with boners and yer Paw lahks tew watch. He’s gonna get a thrill out of his own son’s boner shootin in me.”

Thet give me an idear too, “Kin Ah watch him doin it. And when Uncle Billy is here I wanna see him a’fillin yer pussy.”

She hugged me and we commenced to “screwing” or “fukkin” as I learned tew call it. “Ah’d love thet tew. It would make yer boner pop raht up and yew could add yer seed to theirs as much as yew want.

Ah learned how mouths on sex parts were fun tew and we wuz a’screwin when Paw came back. He watched a rubbin his boner whahl we finished up and I got tew see how he’d put seed in Maw tew make me. Maw were raht, watchin does make yer boner come back quicker and Ah added even more seed in her and she were thrilled.

Now Ah gits mah boner drained every day and Ah’m lookin foward to the next man visitor too. Mak says he maght bring his daughter who loves boners. Paw says she’s real fun. Ah kin hardly wait!

A whahl later Uncle Billy came a visitin. He brung Sally Sue, a cousin Ah barely remembered frum a long ago reyewnyun. She were grown up but still kinda small. Didn’t look lahk no tits on her either. Maw took Uncle Billy behind the curtain and Ah took Sally Sue fer a walk around the place tew git akwainted agin.

She helped Maw with vittles whahl Ah joined the men on the porch and Ah got some shine. Paw said, “Mah boy is growed up now and yer daughter is gonna have a good time visitin.”

Uncle Billy replied, “Maw said she’d taught him a lot and Sally Sue is lookin to find out later.” Ah got a boner heerin thet.

At bedtahm of course Uncle Billy went behind the curtain and Ah watched Sally Sue pull her dress over her head. She weren’t wearin nuthin else. Ah wuz raht, just swellins fer tits but a nice bush down there. She were real small though so when she got in mah bed and reached fer my boner, Ah had tew ask, “Will it fit in a little gal lahk yew?”

She give me a kiss and laughed, “Yer Paw’s and several others fits jest fahn sew Ah think yers will too.”

“My Paw’s? Yew aint visited befur.”

“Yer Paw stays at our place sometimes and me and my Maw sees thet he’s well takin care of. Thet’s why yer Maw returns the hospertality. Now let’s git to know each other better.”

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