White Knight to Queen's Nook

by RejectReality

Copyright© 2018 by RejectReality

Erotica Sex Story: Pete's enjoying a right of passage - his first time driving alone, with his parents out of town. The flashing red and blue lights of patrol cars a few blocks away would seem to bode ill, but a busty coed fleeing the raided party could make those lights an omen of something incredible.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   First   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   Big Breasts   Geeks   .

Though he’d hoped for a more exciting evening, beating Harry in a game of chess was at least something.

Peter’s hopes had been rather lofty, considering how introverted he was. Having access to the car for the first time while his parents were out of town wasn’t going to change that. It was nice to toot the horn and wave at people he knew, though. There was an undeniable freedom that came with driving yourself, as opposed to being ferried around by your parents.

As he walked out to the car, it was hard to miss the flashing red and blue lights a couple of blocks behind Harry’s house. There were no sirens, but the way the sky and buildings he could see were lighting up, he knew there had to be more than one police vehicle on scene. That made him nervous.

As he turned to get in the car and hurry home, he was startled by a female voice calling out, “Hey! Hello!”

Pete turned around and was surprised to see a blonde woman half-jogging toward him through the yard between Harry’s house and the neighbor’s. She was wearing a short skirt, and a tight top that - despite the darkness - displayed her large, bouncing breasts to good effect. Stunned by her beauty and her unexpected appearance, he froze and stared as she approached.

She looked nervous, and glanced behind her just before she reached him. When she turned back, she asked, “Is there any chance you could give me a ride?”

“I ... Uhm...” he stammered, unable to think with the beautiful woman standing in front of him. His eyes, acting as if they had a will of their own, kept drifting down to her displayed cleavage.

She let out an exasperated sigh, and then topped every other shock he’d received in the last minute or two. She grabbed the tail of her top, yanked it upward, and bared her braless breasts for a fraction of a second.

“I’ll let you have a good look if you just get me out of here,” she promised while stuffing her tits back in her top.

The next thing he knew, he was pulling out his key fob, nodding, and unlocking the doors. The moment the sound announced that the doors were unlocked, she said, “Thanks,” and hurried toward the car. Instead of climbing into the front seat, she instead got in the back, and sprawled out on the back seat.

“Hurry,” she pleaded when he didn’t move.

On autopilot, with his brain a complete muddle, he walked around to the driver’s side. He looked at her when he climbed in the car to see her waving her hand, indicating that she wanted to go.

“Are you in trouble with the police?” he asked as he sat down.

“Not as long as you get me out of here,” she hissed from the back seat.

“I just...” he began.

Before he could gather his thoughts to continue, she said, “Look, I was at a party, and it got busted. I was lucky that I was outside, so I was able to see the cops pulling up and run. I can’t get busted for underage drinking again. That’s it. Just get me out of here. Please.”

It was some small comfort that he wasn’t aiding and abetting a felon. Even nerds got into trouble sometimes, so he could sympathize. He started the car and asked, “Where to?”

She hesitated and then answered, “I ... I don’t know. Just away from here. Please.”

Lacking a better destination, Peter put the car in drive and started toward home. He had a brief moment of indescribable panic when he passed a police car stopped at an intersection. The officer eyed him suspiciously as he passed, but thankfully turned the opposite direction.

Hands at 10 and 2, and his eyes constantly darting to the speedometer, he carefully made his way toward the edge of town.

She must have noticed the street lights thinning out, because she sat up, peeked over the console between the front seats and asked, “Where are we going?”

“My house. Is that okay?”

“Is anybody home?”

He shook his head. “No. Mom and Dad are out of town.” Though he’d caught hints of it earlier, having her move closer within the confines of the car really let him smell her perfume. The scent made him light-headed. Between that and glancing at her, his cock started to swell.

“Where is it?”

“Just across from part of Nesbitt’s Orchard.”

She sat up a little straighter, looked behind to see if anyone was following, and then said, “No idea where that is. Good a place as any, I guess. What’s your name?”

He answered, “Peter. Peter Fuller.”

“Sarah Queen. Thanks, by the way.”

“You’re welcome,” he said. Then he pointed and said, “That’s my house.”

“Is it okay if I lay low for a while and try to figure out what to do?” she asked.

“Yeah. Sure.” The truth was that he wasn’t at all certain he’d be able to keep it together upon seeing her body in full light, once they were in the house. His awkward stares would probably encourage her to flee as quickly as possible.

Sarah followed a little behind and off to the side as he led her to the front door. He unlocked it, turned on the lights, and then held the door open to let her inside.

The sight of her in the light was just as distracting as he’d imagined. She had huge tits, and her top stretched in the most eye-catching way, trying to contain them. Long expanses of smooth, gorgeous leg showed beneath her skirt. Blonde hair tumbled down to the middle of her shoulder blades. It was somewhat disheveled, but had obviously been styled immaculately earlier in the day. Her makeup was subtle, but served to perfectly enhance her beauty. She was wearing a silver necklace, a rose-colored bead bracelet, and large, heart-shaped pink earrings.

He took it all in while she briefly glanced around the front room. As soon as she moved to turn back toward him, he quickly focused his attention on closing the door.

“Quick question. How old are you?” she asked.

“Sixteen,” he answered. His voice cracked, causing his cheeks to instantly warm.

She blew out a relieved sigh.

“Uhm ... Do you want something to drink?” he asked while walking toward the center of the room, doing everything in his power not to stare at her.

“God, I could use a half a dozen shots to calm my nerves,” Sarah answered.

“I ... I don’t ... I can’t...”

There was amusement in her voice when she said, “I was kidding. Sort of. If you have some water, that would be great. Mind if I sit?”

“Go ahead. Be right back,” he said. The excuse to leave the room and head for the fridge was a welcome one. Her body drew his eyes like a magnet, and he knew he had to look like a psycho stalker. It also gave him a chance to adjust his swollen manhood, which he doubted was going to go down any time soon.

He returned with a bottle of water, and handed it to her. The angle - standing above her as she sat on the couch - had him inadvertently looking straight down her cleavage. He quickly turned away when she thanked him, and took a seat in his father’s recliner, to put some distance between them.

Sarah took a long drink of her water, sighed in satisfaction, and then located a coaster to sit the bottle down on. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a crooked smile decorating her face.

“Afraid to ask, huh?” she said.

That caused him to look at her, his brow furrowing.

She chuckled and shook her head. “I promised to show you my tits if you got me out of there. You’re not even going to ask?”

He barely remembered her saying that. His brain hadn’t even processed the brief peek she’d given him at the time when she made that promise. He shook his head - a little too energetically - and said, “You don’t have to.”

“You’ve been trying not to stare at them ever since I got in the car. The way you looked when I flashed you, I bet it was the first time you’ve seen real ones. Are you sure?”

Part of him was silently screaming to take her up on the offer. His nagging conscience won out - barely - and he answered, “Really, you don’t have to do that.”

She giggled, once again shaking her head. “That’s cute. You’re as red as a stop sign. Sorry, I shouldn’t tease.” She stood up, and his heart raced as she walked toward him. “I made a promise, though.”

His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open when she stopped in front of his chair, and bared her breasts without the slightest hesitation. His eyes roved over the magnificent globes, taking in every bump of her areola, every crease in her big nipples, and the subtle pink coloration that stood out from the rest of the big, pale swells.

She squeezed them together, gave them a jiggle, and asked, “What do you think?”

“They’re incredible,” he said in a breathy whisper, his unblinking eyes still drinking them in.

“First real ones you’ve ever seen, aren’t they?”

The tiny part of his consciousness not focused on memorizing every detail of her perfect, beautiful breasts directed him to give a brief nod.

“Want a picture of them?”

That was enough to shock him out of his trance. His head snapped up from her tits to her face.

“I’m serious. Go ahead. You’re going to jerk off to them, you may as well have a picture of them.”

Please don’t wake up, he thought, assuming it all had to be a dream. There’s no way he could get so lucky. She had to be old enough to be in college, and he couldn’t get the time of day from girls his own age. He lifted his butt, in order to reach his phone in his back pocket.

Sarah’s eyes suddenly dropped to his crotch, and she drew in a gasp. “Oh wow. That looks pretty big.” She met his gaze just as he retrieved his phone and said, “Show me.”


“Let me see that dick.”

Time seemed to move in slow motion as she bent over, planting one hand on the arm of the recliner, and then reaching for his crotch. Time resumed its march with a lurch when her fingers pressed hard against the bulge in his jeans. He groaned despite himself from her touch.

She let out a sharp moan, and squeezed the outline of his hardness. “That’s not a sock stuffed in there, either.”

The next thing he knew, she was popping open the button of his pants, and pulling down the zipper. The moment the V of his fly had fully parted, she reached inside, wormed her hands under his boxers, and wrapped her fingers around his naked cock.

“Ah, shit. That’s big and hard,” she said in a sultry voice as she squeezed it.

He was far from ready for her to stop when she let go, but the brief flash of disappointment vanished when she used her freed hands to completely remove her top.

“You wanna fuck me?” she asked as she dropped her top to the floor.

“Really?” he answered in a thoroughly shameful, squeaky voice.

“I went to that party to get fucked. I haven’t had it in a week, and I need it so bad.” As she spoke, she popped open buttons on the side of her skirt. Then, with the same complete lack of shame she’d demonstrated when baring her breasts, she pushed down her skirt and panties.

Peter stared in awe at her bare-shaven pussy as she stepped out of her clothes, and her shoes. As soon as her feet were free, she sank to her knees, fixing him with a sexy stare.

Sarah yanked off his shoes without bothering to unlace them, and dropped each with a thump to the floor. His socks followed, and then she leaned forward to grab the waist of his jeans. There was nothing gentle about the way she wrestled down his pants, and nothing soft in the way she growled when his cock sprang free.

Peter breathed hard and fast as she let her hands glide over his legs, up to his thighs, and she leaned over his lap.

“Take your shirt off,” she said while pushing the tail of it away from his erection.

He bunched up his shirt, pulling upward, and just as it covered his eyes, he felt her hot, slippery tongue slide up his shaft. He froze, letting out a high-pitched groan at the unbelievable sensation of her licking his cock.

She giggled, tickled the head of his cock with the tip of her tongue when he looked down at her, and then gave his erection another long, luxurious lap.

Peter struggled out of his shirt, his senses reeling from her wet tongue and sexy moans. The look in her eyes as she licked his cock was hypnotizing.

“Feel good?” she asked, her tongue barely pausing long enough for the words to emerge.

“Fuck yeah,” he answered in a rush.

“Want me to suck it?”

He nodded so vigorously that she broke out into laughter. “It’s okay,” she said when she saw him blushing.

She gave the swollen head a few licks, and moaned loudly when a drop of pre-cum welled up from the tip. Then she took him in.

Peter’s head thumped against the back of the chair and a loud grunt burst from his lips. Nothing he’d ever felt in his life could compare to her soft lips sliding up and down his cock. She’d already sucked him in three or four times before he could force his eyes open and lift his head to look down at her.

Her head bobbed slowly over his lap. His erection glistened with her saliva whenever her lips slid back to the tip. She reached up and brushed a few errant strands of blonde behind her ear, letting her tongue undulate against his hardness while she did it.

She let the tip slide out from between her lips just long enough to say, “Touch me.”

Peter lifted his hands, which had been resting idly at his side, and tentatively laid them on her shoulders. The feeling of her warm, soft skin soon set them roaming. He caressed her back, and then slowly let one hand move down her side.

She let out a moan of, “Mmm hmm,” around his cock as his hand approached her breast. Then she did it again when his fingers found the firm mound.

He squeezed and caressed her breast, exploring it with his fingers. Her nipple was stiff, and he flicked it with his thumb, drawing a whimper from her.

She released his cock with a gasp a second later.

“Get your phone,” she said while standing up.

Peter fumbled for his phone, which had slid down between the cushion and arm of the chair, unwilling to take his eyes off her. Her sexy butt swayed as she walked the few steps to the couch, then she slid onto it in a cat crawl. She rolled onto her back just as he managed to grasp his phone, and beckoned him with a crooked finger.

He popped out of the chair, and watched in aroused fascination as she spread her legs, and then her pussy lips, just like a porn star. The glimmering pink of her pussy caught his gaze like a fly in amber.

“Take a picture of me,” she said.

Though loathe to take his eyes off her long enough to do so, he tapped his phone to bring up the camera, aimed, and clicked the button to capture the image.

“Now come here and lick my pussy.”

Peter absently squatted down and sat his phone on the table, his eyes glued to the sight of her teasing her need with the fingers of one hand, while the other played with her breast. He climbed onto the couch on his knees, and she stretched out a leg toward him. Her foot hooked behind his back, pulled him toward her, and then slid up his back toward his neck, encouraging him to lean forward.

The perfume of her arousal hit him, sending chills up and down his spine. The musky scent was like nothing he’d ever smelled before. It was strange and almost off-putting, but somehow irresistible at the same time. He breathed deep as her foot continued to guide him. Once within reach, she used her hands to pull him fully into the V of her legs.

“Lick it,” she said as his lips came to rest against her folds. Then she squealed when his tongue parted her nether lips.

Peter stiffened and shuddered as he got his first taste of pussy. Much like her scent, it was strange, but so enticing. He gave it another lick, and then another. He was rapidly growing drunk on her juices.

“Harder,” she instructed, and pulled him tighter against her pussy for emphasis.

Her tone reminded him a lot of the Milf porn he liked to watch. He could almost hear the dialogue of the woman in the movie, telling him it wasn’t like painting a fence, that her clit was at the top of her pussy, and to wiggle his tongue. He tried the latter while complying with her demand, and licking harder.

“Ooo!” Sarah cried out. “Mmm hmm. That’s it.”

Pride swelled in him when he heard the pleasure in her voice, and felt her body responding.

“Does my pussy taste good?” she asked.

“Uh huh,” he grunted, keeping his tongue moving.

It was as if he had complete, instant recall of every pussy-licking video he’d ever watched. Every time a trick from one popped in his head, he tried it. He gave her quick, light licks, and sucks, reveling in the way it made her writhe beneath him. She wasn’t passive, either. Her fingers entwined in his hair, guiding his tongue to where she wanted it.

Her whimpers and moans grew louder, spurring him to even greater efforts. Lost in the taste and scent of her, he devoured her pussy. She ground it against his face, smearing his upper lip and chin with her abundant juices. Though he felt an ache in his neck, he easily ignored the discomfort to continue licking her sweet treat.

Sarah let out a loud squeal when he tried another suck at the apex of her nether lips, and must have hit the mark. Her fingers tightened in his hair, and her hips bucked. Then he felt her pushing him away. Some deep, primal instinct caused him to grab her thighs. He held on, resisting the pressure of her hand, and kept licking. She squealed again and trembled violently.

There was no resisting when she pulled a fistful of hair to yank him from between her legs.

“I need that dick,” she breathlessly demanded. “Sit up.”

Peter licked his lips, savoring her juices there, and watched her roll onto her side. She reached out, grabbed her purse, and yanked out a condom. His cock throbbed hard, as if it knew what that little square of foil meant. She tore it open with practiced ease, checked which way it rolled, and then scooted toward him. Within another second, his erection was completely sheathed in latex.

Sarah guided him to move away from the arm of the couch, and then straddled his lap.

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you?” she asked.

He gave the slightest of nods.

She reached down, and lifted his cock until it was standing straight up. She shifted her weight onto her left knee, guided his erection between her legs, and rubbed it between the parting of her lips a couple of times. Then, with no further preamble, she sank down on it.

They both groaned as his cock vanished into her soaked pussy.

Her eyes drifted open, locked with his, and she smiled. “You’re not a virgin anymore.” Her fingers moved to her clit, and began to roll the pleasure bud. He wasn’t sure whether her next words were to him, or a prayer to some unknown deity. “Please don’t come too soon.”

Peter was thankful for the latex barrier, because she felt like absolute heaven even with it. She was so tight and warm around him that he was sure if he felt her wetness against his skin, he’d already be on the way to blowing his load. Sarah swivelled and rocked her hips, stirring his cock inside her, and working her clit with quick strokes of her fingers.

“Oh, you are so fucking hard. I needed this so bad,” she said as she picked up the pace of her gyrating hips slightly. “You’re not getting close, are you?”

He shook his head. She felt incredible, but he wasn’t anywhere near the edge - much to his own surprise.

She chuckled. “Good. Try to hold out until I come. Please.”

“Okay. You’re so sexy.”

“Mmm ... Thank you. Let me know if I hurt you.”

His eyes widened a little at that suggestion, but she didn’t seem to notice.

Sarah undulated atop him, her breasts swinging to and fro. The look of pleasure on her face was incredible. To know that he had anything to do with it was ecstatic. She whimpered and moaned, voicing that pleasure, and other sounds joined in as well. Every so often, he could hear the wet crackle of his cock sliding inside her, or the thrumming of her fingers over her clit. The beads on her left wrist clacked together, and her earrings made slight jangling sounds.

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