Rebecca's Religion

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Sex is the focus for this religious event.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Sharing   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

(AUTHOR’S NOTE - it would be helpful to read “I’m Not Pretty...” first to learn more about the people in this tale of lust and love)

The congregation: Liz (17), the main character in the preceding story. Babysat for Don. Don (34), divorced father of two. Liz’ first lover. Robbie (16), Used to live next door. Liz’ second lover. Richard (17), classmate and Liz’ third lover. Robert (18), Richard’s brother and Liz’ fourth lover. Marge (40), Liz’ mother. Jerry (60), Liz’ boss and fifth lover. Rebecca (29), Don’s live-in girlfriend Don’s father (73), a widower who lived alone. Liz’ sixth lover Phil (42), Liz’ father. Robin (16), Richard & Robert’s sister. Ginni (48), Jerry’s new GF. Brown skinned, 2x divorced

PART 1 - The idea

Rebecca was reminiscing about the special monthly “nature worship” events at the commune she had lived in for a few years. The more Liz heard from the older woman, the more her pussy tingled with the possibilities. In a flight of fancy she wondered what it would be like to be naked and surrounded by all the men she had ever fucked, enjoying them together in every way possible. Could her cunt drain all those six peckers even once without a significant rest? Probably so, since she had fucked six times in one day before and she was in even better sexual shape now. She knew they would all want more pussy though <grin>. That might be the “hard” part.

When Liz shared her gang-bang fantasy with her girlfriends, Rebecca said, “No, it’s not like that. When I first joined the commune I was very horny and figured I would fuck nonstop. Some of the guys were happy to hop on for a ride whenever I wanted one but the pleasure was fleeting. The deeper satisfaction I really needed wasn’t there. I talked with some of the happier older women to figure it out. They helped me understand that I was really looking for a total experiences, not just physical.

“One woman, who everyone addressed as ‘Mother’ because she was the matriarch of the group, led discussions with other women who were seeking answers like I was. Her life partner, ‘Father’, did the same for men. When she figured I had achieved enough understanding, she invited me to their bed and the two of them showed me what good, loving sex was really like. I was introduced to men in the commune who were compatible with my personality, needs, and spiritual development, and my life blossomed in all the important areas. Besides the infrequent loving from Father, because he was in great demand, I had several men to share my bed and body. Sometimes more than one at a time too. Women were welcomed as well, but I still prefer being filled by a man.

“My life there wasn’t just good sex, although there was finally enough of that. I studied the nature of spirituality, religion, and the universe itself. The more I studied, the more I came to realize that God and the universe are one and the same ... the Creator and Source of everything. This isn’t a new idea and the Bible can be read with this in mind. The concept is called ‘pantheism’. You and me and everyone is made of, and is a part of, the wonderful whole, so ‘separateness’ isn’t natural.

“As you well know, our pussies can accommodate quite a range of cock sizes. I’ve had lots of them, from one so small I wasn’t sure it was in me to one I could only take half of, and they were all enjoyable and able to put semen in me, just as the universe, expressed as ‘nature’, wants to happen. And pussies are colorblind as well. I’ve welcomed seed from brown, black, red, and yellow balls.

“Don is just the right size for both comfort and fulfillment for me, but I still enjoy the others. God planned for variety, I think. Not too long ago in human history there wasn’t any marriage. It didn’t matter who the father was since the whole village raised the child. People bonded for mutual support and other personal reasons, and sharing sex was like sharing a meal. Many early religious ceremonies included community sex as part of the celebrations. There is even some evidence that early Christians were communal. Like nuns are “married” to God, they felt married to each other through Christ and shared sex freely. Jews consider sex a sacrament and some ancient religions had ritual sex to receive offerings to the gods. I think one culture even required a woman to fuck a stranger in the temple as an offering to Aphrodite before she could marry. Fertility ceremonies with communal sex are common throughout history.

“I believe that women are the keepers of the temples and men are the worshippers. We must keep the temple attractive and well maintained. Some priestesses admit a small number of worshippers and others open the gates for many. That is their choice. Those men who are admitted deserve the best worshipping experience we can provide and a show of appreciation as they give their offerings.

“The congregation has the responsibility to enter the temple with respect and integrity. They must constantly reach for higher levels of connection with the temple keepers so the quantity and quality of their offerings may benefit all to the greatest possible degree. This worship is not passive. It demands wholehearted involvement and a commitment to creating the best experience for as many participants as are present at any particular ceremony.

“Would you work with me to plan a weekend retreat for all of people we care about to help them understand more about loving? Mother and Father live within driving distance and I would like to have them run the program. I haven’t seen them since the commune lost its lease on the big farm and had to scale back a couple of years ago. They live with a small group now and could always use some income. I’m sure we could come up with a nice love offering.

“I, for one am not at all interested in biological fertility, but see this retreat as promoting spiritual awakening and growth using God’s gifts in a sacramental way. Jesus’ greatest commandment was ‘Love one another’, not ‘Love one other’. He also said to love others as we love ourselves ... note the plural. If I am happy with my sexual self then I should be happy with others’ sexual selves and be ready to join with them in mutually beneficial ways.”

Liz and Robin were quite interested in learning more about the proposed event and would help any way they could. Looking at the calendar, they decided that mid-June would be good weather for outdoor activities and was far enough away that people could make plans. Rebecca said that Don’s house and yard would be big enough for the classes and Liz thought some folks could stay at her house if needed. The swimming hole would be available for a field trip if desired. Rebecca would contact her friends to see if they were available at that time.

Mother and Father were delighted to hear from Rebecca and even more delighted to put on the retreat. They had done similar retreats and had developed an agenda and training sessions. It went like this: Fri evening - potluck, introductions & orientation Sat morning - Circle Of Love training separately for men & women Sat afternoon - Circle Of Love training as a combined group Sun morning - Worship then individual study and training Sun afternoon - Group celebration including feast, closing ceremony

The invitation went out to a small group, 7 men and 4 women. It read:

“You are invited to a weekend retreat beginning June 15th. We will be learning about and exploring new aspects of spiritual, emotional, and physical love. Prerequisites: being comfortable with nudity in the presence of strangers; willingness to expand your experiences including touching members of your own sex; an openness to consensually sharing all parts of your body with one or more new partners. Personal boundaries will be respected. Specific reading assignments are required prior to the event. A love offering of $50 is asked to cover expenses. RSVP to Rebecca.”

Don’s dad declined the invitation after quizzing his girls. He thought that what he was getting once a week from each of them was plenty good enough. Robbie wrote that he could attend. He’d saved his money for airfare and planned to spend a week visiting in his old hometown. Of course Liz insisted he stay with her. Marge looked forward to seeing the young man again, and see him she would, since nudity was now common in their house. Robin found out that her parents would be away so she and her two brothers could participate and stay on-site. Jerry asked if Ginni, a new girlfriend of his that he was getting serious about, might attend. She was a 48-year-old, twice divorced redhead that he had met through his work. She was as tall as him with light chocolate skin and high firm tits. Rebecca made sure she understood what was expected and felt that another woman would certainly help balance the genders.

PART 2 - The Retreat

Mother and Father arrived mid Friday afternoon and met Don. They and Rebecca started preparations and Don was sent for supplies. Robbie’s flight was on time, and 15 minutes after he got to Liz’ house he was dick deep in her welcoming pussy. They’d missed each other a lot.

At dinner he was a little uncomfortable with her parents, partly because of the unaccustomed nudity, even though an erection wouldn’t be an embarrassment for a while, and partly because he had just been banging their daughter.

Marge smiled and tried to relieve his anxiety by giving him a naked hug and saying how glad she was to see more of him and knew Liz was too. His dick stirred. She was pretty attractive.

Friday evening: Everyone gathered in Don’s backyard, still clothed. Beer and wine were available to anyone who wanted them and people chatted until all had arrived.

Rebecca began the retreat with a prayer of thankfulness. She then stated it was time for everyone to begin the process by removing their clothes and putting them in the designated place in the house. Forming a big circle in the yard, Rebecca had each person say their first name, which she wrote in red marker right over their heart, and tell how they connected with others at this event.

She started by introducing Mother and Father with a brief history of how she knew them. Then she related that Don and Phil and Jerry were also her lovers.

After the circle was introduced, and labelled, the potluck was on. Conversation was intense until Rebecca called for order and passed out some printed information.

Reviewing the instructions, she commented, with a grin, that the one requiring celibacy that night might be a challenge for herself and some others she could mention. Maybe you should sleep with someone you aren’t having sex with, she suggested. Touching is ok, just avoid orgasms.

The second page was a questionnaire which everyone was to complete right now. There were questions about your relationship with others in the group, sexual history, preferences, aversions, curiosities, etc. When those were done the socializing could continue until a fairly early “lights out”.

It was jokingly suggested that maybe all the guys should stay at one house and all the gals at another but that was hooted down. Besides the three bedrooms, a large sleeping area was set up in the family room. Everyone had brought nightclothes as requested and Rebecca smiled as all took her suggestion for sleeping partners. For example, Ginni, the newcomer, bunked with Richard and Robert. Robin slept with Phil and Marge with Jerry. Robbie joined Rebecca and Father welcomed Liz. Don and Mother shared a bed. A lot of kissing, hugging, and touching happened and everyone woke up horny, which was the desired outcome.

Saturday morning: After the nude buffet breakfast there was a question and answer session about the required pre-reading, a book titled “When Mars and Venus Collide”. The concepts and techniques for more successful male-female interactions were very important for the rest of the retreat and the participants’ reactions helped the leaders assess individual needs. Mother and Father, with Rebecca’s help, had spent a lot of time going over the questionnaires. Certain planned activities would get quite intimate so who was located next to who mattered. Although none of the three had a problem with adult consensual sex among close relatives, they had to be sensitive since there were two families in the group. Interestingly, none of those had marked incest as an aversion and a few were curious.

It was now warm enough to go to the back yard. All of the participants were blindfolded so they could concentrate on the physical sensation aspects of the exercise. Father took the six men, found each one’s name on a mat on the grass, and sat them Indian style, facing each other in pairs, knees to knees. Mother did the same for the five women only she joined the circle to make pairing up work out. One person in the pair was designated “1” and the other “2”.

Father addressed both circles, “Welcome to the Circles of Love. The goal of all the exercises and activities today is to better enable your abilities to love and connect with others. These ‘others’ are people you have a connection to and want to be closer to, not everyone in general. You can love someone better if you know them better. We are going to start with yourself since you have to love yourself before you can love others. You all are familiar with your own body and familiar with others of the opposite sex. Probably few of you are familiar with others of your own sex. Putting your own body in perspective is the objective of our first lesson.

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