The Long and Winding Road

by Harddaysknight

Copyright© 2018 by Harddaysknight

Humor Sex Story: A wife tells her husband she wants to experience a lover, or two. He turns the tables on her with a Ponzi Pussy Scheme.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Humor   .

I never saw it coming, but I probably should have. My lack of attention may have been a contributing factor. Last April, on a rainy Saturday morning, my wife revealed to me just how unhappy she was.

We had been married five years, and I thought things were great. I was 29, and she was three years younger, at 26. Sherry was a beautiful woman with a great figure and a beautiful face. On top of that, she was smart and capable. I was still amazed that she had agreed to marry me.

“Jim, I feel like I’ve missed a big portion of life’s pleasures and I’ll never get to experience them if I don’t do something about it pretty soon.”

“Do you want to take a nice vacation? Maybe we could go to Paris or the Caribbean? Is that what you mean?” I asked in confusion.

“This isn’t easy to say, so I’m just going to tell you what I’m thinking and feeling,” Sherry responded softly. “I want to have sex with some other men. I was a virgin when we started dating, and you’re the only man I’ve ever been with. I love you and our sex is great, but I have nothing with which to compare it. Maybe it could be a lot better. I know some of the single girls at work really get off with some of the guys they date. The way they describe their orgasms and the intensity of them is amazing. I don’t have much to contribute to those conversations.”

“You’re a chemist working at a large chemical company, not a teenager in a secretarial pool or something! Who have you been talking with about sex and orgasms?” I demanded.

“It may be hard to believe, but chemists talk about sex, the same as secretaries,” Sherry replied. “I’m not putting you down. You’re an excellent lover, at least as far as I know.”

“Thanks for qualifying that statement,” was my angry response. “Do you have a boyfriend or someone you’re interested in fucking? Have you fucked some guy, or guys, already?”

“I knew you’d think that! I’ve always been faithful to you and I have no ‘boyfriends’, as you put it,” insisted Sherry. “I want to stay married to you. I just need to satisfy my curiosity. You’re the only man I’ll ever love.”

“Forgive me for being skeptical,” I retorted. “My wife loves me to pieces but wants to have sex with random men just out of curiosity. That doesn’t really make me feel loved.”

“We always said we would discuss any issues or problems in our marriage,” pointed out Sherry. “Would you have preferred I kept this to myself and maybe had a secret affair?”

“I’ve got to tell you I’m not too keen on the choices you’ve mentioned so far. Let me think about this and we’ll discuss it again next Saturday, okay?”

I stewed over Sherry’s revelation all week. I thought about it constantly. I was a fairly successful software engineer working for a small company on the verge of creating a revolutionary program for large businesses. If our company managed to successfully develop it, and we were getting close, I’d get a nice bonus check. I wondered if I had given too much of my attention to my project and not enough to my wife.

I no longer trusted Sherry. If I refused her request to experience new sex partners, she’d probably leave me, or at the very least, cheat on me. If I accepted her proposal, I’d be humiliated and shamed. I could always divorce her immediately and get on with my life. The problem I saw with that route was a beautiful woman like Sherry would have no problem finding bed partners. I’d be sleeping alone while she’d be getting her brains fucked out by a different guy every night. None of those options worked for me, so I tried thinking outside the box.

Given that divorce was pretty much a certainty, how could I maximize my position to make it more palatable? Once I determined I would be getting divorced, my thoughts turned to how I could benefit from my wife screwing other guys. In what world can that be good for a husband?

Sherry was drop dead gorgeous and could get laid a few dozen times a night, if she wanted. It would be much more difficult for me to score strange pussy. How could I leverage her latent desirability into greater success for me? How could I utilize that sex appeal and hot body to benefit her soon to be ex-husband?

Friday evening, Sherry was in the kitchen talking with her mother. I was sitting in my recliner enjoying my third beer and watching a documentary about Bernie Madoff. The solution to my problem suddenly came to me! If Sherry wanted to play that game, I was going play it even better!

My brilliant solution was to create my own Ponzi scheme! Before long, I’d be up to my ass in strange pussy, with even more showing up at my door every day! For every strange cock Sherry would be getting, I’d double it in pussy. Thus, my Ponzi Pussy Scheme was born!

“Am I hearing you right?” asked Sherry Saturday morning after I explained my scheme. “You want to let it be known that we’re looking for couples that want to swap with us. There’ll be an added caveat that every time the guy spends a night with me, you get the female partner for two nights?”

“That’s a simplified version. We’d have to approve the couples. Married couples who participate need to be married to each other. We won’t condone or encourage cheating in any form,” I explained pompously. “Two single people can opt in, if they’re at least 18 and are male and female. I won’t be involved in any fag shit!”

“The obvious question is this. What sane guy would agree to you having two chances with his spouse, girlfriend, or neighbor when he only gets one night with me? Why would I ever agree to such an unfair division of spoils?” asked Sherry.

“That’s the beauty of the scheme. You’re so damn sexy and attractive, I could probably insist on three nights with the female partner. Guys will give their left nut to tap your pussy. They’re certain to give up the less desirable wife or girlfriend’s pussy they already had a few times for one crack at your slit, pun intended.

“The reason you’ll go along with it is that I’m going to be the cuckold everyone laughs at. If it were up to me, we’d keep our sex life as it is. You’re the one that wants to experience different partners, so I need something to offset the embarrassment I’m going to endure.”

“Getting laid by a bunch of horny women will help offset that humiliation? I guess that makes sense,” admitted Sherry. “We’d both have the power to veto the swap if we didn’t find the person appealing or desirable, right? You wouldn’t veto any hunks that apply, and only allow fat old men to sleep with me, would you?” questioned Sherry as she mulled over my plan.

“How could I get any prime pussy if I vetoed good looking guys?” I reasoned. “Fat old guys don’t have hot young wives, unless it’s a trophy wife, and those guys can buy all the pussy they want. I doubt I’d veto anything short of ninety years old or four hundred pounds.”

“You really are a sick, desperate fuck, aren’t you?” asked Sherry rhetorically, but with a grin. “I have to admit I never would’ve dreamed up this Ponzi Pussy Scheme of yours. It’s kind of flattering to think guys would let you have their wives for two nights for just one night with me. Plus, you can’t get mad and divorce me for getting some strange cock, because you’d be getting lots of strange pussy as a direct benefit of my little kitty being so popular!”

The success of my plan depended on Sherry thinking we would remain married when the whole thing was finished. If she knew I had plans to toss her to the curb after I had gotten laid by a few dozen women, she could simply cut me out of the deal and get banged endlessly without any benefit to me.

I realized that I’d no longer be able to live in the area after my scheme gained success. It was not a big town, and everyone would know my wife had sex with any number of local men. Once I got my bonus for the success of our new software, I would be moving far away, probably to a warmer climate. There was even a chance I would find a woman that would be satisfied with my bedroom skills, such as they were.

“That’s right. We’d both be experiencing some strange and have no room to complain,” I lied. “This is just a phase we’re going through and we’ll come out of it stronger than ever!”

The following Saturday, we attended a neighborhood party. There were a dozen couples enjoying the food and hospitality of our friends, Bill and Janet Simpson. Everyone was chatting and laughing when I began to explain my Ponzi Pussy Scheme to Janet, who was sitting next to me on the sofa. I think the room went silent within the first few words I uttered on the subject. Everyone appeared dumbstruck as I described how it would work.

“Do I understand you correctly?” asked Dorothy Grant. “You think your wife is such a hot piece of ass that married men will agree to let you have their wives for two nights so they can bang her one night?”

“That pretty well sums up the situation. There’ll be health records and condoms involved. Couples in committed relationships have to be accompanied by their significant other.

“Why would a husband let you have two nights with his wife for just one night with yours?” demanded Dorothy.

“Sherry? Would you please stand up and turn around slowly so these men have a better idea of exactly what they’d be getting?” was my response as my wife stood and spun fast enough to cause her skirt to float up and briefly expose her red thong.

“Dorothy, take a look at the guys’ faces,” I insisted with a chuckle. “Every man here has a boner! They’re wondering if they can talk the wife into going along with the deal. Sherry is way hotter than any woman they could reasonably hope to bed in their lifetime. There’ll be plenty of men taking us up on our offer.”

“You insulting prick!” snapped Dorothy. “You’re telling us your wife is far hotter and sexier than any other woman here? You may think that because you’re married to the slut, but each of these men certainly thinks he has the sexiest wife in the world. What kind of man pimps out his wife to get pussy he feels is of a lower quality than what he already has?”

Sherry’s eyes met mine when Dorothy called her a slut and she flinched when I was accused of pimping out my wife. Maybe she was beginning to see my point about being humiliated by a wandering wife. The second best way to combat humiliation is act like everything is normal and not embarrassing. The best way is to not do dumbass things that cause humiliation.

“Dorothy, are you suggesting I shouldn’t even consider trading my hot wife to your husband for the opportunity to spend two nights in your bed? You think I’d be getting the short end of that deal?”

“Of course not!” replied Dorothy immediately. “When you put it that way, I can see why you might consider making that trade. I have to admit I can even see why my husband might be willing to go along with it. That said, it isn’t going to happen! We value our vows. Fidelity is very important to us.”

“I truly respect that,” I replied as I again met Sherry’s eyes to be sure she was listening. “However, we both know there are some couples out there that lack your moral strength and commitment to each other. The weaker, less devoted men will enjoy the experience of being buried balls deep in Sherry. That experience will help allay their misgivings and feeling of guilt. I’ll do my best to give the female half of the relationship a good time ... twice.”

The party broke up shortly after my revelation. The general consensus was that I was nuts to think anyone would go along with our conditions, especially wives. I noticed most of those opinions were voiced by the wives. The men in the room had been rather quiet on the subject. As we were pulling onto the highway, Sherry made an observation.

“That seemed to go over like a fart in church. It doesn’t seem like anyone thought your famous Ponzi Pussy Scheme would have any takers. We may have to think up something new, or I’ll just have to place an ad on one of those dating sites, or pick up some guy at a bar.”

“That is not going to happen,” I replied with some heat. “You could be murdered or beaten doing things that way. I want you to be safe.”

Sherry broke into a big smile and patted my shoulder. “My husband is always looking out for me and keeping me safe, even when I’m looking for a random guy to screw my brains out!”

“As far as I’m concerned, the aforementioned brains are already gone or you wouldn’t be thinking about having lovers now that we’re married,” I responded. “I also realize that you’re determined about this. I just don’t want you to get hurt while finding Mr. Right Cock.”

“You’re my Mister Right Cock,” insisted Sherry. “I’m just going to look for Doctor Strange Cock. I need to find out how it feels to have sex with him.”

I didn’t say anything more. The topic was depressing me. Why the hell did it have to come to this? Why couldn’t my incredible, beautiful wife be happy with me and my cock?

Sherry was all over me when we went to bed that night. She must have been really cranked up thinking about all the strange cock she was going to be getting soon. She came at least three times before I released my little soldiers. We slept in each other’s arms that night.

Sherry and I made love frequently over the next two weeks. Then the shit hit the Ponzi fan. It all began with an innocent sounding chime from our doorbell. I was in the living room when I heard Sherry open the front door.

“Mr. and Mrs. Santori! How are you? Please come in,” greeted Sherry before she called to me to join her.

I knew Gladys Santori and her husband, in passing. Gladys was Dorothy Grant’s mother and her husband, Stewart, was Dorothy’s step father. I was more than a little curious why they had stopped in to see us.

“I won’t take a lot of your time,” began Gladys. “Dorothy told me about your Ponzi scheme last weekend. She isn’t a big fan of the whole thing, but Stew and I find it interesting. Will you treat everything we say in confidence? You know how judgmental Dorothy can be.”

“Of course,” responded Sherry, curiosity written all over her face.

“Stewart and I would like to sign up for your service, or scheme, or whatever you might call it,” stated Gladys bluntly.

You could have knocked me over with a feather! Dorothy Grant’s mother and step-father wanted to be our first clients, as I referred to them. Instinctively, I surveyed Gladys a little more closely.

She was slim, about fifty-five and attractive for a woman her age. I never thought much about having sex with older women, but I was considering the possibility now. I must have been staring more than I realized because Gladys began to blush under my scrutiny.

“I know we’re probably older than most of your fellow schemers or pussy providers, or whatever term you may use. I guess fur traders could work since you’d be swapping your wife’s fur for mine, twice,” suggested the surprisingly humorous lady.

“I prefer cock swappers,” interjected Sherry, much to my surprise. “This is about us ladies after all. I’ll be trading you Jim’s cock for Stewart’s.”

“I like your attitude,” replied Gladys with a grin. “Does that mean that you find Stewart and me acceptable candidates for this venture?”

“Unless Jim has an objection, I think we’re good,” replied Sherry as she looked at me for an indication of my feelings.

Where was this coming from? Stewart Santori was around sixty fucking years old and had a bit of a beer belly! Sherry was acting like he was a damn stud and she couldn’t wait to bed the bastard.

I calmed down some and considered it rationally. I knew she was going to be getting laid by someone, so why not an old guy? He’d be done after one round while I would pound his well preserved wife all night long. I’d wind up getting a lot more than double the sex Sherry managed from her ancient paramour!

“By all means!” I replied with gusto. “Let’s set up a date that works for everyone. Sherry and I can be free most weekends.”

“How about tonight?” asked Gladys as I realized the surprises were going to just keep on coming. “We have health papers verifying we’re disease free and Stew has a half dozen magnum condoms in his jacket. What do you say we all get naked?”

“A half dozen what?” I demanded just before Gladys broke into fits of laughter.

“I knew that would get your attention. Men are so competitive and insecure,” stated Gladys with a nasty grin. “Don’t worry about your wife. Stewart is a very considerate lover and will break her in easy. You need to be concentrating on taking me to the Promised Land, if you get my drift.”

“You won’t be disappointed,” promised Sherry as she eagerly took Stewart’s hand and pulled him toward the mother-in-law suite located over the garage and as far from the master bedroom as possible. “Jim will take great care of you. Breakfast will be sometime before noon, if I can still walk.”

This was all a bit sudden. Things were happening way faster than I expected. I never dreamed Sherry would be so eager for a romp with a senior citizen. I never guessed that Dorothy’s mom had such a nice set of tits! She was naked by the time we reached the bedroom and trying to strip my clothes from me as fast as she could.

I wondered if she’d be all dried up, but she rolled a condom over my dick and plunged herself down on it before I could manage to grab a handful of tit flesh. She was obviously having a good time bouncing on Little Jim.

“God, I love a hard cock!” exclaimed Gladys, more to herself than to me. “Stewart is a wonderful man, but his doesn’t get as hard as this bad boy. There’s nothing like a young man’s cock!”

We got the first one out of the way pretty quickly. Gladys went off like a firecracker and I was right behind her, literally. I was doing her doggy style by then. We laid back to relax for a few minutes. I was wondering how Sherry was enjoying the second cock of her life before sleep claimed me.

I awoke to Gladys sucking my cock. She kept at it a few minutes and then rolled another condom on my big unit. It was off to the races after that. By the time she and I staggered downstairs for brunch, we had used four condoms, although the last one had very little in it. I was totally and completely fucked out.

We had finished eating and were picking up our dishes when Sherry walked slowly into the room. I offered her a seat but she declined.

“I think I’d be better off standing for a day or two, but thanks anyway.”

“Where’s Stewart, Dear?” asked Gladys.

“He went for his morning run after reducing me to Jell-O for about the tenth time. He said he was only going to run five miles, so he’d be back pretty soon,” responded Sherry. “How did things go for you guys?”

“Very well, thank you!” replied Gladys with a big smile.

“Will you be back tonight for the grand finale, or did you want to wait a week or two for Jim to recover?” asked Sherry.

“I’d like to get it in tonight if Jim’s schedule is open. I know he must be getting laid a lot, and has to keep track of his appointments for the evening,” answered Gladys. “Plus, we’ll be all caught up. That’ll make it easier if Stewart wants to fur trade again.”

I couldn’t decide if I should be happy that Gladys wanted to spend another night with me, or concerned about Sherry’s attitude. Could she really have had a good time with the old bastard last night?

By the time she left my bed the following morning, I realized that I felt pretty good. Gladys was an enthusiastic bed partner. She had picked up a few interesting tricks over the years and she had shared them with me. The sex had been excellent and she had a great sense of humor. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Gladys.

We had started our Ponzi scheme off in an unexpected way, but things were bound to normalize, or so I thought. Friday evening, a week later, I was expecting a pizza delivery. I was very surprised when I answered my door to find Brooke Grant and Don Blaine standing on my step.

I immediately became concerned. Don was Gladys’ first husband, as well as Dorothy Grant’s father. Brooke was Dorothy’s nineteen year old daughter. I quickly looked at their hands for weapons but they appeared to be unarmed.

“May we come in?” asked Brooke as I numbly stepped to one side to allow entry.

Sherry came in from the living room to join us. She looked as nervous as I was. I didn’t see how this could be anything but an unpleasant confrontation.

“Grandma called up Grandpa early in the week to tell him how great Jim was in bed and how Stewart had a piece of Sherry’s ass. Their divorce wasn’t exactly amicable, as you may have heard. Grandma is always trying to yank Grandpa’s chain.”

“What happened between us was consensual and we’re all adults,” I stammered.

“Gladys shouldn’t have said what she did,” added Sherry. “It was rude and a bit of a betrayal of a confidence. Are you upset about it?”

“Yeah, we’re upset. Grandpa’s a great guy and he deserves some of that ass of yours,” responded Brooke with an evil grin. “He’s been living alone since Grandma left him for Stewart. He hasn’t even dated. I want him to remember why he needs to get back in the game.”

“Are you suggesting that you want to be...”

“A cock swapper!” finished Brooke. “Grandma mentioned how you liked that term.

Now I was looking Brook over more closely. Her breasts looked to be similar to her grandmother’s, except a lot perkier. She was young and quite attractive. I was going to vote for this trade and I really hoped that Sherry would as well!

“I normally would never agree to use my granddaughter to score some pussy,” admitted the dirty old bastard who had been married to Gladys for many years. “Brooke has been sexually active for several years and assures me that she’s more than willing to help me bed a stone cold fox. It was her idea, in fact.”

“Are you free tonight?” asked Sherry, adding to my surprise as I wondered just what it was with her and the geriatric set?

“Grandpa, make me proud! I’ll see you in the morning,” promised Brooke as she reached for my hand.

The pizza arrived at that moment, so the four of us ate two slices each and headed to our bedrooms. I couldn’t help but compare Brooke with her grandmother. She was tighter and firmer than Gladys and just as enthusiastic, but lacked her experience. I found myself teaching her some of the same things her grandmother had shown me. I also found myself thinking I might need some sort of mental health counseling.

I was placing an omelet in front of Brooke when Sherry bounced into the room. She was smiling a little too much to suit me. I nodded toward the stove and her smile increased as she dished up the omelet I made for her.

“Is Grandpa okay?” asked Brooke.

“He’s fine, very fine,” responded Sherry. “He’s in our exercise room pumping iron. He’s a wonderful man. Will you be returning tonight for round two?”

“If it’s alright with you both, I’d like that. I have to go back to college Sunday afternoon. That should give Jim enough time to bang my brains out again,” stated Brooke less than delicately.

Sherry watched Brooke give me a long kiss goodbye that morning and an even longer kiss hello that same evening. I wondered if that bothered her even a little bit. Brooke was more vocal Saturday night, and I decided it was because she was more relaxed with her grandfather gone from the area. By the time she left my bed Sunday morning, my ass was dragging big time.

Sherry acted pretty normal when I staggered downstairs for a late breakfast. I was surprised that Brooke was sitting at the kitchen table with her. They were chatting about things like they were old friends. I poured some coffee and sat down.

“I have to go, but I think I might be back. I know some guys at school that would enjoy tapping Sherry. I was thinking she’d make a great gift for a birthday, or any special occasion. I have some friends I wouldn’t want to sleep with, but I’d love to help them get laid. Sleeping with you seems like a bargain. Sherry’s beautiful, and the guys will be very grateful to me. It’ll be a win/win situation.”

“Brooke, you make it sound like you can help any guy, no matter how much of a loser he is, make it with Sherry by sleeping with me,” I pointed out.

“Yeah, I know. I already talked to Sherry and she admitted she’ll pretty much bang any guy I bring over, especially if he’s less than 60 years old,” admitted Brooke. “Here’s something to for you to think about while I’m back at school.”

With that Brooke pulled up her shirt as she approached me and rubbed her tits in my face! “Oh, you bad boy! I’ll give you just ten minutes to stop sucking on my nipples.”

I had temporarily lost my mind. When a woman puts her tits on my face, I go for the nipples first thing. I always have. Sherry knew that better than anyone, but I still felt guilty slurping on Brooke in front of her, especially at the breakfast table with my coffee getting cold.

After Brooke had left, I pretended to read the paper so I didn’t have to explain myself to Sherry. She was probably pissed off by my less than gentlemanly behavior. I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned to see what Sherry wanted.

A nipple smacked me in the right eye and almost took it out! Sherry wrapped her arms around my head and forced her tit flesh into my face. Somehow her left nipple slipped into my mouth. It took me a few minutes, but I finally managed to move my face to my left a few inches. Her left nipple dragged across my cheek as the right one found a home in my traitorous mouth.

My plan was to never have sex again with Sherry once the Ponzi scheme became a reality. I sure as hell didn’t want or need a slut wife. She was the one that wanted strange, not me. It wasn’t my fault she’d only been bedded by a couple of guys so far, and both of them were on social security. I was not going to relent!

A minute later my cock was buried in Sherry’s snatch as she bounced on me while I sat at the kitchen table. I gave up trying to read the funnies. My coffee had slopped all over the table and ruined half the Sunday paper.

“That little tramp thought her little B cup tits would turn you on?” asked Sherry, rhetorically, I thought. “You’re used to a mouthful and then some with my girls. Her little tits aren’t as nice as mine, and you can have them anytime you want.”

For the first time in my married life, I faked an orgasm. My dick felt like it had been through a wringer and I had nothing left in my balls to give. I just groaned and trembled. Sherry slowed the movement of her ass and kissed me passionately.

“You’re the best husband ever! I hope you know how much I appreciate your understanding my need to explore my sexuality. I love you, Darling!” proclaimed Sherry as she managed an orgasm of her own.

That was just great! My wife was happy because she was getting some geriatric cock. Somehow, that didn’t feel like a ringing endorsement of my sexual skills. Brooke had told us she’d be busy for a few weeks, so I expected a lull in my personal pussy parade.

Never underestimate the speed of gossip. It was Wednesday evening and I was watching a baseball game when Sherry walked into the living room with two kids. At least they looked like kids, but it turned out they were eighteen year old twins.

“This is Marla and Glenn. They just knocked on the door and asked about possibly participating in the Ponzi Pussy Scheme,” announced Sherry. “They’re twins.”

The girl named Marla appeared to weigh a little north of two hundred pounds. Glenn was beanpole thin with some acne splashed across his face. I felt like I was on the horns of a dilemma. I don’t like to hurt people’s feelings, but I wasn’t real eager to bang a pudgy girl, and I doubted Sherry found her pimply faced brother any more desirable.

“What do you think, Sherry? Do you want to set up an appointment for them or are you over your sexual exploration?” I asked, thinking I would put Sherry on the spot, hoping she would pull the plug on our insane scheme. “I’m fine with it,” responded my loving wife. “They’re freshman in college, have a couple days off and are rarin’ to go!”

Marla was looking at me like a puppy in a pound. I could tell she was just hoping I’d take her home with me.

“Okay, as long as you have health papers, condoms, and neither of you are in any sort of relationship with anyone, we’ll take you on as clients. How did you hear about our little social experiment?” I asked.

“Our grandmother’s in a book club with Mrs. Santori. We overheard Grandma telling our aunt about how much Mr. and Mrs. Santori enjoyed their adventure. Sis and I decided it was time to give up our virgin status. Your wife is really beautiful. It’s hard to believe you’d trade a night with her for two nights with my sister,” stated the skinny kid, like a typical brother.

I sensed that Marla was on the verge of tears over her brother’s insensitive remark. I was usually a pretty good judge of people and it looked like Marla was quite fragile. She was overweight and insecure. That was pretty obvious.

“That’s because she’s your sister,” I responded quickly. “I doubt Marla’s future husband will feel that way. I can’t wait to get this young lady into my bed. Let’s do it.”

It was like a switch had suddenly been turned on. Marla gave me a huge smile as she took my offered hand and followed me toward the master bedroom. I was determined to make it a memorable evening for her.

The whole Ponzi Pussy Scheme thing had been filled with surprises, and Marla was one of the biggest. She was looking for me to be her sex instructor, so I started with the simple things so many women want to skip, like giving a good blowjob. Marla was an eager student and followed my instructions enthusiastically. She gave up her cherry quite willingly and was disappointed whenever she had to wait for me to recharge. She listened closely to my pointers about how to get a man ready to go a second and third time and was a quick learner.

I discovered that while she was overweight, she was not unattractive, or gross in any way. She loved when I played with her big tits and orgasmed when I spanked her round ass while doing her doggy style. The biggest surprise was what a pleasant, personable girl she was. Once the sex was over, at least temporarily, we chatted about all sorts of things. She had a great sense of humor and a quick wit. When we weren’t screwing, we were having fun just talking. I enjoyed her a great deal.

When we entered the kitchen the next morning, Glenn blushed a bright red, while Marla flashed a huge smile which did not go unnoticed by Sherry.

“It would seem that you had a good time last night, Marla. I bet you’ll be smiling all day,” predicted Sherry as she poured my coffee and refilled her own cup. “Once Glenn stops blushing, he’ll be grinning like the cat that got the cream. I think you kids both did okay.”

“I’ll be back tonight,” blurted Marla. “I always pay my debts and I don’t want Jim to think I’d stiff him, pun intended.”

Sherry sat down at the breakfast table after the twins left and patted my hand. “That was a nice thing you did for that girl. I just couldn’t turn them away. It would have destroyed them. I knew I could close my eyes and think of England, but I worried that you’d find Marla unappealing.”

“Actually, she’s a really nice girl and I enjoyed her a lot. It wasn’t just the sex, which wasn’t bad, but she has a wonderful personality and a great sense of humor,” I replied honestly. “I’m looking forward to tonight.”

“I feel a little awkward coming here to have sex with your husband while you sleep alone,” admitted Marla that evening when Sherry offered her a soft drink after closing the door behind her. “I hope you don’t think I’m trying to steal him away; not that he isn’t a real catch.”

“I understand completely,” responded Sherry. “We agreed to try the 2 for 1 swapping thing. I’m a big girl and can live up to my side of the deal. Jim showed you a good time last night?”

“Oh, yes!” exclaimed Marla. “He made me laugh more than I have in a long time.”

She looked worried and turned toward me. “I didn’t laugh at the sex. That was great, but not funny great, if you know what I mean. It was all the things we talked about after he gave me a few orgasms that I found funny. Sex seems to improve my sense of humor.”

It turned out that Marla was no stranger to internet porn and she had a few things she wanted to try that night. I did my best to fulfill my part of her fantasy, although some of those positions require more flexibility than I had and a little less weight than Marla brought to the game. I almost fell off the bed when she asked me if we could try anal sex. She was just 24 hours removed from the virgin ranks and she wanted me to do her in the ass? Luckily she came prepared with lube. She pretty much talked me through it, and while different, I decided that a pussy was far more enjoyable. I did chuckle at the realization that while I had taken her virginity, she was my first true piece of ass.

I had to get up early for work the next day. Marla was gone when I woke up and felt her side of the bed. I showered, shaved and got ready for work. Somehow, I wasn’t surprised to find Marla sitting at the breakfast table chatting with Sherry. They went quiet as I entered the room and took a seat.

“I have to go, but I understand there’s a tradition I need to follow before I leave,” stated Marla as she stood and walked toward me.

She suddenly pulled her sweater up and bounced her big tits against my face while pulling my head tightly to her chest. Once again, a nipple found its way into my mouth. As I nibbled on the offered nip, I realized Sherry must have mentioned Brooke’s little trick to Marla. Marla popped one fat nipple out of my mouth and quickly replaced it with the other one. I carried on like a trooper, knowing that both Marla and Sherry were getting pleasure from my sacrifice.

“Wow! You’re right, Sherry,” managed Marla as she slowly pried her nipple from my mouth. “Jim really does like my breasts! It’s like he’s starving. I have to go, but thanks so much for the two best nights of my life. Glenn said to thank you again. He was still smiling last night at dinner.”

As soon as Marla was in her car, Sherry was forcing her boobs into my face. “Hers may be bigger, but you like there puppies the best, don’t you? Never mind. Don’t talk with your mouth full!”

Somehow my little soldier was once again standing at attention and my wife took full advantage of that fact as she slid down over my cock. For the second time in my marriage, I faked an orgasm. I was hard, but there was no way I was going to cum again, at least not for a few hours.

“You really helped her self-esteem,” managed Sherry once she came down from her own petite mort. “She was telling me how she’s going to start exercising and watching what she eats so she can look more like me. She thinks since you married me, I must look pretty good to you, and to most men. Her brother seemed to think I looked pretty good.”

“Of course you looked good to that damned pencil necked geek!” I retorted a bit too hotly. “You’re a walking wet dream. Any guy would be happy to get into your little panties, especially a hundred twenty pound stick of dynamite with a short fuse, like Glenn.”

For some reason, Sherry smiled at my comment as she pulled her little kitty off my desensitized dick. I made a mental note to stop at the pharmacy and look for some kind of soothing cock lotion, preferably flavored.

I no more than walked in the door that evening when Sherry yelled from the kitchen. “Hurry and get cleaned up. Gladys called and she and Stew are coming over to fuck our brains out. Dinner will be ready in a few minutes.”

Was this the way my life was going to be? Sex morning and night? Gladys had proven herself to be a very enjoyable bed partner, but Marla had drained me the previous night and Sherry managed to wear my cock down even more that very morning. I decided I had to do something to reduce the amount of sex I was having. Naturally, I would cleverly do it in such a way Sherry would get laid a lot less.

“I have to tell you up front that I have altered the rules to my Ponzi Pussy Scheme slightly,” I announced once Gladys and Stew were seated in our living room. “From now on, the agreement will be the ladies have three nights with me for one night the men have with Sherry.”

I expected an argument and perhaps some harsh words from Gladys and Stewart. There was no way they would go for anything that lopsided and unfair. Stewart ran his eyes over Sherry and then looked at his wife and nodded. Gladys broke into a big smile.

“You have a deal! Let’s get started,” were her parting words as she raced toward my bedroom, leaving me standing in the kitchen scratching my head with one hand and my balls with the other.

I didn’t quite know how to react to the turn of events. I should have been pleased that Gladys was going to warm my bed three times every time Stewart had a shot at Sherry. On the other hand, my dick was going to be under constant pressure to perform. He had never let me down, but the little guy was only human. I didn’t like to even think about that damn Stewart climbing on Sherry and enjoying her beautiful body. At least I was getting a lot of sex to help compensate for having a wife that wanted more than I could give her.

The next day at work I mulled over the situation. I thought about how I had two more nights I owed to Gladys. Then it hit me. I was looking at it as if I owed her, but she was the one in debt for two pieces of her aging ass. Why did I feel like I was the one that was in debt? Gladys was coming over again that night to have for some more fun with Little Jim. I should be happy. I was going to get laid while Sherry would be watching TV. Wasn’t that the plan?

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