by RejectReality

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Erotica Sex Story: Normally, having someone walk in on you just as you're building toward a hot and heavy sex session with someone new is a bad thing. For Courtney, it turns out to be the beginning of fulfilling the bi-sexual fantasy she's always dreamed of with two hot guys.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   .

Courtney couldn’t resist. Pierce groaned when she squeezed his hard cock through his jeans while he unlocked his apartment door. It was only their second date, but it had gone well. The conversation had strayed in a slightly sexual direction at the bar, and then lost the slightly.

She was too hot and bothered to hold out until the third date.

Consumed by need, she crushed her body against him and kissed him hard even before the door closed. His fingers ran through her long, dark hair. Her hand caressed his lightly bearded cheek. Then he took the lead. They kissed and groped each other, moving blindly across the room. Pierce pulled her purse off her shoulder and dropped it on a coffee table. She jerked his shirt free of his pants.

Caught in a whirlwind of sexual hunger, they never made it any farther. She didn’t resist when he pulled her down to the couch as soon as he tossed his shirt aside. She went for his belt, but barely managed to unhook it before he grabbed the tail of her top and pulled it upward. She lifted her arms, allowing him to remove it, and then sought out the fastenings of his pants again. A deft snap of his fingers unhooked her bra, and they moved in perfect concert to remove it while she continued her quest for his cock.

Courtney moaned as soon as she had the big, hard organ in her hand. Then she gasped as he wrapped his lips around her right nipple. She his cock, and parted her legs when a hand wormed beneath her skirt. Soon enough, she was whimpering from two fingers buried inside her.

“Oh shit! Sorry!”

It took a few moments for the voice to register through her fog of arousal, but as soon as it did, Courtney scrambled to cover herself, because a man was hurriedly closing the apartment door that she’d never even heard open.

He put a shielding hand between his eyes and the couple on the couch. “I got off early. I should have texted you. Sorry,” he said while hurrying through the room toward the hall.

“Sorry, I should have texted you,” Pierce said.

“Don’t mind me,” the other man said as he vanished into the hall.

Courtney’s face burned as she sat with her arms crossed over her breasts - one of which was slippery with Pierce’s saliva.

Pierce said, “Sorry. My roommate, Trent.” Seeing the embarrassment in her expression, he looked around, found her top and bra, and quickly scooped them up.

“Not your fault,” she said as she accepted them. Though the sudden interruption had tossed a bucket of ice-cold water on her arousal, the sight of him bare chested, with his hard cock poking out of his underwear caused the embers to rise again.

“Do you...” He paused for a moment and then continued, “Want to go to the bedroom?”

“It’s kind of awkward,” she said with a nervous chuckle while reaching under her skirt to tug her panties back over her pussy.

“Yeah,” he said, and nodded. Then, he let out a little sigh and tucked his cock back in his pants.

The two dressed, and once Pierce was finished, he picked up his phone. After unlocking it, he appeared to change his mind and said, “Give me a minute. I should go say something to Trent.”

She nodded, and just to demonstrate that this was a setback, rather than a lost opportunity, she beckoned him in for a passionate kiss before sending him on his way. That kiss prompted her to seriously consider a text to her own roommate, freeing up the apartment to take him back there.

While he walked toward the hall, Courtney stood up to settle her clothing into place. Once he was a couple of steps down the hall, she heard the alert sound from his phone, and glanced that way.

She was shocked to see a picture of a gorgeous, hard cock in the text bubble under Trent’s name. Almost immediately, another bubble appeared, and the message read, “If I ruined the mood, I’ll make it up to you.”

Courtney’s heart pounded in her chest. There was no other way to interpret that picture and that image. Pierce was bisexual. She shuddered as a tingle arose between her legs, bringing with it a rush of wetness. She’d always had a fantasy about a threesome with two men. Her wildest, most intense version of that fantasy involved them not just sharing her, but each other as well.

She was still staring at the phone in stunned arousal when Pierce emerged from the hallway at a fast walk. Upon looking up from the phone at him, she saw him wince. His face instantly flushed, and his shoulders slumped.

He stammered, “I ... Uhm...”

She smiled and said, “It’s okay. I don’t have a problem with you being bi. Are you?”

His eyes widened and his expression brightened. “Yeah, we are. So, you’re cool with that?”

The word we nearly made her swoon. She couldn’t keep the passion out of her voice when she said, “I am so fine with that.”

He nodded toward his phone and asked, “What did you think of the pic?”

“Very nice.”

“Much better in person. Want to see for yourself?”

A stuttering, high-pitched moan rose in her throat, and she answered with a breathless, “Oh god, yes.”

Pierce held out his hand, and Courtney took it, allowing him to lead her into the hall. She swallowed hard, fighting a surge of nerves as she walked toward the fulfillment of a fantasy she never thought to realize. She wanted it more than anything, but being on the brink of it actually happening set a swarm of butterflies alight in her stomach.

The door to Trent’s bedroom was open, and as soon as the couple appeared in the doorway, he seemed to see something in Courtney’s aroused expression, and broke out into a smile.

“Feel like joining us?” Pierce asked.

“Oh, I’m up for that,” he responded.

Pierce teased, “Just how up are you?”

“Come find out.”

The naughty, playful banter of the two men drowned her nervousness in a flood of arousal. She stepped into the room, walking toward Trent, and Pierce fell in step right beside her. Courtney got her first good look at Pierce’s roommate in those few steps. She had other things on her mind - such as covering up her tits - the first time she’d seen him. He was handsome, clean-shaven, and had a nice body. She already knew from the image that he had a gorgeous cock.

“He’s a great kisser,” Pierce suggested once they were standing in front of his roommate.

Courtney didn’t need any more of a prompt than that, and neither did Trent. They came together in a tongue-wrangling kiss. He was just as good as Pierce had suggested, and her arousal spiked even higher. Then she heard the jangle of his belt coming unhooked, and moaned into the kiss. As soon as she heard his zipper coming down, she pulled away from Trent’s lips, not willing to miss what came next.

The sight of Pierce pushing down his roommate’s boxers and pulling out Trent’s hard cock made her light-headed.

Pierce stroked the erect organ, and let out a growl when Trent grunted from the sensation. Pierce then caught Courtney’s eye, twitched his eyebrows, and glanced down at his roommate’s erection. She reached over to caress the swollen tip with her fingers while Pierce continued to slowly stroke at the base.

“I really was trying not to look when I came in,” Trent said. “But I really wanted to,” he suggested while tugging lightly on her top.

Though reluctant to do so, she released his cock and grabbed the tail of her top. At the same time, both men whipped their shirts over their heads and tossed them aside. Her top joined the other garments a moment later, and two sets of eyes focused on her bra. Once again, Pierce skillfully popped open the clasp of her bra, and then both men helped her take it off. Even before it fell with a muffled thump to the carpet, she had two sets of lips wrapped around her nipples.

Courtney trembled and whimpered from their ministrations while running her fingers through their short hair. Hands slid behind her from opposite sides, and then touched. Trent chuckled, and let his hand glide back to the swell of her buttock. Pierce reached up instead, and located the zipper of her skirt. He tugged it down, and then released her nipple with a wet pop.

Pierce pushed her skirt down, hooked his thumbs beneath the waist of her panties, and then simultaneously drew them both over her hips and down her legs. Her panties were still above her knees when Trent’s hand cupped her sex, and he sucked her nipple even harder. Then two fingers slid inside her.

Courtney had just enough presence of mind to lift her feet in response to Pierce’s silent instructions, allowing him to free her legs from her skirt and panties, as well as remove her shoes.

“Isn’t that a little uncomfortable?” Pierce asked.

Courtney turned her attention to him, and saw him pull off his left shoe. The right already rested on the ground. He then reached over to where the waist of Trent’s boxers was cradling his balls, and stroked the orbs.

Trent released her nipple with a final slurp. He pulled his fingers from inside her, but before he could slip them between his lips, Courtney pulled them to hers instead. The taste and scent of her wetness were exciting enough. The brightening of Trent’s expression was even better. When she let his fingers go, he sat back on the bed.

Pierce squatted down and pulled off one of his roommate’s shoes, and then the sock. Trent lifted his other foot, and Courtney took care of that shoe and sock. Then, both of them slid Trent’s pants down, making him the second completely naked person in the room. Pierce yanked open the clasp on his belt, hurrying to make it three.

Courtney and Trent both reached for his cock at the same time. She whimpered when their fingers touched while curling around his shaft. Pierce grunted while trying to kick his pants away.

Trent surrendered his roommate’s cock to her a few moments later. He said, “You stole my taste earlier. Can I get one now?”

Pierce said, “He’s almost as good at eating pussy as he is at sucking cock.”

“Oh?” Courtney asked, while still stroking his erection. “How good are you at sucking cock?”

“Go sit on his face and I’ll show you,” Pierce said.

She squeezed Pierce’s cock hard, gasped, and trembled when he said that. Trent showed that he was perfectly happy with that plan when he reclined on the bed. A second later, Pierce put a guiding hand on her ass, and pushed her toward the bed.

Courtney climbed in, with Pierce right behind. He moved toward the foot, while she scooted toward the head, turned to face Pierce, straddled Trent’s face, and let him pull her down to his waiting lips.

She yelped when his tongue stabbed deep into her wet heat.

The jolt of pleasure couldn’t overcome her anticipation, though. She dropped down onto her hands, and then settled atop Trent’s body. Pierce had already moved in to swirl his tongue over his roommate’s balls - his gaze locked with hers. She took Trent’s cock in hand, stood it up, and fixed Pierce with an intense gaze.

He got the hint.

Even as Trent’s tongue went into a flurry between her folds, Pierce moved his lips toward the head of his roommate’s cock. As if waiting for that exact moment, a drop of pre-cum welled up from the slit in Trent’s cockhead. Pierce let out a growling moan, and engulfed drop and cock between his lips - maintaining eye contact with Courtney.

Between that sight, Trent’s tongue tantalizing her pussy, and twin growls - one into her folds and the other around Trent’s hard cock - an intense wave of pleasure rocked Courtney’s body. Her eyes pinched closed and she yelped. Her will won out, though. She forced her eyes open to find Pierce’s gaze waiting for her.

He looked deep into her eyes as he sucked his roommate’s cock with practiced skill. That alone would have been enough to stoke her fires, but Trent was living up to the promise Pierce had made. He was eating her pussy like a starving man - and oh so well.

It didn’t take long for Pierce to take the hard cock in his mouth deeper. A couple of sucks later, his lips were brushing her fingers at the base of his shaft. She pulled in her pinky and its neighbor, gripping the shaft with only two fingers and her thumb. Pierce rose to the challenge, and his lips brushed her fingers on the next suck. Once his eyes found hers again, she let go of Trent’s erection.

A squeal escaped her when Trent’s cock vanished into Pierce’s throat.

Trent’s fingers dug into her butt while his roommate held him for a few seconds. Courtney shuddered, her eyes laser focused on Pierce’s lips around the base of his roommate’s shaft, with his nose nestled in the curly hairs above.

Pierce let out a croak, and then a cough as he pulled away, leaving Trent’s cock coated in a thick sheen of saliva.

“Ohmigod,” Courtney whimpered as her fingers fisted into the bedclothes.

Pierce swallowed hard, mastering his rebelling stomach, and then asked, “When do I get a taste of that pussy? She came home with me, you know?”

Though somewhat muffled, Trent answered, “Then come get it.”

Pierce knee-walked toward the head of the bed, while Courtney sat up over Trent’s face. Pierce pulled her into a kiss as both men guided her over to the side. Though loathe to leave Trent’s talented tongue, she was eager to test his roommate’s prowess as well.

Courtney lay down and parted her legs, but Pierce took his first taste not from the source, but rather from Trent’s lips. She teased her need and pinched her nipples, perfectly content to watch the two men kiss. Pierce lapped her wetness from his roommate’s face, while both men fondled each other’s erections.

Trent broke from the kiss and asked, “So, are you going to eat her pussy? Or do I need to get back in there and show you how it’s done?”

Pierce playfully punched his friend in the shoulder, and then caught Courtney’s eye. She nodded emphatically while circling her fingers even faster over her clit. She released her nipple, and used that hand to pull Trent toward her while Pierce moved between her legs. Obviously eager, Pierce dived into her pussy a few seconds before she could wrap her fingers around his roommate’s cock.

It took a great deal of concentration to guide Trent to her lips, because his roommate was every bit as good with his tongue. The stiff organ, still slick with Pierce’s saliva, was enticing enough to prod her on, though. She took Trent’s cock in and sucked hard. His hand found her breast and squeezed it, while his thumb flicked her nipple.

Courtney whimpered around the cock in her mouth, aroused beyond anything she’d ever experience before. Even her first threesome with another girl paled by comparison, and that had been the full awakening of her own bisexuality. Trent rocked his hips, and she loosened the grip of her hand slightly, letting him fuck her hand and mouth.

She was in heaven. A hard cock in her mouth. A talented tongue between her legs. And it was only the beginning.

“I want another taste. A deep one,” Trent said after a couple of minutes.

“Oh yeah?” Pierce muttered, barely pausing long enough to do so before attacking her clit with his tongue again.

“Oh yeah. I want to taste her off that cock.”

Already aching to be filled, Courtney pulled away from Trent’s cock and said in a rush, “Fuck yes.”

“I think she wants that cock,” Trent said while edging away. She uncurled her fingers from around the hard organ and let him.

Pierce took her pleasure button between his lips and sucked hard while lapping it with his tongue. He released her clit with a slurp, and immediately pushed up over his knees.

“Why don’t you get it wet for me before I slide it in?” Pierce asked.

Courtney’s back arched up from the bed and she groaned in anticipation.

Trent chuckled as he lowered himself down. Pierce turned so she would have a good view, and his roommate took him in.

Courtney had to plunge two fingers into her depths as she watched Trent sucking Pierce with the same eager skill his roommate had demonstrated. He took the throbbing organ deep, and then swallowed it, holding it in his throat for what seemed like an eternity to her.

He barely showed any sign of discomfort when his lips slid back up the shaft.

“Now give her that cock,” Trent said while aiming said organ.

Courtney quickly pulled her fingers from her depths, allowing access to something much more satisfying. His slick cock and her soaked pussy allowed him to plunge into her with ease. She moaned deep in her throat when his balls slapped against her.

“Ah fuck yeah,” Pierce growled, holding himself in her depths for a moment.

Trent encouraged him, “That’s it. Nice and deep.” When his roommate pulled back and buried his cock again, Trent continued, “That’s it. Get that cock nice and juicy for me.”

Courtney’s body filled with ecstasy. Not only did Pierce’s cock feel incredible, but Trent’s rapt attention on his roommate’s organ vanishing into her pussy made it all the better. Pierce slammed his cock home a dozen times, making her breasts jiggle, and then Trent grabbed the base of the shaft when his roommate withdrew.

Pierce leaned back on his hands, giving Trent a perfect angle, and he took advantage of it. In one deliberate motion, he made Pierce’s cock vanish as surely and as deeply as it had in her pussy. He sucked slowly back to the tip with Pierce’s fingers tugging at his hair, let the head pop from his lips, and pointed it down toward her pussy.

Courtney cried out as his big cock filled her full again.

“Does that pussy feel as good as it tastes?” Trent asked.

“Fuck yeah,” Pierce growled while driving his cock into her.

“So good,” Courtney whimpered when their flesh collided with a slap.

Trent let him go a little longer, fanning the flames within Courtney. She was well on her way toward an orgasm when Trent asked, “Should I suck it clean again?”

“Yes! Yes!” she cried.

When Pierce pulled free of her canal, Trent made eye contact with Courtney and licked her juices from the throbbing organ for a second before swallowing it. As he had before, he sucked his way slowly back to the tip.

“Please, put it back in,” she begged the moment Pierce’s cock slipped from his roommate’s lips.

“Ah, yeah,” Pierce groaned as he sank into her hot embrace once more.

“Now, make her come,” Trent said. He provided more than inspiration when he centered two fingers over her clit and began to rub them back and forth.

Pierce took her hard and fast. The slaps of their bodies colliding echoed back from the walls. Her breasts bounced erratically from the shockwaves traveling up her body. Trent proved he was just as talented with his fingers as he was with his tongue. She ascended her mountain rapidly. Her head lashed on the pillow. Her hands clawed at the bedclothes.

And then she was there.

Courtney wailed to the ceiling above as her orgasm claimed her. The sound warbled from Pierce’s fast thrusting cock continuing to assault her, making the jolts of orgasmic energy all the more intense.

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