After an Ozark Date

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Siblings have worked out their own way of making sure every date is a satisfying one. While this is ok for casual dating, when more serious relationships develop it becomes more of a challenge.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Romantic   Sharing   Incest   Orgy   Water Sports   .

Author’s note: Some of the dialogue must be read phonetically since I have tried to give the story the flavor of where it occurs. Say it out loud if necessary. Just think of the Beverly Hillbillies and you will catch on. If you can’t appreciate this then exit right now, please.

They were the fourth generation in the three room log cabin deep in the holler. Willa Mae was lookin fer love in all the usual places, usually in a man’s pants, or more likely overalls. She’d been directly introduced to such things at age fourteen, kinda late around these parts, but had made good progress. There had been plenty of opportunity in the tiny home to witness her mother doing what men and women can do together with her father and sometimes other man friends. Enough so that when her two-year-younger brother had shown signs of manhood she’d very directly passed along what she’d learned from assorted relatives and neighbors. He was forever grateful.

That was easy in a practical sense since they’d shared a double bed in the only other bedroom since early childhood. It was often too warm for nightclothes so female anatomy was no mystery to Randy Ray. Besides, when she brought a date home her brother was supposed to sleep on the couch but had often peeked around the curtain that offered only the tiniest bit of privacy for the sleeping spaces. He’d also watched Maw and Paw git it on and not always with each other.

When he got back in bed one time after Willa Mae’s date had left and she saw his little organ was stiff, she asked, “Wuz yew watchin?” He nodded so she reached over for it, having often touched it when they bathed and such. “Duz yew have any kwestchuns ‘bout whut we did?”

Randy asked, “Why duz yew let him stick his stiffie in yew?”

“Cuz it feels reel good!”

“But yew makes them noises and Ah weren’t shur if’n he were hurtin yew.”

“Oh, no! Them’s plezur noises. Ah guess yew don’t know until yew feels them. Ah didn’t.”

“Kin Ah try it?”

She gave him a little kiss and said, “Since yew ast, it must be tahm so Ah’m pleased to shew yew. Now sometimes yew have to help me git nice and juicy so’s yew kin slide in easy but mah date done got me thet way already. Yew git tween my legs lahk he were and Ah’ll steer yew in where it goes.”

Just as soon as he was fully enveloped by pussy for the first time he let out a loud groan, the kind that Willa Mae knew meant his seed was spurting. She felt it blasting against the very end of her twitchet. She held him close and whispered, “Yer a man now. Yew fills me up reel good, better’n some of my boyfriends even. Yew stay raht there and we’ll do it agin.”

This time he learned that it usually took a bunch of pleasurable ins-and-outs to make his pecker feel so good. He also felt what happened to her when she made the happy noise he’d heard with her boyfriend earlier.

“Damn, no wonder people fuks sew much,” he exclaimed. She laughed.

It wasn’t quite so funny when he kept after her pussy like a hound on a coon’s trail. When Randy figured out that fukkin cud happen other places than in bed she had to shoo him off when she was bent over the kitchen table cookin. He raised up her little skirt and tried to stick his pecker in. “Git outta there! Cain’t yew see Ah’m busy. Save it fer later!”

When she went out to the washtub to clean up for a date, he followed and rubbed soap all over her, having learned that touching her felt real good to him and got her in the mood. She sometimes bent over and gave him a quickie before her date and he just expected to do a big pounding after it. Not that she minded any dickin, but some of her boyfriends did a pretty good job of trimmin her horns. She finally had to set some limits, “Bruther dear, Ah likes yer pecker but Ah’ve got lots of other thangs tew dew besides let it between mah legs. Yew kin fuk me twahs a day and no more. Ah’m gonna be lookin fer a gurlfriend fer yew tew.”

Back to Willa Mae’s datin. She had four men who took various turns with her depending on schedules and such. The youngest was a year older than her at 19 and the oldest was almost fifty. She like the older one cause he had money and was happy to spend it to get in her young pussy. He’d take her nice places and she’d make his small pecker feel real good at a variety of venues none of her other boyfriends could manage, like hotels and resorts. She kinda liked going to the beach in the tiniest little swim suit but would rather be naked like at the crick.

The nineteen-year-old, Freddie Bob, was special to Willa Mae, “Ah likes him cause he treats me lahk a reel good person and don’t worry none cause Ah gits others in my pussy sometimes. He calls me his ‘pussy princess’ and bought a little crown fer me to wear when Ah bestows princess favors to his little brother. Ah had tew teach him about fukkin jest lahk mah own bruther. He says he maht marry me in a few years when he gits his diploma and a reel job. He fixes tractors and such reel good and he’s heerd it pays raht well. We’d need some money to find a place tew live cause his cabin and ours be full up.”

One time their Maw and Paw had to go to the next county for a relative’s funeral. The siblings hardly ever had the place to themselves and they invited Freddie Bob and his brother over to have a little party. Randy knew where Paw hid the shine and Freddie Bob brought some snacks plus their sister Norma Jean who just turned fourteen. Couldn’t say she’d “never been kissed”, but no pecker’d been inside her pussy. Her mouth and ass had felt them though.

She was ready to become a “woman” and when the shine hit she stood up and took off her cotton dress, showin off her nice titties and furry crotch. “Ah’m ready to fukk! Ah wants Randy furst and then my bruthers and maybe y’all agin too.”

Willa Mae complained, “Ah wants me some dickin’ too so Ah guess them boys better not git too drunk. Hey, let me and Freddie shew yew how it’s done.” She pulled the referenced male to the cabin floor and they had a loud and boisterous copulation. Randy was fingerin Norma and eased into her twat from behind as they watched. She squealed as he matched the rhythm of their siblings and he shot off as Freddie came.

Norma rolled on her back and her youngest brother was ready. She moaned as he slipped into Randy’s slippery stuff and didn’t last long with the excitement of it all. Freddie, in spite of just creaming in Willa, was quite capable of burying his bone in his hot little sister. He lasted a good while and she looked over adoringly at Randy who was rubbing his hard on as he watched. When he stuck it in her mouth and she sucked him in time with her big brother’s thrusts, it was “love”.

Randy stayed with her the rest of the night and the brothers kept Willa quite busy to her great delight as evidenced by the sounds she made. In the early hours, as the full moon shown in the cabin window on the “new” woman and her man, resting close together, Norma whispered, punctuated by kisses, “Thet were the best ‘first time’ I kin imagine. All the men who loves me at wun tahm. Ah knows we ain’t bin close before but Ah thinks we are meant tew be together forever.” Randy weren’t sure about that stuff and knew they’d both be fukkin other folks pretty often but if he were special to her then he’d go along with it.

They’d double date from then on and Norma was the only one besides his sister that he fucked. Norma admitted that, like him, she liked to get laid by a sibling or two after their dates, and other times too when he wasn’t available. Folks has needs, after all.

Norma was knocked up. Nobody told her about birth control and Willa took the blame, driving her to a clinic where that got fixed and birth control started. That made Randy feel better when she went off to a family reunion and came back with stories about cousins and uncles who totally ‘preciated how much she’d grown up. She went through a list of names trying to figure out how many times she’d gotten laid but gave up when she ran out of fingers.

Randy wasn’t pleased to hear this, “Ah thought yew loved me? Ah’m not out dipping mah dick here and there even tho Ah gits invites.”

She reached for his hand, “Ah wuz just enjoyin it too much Ah guess. It were SO interesting with all the differn’t sizes and shapes of parts guys have and how they’d pleshur me in diffrn’t ways too. Ah were bein selfish, not thinkin about yew. Did yew notice if’n mah pussy were OK when yew wuz in it a little bit ago?” Randy admitted he couldn’t tell any difference from before and that made him feel better.

She looked all lovey at him and added, “Ah knows we ain’t betrothed or nuthin so kin we promise we won’t fukk others without at least tellin thet we’s gonna or might even. Course yew cain’t alles tell ahead of time so how about raht after?” Randy saw several flaws in her thinkin but at least she recognized the issue. She was right, they had no commitment and were too young to make one anyway.

That got tested pretty soon when Randy went over to Norma’s cabin and she wasn’t there, nor was anyone else besides her Ma. She invited him in for a beer and then surprised him, “Norma Jean tells me how good yew is with yer baby-maker. Mah husband has bin off werkin fer a spell and mah pussy needs some attenshun. Don’t wanna fuk mah boys sew Ah’m askin yew tew help me out.” She pulled off her top and her tits were big and beautiful.

He was hard in a minute and another minute later he was sucking and squeezing her real good, from the sounds she was makin.

He was pumping for the third time the place where his girlfriend came out of and his partner were a squealing and shakin right good when Norma Jean got home. She thunk her Paw musta got back by the bedroom sounds but when she walked in to see, she screeched, “MAW! RANDY! Whutter yew doin?!”

Maw looked over Randy’s shoulder and said, in a condescending tone of voice, “Yew know zackly whut we’re doin. It ain’t perlite tew interrupt screwin so git a sody and jest wait fer us to finish up.”

A little bit later Randy came out to where Norma was sitting, dick drooping and dripping, and sat down beside her. She turned away from him and began wailing, “Yew ain’t gonna want me no more. Mah titties ain’t near as nahs as hers. Thet’s whut happend to mah other boyfriend.” More sobs.

Randy turned her around to face him, “Whut other boyfriend? Ah thought yew were mah woman.”

Norma Jean mumbled, “Thet were before yew fukked me. My Maw used him and he weren’t happy with mah blow jobs any more. He even turned down mah ass. He still screws her onc’t in a whal.”

Randy took charge, “Kwit yer blubberin, gurl. This be all diffr’nt. Ah were jest helping yer horny Ma out a bit till yew got back. Ah won’t do her no more if’n it distresses yew sew much. Let’s go tew yer room and Ah’ll shew yew thet yer still mah gurl.” That stopped her tears of sadness and his seven inches soon produced tears of joy, especially cause he could fuck her for a solid half hour, being so well drained already.

Norma was curious, “Did yew think of me coming out of her pussy when yew was a’pushin in it?”

His pecker twitched and she felt it as he said, “Ah shur did and thought about givin yew a half brother or sister tew. Wouldn’t thet be sumpin?”

Norma slapped his ass and said if he were gonna give anybody babies it awter be her. He was all fucked out so she sent him home and went to talk to her Maw. They came to an understanding that Randy could do the older woman when it was Norma’s monthly and when Paw was gone a long time if she checked with her daughter first. Norma didn’t want any of the other dudes that her Maw was putting out for. Randy was just too good as she learned at that family gangbang.

Willa Mae was still datin Freddie and banging his brother too, and Randy still kept in regular “touch” with his sister when they were in their bed together. A couple of guys had gone by the wayside but her older man still would get with her once or twice a month. He invited her to spend a weekend on a big old boat and she asked if her brother and his girlfriend could come along too. He said there were plenty of room.

They drove for a few hours and it were the biggest bunch of water that any of the others had ever seen. The boat that Randolph had rented was bigger than their cabin, it seemed like, and sure fixed up a lot fancier. He motored up to a part of the lake that didn’t have any houses and dropped the anchor. Randy was thrilled because he got to steer some.

Willa asked if they could go swimming and the Captain said, “Let me put down the ladder so you can get back in the boat. Go ahead and enjoy the water.”

Being used to only skinny dipping, all of them took off their clothes and Randolph’s eyes popped seeing the naked Norma Jean bouncing around too. He figured what the hell and took off his clothes to join the party. That gave Norma Jean something different to look at, a circumcised pecker that she had to ask Willa Mae about. “Ah’d like to touch it. Do yew think he’d mind?”

Willa smiled, “He’d probably like that so just ask him real perlite.” She hadn’t tipped Randolph off as to the intimacy of the relations among the ones she brung. He looked over at his date and she smiled and nodded her approval and wasn’t too surprised when after some fondles, Norma Jean knelt down to see how it felt in her mouth too. He got nice and big and Randy watched the show.

Randall said something to her that they couldn’t hear but she shook her head and kept her mouth over the cockhead until his balls tightened and she got a mouthful. Only then she pulled off and smiled at him.

Willa went over to the startled but pleased Captain and said, “They likes to fuck under the sky so could they use them cushions around this here cockpit. Is it called that because fucking is supposed to happen here?”

Randolph laughed and told them to help themselves and he went down to get a couple of beers for himself and Willa. They sat in the steering chairs watching while Randy and Norma fucked in three different positions. By the time they were done, Willa was sitting on Randolph’s dick as he sat in the big steering chair. He was playing with her tits and rubbing her clit from behind and she was wiggling around, enjoyin all of it.

Norma Jean stood up and cupped her pussy with her hand to keep from drippin come on the floor. She saw what Willa was doing and said, “Thet looks lahk a real different and fun way to fuck. Ah’ll have to try that sometime.” Then she jumped overboard and Randy jumped after her and they swam around for a while.

After dinner when it was getting dark, Randy and his sister were playing a videogame on the boat’s computer but Norma Jean thought it was boring. Randolph was sitting in the captain’s chair again, looking out at the moon coming up over the water. She walked up to him and said, “Can you show me how you did Willa earlier today?”

He helped her stand up on the foot ring and held her hips as she sat down on his pecker. Like with Willa, he played with her parts and kissed her neck and she moved her hips around like she’d seen earlier. This was really romantic, she thought and she’d have to do it with Randy too.

He was older than any man she had ever fucked before but his pecker was every bit as good as the younger ones and she liked the way he took his time and made her feel good all over. Randy was getting better at that too. She’d had her jollies three times before she felt him starting to tense up so she bounced a little faster and could tell when his stuff came out of the end of his different dick. Randy and other young guys would often shoot hard enough she could feel the squirts but this was just gentle. Nice to have different sensations, she thought.

When they went back inside, Randy noticed that her pussy was still pink and flushed and plenty damp. He excused them and took her to the forward berth where they had their things. “What were yew doin up there with the Captain?” She told him how she copied what Willa did earlier and how his fucking was different than Randy’s.

“Ah were gonna tell yew but yew didn’t give me a chance. He’s a nahce man and it was also a way tew thank him for bringin us on this speshul cruise. I’d like some of your lovin too.” After they finished fukkin they could hear Willa’s familiar moans and shrieks from the other end of the boat.

Norma and the captain were up earlier than the others and she asked a favor. She’d suck him again but wanted him to cum on her tits so she could see how the white stuff came out of a pecker like his. Her squeals woke the others and she was scooping him cum off her breasts and licking her fingers clean as Randolph was tasting her tight young snatch even though there were still remnants of Randy inside.

As they motored back with the women naked on the cabin top and giving some nice crotch shots to the flying bridge, Randolph asked Randy if Willa would consider marrying him. “Ah just don think she be ready fer thet yet. She laks yew a lot but she also laks a younger man too and doan want to give up either of yew.”

Randolph had another question, “Y’all are pretty easygoing about nudity. Do you do that at home?” Randy nodded. The next question could be no way but direct, “Do you and she have sex?”

“Shore. She taught me how to do it raht. We only have one bed and we’ve bin in it together since Ah wuz born so nacherly we got tew know each other feel good.” Randolph didn’t comment. He’d suspected as much and it didn’t disturb him either. Maybe he’d watch them sometime.

Freddie was waiting by their cabin when Randolph dropped them off from his Mercedes SUV and Willa introduced them. Randolph glanced at Randy and he nodded which the older man understood.

Two days later Randolph texted Randy to meet him at a coffee shop. “I’ve got a few questions for you to help me sort things out. Go ahead and give me the straight and complete answers, if you don’t mind.” Randy nodded his agreement. “First of all, did that Freddie guy have sex with your sister?

Randy smiled, “He shore did. Two times Ah think. Then he left and Ah did her like Ah usually does after her dates.”

That made Randolph shake his head, “I knew she was hot stuff I didn’t realize how much. She fucked me twice that day, then this Freddie guy, and then you.”

Randy piped up, “Ah think if you’d been there you could have had her agin after Ah was done too. She’s lahk thet.”

That made Randolph shake his head and reconsider his idea of matrimony. He’d have to keep some studs around to keep her from screwing him to death. Best to just enjoy the ride for now. He didn’t forget his wish to see her screw her own brother though.

They continued to go on regular dates and Randolph asked why she never asked him to spend the night in her own bed. “Would your mom or dad object?”

“Not a’tall,” she assured him. They knew he was a good man for her.

“Do you fuck Freddie there?” She admitted she did but he never stayed overnight like she knew he wanted to. “Why can’t I, then?” he persisted.

She looked him in the eye, “Cuz we only got one bed and me and Randy have tew share it. Won’t be nuff room fer sleepin.”

“Good start,” he thought before asking, “How can a young guy like Randy be in bed with a hot woman like you without getting excited.”

“He cain’t,” she said in a quiet voice. Not really wanting to admit it to this nice man but unwilling to lie.

Randolph held her close as he said, “I didn’t have a sister but if I had one like you I’d do it too. I’m ok with it. I’d even like to be there with the two of you.”

Her eyes went wide, “Yew would? Seryusly?” He kissed her. “Yew’d watch and then dew me tew?” More kisses. “That’d be a real blessin, fer shur!” No more was said until the next date.

Randolph insisted, “I want to spend the night in my sweetheart’s own bed!” What could she say? Randy was out on a date with Norma and he usually screwed her then came home. He was a bit surprised when Randolph was naked in bed with his sister when he slipped under the covers, recovered enough to tend to her needs. Randolph was already filling her pussy, spooning from behind.

Willa explained, “He were wantin this since her found out we wuz fukkin. Ah think yew’l have to ask him tew pull out sew yew kin fuk me cuz ye’r tew big tew git in with him.” Neither man had thought about that possibility and pondered it.

Randolph offered, “I’d like to see you two making love. Never had the chance to watch before and especially get to have the woman right afterwards.: he withdrew as sat on the edge of the bed as the two of them joined with much-practiced ease. He realized that the coupling might last a while since Randy had undoubtedly been well drained by his woman.

After a bit on back, Willa rolled them over to be on top. Looking at Randolph she asked, “Ah’d like yew in mah other hole while the regler one is filled up. Go get the corn oil in the cupboard to the raht of the sink.” He followed directions and soon his pecker, smaller than Randy’s was feeling some tissue it had never experienced before. He could kiss her neck and reach around to fondle her tits as his balls bumped against her siblings while they learned to work as a team.

The stimulation was too intense for a man who hadn’t ejaculated for twenty-four hours and Willa gave a soft squeal as he unloaded. ‘Oh, Ah ain’t felt that there in quite a whal!” He pulled out, stepped into this shoes and went to the well pump to rinse off.

He was hard again before Willa said, “Yew watch now. He’s a’gonna shoot in me lahk yew wanted to see.” Randy pulled partway out so the audience could see his balls clenching and the pulses move up the tube on the bottom of his shaft.

Willa moved up off him and her pussy oozed white cream. Rather than getting off, she just laid on his chest and said quietly, “Next!” Randolph sorted out where his legs could go and slid oh-so-easily into his beloved’s swampy snatch. He was as hard as he had ever been as he struggled to get traction in her brother’s ample cream.

It was awkward and he tired so asked if he could be ridden too. After some rearrangement, Willa was sliding her slippery pussy lips along his rod as it lay on his belly then popped it inside. Much better and she rode him to his finish. All slept well and Randolph got another dipping before breakfast. Randy was up and gone early for work.

Sex was even more fun on the next boat outing with couples screwing and trading openly. The women loved being naked as other boats went by, especially one with four fisherman when they performed made lewd ass and tit wiggles plus some hip thrusts. It was exciting enough for them too that they later confided to each other that they wouldn’t have rejected a horizontal follow-up if their men had suggested it.

Noticing how hot the women had gotten being exhibitionists, even though they probably could not spell it. He rented an RV and took them to a nude beach for a weekend. They squealed with delight when they saw what was expected and loved the big lake. It was skinny-dipping with a big audience. Learning to play volleyball was fun too and they felt plenty of skin contact from strangers. Randy and Randolph stayed back, enjoying the show and not letting on that these two beauties were attached.

When they went back to the RV for lunch, the women insisted on being laid, gushing that they’d never seen so many peckers and balls at the same time before. Norma commented as she finished her climax, “Tew bad theys all soft. Ah’d like tew see em ready tew fill me up.” Then she got embarrassed since Randy was still inside her.

Randolph surprised them, “Randy and I have trying to hide that we are here with you. Knowing what sluts you are at heard we brought a whole bunch of condoms in this drawer. If you use them then you can find out just how big those guys can get. Keep score though because you will have to tell us about it later.” They chattered with delight, wiped off their pussies, and left for the beach.

Armed with a cooler of beer, the men positioned themselves where they could watch the naked women on the beach and keep an eye on the RV. It wasn’t an hour when their slut-honeys were being followed by a couple of bronzed beach bums whose hoses were already filling in anticipation. They couldn’t be sure from that distance if the RV was rocking or not but a half-hour later the women eagerly headed back to the beach with the limp-dicked guys meandering back too. Randy grinned at Randolph and they clinked beer bottles.

Before dinner, they witnessed each woman bring three more men back, sometimes with each other and sometimes not. After the last one left Willa she didn’t emerge immediately so they strolled over. Norma hadn’t returned with her.

She was laying with her eyes closed on one of the beds and was startled by there entry. Randolph asked, “Are you OK?”

She smiled and opened her legs, showing a very messy cunt. “He started with a rubber but it broke and Ah didn’t want tew stop. His pecker were real big and fit me jest perfect. He shot his stuff in me so good tew. Ah hopes yew ain’t mad at me.”

Glancing at Randy, he exclaimed, “You were so naughty. For punishment you are going to get screwed two more times whether you want it or not.” The end of that statement was entirely facetious and all knew it. Randy went first. Just a she finished to her squealing pleasure, the RV door opened and Norma entered with a naked guy already sporting an erection.

Quickly assessing the situation, her boyfriend still buried in his sister, she ignored them and gave this guy a condom before lying on the rumpled bed. He was instructed to eat her in preparation and Randy watched quietly with Randolph delivering his “punishment-pecker” behind him.

As she was slutting with this nameless guy, she’d glance over at her lover and wink, delighted and more aroused as she saw his just-drained dick refilling from the show she was putting on. Her cunt-filler tried to kiss her but she turned her head away and directed his mouth to her hard nipples. She came and he soon did too. Thanking him, she peeled off his condom ad dropped it in a cup already holding several others.

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