If I Got Hungover...

by Reltney McFee

Copyright© 2018 by Reltney McFee

True Sex Story: Maybe, if I got hungover, I wouldn't drink so much...and I wouldn't wonder where the petite, pretty dark haired girl, naked in my bed, came from.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   True Story   Oral Sex   .

Maybe if I got hung over like most folks, I wouldn’t drink quite so much. Maybe if she hadn’t run away taking everything I loved, I wouldn’t drink so much. Maybe if I hadn’t drank so much, I wouldn’t wake up and wonder who this naked woman was in my bed

Well I said I wasn’t hungover. That didn’t mean I was perfectly clear. But after a couple of blinks my vision became less blurry. With a couple of shakes, my head started to be less fuzzy. I looked in my companion. She was young, she was cute, she was dark haired. I still had no idea who she was.

I tried to slink out of the bed without awakening her and I think I kind of succeeded. In the bathroom I splashed water on my face and toweled my head off, and tried to brush the cobwebs off my teeth. I tried to recognize the face in the mirror, tried to recognize the guy who was bringing nameless women home and, somehow, taking them, naked, to bed. The guy looking back at me, trying to see into my soul, was nobody I recognized.

Yeah, the features were familiar. The mustache was right where I had left it, the preceding morning. But, I had never brought a strange woman home, ever before. Not in my bachelor days, not at all since I had met Annie. Hell, since I had met Annie, I hadn’t even looked twice at another woman.

Well, it certainly appeared that I had given THIS woman, considerably more than just a second look. I suppose that I had to face the folly of my misjudgment, and see who she was, and just exactly what I had done.

I straightened up, tied my sweats back up, and exited the bathroom, nearly knocking my companion over, as she was nakedly potty-dancing immediately outside the bathroom door. She murmured “Excuse me!”, as she ducked beneath my arm and into the bathroom, the slamming of the door nearly immediately followed by the slam of the dropping toilet seat.

I figured no unraveling of this particular mystery would occur for several more minutes, so I turned to starting some coffee. I was staring slack jawed at the brewer, mesmerized by the wheezing and dripping that accompanied the Magic Of The Brew, when I heard the bathroom door open, and she asked me for a toothbrush. I opened the linen closet, supplied the requested item, and returned to prepare my coffee.

She shuffled in a few minutes later, wearing one of my tee shirts (and, gotta tell you, my Petoskey tee shirt had never looked so good!). On her petite frame, it fit her like a (short) dress. I poured her a coffee, and offered creamer and sugar. She peered at me over the rim of her cup, as she settled back against the counter.

After several seconds of silence, I decided that I was gonna have to start things off. “Hello, I’m not sure we’ve been properly introduced. I’m Mark. Welcome to my home.”

She grinned from behind her cup, and her green eyes twinkled. “Oh, so my gallant rescuer DOES have a name! Here, I had thought that I had been swept up either by the strong silent type, or by some desperado who did not want to let any witness know who he was.”

My thus far nameless guest paused, sipping at her coffee. “And, no, I don’t believe we have been introduced. I’m Ashley. Pleased to meet you, although”, and she meaningfully glanced about to indicate my home and her under dressed state, “it appears that we are already, er, ‘acquainted’, so to speak!”

I provided my baseline, “wha d’fug?” blank look, and followed up with an explanatory narrative. “Rescuer? What are you talking about?”

She put the cup down, and sidled over to me, wrapping her arms over my shoulders, drawing me until her forehead rested against my own. This placed her breasts against my lower chest, and Mr. Happy started to stir, interested in the proceedings. I focused on her eyes, meeting mine unblinkingly.

“Well, in the bar last night, there was the part where I stumbled and you caught me. You don’t really look as if you can move that fast, but I stumbled, you grabbed my arm, and I did not fall on my face. Then there was the part where my old boyfriend came into the bar, and began to badger me. You asked me if I was OK: I believe your words were, ‘Are you alright, honey?’. He took offense, and turned from me to confront you, and you backed up. He thought that you were backing off, until you said, as I recall, ‘Perhaps we ought to take this outside?’.”

“I don’t know how you knew, but Tim is a bully, and I left him once he started to manhandle me. He followed you out the door, into the alley. You couldn’t have seen him wind up to hit you from behind, but you sidestepped as soon as you were out of the doorway, and his punch threw him off balance.”

She continued. “You turned to go back into the bar, but he staggered to his feet, and rushed you. Once again, I didn’t see how you knew, but you sidestepped him again, only this time he ran headfirst into the door jamb.”

“Well, when he knocked himself out cold, and you took my elbow and asked if there was somewhere I ought to be, other than at that bar, at that point I was yours! You called a cab, and we wound up here. You offered to sleep on the sofa, but I was not having it. Your house, you rescued me, and you were not going to sleep on your own sofa!”

She had noticed my arousal at around this point in her refresher course in How I Had Spent My Saturday Night, and giggled. “You were gentleman enough, that I slept peacefully all night long, or as much of it remained. I see now, that it wasn’t because you don’t shop in that aisle! Looks like you are interested in the naked woman in your kitchen!”

I chuckled, myself. “Oh, yeah, I’m interested! I was just sober enough to be surprised when you dropped your dress and climbed into bed with me. I could tell you had been drinking, and I wasn’t about to take advantage of you when you were impaired, so I rolled over and went to sleep. Went to sleep aroused, woke up aroused, and now you have awakened the beast, again!”

She giggled. “So I can see! Well, since you saved me from Tim last night, maybe I ought to reward my knight, just like they used to do in the middle ages!”

She drew back, lifted the shirt over her head, and folded in, placing it on the floor, and knelt on it at my feet. I was surprised, and while I was processing things, trying to make sense of it (“Wow! She’s cute! Fit, and slim! Is she really kneeling at my feet? Naked? Does this mean what I think it may mean?”), she answered all my questions as she drew my sweats over my hips, and to the floor. My cock bounced in front of her, until she grasped it, steadying things so she could sink my hardness into her mouth, descending until her nose just touched my pubic bone. She drew off me, sucking all the way, and let out her breath with a “woof!”, that fluffed her bangs.

I was goggle eyed. First, because this sort of suck-at-first-sight had never happened to me, ever. Secondly, because the deep throat she had just laid on me was pleasure like nothing I had ever had before. Third, because, she had started licking up and down my shaft while I trembled at her touch, as she smiled all the while.

She paused, and asked me, “Do you like that?” As if I might answer anything other than YES! YES! YES!, right?

I stuttered, “Hell, yeah!”, and she sank me back into her throat, swallowing once I had no more dick to give her. She held me there, blinking up at me placidly, until she slowly withdrew, her tongue dancing upon my throbbing tool.

Once my tool was cooling in the air, she leaned back a little, and started to rub my cockhead on her breasts. First one, then the other. Once I started to get a little dry, she stood up, and, standing on her tip toes, kissed me briefly. I wrapped my arms around her, and she gave a little hop, wrapping her legs around my waist. My hands found, and cradled, her firm ass, and she wriggled like a puppy, before leaning in to me, and asking, “So, where do you want to finish?”

Again, it took me a while to process. While I tried to translate her perfectly enunciated, plain English question into something my screaming brain could respond to, her wet shaven pubis slowly inched up and down my pulsating length. Once I could focus again, I found her laughing eyes holding mine. “So, you have been with a woman before, right?”

I nodded.

“And, you DO understand what I’m offering you, right?”

Again with the nodding.

“I know you can speak: I heard you speak just a little while ago. And, if you had just now had a stroke, I don’t think you could still hold me up like you are doing. Are you simply struck dumb by my iridescent beauty?”

Finally, a script I could work with! “Beauty! Yeah, wow, beauty!”

She smiled. Quite a charitable response to a blithering idiot, achingly erect, naked, holding her beneath her perfect naked butt, and her saliva slowly drying on his prod. “Well, if you are not going to be participating in this conversation for the next little while, perhaps you would be so kind as to carry my horny, naked little self to your bedroom, and I can continue thanking my savior in the traditional manner?”

Always excelling at ‘listening to and following directions’, I turned and navigated our way to the bedroom. Once I was standing at the edge of the bed, she removed one of her hands from my shoulders, and tapped my cheek, a light slap. “You really have to pay attention here! Do you want to fill my greedy little pussy with all your cum, or do you wanna fuck my face? You have to tell me, because that decides how you’re going to put me down on your bed. Do you want to put me on my back, knees spread, to welcome your tasty, steely dick deep in my wet little pussy? Do you want me on hands and knees, so you can hold my hips in your strong hands, and plow my little coozie? Or do you want to lay me down on my back, and drape my head over the edge of your bed, so you can fuck my face properly? I kinda want to taste you as you come down my throat, but you get to choose how you’re going to ravish me, the first time anyway!”

Blood finally fought it’s way to my brain, in sufficient quantity for me to form coherent words. “I really like what your mouth was doing to my schlong! Are you sure, wouldn’t laying with your head over the edge of the bed leave you kinda helpless?”

She smiled. “That’s the point! Sometimes, I want my man to get all cave man on me, and just take me as he wants. Tim missed the ‘sometimes’ part, and, well, he was a lousy fuck anyhow. The fact that you stopped to wonder if I would l be OK with you face fucking me like that, along with you letting me sleep undisturbed, well, now I know you are the right guy to fuck my face!”

I settled her on the bed, and she pulled me in for a long kiss before scooching around, and laying down. Her dark shoulder length hair formed a fan nearly brushing the floor. She settled her hands beneath her ass, and craned her head, mouth opened wide, her tongue curled around her lower teeth. Upside down, she looked at me from beneath the shadow of my reltney. I eased my way forward, dipping my cockhead so it aligned with the tempting target she was offering.

As I hesitated, considering the wondrous gift I was being offered, she perhaps took my delay for indecision, for second thoughts. She had no such difficulty. “Ooh, yeah! You’re so hard for me, you’re oozing your arousal! Bring that hard fuckstick over here, and fuck my throat! Lemme suck you and drink you down! Gimme all your tasty sperms!”

With that sort of direction, I would have to be dead should I not respond. Inching my way forward, my drooling schwanz leading the way, I approached her. Her wide eyed enthusiasm for our encounter, pantingly awaiting me, provided added firmness to my tool. I brushed my glans upon her tongue, and settled slowly into her depths. Holding my breath, I brushed her tonsils with my drooling head, until, feeling short of breath, I withdrew.

She swallowed, blinked, and opened wide, for me to take her throat again. I took her gift. Her moan of acceptance was muffled by my intruding reltney, as I slowly sank full length into her maw. Her writhing tongue explored my tool, as if seeking to find and catalog all imperfections.

I was determined to allow her to examine every bit. As I advanced and withdrew, she took me fully inside her, sucking as if to prevent my departure, laving the head as I paused at her lips. I withdrew, and she panted, wild eyed, and her eyes begged me to pour myself down her throat. I set to ravishing her mouth, her lips. She moaned her pleasure, feeding off my own mounting arousal. She reached for me with her head, raising from the bed, and I met her with my throbbing baton of love, racing to butter her tonsils with my lust lotion. We thrust together, and she drew me to my climax, closer and closer, until my control failed, and I poured myself howlingly into her, pulse after pulse of man paste disappearing into her belly. She sucked, and swallowed, gargling my essence, as I wrung myself out.

I soon ran dry, wiping my last dribbles upon her tongue. She held me there, shrinking, until I fell from her mouth. I sidestepped, twisting slowly and sinking onto the bed beside her. Energized, she twisted herself around, winding up beside me, and, smacking her lips, sidled up next to me, her firm breasts pressing into my side.

“You taste yummy! You filled me up! I didn’t think, for a while there, that I could swallow fast enough to keep you from running down my cheeks!”

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