The Club

by Ahazurak

Copyright© 2019 by Ahazurak

Erotica Sex Story: Can you find love in the Club?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   BiSexual   Sharing   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging   Anal Sex   .

I was putting my robe back on after taking care of the full condom. The girl I knew as Debbie gave me a nice kiss on the lips and wandered back over to her partner, walking a little bowlegged. They started making out and he pulled her over to where the empty rooms would be. It seems her partner’s kink is to watch her get ass fucked then pound her into the mattress. It fits my kink perfectly, which is to ass fuck a woman with curves. I looked at the clock and figured I would give my wife another ten minutes with her lover for the night. It had been a while since we had been to the club and I wanted to make sure she was happy.

Yeah, we’re swingers. We’re either godless heathens who are one step short of rutting with animals or we are an enlightened couple getting with the modern times. Honestly, we didn’t feel like either. We were simply an upper-class couple in our mid-thirties who came to a club to get something that was missing in our sexual relationship. I felt that every other aspect of our lives was perfect. We had a long discussion before signing up and this seemed to be the best option to keep us both happy. More on that later.

I wandered over to the bar and asked for a Coke. I’m not a drinker although I don’t mind a good glass of scotch every now and then. As I was sipping on it I noticed an obvious new couple walk in. He was dressed in the house provided cotton robe that was one size fits all. She had a very nice shimmery robe with an oriental print that I assumed was silk. The guy was tall and had the physique of an athlete. He gave his partner a quick kiss on the cheek and walked off to the group side of the building. The club was an old factory that the owners had refurbished with almost 30 rooms on the ground floor. The east side of the building was where the larger rooms and beds were set up. These were for the orgies, gangbangs, and bukkake get togethers. The west side had smaller rooms that were designed for couples or threesomes. The north side of the building was a giant conference center. This could be rented out to people who weren’t part of the club and actually made quite a bit of money for the owners. It was also set up for sound and light so a number of local porn producers would use it.

The now abandoned wife was looking around a little wild eyed and focused on the bar. She made a beeline for it, sat down next to me, and ordered a glass of red wine. She downed it in two gulps and ordered another.

“I take it this is your first time to the club?” I asked with a friendly smile.

She looked at me with a nervous grin and nodded.

“I’m called Devin and it’s alright to be nervous. There is a reason people call this an alternative lifestyle. It’s alternative to the normal and that can be scary,” I told her with a chuckle.

“I’m Nic, err Nancy. Yeah, I have only been here during the initiation tour when it was empty. It’s a lot different with people here,” she said nervously.

“Nancy” had a very pretty face and her hair was pulled into a simple ponytail. She could have had any type of body under that robe, but it didn’t look like she was your typical “tits on a stick” hot wife that was so prevalent here. I’m pretty good at reading people and frankly I was surprised to see her here. I assumed her husband twisted her arm to come and she was hesitant. I could be wrong though.

“Well it’s obvious you have some nervousness, so if you want to talk it out a bit, I’m a pretty good listener. The good thing about this place is that they are very safety conscious and enforce the rules strictly. The first is that EVERYTHING is consensual. If someone is making you feel uncomfortable walk away to the bar or hit any of the panic buttons. Even if it’s the guy chatting you up at the bar,” I added with a smile.

“Oh no, you’re fine! It’s nice to have someone to talk to!” she stammered.

I reached out and gently touched her hand.

“Why don’t you tell me what you are looking for tonight? I can guide you to the less scary people which should help you ease into whatever you are looking for,” I said gently.

“I am looking to keep my husband happy,” she said, with tears in her eyes.

Crap. I have a master’s degree in psychology, but I still hate to see women cry. I needed some female backup here.

“Finish your wine and come with me. I have someone you should talk to”, I told her.

She gulped down her wine and stood up. I took her hand and gently led her to the back rooms, noticing that she responded almost immediately to strong suggestions. I wondered if she had a submissive personality. If so, someone would have to provide guidance or else she could be taken advantage of and wind up doing something she didn’t really want to do.

The rooms all had heavy curtains that went to the floor instead of doors. If the curtain was open and a red scarf was hanging from the curtain rod, then the people inside were willing to let you watch or even join in. If the curtain was open but there was no scarf, then you were able to watch but not join. And of course, if the curtain was closed then the people wanted their privacy.

I took my little neophyte to the room I knew my wife was occupying. The curtain was open, and she was pulling the sheets off the mattress and her partner was standing by to put new ones on. My wife’s robe was a short little thing she wore to turn me on and when she bent over, I could see that delectable ass. She knew I was there because she gave it an extra wiggle before standing up and turning around. I loved the glow she had after she got done with her lover. Tonight it was Tracy, a cute little brunette with almost no chest but a nice little rump. This was my wife’s kink, she liked to be with a woman every once in a while. My wife Andrea was a leggy blonde, who was pretty much my everything. Literally my only complaint about her body was that she was a little too skinny. I was constantly joking that I should buy her an extra burger to fatten her up. She strode over to me and gave me a world rocking kiss.

“Who is this babe?” she asked as she gave Nancy a quick predatory look.

“Down woman,” I chuckled, “This is Nancy and she is nervous because it is her first time and her husband left her alone. I thought we could talk with her a bit and see if she can get more comfortable. Just talk.”

I saw my wife snap out of her lusty persona and give Nancy a big hug. Despite the fact that I have a master’s degree in psychology and medicine, my wife seems able to put people at ease with just a laugh or a hug. I wish I could do that.

“Come here baby,” my wife said as she led her to the bed to sit down. Tracy gave me a wink as she slipped out of the room, closing the curtain behind her.

Nancy started crying a bit and started her story. My wife looked at me expectantly and I grabbed a number of tissues from the dispenser and handed them to her. I went over and sat down in the chair provided for voyeurs.

“I have been married to Earl, err Damon for two years and a couple months ago he told me he wanted an open marriage. I told him I wasn’t comfortable with that so he told me we could go to a swing club and see how that worked. I didn’t like that idea either, but he kept pressuring me and I eventually just agreed. That shut him up for a bit but now he is talking about joining an orgy and trying to get me to be part of a gangbang. I don’t want ANY of that stuff. I thought I might be able to watch a couple make love or even see if there was a woman that wanted to play or something. I like sex. I went to an all-girls school. I even like anal. I’m not a total prude. But he just left me to go participate in some group activity. I just want to go home.” Nancy started crying in earnest.

My wife did the last thing I expected and gave her a huge kiss, which surprised Nancy and stopped her for a second. I could see Nancy hesitate then start to kiss back. This was hot. My wife pulled away and looked at the wide-eyed dark hair woman.

“Nancy, your husband is an ass.” My wife was not one to mince words. “However, you are here, and you can either cry or make the best of it. You said you wanted to see if a woman would want to play,” as she said this Andrea stood and dropped her robe. She laid down on the mattress and stretched. “Consider this your personal playground.”

Nancy hesitantly reached out and touched my wife’s breast softly. She started kneading it, rubbing the nipple lightly with her fingertip. My wife gave a little gasp and purred. Nancy stood up and her eyes darted to the curtain, to me, and then to my wife who was stretched out on the mattress. She took a deep breath and dropped her robe. Nancy had an almost perfectly shaped hourglass figure with nice big breasts and womanly hips that flared out and came back quickly into a wonderful set of gams. She giggled at me because my erection popped through the robe. She looked at us and we could see her make a decision.

“My husband is having fun, there is no reason I shouldn’t,” she said fiercely. “Is he going to join us?” She asked my wife, motioning in my direction.

“We have an agreement that I only play with women and he only assfucks.” she replied.

I saw Nancy think about it.

“I assume he knows what he is doing?” she quizzed.

“I don’t know, I have never let him near my ass. He gets high praise from the other women in the club though,” my wife replied.

“Damon thinks anal sex is gay, but I really enjoyed it with the guys before him. I wouldn’t mind it if your husband wanted to. Just please use a lot of lube.” she told my wife.

What followed next will be forever burned into my memory banks. Nancy seemed entranced by my wife’s chest. She started pinching her nipples and pulling on them just a little bit. My wife cooed and threw her head back as she closed her eyes. After a minute or so of this attention those nipples were as long as I had ever seen them. As far as I knew Andrea didn’t have particularly sensitive nipples like some women, but she was close to orgasm after just a couple minutes of nipple play. Nancy knew what she was doing. My wife moaned and raised up off the bed in orgasm when Nancy bit down gently on the tip of one nipple and flicked the other with her finger.

My dick was getting hard again, so I went and grabbed a packet of lube from the nightstand and opened it up. I started stroking myself as I watched Nancy start nibbling on my wife’s neck. She drew her tongue down the length of Andrea’s body and ended up with her face buried in my wife’s cunt. It wasn’t long before Andrea started getting the flush to her face. She was about to climax. Nancy raised her head up and looked back at me.

“My ass isn’t going to fuck itself,” she told me pointedly.

I was going to have to rethink this woman. She seemed to know what she wanted. I took a condom out of the nearby bowl and put it on, I kneeled down and started kissing her ass cheeks as I slowly but a big dab of lube on her puckered starfish. I slowly started working it in with one finger the added a second dollop with another finger. When I felt she was pretty well stretched and lubed up a put a glob on the end of my dick and positioned myself to enter her. It took a bit as she was extremely tight but once I got the head past her sphincter, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. It only took maybe ten minutes to be filling my second condom. I was doing pretty good when all of a sudden, her ass clamped down and started spasming. I just lost it. My wife moaned in pleasure

“That was the best time I have ever had. Can we get together next time? How often do you guys come here?” she was rattling off questions like a machine gun. I was rather spent and I could tell that my wife was also but good sex seemed to ramp Nancy up more. She was so darn cute! Andrea laid down and pulled Nancy into her, nuzzling her hair. My wife started gently caressing Nancy’s curves and gently teased her nipples. When they got started to get hard my wife bent down and nipped them gently with her lips. She started trailing kisses down Nancy’s body, just before she got to her pussy, she lifted her head and addressed her lover.

“Nancy, I want to watch you suck my husband’s dick while I eat you out. You need to do it nice and slow because when he cums, I am going to stop regardless of how close you are.”

Nancy started whimpering as my wife went to town. I was on the receiving end of the longest, most sensual blow job I have ever received. It was agonizingly slow but oh so wonderful. After about 5 minutes I felt Nancy shudder in orgasm. Three minutes after that I felt another shudder. She started to pick up the pace using her hands to play with my ball sack and even started to circle my ass. She had another orgasm and I couldn’t help it I shot my third load of the night right down her throat. She didn’t even hesitate to swallow everything she could, not that there was a lot.

Nancy fell back onto the bed and my wife grinned at me. Some worry went through my mind as this was the first time I had ever done anything with another woman other than anal sex. Andrea went and wiped her face off with a warm, wet washcloth from the station. She gave me a kiss and let me know that everything was alright. We would still have to talk about this. We both loved on Nancy a little more as we got the room around for whoever would be coming in next. As we were finishing up the curtain got pulled away roughly and there was a guy standing there with a half hard on. He looked at Nancy and then his eyes lighted up when he saw my wife. He started walking towards her.

“Good find, babe,” he said addressing Nancy. “Start licking this bitch’s pussy while she gets me hard then you can help me shove it up her ... ARGHHHH!”

His words trailed off as my wife had grabbed his thumb and bent it backwards. He went to his tiptoes to relieve the pressure. She then snaked a leg around his and dropped him to the mattress, planting her knee in his stomach as she fell. Letting go of the thumb she had her forearm to his throat as he was desperately trying to get leverage to get her off him.

“EARL! What the fuck are you doing here!?!” Nancy screamed.

Realizing that this guy was with Nancy, Andrea slowly let him up. I noticed she was on edge however, and I hoped for his sake that this guy didn’t make any sudden moves.

Earl got up rubbing his throat, giving both our wives a sullen glare.

“What the hell? I AM your husband remember,” he directed at Nancy. “The girl in the gangbang room tapped out and a fatty took her place, so I went looking for you to leave but it seems you found a skinny chick to bang so I thought we could do her together.”

Have you ever found you hated someone the minute you met them? I don’t mean just turned off but actually loathed a person at first contact. I felt that right now. I glanced over at my wife and noticed she had a grin on her face. She looked over at me and rolled her eyes at this asshat. I looked over at Nancy and saw she had grown quiet and was slightly cowering away from her husband. I knew I shouldn’t jump to conclusions but human nature being what it was I couldn’t help but think I was looking at an abusive relationship. I spoke up.

“Dude you probably missed the fact the curtain was closed which meant that what was happening here was considered private. All sex has to be consensual and I don’t think MY wife would be interested right now. Also, if you are going from wing to wing you need to shower and use a condom. I understand this is your first time at the club but they take the rules very serious and it is easy to get asked to leave.”

He turned about five shades of red.

“I paid for the platinum level membership here. I am gonna damn well get what I want. C’mon Nicole, we are leaving,” he said as he angrily grabbed her and directed her to the exit.

Before they could leave, there were a couple of big boys fully clothed blocking the entrance. They take security very seriously around here. After talking to my wife and I they let Nancy, whose real name was apparently Nicole and Damon whose real name was Earl, leave.

As we headed home, both Andrea and I were lost in our thoughts. Halfway to our house she broke the silence.

“Let’s get this ball rolling, what are you thinking, Dan?” she asked.

“I am a little worried, we both had very detailed rules on what was allowed when we went to the club and we broke those today. I am a little concerned and a little annoyed that you were so cavalier with our boundaries and that I just went along with it,” I replied as I looked at her.

“I understand, I DID get carried away, but you have to admit that the situation was a little unique. I know you would never let a woman give you a blowjob if I wasn’t okay with it, and there was something about that woman that got my motor running. I apologize but you have to admit it was pretty hot,” she she said thoughtfully.

“Andrea, you know I love you and want you to be happy but we aren’t there to engage in hot trysts. We are there to get what we can’t get from each other. As good as that blowjob was I can get one from you whenever I want. I can’t give you the experience with another woman and you can’t give me anal sex. I’m just worried that we might be drifting away from our reason for joining the club,” I said.

I could tell she was thinking. One of the things I loved the most about my wife was that she would always examine things rationally and come up with a decision that solved our problems. We had a unique relationship. She had her PhD in Psychology and I had a dual Masters in Psychology and Medicine. She had a small private practice and spent most of her time counseling at the women’s shelter while I worked as a physician’s assistant at a local clinic. Both of us could have made more money but since we were unable to have children, we didn’t see the need. Besides we made more than enough for our expenses and fun.

“It won’t happen again unless we talk about it,” she declared. “Keep in mind that there is one thing more that you can’t give me. Two things actually. You can’t give me a submissive personality to nurture. And you can’t give me children. I felt something when we were with Nicole. I also admit to feeling the need to rescue her from that asshat, which I know is more than I can do. The other thing that I can tell you as I think about it, is that the feelings I had only work with the three of us. How do you feel about triad relationships?”

I took a second, mentally reviewing what research there was on the subject.

“If I remember right it works best when there is a submissive partner. Dedication and fidelity are important along with communication. There hasn’t been a ton of verified research on it, but the published papers all have a similar theme. Why do you ask?” I said.

“Do you think we could bring her or someone like her into our lives? I’m not thinking of an open marriage. I’m thinking of having one partner that both of us share. You know damn good and well yours is the only dick I am ever gonna come close to. It would have to be a female and if it isn’t Nicole it should be someone like her.” she replied.

I thought about what she was saying.

“Andy, it is kinda creeping me out that you want to add someone to our relationship, although I like the fact that we are talking about it. You have to see how I am wondering if I am not giving you enough and that worries me,” I said, slowly.

The look of panic on her face put a lot of my fears aside.

“Oh my God Dan, don’t ever think that! Baby, you saved me. You know this!” she cried.

“I know that Andy but let’s face it that was four years ago, now that you are better adjusted, do you need me anymore? Let’s face it honey, you are beautiful, accomplished and wealthy. All you would have to do is snap your fingers and you could get a woman overnight who would treat you well,” I responded.

“DAMN IT!! STOP IT!! Dan,” She yelled as she broke down sobbing.

I pulled the car into an empty parking lot and undid my seat belt so I could hold her. She was sobbing incoherently. I hadn’t meant for this to happen, she hadn’t had a breakdown in over a year. The first thing was to get her calmed down, then we get her to bed and we talk it over tomorrow. I would have to review my notes and see what triggered her.

We finished the car ride with her plastered to me. After I got out of the car it was easier to just pick her up and carry her into our bedroom. She kept her eyes on me the whole time while we got ready for bed and she snuggled up as tight as she could. For the millionth time I cursed the bastards that did this to her.

I woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking. I allowed myself a rueful grin as I knew what was coming. I was going to get a huge breakfast then one of her spectacular blow jobs. We would finish it up with her laying down on the bear skin rug she pulled from the wall and spreading her legs so I could just pound myself into her.

Sure enough, three hours later I had worked off at least half of the sausage and eggs she had prepared. She put a towel between her legs so she didn’t drip on the rug and then rolled over to look at me while I was still panting.

“You can’t leave me, Dan. I wouldn’t be able to make it without you,” she said.

“Baby, I’m not going anywhere. Last night kinda freaked me out but I don’t think either of us did a great job communicating. So let’s talk about it now that we are both calm,” I replied.

“Okay, what I was talking about last night was more hypothetical than anything else. You know how I feel after the event. There are times when I want to be in charge, take some of my life back. I know you would be willing to do that but let’s face it, you would just be acting. You are a take charge person, which is what I need. I would have continued the broken path I was on if you hadn’t taken things in hand. I will say that I feel the need to take control of something myself. We can get a kid, a dog, a plant, or even a retirement strategy. Just something I can call mine. The reason I was talking about her was because we just came from a very intense experience and she was on my mind. Also, I did think there was a chemistry there. Add to that the fact that she is in an abusive relationship, I want to save her like you saved me. Regardless of what happens I want to help her get away from that asshole,” she said.

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