Angry Annie

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Middle-aged wife discovers her husband has been cheating with her very own sister. She seeks revenge in kind and is quite surprised by the outcomes.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Cheating   Sharing   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Black Male   Oriental Male   Hispanic Male   Voyeurism   Revenge   .

Annie was mad! She’d just discovered that her husband of ten years had been putting his dick in her younger sister for the last twelve months. She shot off a text to him to just stay where his dick had been straying and don’t come home. She slept fitfully that night, struggling to understand how he could want the skinny, small-titted sister more than her lush and lovely body. She decided to balance the books by getting laid herself.

The next day was Saturday. She only put on a robe and put a sign on her apartment door, “If you want a fuck come on in.” On her bedroom door was another sign, “If you see this sign you’ll have to wait your turn.”

By supper time she’d welcomed eight new cocks into the place where only one high school boy had been a dozen times before she met her husband. The wickedness was exciting and especially when another hard cock was waiting as soon as the one fucking her dumped its load on her womb’s entrance. The thought of all those sperms kept her hot. She’d always loved fucking and her husband never banged her too much.

There had been four white dicks, one Asian, one Latino, and two black ones for her pleasure. She asked one white and the Asian to return later for more since they had filled and fucked her the best. The Asian was first (actually ninth) and dipping deep when the white guy quietly pushed open the bedroom door and watched, stroking his substantial shaft in rhythm with her yellow penetrations. She saw him over her current lover’s shoulder and threw him a kiss. Her tenth banging lasted a long time and she asked him to stay over but let her pussy recover a bit from its unaccustomed activity. She introduced herself and his name was Dick which she giggled at.

All of the men were required to leave name and phone number so she could call them for more. Only one refused, being married himself, but thanked her profusely and wished his wife was as hot as she. Annie offered to talk with her.

She refused any contact with her sister or her husband for the next week, one filled with pussy fillers. It was turning out far more fun than she had expected and Dick was the finale each day, or night, telling her how he enjoyed feeling and hearing about the ball-drainings she had done since he probed her pretty pussy last. She got lots of flattery from him which made her feel like a sex queen for the first time in her life.

Dick had lots of ideas of things to try too. Different places, positions, and kinky stuff like tying her to the bed, putting a blindfold on her, and inviting friends to fuck her anonymously followed by himself. It all made her feel deliciously wicked and she slept well satisfied each night.

Her Asian neighbor worked nights so he put his yellow shaft in her during the day and showed her some oriental twists to screwing. She was nice and wet for Dick and he noticed but she kept who-dun-it to herself.

At the end of that week she’d fucked more times than during the last three years of her marriage and wasn’t ready to slow down either. She finally asked her sister to meet her at an outdoor cafe to talk. They got right to the hot topic with Annie asking, “Why did he fuck you”

Her sister smiled, “Because I’m a slut and you were so pure that you were boring. He gets off that he is only one dick of several that I screw regularly. It’s a bit cramping to my sex life that I have to ask him to leave my studio apartment when it isn’t his turn although he often wants my pussy when my current guy leaves. He likes it slippery and sexy.”

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