Desi Double Dipping

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Love is complicated in a society where it holds little weight.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Cheating   Sharing   Indian Erotica   .

Sai, a young Desi man, was wedded to a woman he barely knew, thanks to the still-active custom of arranged marriages in India. She had seemed sweet and obedient when they were introduced and spent a little time together but after the ceremony she changed drastically. Actually it was a little later than the ceremony, occurring after she opened her legs in the marital bed and passively allowed him intercourse.

As soon as it was completed she arose and told him in a harsh voice that he had never heard before, “I only did that to make our marriage legally binding. Do not expect me in your bed again. I do not love you. My servant girl Chhaya will take care of your male needs so you cannot claim that you were deprived. I have put her on birth control so there will be no complications. Please let me know if she fails to satisfy you properly and she will be disciplined.”

From then on they spoke only at the dinner meal and only about matters pertaining to the running of the household. Other than that he rarely saw her and that was probably a good thing.

The young lower caste woman who cooked and served their meals and did all the housekeeping work was attractive and pleasant, he had noticed. The next night she turned down his bed and offered to help him prepare for sleep. That had often happened at his parents’ house and the woman servant would accompany him to the shower and clean him in any way that he wished.

Normally the servant remained clothed so he was a bit surprised when she disrobed after she removed his clothing. Her body was slim and her light brown skin was punctuated by her dark areolae on nice firm breasts and nicely trimmed pubic hair. She had put up her long dark hair to the top of her head so it would not get in the way.

As she washed his hair and scrubbed him with soap she seemed rather matter of fact about it. Even when her presence and her touching created some arousal of him she seemed oblivious to it and just focused on her task. The same when she dried him with a towel.

She asked what night clothes he wished, he said, “I do not usually wear them.” That brought a faint smile to her face and he noticed that she had not put her garments back on. Unlike the night before, when she had turned down the bed for the first marital coupling, she did not withdraw from the room but got in the bed herself. She clearly knew what her responsibilities were and that made it less awkward.

Sai realized that this was not romantic so did not attempt to kiss her but she seemed to respond when he explored her interesting parts with his fingers. After a while she indicated without words that he should enter her.

While this is not what you would call an impassioned coupling, it was far better than he’d experienced the night before. The ending was far better too because, when he withdrew she cleaned him with a damp cloth and gave him a brief hug before she left the room.

During the day she was her usual efficient self and Sai noticed a very different expression on her face when she served him compared to his spouse. She was available each night before he went to sleep. Within a few days they were both much more comfortable with that interaction and it also lasted longer. He used his fingers on her yoni to make sure that she got sufficient pleasure if his lingam hadn’t accomplished that.

Chhaya had quarters in the house and was given one day a week off starting after finishing the breakfast chores until bedtime. She would leave lunch and dinner meals prepared for easy warming and serving. Sai had noticed that his wife did not attend every dinner meal and especially on those days.

One evening at the end of her free day, Sai noticed something different as he entered Chhaya’s yoni. At the completion she usually just cleaned him and departed but he indicated he wanted her to stay in the bed with him. “I have some questions and I am expecting honest answers.”

She cast her eyes down and she nodded her acceptance. “I noticed when you first began servicing me that you were not a virgin, so I think you’ve done this work before.”

She looked him in the eye and answered, “Yes, I have, for a year before I came to this household. I know from my mother that it is often expected in these kind of jobs and I am attractive so I have been frequently used.”

His next question was, “Tonight you felt different to me. Would you please explain that.”

Her voice was very soft as she answered, “I am betrothed but we do not have enough money to get married yet. I was with him just before I returned and did not have time to clean myself out. I apologize.”

Sai took her hand as he inquired further, “Was this arranged?”

She smiled, something he liked to see on her face, “Yes but we have grown up together so I am in love with him and our parents knew. That is also why we have not waited for the wedding to join our bodies. I hope that does not offend you. I will continue to meet my obligations.”

He spoke tenderly, “I envy you that there is love. I certainly do not have that. Thank you for sharing and I would like to meet your man. Is he the one who gets you on your free days?” She nodded. He asked one last question, “Does he know of all your duties here?” She nodded again and left him to ponder this before he fell asleep.

The next free day he reminded her before she left to introduce him to her betrothed when they returned. The young man was shy and polite, a bit awed by the recognition that upper caste persons like Sai rarely did. His name was Aarav.

At the retiring time, Chhaya prepared him as usual but Sai declined her accompanying him to bed. She quietly said, “Thank you” but went back to the bathing room and returned with a moist washrag. As he watched, she skillfully used her hand to produce his erection and soon a spurting which she cleaned up, surprising him with a quick kiss to the end of his lingam.

He did not know what to expect the next night and was pleased when she joined him in his bed. He looked at her questioningly and she smiled that lovely smile, “I want to be here. You have treated me better than anyone other than my betrothed. Besides, I am a young woman and it is a long time between being with him.” Her ardor was stronger than he ever remembered but she did not kiss him other than friendly pecks on his cheek, being sure that his wife did not observe.

Chhaya told her master that her birthday was approaching, as he had asked her to do. It would fall the day after her free day so she and Aarav would celebrate it when they were together. Sai had asked her where she and her betrothed found privacy. “He lives with his parents so we take a room for a few hours.” That gave Sai an idea for a gift. The morning of that free day he gave her a little envelope. Inside was a note to be opened later requesting that she invite Aarav to stay overnight in her little lodging room. They must be careful that the mistress of the household not find out.

He welcomed the couple at the ordinary returning time and went to his bed. He was awakened by Chhaya getting in next to him, her hand searching for his maleness. When she knew he was awake, she said, “I wish to thank you and it is now my birthday so give me the gift of yourself. Do you wish me to cleanse myself first?” When he moved to kiss her, she opened her mouth to him. He reveled in her sexuality as he plunged over and over into Aarav’s cream.

The next night he asked how her birthday had been. She was beaming as she took him inside and related all the things they had done during the day and then revealed her night of loving. They had never been able to spend so much time in privacy. As he had felt, Aarav had coupled with her first, then him and Aarav once again, a long session before he quietly left. She admitted a bit of tenderness but was NOT complaining. Sai was gentle with her and she was very affectionate.

When the household driver quit, Sai asked Chhaya if Aarav would like the position, “You know that it includes residency here, don’t you?”

Nodding and grinning, she then frowned, “But I cannot let that affect my duties to you. We must talk about it, all three of us when he returns me the next free day. We will have had time to go over it ourselves that way. It is a great opportunity for us without question.” Aarav was the spokeperson for them, “I thank you for the offer. The salary is twice what I am earning now and I will be happy to be away from my family and on my own.” He stopped, not sure how to address the biggest issue. “Chhaya and I had many words about her services here which I have accepted both because it is required but lately because you do things like the birthday gift and many other kindnesses. She has real affection for you and I do not feel threatened by it, to reassure you. With the new income we can finally plan to marry. Being together will be legitimate in the eyes of our families and what happens in this house is only ours to know. I fully support what she does with you and I am confident we will work out the arrangements.”

Aarav moved in within a few days, ostensibly to the driver’s quarters and they glowed with joy. That joy spilled over to Sai’s bed and neither man insisted on “cleansing” between her visits. It was most practical for her to assist Sai’s bedtime as she had been doing, then return to her own quarters to bed her betrothed. She also informed Sai that his needs during any other part of the day would be fulfilled. When he asked Aarav how it was going between them, he was told that her ardor was so great he was glad he had help. That made both men chuckle but they knew it was the truth.

Life in the household was pretty predictable for a while until Sai’s wife made an announcement at dinner. Chhaya was clearing the table as this woman announced, “I am with child.”

Sai immediately responded, “I cannot be the father and will not take any responsibility.”

She got a mean look on her face as she spoke haughtily, “You are my husband so you are legally the father regardless.”

Sai left the table. That night Chhaya knew he was distressed and was extra consoling. She asked as she was moving on top of him, “Is there anything you can do?” He replied he had an appointment with a solicitor friend the next day. After supper he asked Chhaya to bring her husband to his room at bedtime. She wondered if he wanted to sex her in his presence? It was something she had daydreamed about. Having both men she loved together might be delightful.

The master wanted a private conference when his wife could not observe. Chhaya was mildly disappointed though. He had some things to investigate before a case might be made. There were two possibilities. An annulment was one. Chhaya could testify that Sai’s wife refused to sleep or have sex with him. The better way was proving her adultery. That outcome would deprive her of any support and the dowry would not be returned.

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