Doubled Up

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Flash Sex Story: Unusual anatomy makes for some very interesting sex.

Caution: This Flash Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Romantic   Incest   Gang Bang   Hispanic Male   Cream Pie   First   .

He didn’t notice anything unusual the first time he buried his rod in her juicy hole. But it was his first foray into a pussy and it was just a blur of feelings and sensations.

Now that he was a “man”, the homely girl next door who had been offering herself for ages got his attention and he screwed her the next three days straight. Then he asked Doreen out again.

This time when they got naked it was more leisurely. She guided his rock-hard tool where she wanted it and the fun began. When he reached down to see what a pussy full of dick felt like he was surprised to discover that there was another lip-framed opening between her pee hole and where he was fucking.

When they’d gotten their jollies he had a question for his lover.

“Yes,” she replied, “I have two vaginas like my mom does. Some kind of mutation. Only one is connected to my uterus but my Fallopian tubes are missing so I cannot get pregnant.”

“Do they both feel the same to you when, uh ... fucking?”

“Pretty much. I know you will wonder so I’ll just answer. I’ve had a differnt cock in each one at the same time and it was very good. Tried a three-holer but the bodily arrangment is difficult. Any more questions?”

Todd absorbed this for a little bit as his cock refilled. He withdrew from the lower vagina and slid into the upper one. Doreen giggled, “A little bit like having two girlfriends? One time I had two lovers going and one only got the front pussy and the other the other one. Now I really don’t care, they both feel good.”

They fucked again as the passion rose and then he had to take her home. He’d pick her up in three days.

As he drove home he realized she’d admitted to fucking other guys but he didn’t know if she was doing so currently. Maybe he could ask next time. When he got home he got a text from Rita, the girl next door who wanted his dick too. He let her in the back door and she rode him to get her jollies. She was a bit plump and that position made her belly rolls and plump tits bounce but shooting into any pussy was what his dick mostly wanted.

The next time with Doreen he alternated strokes between her two holes. As he did this he asked, “Hey girl, both of your pussies feel slippery like the second time I fuck you. Have you been laid today?”

“My, aren’t you perceptive! As a matter of fact just before you arrived I had a dick in each place. You’ve met my twin brother. He got the male mutation. No shit! We started fucking as soon as we learned how and we do each other almost every day. Last time we went out he fucked in both your loads when I got home. So what do you think of that?”

Todd was a bit stunned but his dick wasn’t and leaped into full fury. He muttered, “God you’re hot! Double hot! I love it! I wanna watch you fuck him and then do you twice after.”

Doreen screeched in orgasm, “YES! YES! I’d love it. My pussy never gets too much.”

His balls were whacking against her buns as he pummelled. He stopped after a few cum shots in that hole then moved to the other one and kept up the pace.

Doreen’s legs were wrapped around him and she was biting his neck as she came over and over. “FUCK! FUCK! Wish you had two dicks!”

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