Room Service

by The Sympathetic Devil

Copyright© 2018 by The Sympathetic Devil

Mind Control Sex Story: Elise, manager of the exclusive hotel The Tamarind, is perplexed by two guests. What one lacks in reservations he makes up for in omnipotence. (Sequel to Not Guilty by Reason of Omnipotence)

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Mind Control   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Oriental Female   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Sex Toys   .

Elise scowled. Hers was not the sort of hotel to which one brought a prostitute. At least not so obvious a prostitute as the half-naked Asian woman with fake tits that had just come in on the arm of an unassuming young man who didn’t look like he could afford a room at The Tamarind. Whatever lottery he had won his money in, he was about to learn it couldn’t buy EVERYTHING.

The hotel manager intercepted the pair before they could get to the registration desk.

“Hello!” she greeted them with crisp professionalism. “I’m Elise Wall, manager of The Tamarind. What name is your reservation under?”

“I’m afraid we don’t have a reservation” the young man said. “We were just passing by and YumYum here suggested we should stay for a bit.”

The busty Asian prostitute giggled and waved at Elise and said “Me YumYum! YumYum Fukadonki!”

Elise kept her professional composure. It was an effort, but she did it.

“I’m so sorry she said but we don’t have any vacancies this evening. Really we don’t have any vacancies left this week. Most of our guest book several months in advance. I would be glad to recommend a fine motel in the city...”

“Oh that’s alright, Elise,” the young man said with a friendly grin. “We’ll just take the penthouse on the 21st floor”

“I’m afraid The Tamarind has no 21st floor 21st floor,” Ellie’s said a bit more firmly. “And again, you do need a reservation.”

“Oh, very well then” The young man said. “You’ll find the reservation for the 21st floor penthouse under the name James Green.”

“OK, I’ve been patient, but this is absurd” Elise said. “There is no 21st floor penthouse. The Tamarind only has 18 floors.”

“Actually, Miss Wall, we do have a reservation for James Green for the 21st floor penthouse,” volunteered Chester at the front desk.

Elise glared at her underling and he wilted, then pointed deflected blame at the computer screen. Elise stalked toward the front desk and Chester and his fellow desk clerk, Molly, backed away.

Elise turned Chester’s screen toward her, intent on finding his mistake and then writing him up for it.

The reservation was there. James Green. 21st floor penthouse.

“This is absurd!” Elise declared, finally losing her cool and glaring up hostilely at the would-be guests. “You hacked our computers? This isn’t a joke, young man! It’s a crime!”

“Of course it isn’t a joke!” the young man exclaimed. “We know jokes! YumYum, tell that joke you know!”

The busty woman grinned ridiculously.

“Oh! Yes! How many flies take screw in lightbulb?” she asked earnestly.

Elise gave her most withering glare. The prostitute pressed on, undaunted.

“Give up? Answer is two! Two flies screw in lightbulb!”

Then the woman called YumYum peeled with laughter at her own joke, sending tremors through her fake bosom, as her companion chuckled riley. Elise scowled. And then Molly and Chester burst into laughter behind her. Elise looked sharply at her underlings, and they blushed and looked ashamed but continued to laugh.

What was going on! That wasn’t funny. It wasn’t even a joke, was it? Did Elise not get it? Was she not smart enough to understand why everyone was laughing?

Were they laughing at her? Hot blood rushed into her face.

Suddenly, with vivid detail, Elise imagined herself as a fly. Well, as a tiny, dark woman with fly eyes and fly wings and a human figure that would put a barbie doll to shame. She was surrounded by clear glass with a blinding light above her.

But she wasn’t alone. There was a fly-man as well, just as over-built as she was, his rampant member proportionally huge on his minuscule body. And she wanted that cock inside her! She needed it! She needed it so badly!

And then he was on top of her pressing her back against the curving glass. Her fragile wings were crushed, but she didn’t care! She needed him inside her more than she needed anything else!

“Screw me!” she cried in her tiny, high-pitched fly voice. “Screw me hard! Screw me hard!”

And then she was coming more forcefully than she would have ever dreamt possible. And then she realized she was standing in front of two hotel guests and two employees, having a bizarre sexual fantasy that had actually brought her to orgasm. She blushed incandescently and tittered nervously.

“I get it,” she said.

“Everyone does eventually,” the young man said with a conspiratorial wink. “YumYum’s sense of humor can be subtle.”

So saying, he goosed the busty asian woman and she squealed and giggled, sending seismic tremors through her barely-contained bosom.

“I ... I guess ... Um ... Welcome to the Tamarind?” Elise said, falling back on her default-mode of welcoming guests. She had no idea where they were going to stay, but maybe if she sent them up to see there was no 21st floor, she could regain her composure enough to know what to do.

“Thank you, Miss Wall!” the young man exclaimed. “We have luggage.”

There were four suitcases at the guests’ feet. Those hadn’t been there before ... had they?

“I’ll ... I’ll call a bellhop,” Elise said.

“Aren’t you a bellhop?” he asked.

Elise looked down at her outfit. It consisted of a vest made of burgundy velvet and gold brocade, with two big brass buttons straining to contain a huge pair of tits Elise didn’t remember owning. Below the waist was a skin-tight pair of hotpants and knee-high gold boots. Atop her head, she felt a round cap.

“I ... I guess I am,” Elise conceded, and scurried over to pickup all four bags with her white gloves. She was always very aware of the tentative hold her vest had on her titties and the straining seams of her shorts when she bent over to get luggage, but the guests did so enjoy watching her do it and tended to reward her with big tips. Elise would do anything for a big tip. And these guests seemed recklessly generous!

Elise snapped to attention with spectacular effect and gave the guests a huge customer-service smile.

“The 21st floor, wasn’t it, Mr. Green?” she asked.

“Right you are, Elise!” the young man said. “Lead the way!”

So he was an ass man! Elise could work with that! She strode forward, conscious of how her tight, little booty undulated with every step, feeling the guests’ eyes locked upon it, drawn after it. They were going to tip the hell out of her!

“Can I get that for you?” the young man asked when they got to the elevator.

“Oh no, no, no, Mr. Green!” Elise insisted, bending over to put down the luggage, snapping back upright, pushing the button, then bending and lifting again. Any excuse to bend over was one she would take! “You’re our guests! You don’t have to lift a finger while you’re here! I have 10, and they’re all for your service and comfort!”

“Elise-chan has very strong fingers, yes Mr. Jimmy-sama?” the female guest exclaimed with delight.

“Indeed! She’s able to carry all four of your bags at once, YumYum!” the young man said. “Maybe you can find out what else she can do with them once we get settled in.”

The guest called YumYum giggled naughtily. Elise did her best to imitate her response. Anything for a tip!

In the elevator, Elise once again bent to put down the luggage, stood up to push “21”, the big button at the top above 18, then bent again to retrieve the luggage. With the tight quarters, she had no choice but to rub her ass against the young man in the process. It really couldn’t be helped.

“So these are all yours, Ma’am?” Elise asked YumYum. “Do I need to go back for your bags, Sir?”

YumYum giggled and nodded. Mr. Green shrugged.

“YumYum’s individual outfits don’t take up much space, but she does end up changing them frequently,” he explained. “My tastes are more simple, so I just create a new outfit whenever I feel like it. I’m omnipotent, so it’s really not a bother.”

“Oh!” Elise exclaimed. “I don’t think we’ve ever had an omnipotent guest before!”

“It seems unlikely,” Mr. Green agreed.

Elise had never taken a guest up to the 21st floor before, so she didn’t know what to expect. The elevator opened up onto a small antechamber with a big, ornate door just a few steps from the elevator. Not a lot of room to show off her ass, but Elise would make due!

She scurried out of the elevator to place the bags to the left of the suite door, bending low and wiggling as she did so. Then she snapped back up with tittie-jiggling precission and held out her hand to Mr. Green.

“Your key card, Sir?” she requested.

The guest wiggled his fingers and a golden card appeared out of nowhere. Elise swiped it and opened the door wide, then stepped to the side and bowed low, head high, for her most cleavage-presenting pose as she beckoned them to enter.

Elise followed them in with the bag and was amazed. The Tamarind was nice, but this room was regal! Pure ostentatiousness! Whatever being omnipotent meant, if must pay very, very well!

But she couldn’t let herself be awe struck. She had to earn that tip!

She placed the luggage on the luggage rack and then held her arms wide to display her own rack while she spun slowly, presenting the suite,

“Welcome to your home for as long as you’re with us!” she said. “Please allow me to show you the amenities!”

“Why thank you, Elise!” Mr. Green said.

“This is the living room! It’s spacious enough to invite anyone you care to invite if you decide to have a room party,” she said, with a little shrugg that let them know she would not say no to an invitation. “Over here in this side table drawer beside the couch you’ll find the TV remote and a card with the WiFi password. It’s eliseiseasy, all one word, which should be easy to remember! Though not as easy as, well ... obviously!”

The guests giggled and nodded and Elise preened, delighted they had understood.

“The TV is very special,” she said, retrieving the remote. “We have all the the normal channels, of course, and all the porn is complementary, not pay per view, but, exclusive to the Executive Penthouse is Voyerism Mode!”

She clicked a button and there was Chester, looking very, very happy, and the back of Molly’s head bobbing along about waist level. Elise was nonplussed. She didn’t even know they were an item. But she kept her composure and continued her presentation.

“In Voyerism Mode, you have access to all our security cameras, including the secret ones in the other guests rooms!” she explained.

She clicked a button and Chester and Molly were replaced by an old retired couple, the Pattersons, who had asked for twin beds and appeared to be about to go to sleep for the night, each in flannel pajamas.

“Oh, that’s very fun!” James Green exclaimed. “We can have lots of fun with this, right YumYum?”

“Super Happy Fun Times!” YumYum agreed.

Mr. Green pointed at the TV screen and suddenly Mrs. Patterson was a 20-something blonde with huge, fake tits wearing nothing but acrylic heels and her wedding ring. Mr. Patterson gapped at his wife. The sound was muted, but whatever the suddenly young woman said to her husband, it was apparently convincing enough that he seemed to lose his concern about the change at about the same time he lost his pajamas. Elise had not expected him to be hung like that, but she now understood what his young wife saw in him.

“Let’s see who else is staying here!” Mr. Green prompted, and Elise realized she had become distracted by the Patterson’s and forgot she was holding the remote in the hand that hadn’t found it’s way to her crotch. She shook it off and reluctantly flipped the channel.

The next couple already had an age disparity, the man greying in his 50s, the buxom woman a redhead in her 20s, but they had a queen sized bed and were clearly intent on using it as they frantically worked to disrobe each other

“Isn’t that your mayor?” Mr. Green asked.

“Yes he’s a regular guest here,” Elise said.

“I don’t think that’s the mayor’s wife,” he speculated about the redhead.

“Well, we pride ourselves on discretion at The Tamarind, “ Elise said noncommittally.

“They must have forgotten to invite her!” Mr. Green exclaimed. “I can fix that!”

The omnipotent guest pointed finger at the television and a middle-aged woman in a conservative dress suddenly appeared in the amorous couples room.

The mayor’s wife clearly took being left off the guest list personally and, although the TV was muted, the volume of her objection was quite obvious. The boxer-clad mayor looked pathetic as he plead for mercy.

But mercy was not forthcoming as the mayor’s wife ripped off her dress to reveal a black leather corset, black leather boots, and an unusually large strap-on dildo of the same color.

The mayor’s eyes went wide. The mayor’s wife pointed at his paramore and demanded that she come towards her. Trembling, the naked redhead approached and the mayor’s wife grabbed her around the waist and kissed her deeply, possessively. When she finally released her, the younger woman was clearly smitten.

The mayor gawked has his wife pressed his Lover’s naked shoulder and she knelt before the leather-clad woman and began to fellate her phony phallus.

Her strap-on moistened with the younger woman’s spit, she pushed her gently away and pointed much gently at her husband. The mayor’s lower lip trembled, but he obeyed and bent over the bed.

The older woman proceeded to peg him as the young redhead applauded, staring in devoted administration at her new love and role model.

“Well that is definitely something to explore more further later,” said Mr. Green, taking the remote from Elise and setting it down on the side table. “But we shouldn’t interrupt your tour of the suite. You’re such a remarkable tour guide, Elise.”

“Elise blushed at her lapse of attention and the position of her hand. She stuck out her chest to distract from her inattention, a technique she had perfected over the years, and gestured with her hand that had been liberated of the remote as she discreetly liberated the other one from her labia.

“Over here on ice we have a bottomless bottle of complementary champagne,” Elise said.

“YumYum like be bottomless!” Miss Fukadonki announced, pulling up her short skirt to waist level and revealing her lack of panties. The Asian woman turnaround to show her ethnically-unlikely rounded posterior.

“How am I just now realizing that I’m bi?” Elise muttered to herself as she admired the well-rounded ass.

“So it’s complimentary?” Mr. Green asked, going for the champagne and casually spanking his companion in route.

“Yes sir!” Elise confirmed, trying to focus again on her duty as an employee of The Tamarind.

He handed her the bottle and she worked to remove the cork as he admired her strong hands firmly but delicately working at the neck of the bottle. She licked the lips and worked the bottle with all the meaning she could put into it. When it popped and sprayed a bit on her face, Mr. Green smiled like sunrise and his companion screamed out and surprise and then giggled and jiggled.

Mr. Green held out three of the glass flutes that have accompanied the bottle and Elise filled two of them.

“It’s for our guests,” she explained when she left the third empty. “And I shouldn’t drink when I’m working anyway.”

“But I thought you said it was complimentary,” Mr. Green said.

“Yes, of course, for you and Miss Fukadonki, there is not extra charge to the room,” she explained. “Drink as much as you want and we will replace the bottle whenever it’s empty. Complementary.”

“Complimentary means that every time you get a compliment, you have to drink,” Mr. Green explained.

“Of course!” Elise agreed as the guest took the bottle, handed her a flute and filled it.

“I knew you’d catch on Elise!” The omnipotent guest said. “You are very clever!”

“Why thank you,” Elise exclaimed and drank deeply from her flute.

“Isn’t she clever, YumYum?” Mr. Green asked his companion as he topped-off Elise’s glass.

“Elise super clever and have super nice boobies!” Miss Fuukadonki said.

Elise was not sure if that was one compliment, 2 or 3. Did each boobie count separately? She figured she had better count them separately rather than risk offending the guest. She took three drinks in quick succession, leaving the flute drained, at least until Mr. Green was able to fill it again.

“You have super nice boobies too, Ma’am, if you don’t mind my noticing!” Elise exclaimed as blood rushed to her face.

“Thank you!” the guest exclaimed, jutting out the complemented body parts in pride. “YumYum DRINK!”

The buxom guest drained her flute in one go. Her omnipotent companion pointed at the empty glass and it filled back up.

“YumYum is a bit of a lush,” Mr. Green confided. “But we are on vacation, so there’s no reason she should hold back! And besides, she’s so cute when she’s drunk.”

“Thank you Mr. Jimmy-san!” the woman exclaimed. “YumYum drink!”

She downed her second glass.

“YumYum cute when drinky-drinky!” the guest agreed with her companion. “YumYum bet Elise cute when drinky-drinky too! Such pretty-pretty!”

“Thank you, Ma’am,” Elise said and drank from her flute. Compared to YumYum, downing just a third of a glass seemed tame.

“I can’t drink it all at once like you can, Ma’am,” Elise said. “You’ve got an amazing talent!”

“YumYum drink!” she replied and downed another, either because Elise had complimented her or to show off, or maybe just because she was thirsty. Elise wasn’t sure she understood the rules.

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll get better with practice, Elise,” Mr. Green said. “You’re such a quick study!”

And how could she not try after such a compliment? She drained the last 2/3rds, and only coughed a little as she watched the flute magically refill.

Several compliments later, the room was gently spinning and Elise was sharing a colorful anecdote she had just remembered about the time she was putting herself through bellhop school as an exotic dancer.

“If you bellhop, why you not hop more?” Miss Fukadonki asked.

“I never thought ‘bout it!” Elise confessed.

She hopped and her titties jiggled. She hiccuped and giggled and swayed. Miss Fukadonki and Mr. Green applauded and Elise blushed then repeated her performance, to repeated applause.

“YumYum hop too!” Miss Fukadonki announced before hopping herself to spectacularly kinetic effect.

“Wow!” Elise said, her eyes locked on the Asian woman’s spectacular chest as it continued to jostle and jump much longer than physics would dictate. “You could be a professional!”

“Compliment!” she exclaimed. YumYum drink!”

And she did, then giggled and hiccups adorably, making Else’s mouth water.

“Teach YumYum be bellhop!” The guest insisted and began stripping off her clothes.

Elise blushed furiously. She wasn’t about to tell the guest not to, both because it wasn’t her place and because she really wanted to see her naked, but she really didn’t understand what was happening.

But the naked woman scurried over to her luggage and pulled out a uniform that matches Elise’s own. Well, except for the pants. It soon became apparent that YumYum intended to remain bottomless, even when her top consisted of a vest that came nowhere near her nethers. Elise was not about to complain. Her mouth watered.

The bottomless guest produced a small brass bell as well and handed it to the omnipotent guest.

“Mr. Jimmy-san ring bell, Miss Elise-chan hop with YumYum!” she proposed.

“You have the best ideas, YumYum!” Mr. Green said, taking the bell.

“YumYum drink!” she exclaimed and downed another flute of champagne that had suddenly reappeared in her in her hand.

The omnipotent guest rang the bell and Elise hopped. She was drunker than she’d ever been, so drunk she could barely stand, but she was a professional, damn it! She had trained her whole life for this moment. She was a bellhop and when a bell rang, she would hop!

The two brass buttons that secured the top of her uniform strained as her bosoms boggled. She swayed. She hiccuped. But she stuck the landing.

“Now you,” she instructed her new protege.

Mr. Green rang the bell and Miss Fukadonki cheerfully hopped. What she lacked in form she more than made up for in titiliciousness.

Elise couldn’t resist. She reached out and cupped the outside of each tit as they continued to bound about long after the hop was done. The vibrations traveled up her arms, down her spine and settled in her crotch where her clit sang and made an audible twanging sound. Elise’s eyes bulged and the room spun.

She regained her composure and realised she was still holding YumYum’s numnuMiss She blushed and release them.

“That was beautiful!” Ellise praised and her trainee retrieved a champagne flute from under her hat and downed it. Elise’ mind boggled and how she had kept it full up there while hopping but she shook it off.

“Now let me show you how to do it on one foot,” she said.

She looked expectantly at Mr. Green and he rang the bell. Ellise raised her right leg knee high, swiveled about precariously on her left foot and then fearlessly hopped.

As she stuck the landing, the tremendous vibration of her titties caused her to swivel about on her left foot like a Music Box Dancer making a complete 360 degree turn. The guests applauded uproariously.

“You’ll have a hard time topping that one YumYum,” Mr. Green observed.

Elise was proud but she didn’t want her new trainee to be upstaged. She had an idea.

“Please ring it again for both of us, Mr. Green, sir,” Elise requested.

The guest complied, ringing his Bell with enthusiasm. Elise took YumYum’s hands and the bellhop in training grinned adoringly at her sensei has Elise director directed her with champagne blurred eyes to follow her lead.

Elise hopped on two feet. YumYum hopped on two feet. Elise hopped on her left foot. YumYum hopped on her left foot. Elise hooked on her right foot and kicked her left foot out to tap YumYum on the hip. YumYum did the same.

As they hopped and hopped, one after the other, their four titties jiggled spectacularly between them as they held hands and Mr. Green rang.

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