Don't Leave Doors Open

by raltsn

Copyright© 2018 by raltsn

Young Adult Sex Story: Hannah accidentally left her door open when she was getting off. Dave thought something was wrong so he went upstairs to investigate.

Caution: This Young Adult Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Petting   .

First, I’d like to put in my standard blurb here. I am not a real author! I just play one on the internet. Seriously though, stuff like plot or character development ... nope! Not gonna find it here. Just putting some of the fantasies that are rolling around in my head down on virtual paper. Basically, just some scenarios that got me going and sex. But isn’t that what it’s all about? :)

For some reason, working from home makes me horny. I don’t know why, but it does. Sometimes that manifests itself as a good ‘ole wank session before my morning shower or maybe during lunch. Or, in between calls if I can’t help myself. Usually it’s preceded by a few minutes of watching some porn on my favorite sites. Have to get myself in the right mood grin

Anyway, today was a snow day at school for my step-daughter Hannah who is a senior in high school. Normally, if there’s no school she’ll sleep late and hole herself up in her room all day doing who knows what. My wife had left for work earlier in the morning so around 9am I was debating if I should head into the privacy of my shower and get a good wanking in before the work day got really going and I wouldn’t be able to again. I didn’t like to watch video’s in my office when anyone was home. Even though I had a door, it was rarely closed and I was too afraid I wouldn’t hear someone and get busted. Especially by Hannah.

For some reason, a lot of my fantasies lately were about Hannah. I wasn’t sure why though. I wasn’t particularly attracted to her physically. She was a bigger girl, around 5’8 and 230lbs with a dark complexion courtesy of her Latina heritage. Her tits were large but without all the firmness that a teenage girl usually has at that age. It was hard to tell though because she was as unsexual as you can get! While she hadn’t admitted anything to us, we were guessing that she was either gay or possibly leaning towards transgender. For formal events she tended to dress like a man with suit pants and jacket. She also never shaved her legs, which were only moderately hairy. But I guess when you aren’t getting out much, you work with the only material you have!

I was getting ready to head into the bedroom when I heard the bathroom door upstairs close and thought “Hmm, it’s a bit early for Hannah to be up”.

I put that thought aside for a moment and finished a few things for work that I wanted to get done before my shower. I heard the bathroom door open and some heavy footsteps and heard the door to her room close but not shut. “Weird” I thought. “It’s a little early for her to be up and about.”

I heard some more stomping around coming from upstairs as I headed into my bedroom. Now, my bedroom was under the other bedroom upstairs where my kids stayed when they were here, but Hannah’s room was right above my bathroom. The stomping continued for another few seconds and stopped and I heard her thump on the bed. The walls must be kind of thin because I can always hear what’s going on upstairs which made me wonder how many times they have heard me having sex with my wife. I had already gotten undressed and started stroking my cock thinking about her coming home later and mentally preparing for what I was going to do with her when I heard another big thump above me followed by a groan, or was it a moan. Either way, I sighed to myself and threw on my baggy gym shorts and an old t-shirt that was laying around.

One thing I learned living with light sleepers is to tread lightly on stairs. No elephant feet! I don’t do it to be sneaky, I do it because anything louder than a whisper would wake up my kids when they were younger. I headed up the stairs and turned the corner to where Hannah’s room was. The door was not closed all the way, it was open about 2 inches. I walked up to the door and knocked once and pushed it a little more open.

“Hannah, you OK?” I said as I peeked in her room.

“FUCK! Dave, what the fuck!” She screamed as she pulled the covers over her. But not before I couldn’t see what she was doing. The image was burned in my mind as I turned away and took a couple of steps away from the door. She was on her bed, naked. Her thick legs were spread open showing her right hand moving furiously through her dense black bush, her other hands pulling on her nipples.

“Sorry, sorry” I said as I backed away more. “I heard a thump and a groan and I thought you may have fell or something.”

I started to walk back towards the stairs, forgetting to close the door behind me.

“Wait.” she said. “Come back for a second”

I headed back to the room but stayed outside the door. “You decent now?”

“Yes, Dave” she sighed

“OK good, umm what’s up?”

“What the fuck dude, you know you interrupted a really good one” she said, looking half irritated and half ... well ... like a temptress.

“Like I said, I’m sorry. I was about to hop into the shower and I heard a thump and I wanted to make sure everything was OK.”

She looked like she was about to say something and stopped, I could almost hear the wheels spinning in her head.

“No, everything is not OK now.” She replied

“Oh, well uh, what happened then? Can I help with something?” I said, not sure where this was going.

“Yes, you can. You can help me finish what I started!” she replied.

My mouth must have been hanging open and I took a step backwards. She threw off the covers, exposing her naked body to me once again. I couldn’t help it and looked her up and down, stopping for too long on her hairy black bush, still matted with all of the juices. She took a few steps towards me, and I could smell her musk now. It was the kind when a woman is seriously turned on and it make my cock instantly hard. Which wasn’t good considering I was wearing gym shorts and hadn’t taken the time to put any underwear on when I came upstairs.

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