The Tablet

by Marduk

Copyright© 2018 by Marduk

Erotica Sex Story: A husband annoyed at his wife's constant refusal to have sex lead him to a Chinese merchant that supplied him with a powder the stirred in with her meal till the powder was finished would turn his wife into a very accommodating woman - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   NonConsensual   Fiction   Sharing   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Orgy   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   .

It was a fairly frustrated Doug as he studied the latest text from a woman who he had met on one of the sex sites, that at least gave a more genuine opportunity to an actual meeting. However, this woman was hot and cold the message that came yesterday was very encouraging but today the message. ‘I have had it, now fuck off and don’t bother me again, go get another cunt to fuck’. A message had to be challenged in the same style of communication. “As I haven’t fucked your cunt or your bum you have jumped the fence. Anyway you can’t make up your mind so I will sign off for Belinda you are a silly and stupid cunt”. Whether he got a reply it didn’t matter for Belinda was not the only woman he had engaged over the years and that was because his wife wouldn’t come to the party regards sex and made it clear that she didn’t want a bar of him, but was very quick to demand this or that. ‘I would love to get my wife as randy as some of the women I have engaged over the years, but pigs will fly before she started dropping her panties or sucking my cock, let alone fucking’ he muttered. His mobile was silent, and in those seconds he let his mind travel back over the years to the time he did meet a woman who he hadn’t forgotten.

Her name was Gwen and she lived with her advanced in age mother, but her IQ wasn’t great and although he boarded with them he hadn’t really considered Gwen a bed companion, that was till he arrived early one afternoon with the intention of saying he wouldn’t be home for tea for he was taking a woman who he had recently met out for tea, and hopefully a full on sexual encounter afterwards. No one seemed home, he was about to scribble a note when her heard a very off tune song coming from the front of the house. He knew it was Gwen’s room so he pushed open the door that was just a jar. Gwen was standing in a very old fashion pair of panties and an old fashioned bra and was, or seemed to be having trouble with clipping it. He, after seconds of hesitation said. “I won’t be home for tea this evening Gwen I am taking a...” His conversation came to an end when she asked in her slow motion of utterance. “Will ... you ... help ... me; I ... I can’t get the clip to fasten”. A request he readily agreed to, but not to clip her up but to unclip and as her bra fell away any utterance of surprise was squashed as he grasped her tits and began to squeeze and pull her nipples which immediately began to expand and harden; the only sound was gasps, either from surprise or enjoyment. He didn’t ask but kept the massage up till she was giving off slight pants, but those pants were nothing compared to her reaction when he pushed into the thick forest of hair at her groin and began to explore and massage the lips of her cunt.

He was rock hard when he dropped his trousers and pushed her over the edge of the bed. ‘Now Gwen’, he muttered. ‘We fuck’ and as he rammed his cock up to his balls, she bucked and vibrated like any horse being broken in and her cry or gasp would have been heard in every room in the house, if there had been others there, which there wasn’t. He ravished her, massaging her tits and stretching her nipples till they were jutting out like miniature lances. He was up to his balls when his balls exploded, pumping every drop up inside her and only then did he pull out, while she just dropped onto the bed, still shaking. “Gwen that was one great fuck, now before I ravished your cunt I was going to tell you I would be out for tea”, he said as he dressed. She was still sprawled, gripping the bed cover as he prepared to leave. “Oh!”, he continued. “I will be back by eleven tonight and if you would like a repeat just come to my room after your shower for I know you have a late shower”. With that he left.

He arrived back at his abode a little after eleven. His date, a woman in her forties, named Wendy, although not that attractive, had sucked him and then in the shadows of the carpark he had doggied fucked her, gave her tits a thorough mauling and after taking her home expressed his desire to accommodate her again and left her, standing rather confused at her front door.

The bathroom light was still on; he gave a tap on the door and turned the nob. Gwen was standing under the shower her large tits wobbling as she soaped them up and the great forest between her legs, dripping with soap and water. She turned and gave a smile, there was no demand he leave or horror at being noticed, there was no attempt to find a covering, in fact he did wonder if she even considered being nude in his presence was a ‘no’, ‘no’. “Can I have a shower?” he asked without waiting for an answer he stripped and this time his cock was hard and erect. The bath over which the shower was placed was certainly big enough to cater to them both. Gwen just stood, her mouth opened as he stepped up against her, his cock digging into her stomach. “Give it a feel”, he said as he lifted a tit and kissed the nipple. She did. “Lovely”, he said as her grip tightened and even without a command began to pull it, pull it towards that soapy forest till the head was resting against the pulsating lips of her crack. “Fucking here is awkward and not that comfortable, lets dry each other and then go into my room, but keep it quiet”, he said as he stepped out and handed her a towel.

Once inside his room that although down at the end of the house was not totally shielded from a vocal exchange as he rammed his cock up to his balls he had to continue try to dim her gasps and grunts. “Shuuu! You randy cunt”, he whispered as he sent another length up her. “If you keep broadcasting that we are fucking you will have the whole street lining up, just keep it quiet and enjoy my cock without a broadside of grunts and gasps. However, he couldn’t silence her reaction as his balls exploded and the cascade of cum gushed up her. He did wait for the rush of her mother’s slippers, but they didn’t come, much to his relief. They fucked in the early hours and it was well past seven when she slipped out of his room as her mother pottered in the kitchen lighting the old combustion stove.

It didn’t take long to get a programme up focusing on sexual encounters. She sucked him off, sitting on the edge of the bath and fuck the muscles of her mouth were beyond description. He pumped her head till his entire length was wedged down her throat and despite her gaging held her till he blew and cum and saliva poured from her mouth. That did take her back a bit but as the days passed she accommodated that deluge for the fucking that either came before or after cancelled any discomfort, gradually she took it up the bum and it became a ritual for her to go without panties and even with her mother working in the kitchen, Gwen took every opportunity to be bending over and as her mother prepared a dinner it would be nothing for Gwen to be either doggie fucking or sucking and pulling his balls. So it was a bit of a disappointment to bid them goodbye, he had no idea of what happened to them for he found out later that developers had bought the house as well as others and Gwen had disappeared into the pages of his record book.

It was some time, a matter of fact nearly a year after Gwen had left that he was hanging out the washing when, maybe for the first time he noticed the size of his wife’s panties for he hadn’t noticed his wife nude for decades. ‘I bet if a bum fucker noticed these he would be dribbling saliva for her panties gave the indication of a large backside’, just a thought but some days later a conversation with a mate on ‘Chinese sexual medicines’ made him consider a purchase, that maybe could make his wife an equal to Gwen or any other woman who had offered their cunts. That sort of chemist was not close but finally after the advice of the Chinese merchant he purchased a plastic bag of a powder with the instruction to mix it with his wife’s meal, once a day till the powder was finished and then said the merchants with a grin ‘your wife will be so on heat that all she will think of is cock’. He took that with a grain of salt but it was certainly a nice thought.

Each meal, mainly at night he applied a spoonful of the powder and thoroughly mixed it in with the vegetables. There was no effect, nothing out of the ordinary, his wife was still the unco-operative woman she had been for years; finally the last spoonful was added, again nothing. ‘Maybe she needs a push, maybe a key is needed to turn her into an eager and obliging slut. It was rare to enter the bathroom when she was for each time she was quite hostile and immediately grabbed a towel to cover her nakedness if she was getting in or out of the shower. This morning she was bending over, maybe searching for some cosmetic in the lower drawer; now he could really admire her bum, it was very attractive. The crack of her cunt was covered in hair. She didn’t hear him approach. With his cock hard he stepped up behind her, levelled that throbbing nob at that hairy entrance, grabbed her tits and shoved. For seconds there was no reaction, but then she gave a gasp that echoed and her whole being erupted. He pulled out and shove again, this time till his entire balls were banging against her backside; now with her tits held he fucked and fucked till with a thrust that blew his balls and by that time he had her over the bath and had her tits banging up against the edge. ‘That was a fuck you miserable cunt”, he said as he pulled out. “I hope it won’t be the last for I have a programme lined up that will make you bandy for a week”. He left her still bent over the edge of the bath.

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