Making Up for Lost Time

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Two older women go on a fucking frenzy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Sharing   Orgy   Water Sports   .

Milly and Rachel were two early-fifties widows who became friends at church. After the potluck one Sunday Milly invited Rachel to her house to visit. She mixed up a big pitcher of Margueritas and they sat on the back porch together.

Well into the second pitcher, Rachel suddenly asked, “Do you miss sex?”

Milly replied, “You’re damn straight I do! Even though my husband had a heart attack right after cumming in me, that hasn’t scared me away from the need for a man’s attention and affection. What about you?”

Rachel looked sad, “We hadn’t had sex for years because he couldn’t get it up and wouldn’t do anything about it. I’ve just been taking care of myself for a long time.”

Milly looked hard at her friend and said, “You know, we are a long way from dead. No more worries about periods and pregnancy like when we were dating before we wed. We ARE single now so let’s have some fun!”

Rachel had a concerned look on her face, “My husband was my first and only. I’m real nervous about this!”

Milly smiled, “Restarting your sex life will be kinda like your first time. Once you get through it, it gets a lot easier. I had a few guys in my pants before I met my husband and even one after.”

That got Rachel’s attention. Milly continued, “It was on a business trip after I’d been married about ten years and there were two nights of wild fucking. I was nervous too until the passion took over. Let’s be on the lookout for ideas.”

Having a “buddy” with the same goals helped cheer each other on and that’s how they got fitter, thinner, and more attractive. On the Fourth of July they were celebrating their independence by swimming naked in Rachel’s pool even though a few neighbors could possibly see them.

Milly proposed a contest, “Whoever gets laid the most by Labor Day gets treated to an adult cruise over Christmas. We’ll get one point for each piece with a condom, two for bareback, and a ten-point bonus for a new partner. You have to keep careful records and be honest though.”

Rachel had a few questions but the contest was on. There was some more discussion about technical points but it was agreed that a “fuck” was each vaginal or anal ejaculation. A blow job counted as a half point.

They’d also agreed on a few limits. No one at church or other important organization to minimize any aftermath. Too close to “home”. No guys under 50. There were plenty of mature men that would appreciate quality pussy. In a fit of humor Rachel suggested that the one who had the oldest guy got a 50-point bonus at the end. Full intercourse was required though.

Milly had an idea for jump-starting Rachel’s sex life. She invited her divorced older brother Willard for a weekend. He was introduced to Rachel who had been told to bring her toothbrush that evening. After dinner and wine, Milly insisted that they take a shower together and “get acquainted” in the guest room.

They surfaced two hours later in robes and asked for more wine. Rachel was smiling and told Milly, “Damn, I forgot how good it feels! And he’s still hard.”

Milly was real tipsy and horny by now. She went to her brother and pulled his robe open. Indeed, a nice cock was pointing skyward. Her hand grasped the shaft and her mouth gave it a quick suck. She exclaimed, “This is a lot nicer than when I used to peek at you taking a piss.”

Willard laughed, “Viagra helps too.”

Milly commanded, “I’m real horny and I don’t give a damn if you’re my brother. I need a hard cock NOW!” She pulled him on top of her on the floor and Rachel got to see live sex for the first time. Willard had to keep popping Viagra for the rest of his visit.

There were two tired twats and a flaccid pecker when Willard left on Sunday. His sister made sure he had a nap and lots of coffee before the drive home.

They joined an “adventure” club figuring that those men would be more interesting, in better shape, and more likely to want to have fun. Just as important, the guys wouldn’t be part of their daily lives so they could “love ‘em and leave ‘em” if they chose. That was a good move.

The next weekend was a day-long horseback trip. They made friends with a couple of guys who invited them to dinner afterwards. Milly was enjoying her drinks and announced that horses weren’t the only creatures who liked to be ridden. If the guys would spring for a hotel room the gals would provide “dessert”. Twenty-two points apiece were racked up with a twist. After the first round, the gals went to the bathroom to pee and returned to the other bed. That shortened the penile recovery time quite a bit and the beds were bouncing again.

The guys tried to make plans to hook up on the next outing but Rachel explained that they were “free agents” and it would happen when it happened. They’d had a good time.

Over Margueritas the two newly-minted hotties compared notes. “Did it seem to you that the second guy was a better fuck than the first?” Rachel commented.

Milly answered with a question, “Do you mean the guy you did second when he was with me or my second one?”

“Either way. Did you notice any difference besides the obvious physical ones?”

Well, my second guy had a smaller dick but he seemed more inspired, if that’s what you mean.”

Rachel nodded, “Yeah. I noticed that too even though he’d just been laid.”

Milly reflected, “I think it was something I noticed with my husband. Each time I’d tell him about my earlier lovers he’d get worked up. When I shared the wild weekend with him he went wild himself. It must be a competitive thing with guys, wanting to show us who is better or something. It was great no matter what the reason.”

The next outing was a two-night camping canoe trip. The first two guys didn’t make that one so a couple of new friends were hit on. The gals lost track and decided that they’d both get thirty points.

Rachel had lost her shyness by now and wanted to venture out on her own. She’d been visiting with an older man that worked at a shop she visited frequently. On her next visit she asked him if he’d have a drink with her and he told her when he got off work.

The bar was noisy and smoky so when he suggested they go to his place, she agreed happily. He rented a room in a private home so they sat on the front porch. He was 71 and widowed with no kids locally. At the end of the second strong drink Rachel asked Ralph if he could make a woman happy in bed.

He replied, “I can ring your chimes, young lady.”

“Oh yeah? Prove it!”

In his room Ralph uncovered the biggest schlong she’d seen yet. He didn’t just ring them, he put on a bell concert and then drove her home since she couldn’t walk very well. She could hardly wait to tell Milly.

The next week she stopped by the shop again and asked Ralph how a guy his age could fuck so well. His reply was that experience, ED medication, and an attractive partner was all it took. He did admit that he kept in shape by screwing his young landlady three times a week since her husband worked out of town and was only home on weekends. He added, “Would you like to spend the night? I’ll probably fuck my landlady after work but if you came over later I promise to go easier on you.”

He banged her repeatedly throughout the night and she met the attractive landlady at breakfast the next morning. Veeerrry interesting!

Milly had her own agenda too. She looked up one of the guys she’d laid before her marriage and found out he lived with his brother on the other side of town. It doesn’t take much for an interested woman to get laid, and she was soon enjoying the brothers taking turns between her legs.

The contest went by the wayside; they were having too much fun to keep score. After telling each other about their separate adventures, it seemed more sensible to just do a “show and tell”. Ralph and the brothers were invited over to Milly’s one Saturday night. Everyone was introduced and the bawdy broads said that this was “swap time”. No complaints, only fucking noises, were heard that evening as Milly screwed the senior stud and Rachel banged the brothers. The event was a sexcess and would be scheduled again.

The adventure club was having a week-long sailing in the Caribbean. All four guys that the duo had laid were signed up so our lusty wenches just planned a 4 X 2 orgy. The guys were used to sharing the hotties’ snatches anyway so they thought it would be fun. It WAS fun to have an eager guy all over and inside you whenever you wanted. Four rigid rods to frequently fill your hole and lubricate it with hot man juice. If you were a guy and waiting for a vacant vagina there were other ways to get pleasured, like blow or tit jobs to get or keep you hard until it was your turn at the Y.

Ralph wanted all of Rachel he could get but was competing with the adventure club among others. He made up his own adventure to tempt her. There were two fishing buddies about his age that had a cabin near a trout stream. He invited Rachel to a long weekend with the three of them. The other guys had supplied women on previous occasions so he was glad to bring this hotvand always ready piece.

Somehow Rachel wasn’t surprised to find that the cabin was one big room with a single huge sleeping pallet in one corner. Lots of beer and whiskey were served by Rachel who kept removing items of clothing, insisting that the guys match her. When the clothes were gone it took a tit suck or pussy lick to get served.

Finally, everyone was worked up enough that it was playtime. Ralph had the other two guys flip a coin to see who fucked first. The winner didn’t last long, nor did the second guy. Rachel wasn’t concerned, she knew Ralph too well. He wanted her nice and wet and wide for his big woman-pleaser. The other guys laid on either side of Rachel as the big shaft squeezed their cream out of her snatch. They each pleasured a tit as she moaned with Ralph’s hammering. Her hands found their drained dicks and held them, squeezing as she climaxed.

With their horns clipped, she spent longer with each of the new guys during the night, getting an orgasm from each one. Ralph took her doggy in the morning with a guy’s face under each hanging breast having fun. Screwing was ad hoc for the rest of the long weekend. Group activities were the evening’s entertainment.

Rachel proudly showed a nice cooler of rainbow trout fillets to Milly and said she’d really enjoyed “fishboning”. Milly looked puzzled so she explained that’s what Ralph called those weekends. Lots of fishing and lots of boning.

Milly had her adventures too. Her brother-lovers took her to an adult nudist resort, a new experience for her. They had a cabin with a king sized bed near the water. Walking around the grounds and beach with her body on display was “invigorating” to say the least. She was fascinated by the assortment of swinging dicks and balls.

Her furry love carpet hid her arousal as she walked past the brothers enjoying beer on the front porch. But when one went into the cabin for a refill, he couldn’t miss the wide-thighed invitation of a wet woman fingering her clit. After making her even wetter with fresh cum, he grabbed a beer and told his brother that pussy was being served inside. That couple emerged with fresh beers and fresh cum in a little while.

At dinner Milly was introduced to a nephew, Brent, his wife Sandy, who were in their later thirties, and Will their 18-year-old son. They had all vacationed here before except Will who just came of age.

Sandy wanted Milly to go for a walk after dinner. She explained that this was her opportunity to “get wild” for a few days and she loved fucking her uncles-in-law. They usually brought someone to screw Brent while she was getting her crotch creamed. But this year Will came along too. He’d had a few girlfriends his own age but she wanted him to experience a real woman. Would Milly be OK taking care of her men?

Milly thought, “What the hell - it’s vacation” and said having a really young one would be fun. Sandy hugged her and gave Milly’s pussy a squeeze.

So Milly banged father and son in one cabin while Sandy screwed the brothers in another. Will learned fast from watching his father and taking suggestions, verbal and non, from Milly who, of course, loved the younger and energetic bodies. Brent had never banged anyone Milly’s age and got really turned on seeing his own son penetrating their shared pussy. Will never got completely soft after shooting big loads in the mature cunt. Watching the very cock that planted him moving in and out of Milly’s pussy, and then feeling his father’s semen on his own cock as he took another turn kept him well stimulated.

The next day the women were tanning on the beach and visiting. Sandy smiled as she said how much she looked forward to these getaways. She loved her husband but just needed a change every once in a while. And having a team working on your body was a real treat. How had things gone in Milly’s bed?

Milly smiled too, “Just as you enjoyed older men for a change, I had a ball, actually four, with your younger men. It’s been a while since I had that opportunity. Your husband knows his way around a pussy and Will is certainly energetic even though still unpolished. They recover faster than I’m used to so I need a nap pretty soon if I’m going to survive tonight. If I don’t, it’s a great way to go!” [grin]

The last night everyone piled into one of the beds and Will got to watch his own mom taking on extramarital cock. He got so hard watching as first the brothers then his father creamed the love canal he was birthed from that Milly figured he’d love to go back in there too. She bent over and had him stroke in her during the show and got two loads of young semen as a thank you.

Milly and Rachel had a lot to talk about during their weekly get–together. Rachel commented about how good she felt these days both emotionally and physically. Milly said she read that semen had a bunch of compounds that were absorbed by the vagina and were good for women.

Rachel laughed, “I hope we don’t overdose! I get laid more some weekends than in whole years in my marriage. It’s wonderful!”

Milly said she’d never fucked anybody but white guys. “We shouldn’t discriminate, should we?” Rachel agreed. The problem was meeting them.

Willard visited his sister as many weekends as he could and always called ahead to set up dates with Rachel. Milly was usually busy with her own sex life but laid her brother if their schedules allowed it.

Ralph, being local, was fucking Rachel regularly when she wasn’t otherwise occupied. She found herself getting closer than she expected to these two men.

At the end of a weekend together, Willard surprised her by asking her to marry him. He’d never asked about her sex life and she never volunteered that information.

Rather surprised, but flattered, Rachel paused for a bit then said seriously, “Willard, I appreciate the great compliment you just gave me. I don’t think I’m ready to settle down with just one man again at this point in my life.”

Willard responded, “You are the best woman I’ve ever met, in or out of the sack. Not that there have been very many in my bed. I want to spend a lot more time with you and that is the best way I could think of to make that happen. I take it from what you said that you are dating other men?”

Rachel held his hands and said gently, “I’m dating them like I’m dating you. I enjoy going to events, having dinner, and being in bed with you and my other boyfriends alike. One I’m with frequently and the others, like you, occasionally. And, just like you, each one is special in their own way and I enjoy them as their own person. I really don’t want to give that up right now.”

Willard’s cock had rehardened and she guided it into her love channel. He asked, “When did you last have another guy in here?”

“Friday afternoon before you arrived. I get laid every day at least once. Since you seem curious, when you leave this afternoon I have a date with my local regular who knows about you and doesn’t mind a bit that I’m wet with your jizz.”

Willard was very hard as he stroked in this suddenly even more erotic body, “I’ve read about sharing a woman but this is the first time I’ve been part of it.”

“It’s a lot of fun for me and the guys who do it with me. Let’s talk about it more on your next visit. In the meantime, don’t forget that I really like you and want to keep on doing this with you too.”

Willard emailed later on saying he was reading up on and thinking about the sharing situation. It was more common than he realized.

Rachel told Ralph later that day about the proposal. His response was, “Hell, lady, I’d marry you in an instant. And you wouldn’t have to change a thing. I’d get fresher sloppies that way. [grin] My landlady is cutting me off because they are trying for a kid so do you want to marry me?”

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