Too Damn Big

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Arab wife gets tired of her husband sharing her because of her very large bosom. She strikes back the only way she can.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Rape   Reluctant   Romantic   .

Aisha complained a lot. Her life was way the hell off the course she had planned. Here she was, the third wife of an older sheik. That might not be so bad if she hadn’t spent a year in the US taking college classes for a career.

The shit hit the fan when she returned home for the summer. Her family couldn’t afford any more schooling and married her off to the sheik. She was trapped! She couldn’t go anywhere without an escort and, as the lowest wife on the totem pole, had no reason to leave the compound anyway. That status also meant she got all the shit jobs.

Sex was a problem. Her husband stuck his puny dick in her once a month only because it was required by religious law. She’d had a normal Western sex life at college and had birth-control. She’d been examined before the marriage and it was determined that she was missing a hymen but she produced tampons. No arm bumps, patches, or prescription meant that she was capable of producing babies for the family. Fortunately, they couldn’t detect her IUD.

Since the old guy wasn’t much good for breeding these days, his sons were given free access to the lowest wife and if she was impregnated it was still family. They were generally callous and just took their pleasure, unlike the more caring boyfriends she’d had in the States. She despised their attention and was as unresponsive as possible when they fucked her. That “nuisance” happened several times a day from the three that were sexually active.

Unfortunately in this situation, unlike at college, a very noticeable anatomical feature was a disadvantage, drawing more male interest than she cared for. Only five feet tall, her bosom was very outsized, like big pillows on her chest. While titty-fucks with such large mammaries were fun for and with some guys, they were a nuisance to have hanging out in front of her all the time. She got hit on a lot at college but had a choice of who to bed there.

When her husband’s friends and visitors saw her body, noticeable even under the loose clothing women wore, he would sometimes offer her to them as a temporary gift. She protested and was beaten by the second wife, who had to perform such functions until her arrival. So she suffered the indignities of the sometimes fat, ugly, and smelly men who used and abused her. She had to fake her pleasure or they would complain back to her husband and she might be beaten again. She prayed nightly to Allah to deliver her from this hell.

One of the sons was sent to college in the US and returned home for then summer break after she had been in the household for a number of months. When advised of her availability for dick-dipping, he went to see her. Having absorbed a lot of Western culture and values, Talib immediately saw her unhappiness and chose to talk to her rather than just take what he wanted like the others did. Discovering her history, he was appalled and let her know that. She hugged him, for the first time being shown some compassion in this place.

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