A Couple Love Their Colleagues

by Sprat Gilfish

Copyright© 2018 by Sprat Gilfish

Romantic Sex Story: A couple entertain each other with their fantasies about their colleagues. After a surprise their fantasies can come true.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   Petting   Slow   .

Authors Note: The bulk of this story is set in the 1980s back when my real life wife and I were young enough to have carried out fantasies like those described. Sadly we didn’t. Younger readers will not understand how much society and its mores have changed since then and even more from the time of the early part of the story. We were courting in the 1950’s before the pill or any other easy access to reliable birth control was available and extra-marital sex was generally avoided for that good reason. This story is totally fiction.

My wife, Dorothy, and I, Donald Edwards, had a big surprise when we met up with friends at a social function arranged by my fellow teachers at the school in a Brisbane suburb where I teach.

Dorothy and I had had reasonably comfortable if not notable lives. We had met each other when she was still at Queensland University completing a science degree specialising in botany and I was doing an education diploma after completing a degree in mathematics and physics.

Although I had a strong sexual drive and had masturbated daily from as long ago as I could remember I had had almost no experience with girls before I met Dorothy. I was generally too shy to invite girls out. When I did I only asked girls I knew from Bible Class. With those girls I did take out I was too inhibited to make advances beyond, in a couple of cases, a chaste kiss and a hug. I occasionally wonder how different my life would have been if I had been a little more adventurous.

Although she was very attractive Dorothy was even less experienced than me, having been too shy to ever accept a serious date.

One day Dorothy and I found ourselves eating lunch next to each other in the University cafeteria and we got talking about nothing in particular. That was so pleasant that I started seeking her out at lunchtime for more and she didn’t seem to object. After we got to know each other quite well I finally got up the courage to ask her out. She agreed. In a short time this became a regular thing. After a few months we were engaged.

Neither of us was particularly religious but we had both had respectable parents who had sent us off to Sunday School and then Bible Class. We both conformed to the repressive morals of the middle class of that time. We did all our courting before the pill changed everything. We slowly discovered the pleasures of necking and then petting. Although she was reserved at first, Dorothy became very enthusiastic. When we got to the stage where I would rub her between her legs until she came, and she would lovingly stroke my prick, she would cry desperately “I so want to feel it in me. I wish we could do it.” But if I moved my hard prick toward her pussy she would say “No! We mustn’t!” and I knew she was right and we didn’t. She would stroke me until I came. Although we enjoyed our times together they ended with feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration. We did manage, with difficulty, to control ourselves. We were technically virgins when we married a year later, but only just.

When Dorothy had finished her course she took a job as a botanist in a large nursery. She developed knowledge and skills in tissue culture which quickly got her a good reputation in the industry.

I went on to teach Mathematics, Physics and General Science in secondary schools. I have less in common with my pupils than the most popular teachers. My interests in science and technology and my total lack of interest in sports and the other popular enthusiasms of children made me a nerd before the term was invented. Nevertheless I am respected as a good teacher because I am good at explaining complex concepts and making subjects interesting.

Despite our restraint before our marriage Dorothy and I quickly found after we were married that we both loved sex. The night we were married we did our usual petting until she cried as usual “I so want to feel it in me.”

I teased her a little as I stroked her clitty. “Are you sure you really want it?”

“Yes! Please! Now!” as she pulled my prick towards her pussy.

I slid it in for the nicest feeling I had ever experienced. “Is this what you wanted?” I asked as I slid it a little way out again.

“Yes! More! More!”

We both thought it was wonderful. The relief after all those months of frustration was almost unbelievable. We soon discovered that the unrestrained fucking we could now allow ourselves was the greatest fun we ever had. We made love to each other almost every day and sometimes more than once. As often as not Dorothy initiated it. Within the constraints of our marriage we really enjoyed experimenting with different ways to give each other pleasure.

In the twenty five years after we were married we had a daughter, Janet. She grew up with no serious problems. She did well at school and university and left home to live in Sydney to pursue her own career, life and relationships.

Dorothy’s growing reputation had led to many advancements so that she was now head of the propagation department of a large nursery business and a person to whom others went for advice. As well as her professional work she was active in a garden club where her knowledge was well appreciated. She was often invited to speak at her own club and other clubs.

I was now Head of Mathematics at a moderately large Brisbane suburban high school. Although my specialities were mathematics and physics and I taught those subjects to senior classes, I was also required, as is normal in secondary schools, to teach general science and mathematics to some lower grade classes. In the same way the Head of Science, Helen Irwin, taught not only senior chemistry and biology but some junior mathematics and general science. As is usual in the staff rooms of secondary schools there was a slight, not serious, social divide between the teachers with a science background and those with arts and other qualifications. Those of us who taught science all got on well and discussed our experiences and problems. In particular Helen and I had a lot to do with each other as we shared the care of laboratories we both used and we advised each other when I had to teach science outside my speciality or she had to teach mathematics a little beyond her expertise. Our relationship was strictly professional but I was well aware that she was an attractive woman of similar age to myself. I liked her as well as respected her and I had the feeling she liked me.

Dorothy and I continued to have a lot of fun in bed, particularly now that our daughter had gone and we had more freedom. We still had sex almost every day. We experimented with different positions and different places and even outdoors where there was a little added thrill from the danger of getting caught. We both enjoyed teasing each other by withholding sex for a while but neither of us could keep that up for more than a few minutes.

Neither of us had ever had sex with anyone else though we had both at various times had friends with whom we had done a bit of harmless flirting and kissing and cuddling. Recently that had become a common topic of conversation between us.

While we were snuggling together and I was stroking her all over and kissing her breasts I would ask “Don’t you ever wonder whether you have missed out on something by never having had sex with anyone but me?”

“No.” she would say “I am contented enough with just us. What about you?”

“You are the only one I have ever wanted.” I would reply and I would play with her more seriously until I had my prick at her pussy and she was pulling me in.

On other occasions she would ask “Do you regret missing out on all those beautiful sexy women you might have had if you hadn’t stuck with me?”

Sometimes, if I was in a teasing mood, I might say “Yes, but I guess I just have to put up with you” and then I would do my best to prove I was only kidding. More often I would reply “Of course not. To me, none of them are as sexy as you.”

One night when we were teasing each other as usual I asked “You say you are contented enough never having fucked anyone else other than me but you must fantasise sometimes. Do you ever think about what it would be like with someone else?”

“Sometimes, but not seriously.”

“Is there anybody in particular you fantasise about?”

“Not really.”

“Absolutely no one?”

“Well perhaps, maybe, Harry.”

“Aha! And who is Harry?”

“Harry is a landscape gardener in our garden club that I talk to sometimes. I don’t think you have ever met him but he and I often come across each other at the various garden shows I go to.”

“So what is he like, this Harry? Is he good looking? Does he flirt with you?”

“He’s nothing special. Probably about your height or slightly taller. Healthy looking. Not fat or skinny. Reasonably handsome though not quite as good looking as you. Attractive. We get on well and have a lot to talk about together. He is interested in my knowledge of plant propagation and he tells me the characteristics he looks for in the different species he uses. He sneaks the occasional look at me like most men do but he is far too reserved and respectable to step out of line in that way. In any case I believe he is married although I have not met his wife and he knows I am married.”

“And what about you? Do you flirt with him?”

“I like it when he looks at me and I give him a smile when I catch him at it but that’s as far as it goes.”

“But you have thought about what it would be like making love to him.”


“Would you like him to kiss you like this?”


I began playing with her breasts. “Would you like Harry to stroke and kiss your breasts like this?”

Dorothy was getting worked up. I stroked her clit. “Pretend that I am Harry. What would you like to do to me if I was Harry?”

“I would like to feel his cock and stroke it like this.”

“I’m Harry. Tell me what to do.” By now she was excited.

“Put it in me Harry. Please! Push it right in and fuck me hard until I cum and then cum in me.” When I did just as she asked she screamed “Fuck me Harry!” as she came.

When we both calmed down a bit she became shy and ashamed of herself and was almost in tears. “I am so sorry Don. I got carried away when you egged me on. I didn’t mean to hurt you by calling out Harry’s name. I don’t really want Harry rather than you. You are more than enough for me. I am sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry darling. It was fun. What’s more” I told her truthfully “I found it even more exciting than usual. I loved it.” We hugged each other and went off to sleep in each other’s arms.

The next night when we got into bed Dorothy was a bit tentative. “Are you sure what we did last night was all right?”

“It was great. We haven’t had as much fun for quite a while. Did you enjoy it?”

“Yes, I did during the moment, but I am still a little concerned that it was not fair to you.”

“No! I told you I found it exciting. If you enjoyed it we should do it again some time as long as it remains fantasy.”

“Well fair’s fair. I have told you who I sometimes fantasise about. Who would you like to make love to, besides me that is?”

“No one really.”

“Who is the most attractive woman you know?”

“You’re the most attractive woman I know. If I really had to pick a second best, Helen, the chemistry and biology teacher I discuss things with, is attractive. I think she likes me but it has never gone further than a comfortable working relationship. I don’t think of her in that way.”

“Come now Don! She’s a woman and you’re a man. You can’t tell me that, given you have so much to do with her, you haven’t occasionally thought about what she would be like in bed. Does she have a husband or a boyfriend? What does she look like? Is she short or tall? Is she fat or skinny? Is she sexy? Does she have little boobs or big ones? I bet you have noticed her boobs.”

“Well, as I say, she is attractive. I think she is married but I don’t know for sure. She would be a little shorter than you and slightly more rounded but not overly so. For school she dresses conservatively to avoid appearing sexy. To the extent that I can tell, looking at her in those clothes, she has nicely shaped breasts, not particularly large but perhaps slightly bigger than yours. Yours are beautiful and quite large enough. Like you, she is definitely more attractive than average, at least to me.”

“Right Don! Pretend that I am Helen. Give Helen a hug the way you might like to and kiss me.” I hugged her and kissed her.

“Would you like to know what I look like under my clothes?” asked Dorothy as she pulled her nighty off over her head. “Look at my beautiful boobs. Imagine they are Helen’s. Play with them and kiss them.”

I thought about what I could remember of Helen’s breasts as I played with Dorothy’s. Dorothy got excited. She said “Now pretend I am Helen, and she wants to fuck you, and do me the way you would like to do her.”

I did. It was fun. We both enjoyed the game.

From then on playing the game fantasising about Harry and Helen became part of our life together. When Dorothy felt a little bored she might say “I want Harry tonight. I need a fuck, Harry. Come and fuck me, Harry” and I would, or, I might ask her to be Helen, or sometimes we would pretend to be Harry and Helen and imagine what they might do in bed together. It added to our fun.

This did have some consequences in our real lives. I found myself having inappropriate thoughts about Helen at inappropriate times when I should have been paying full attention to what she was saying or what we were doing. I would find myself wondering what it would really feel like to give her a hug and a passionate kiss, or how she would react if I did, or just what her breasts would look like without clothes. Sometimes I would have to ask her to repeat what she had just said when I realised my thoughts had strayed from the subject. If I happened to come up beside her when she was sitting down I would find myself trying to peek down her shirt. She caught me doing that once, much to her and my embarrassment. I had to be a lot more careful with my behaviour and thoughts when I was around her which, for me, took something away from the easy going relationship we had had before.

One late afternoon after school, long after everybody else had left, Helen and I were together having successfully finished a project that we had both been working on for some time. We were tired but happy. As we were locking up and leaving, we accidentally bumped into each other and I, on the spur of the moment, gave in to temptation. I put an arm around her, swung her round and kissed her. For a split second she didn’t seem to mind. Then I woke up to how inappropriate this was and we pushed each other away. I shamefacedly said “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have done that” while she said “Naughty! Naughty!” but with a slight grin on her face. I felt a little awkward when we met the next day but she just smiled at me and we carried on as usual.

Dorothy was invited to participate in a weekend workshop being organised by the combined garden clubs of Townsville, around 1,100 kilometres (700 miles) away. To be there in time for her roles in the programme she would need to stay in Townsville for the Friday and Saturday nights. She was keen to go as she would be socialising with people she liked and it would enhance her reputation. I encouraged her to go but I had other commitments that weekend so I couldn’t go with her.

I said “I’ll miss you. Is this Harry of yours going to be there?”

“He’s not my Harry, and I don’t know. It is likely as he is often invited to things like that. It would be good to spend some time with him but I will miss you, particularly at night in a lonely bed.”

“If you get too lonely in bed, ring me up.”

To get a comfortable flight Dorothy had left before I got home from school on the Friday. Late that night she rang me just after I got to bed. “I’m sitting in my hotel bed all lonely and wishing you were here”.

“How have things gone. Did you have a good flight?”

“Yes everything was fine but now I am lonely without you.”

“Have you met up with good company? Is Harry there and have you met up with him?”

“Actually Harry was on the same flight so we sat together and talked. It turned out we were both booked into the same hotel where the workshop is to be held starting in the morning so we had dinner together. After dinner we talked some more in the lounge before we parted to go to our separate rooms. He is a nice guy and we had a lot of common interests to talk about.”

“Did you flirt?”

“No, we were just friendly but I was tempted. Now I can’t sleep as I need to cum. I want you to make love to me Don.”

“Don’t you wish you were with Harry?”

“No Don! I don’t want Harry! I want you! Imagining making love to Harry is only fun to do when you and I are together.”

“What will happen tomorrow night if you find yourself with Harry in the evening and he starts flirting with you? He might feel he has a rare chance to seduce you. Might you be tempted to go to bed with him if he tried?”

“No way!” I might want to but I won’t. It is you I love. It’s fun imagining sleeping with Harry but in reality it would hurt you and I wouldn’t want to do that.”

“I guess so Dot, but as long as you still loved me I am not sure that I would be that upset if you had sex with him and told me about it. Hearing about it might even be exciting.”

“Don! Please! Stop talking about Harry! I want you to make me cum. I have lifted my nightie up around my neck so you can look at my boobs. What are you doing?”

“I am imagining your breasts in front of me. I am leaning over to suck your left breast. I am holding my prick in my hand and rubbing it and pretending it is your hand. I want to rub your clitty. Rub your breast with one hand and your clitty with the other for me.”

There was silence for a while broken only by the sound of slurping and groaning. Then she said “Tell me about your cock.”

“It’s long and thick and hard and it wants to be in you.”

“My swollen wet pussy wants it in me. I want to feel you push it in me now!”

“Put your fingers in and pretend it’s my prick. I’m pushing my prick through my hand as if it was your pussy and I am about to cum.”

“I can feel your cock going in and out and I am going to cum. Oh! Oh! I’m cumming. What about you?”

“I have sprayed all over the place. Are you OK now?”

“I am fine. I’m ready to sleep now. Good night Don.”

The next night the phone call was rather more frantic. “Don please fuck me. I want you to fuck me now! Don’t bother with any foreplay. I need you to tell me you are forcing your prick in and out of me so I cum.”

“What brought this on?”

“I have been naughty and I need you to fuck me.”

“Were you naughty with Harry? Did you fuck him?”

“We didn’t actually fuck but we nearly did.”

“Tell me what happened.”

“Well we had a good day and then a good dinner as part of the event. After the locals went home there was just the two of us left together. We decided to go for a walk. We went down and along the beach. We started holding hands. It was nice. At one point he gave me a quick hug and a kiss. That was nice. When we got back to the hotel we went up to the corridor where both our rooms are and we stopped outside my room. We hugged and kissed passionately. I could feel him up against me and I am sure he could feel me. I was excited and I could tell he was. I wanted him inside me. I said ‘We have got to stop this but I don’t want to.’ He said ‘I don’t want to stop either but my wife and I have never been unfaithful to each other and I don’t want to start now.’ I said ‘In that case you had better go to your room quickly while we are still under control.’ I rushed in to my room and shut the door before we could change our minds.

“I’m sorry I was nearly unfaithful to you. If he had persisted I don’t know that I would have resisted him. That was just a few minutes ago. I got into bed and phoned you straight away. I am very wet. I need you to still love me. I need to imagine you fucking your naughty wife now. Will you forgive me?”

“Of course I still love you. Of course I forgive you. Actually just your telling me about it has made me excited too. I almost wish you had given in and fucked him. Put your fingers in your pussy and pretend it is my prick and rub it hard. I am going to cum all over the sheet imagining my prick is deep inside you. I want you to cum hard” And we both did.

The next evening I collected Dorothy from the airport and she was clearly unhappy. We got home and went to bed and made love twice. The first time was quick and brutal as I could tell that was the way she wanted it. She told me she was still ashamed of her activities of the night before with Harry and she was worried about what I would be feeling towards her. I reassured her that I was OK with what had happened. Our second fuck was slow and caring and she cheered up convinced that I still loved her and wanted her.

Someone in our school staff room remarked that although we teachers all got on well professionally we didn’t know much about each other socially or about our lives outside school. That led to a lot of discussion. Someone floated the idea of an evening party for staff and their husbands and wives and the idea caught on. A small group started planning to have a party in the evening of the last day of the term. After discussion we agreed on an amount we would all be prepared to put in to pay for it. They found a venue with a bar which could supply suitable food and which we could afford. The music teacher offered to arrange some dance music.

By the time the day came everyone, including Dorothy, was eagerly looking forward to it. She was keen to meet the various colleagues I talked about, particularly Helen. Dorothy was not the type to dress flashily but she wasn’t going to have us let ourselves down. She bought herself a new outfit and insisted I dressed in my best. Compared with her normal mode of dress, which was generally a business suit or garden clothes, she looked fabulous.

As soon as we walked into the party I saw Helen. She also was dressed up as I had never seen her before and she looked stunning. I walked across the room holding Dorothy’s hand with the idea of introducing her to Helen. As we approached, Dorothy and the man standing beside Helen looked at each other in great surprise and simultaneously exclaimed “Hello! What are you doing here?” When the four of us sorted out what was going on and the introductions were made Dorothy and I discovered that Dorothy’s friend Harry was Helen’s husband and Harry and Helen learned that Harry’s friend Dorothy was my wife. We were all struck by a mixture of embarrassment and delighted surprise. Obviously some discussion was required. We found seats for the four of us together in an out of the way corner and conversation flowed in all directions. We all expressed pleasure at the meeting. We talked about the coincidence of all knowing each other. Helen and Dorothy were sounding each other out but were getting along reasonably well. Harry and I were slightly strained but I could see that he was a likable fellow.

A dance was announced. I danced with Dorothy while Harry danced with Helen. Dorothy was worried that I would not be comfortable with Harry but I told her he seemed a decent fellow and I was OK with him. She told me she could see why I was attracted to Helen. She could tell that Helen was a nice person and she was slightly jealous of her. I told her there was no need for that. I assured her that no matter how much I was attracted to Helen she, Dorothy, would always come first with me.

Next time a dance was announced I asked Harry whether he would like to change partners for it. I found dancing with Helen enjoyable if a little disconcertingly arousing. She asked me whether I knew how fond of each other Harry and Dorothy were and whether I knew how close they had got in Townsville. Apparently Harry and Helen were as honest with each other as Dorothy and I were. I told her that I knew what had happened and how far it had gone. I asked her whether she was happy about it. She told me she was a little concerned but knew how much Harry and Dorothy helped each other in their work and she trusted Harry would not do anything which would damage their marriage. She asked me how I felt about it and I said much the same thing. I was confident that, no matter what happened, Dorothy loved me and I loved her.

Harry and I talked. I told Harry I knew what he and Dorothy had got up to in Townsville. I told him I was not too concerned as I believed that he was a decent fellow who wouldn’t hurt Dorothy or me. We talked about all sorts of things we found mutually interesting. Helen and Dorothy, after a bit of fencing, found they had much in common. By the end of the evening it was obvious that the four of us could become close friends.

The next day Helen rang Dorothy and told her that because we had all got on so well she and Harry would like to invite the two of us to their place for dinner the next Saturday. We discovered that we lived quite close to each other in adjacent suburbs. We went and had a pleasant evening. Harry had an ancient vintage car which had at some stage been burnt out and which he was in the process of rebuilding. That got me interested. It was a long project. He had already spent a couple of years just working on it in his occasional spare time. He was at the stage of working out the wiring which had all been destroyed and he was curious as to whether my good knowledge of electricity and how things worked might be helpful.

Dorothy and I invited Helen and Harry to dinner at our place the next week. Once again we had a pleasant evening. I owned what was, back in those days, a great novelty, a Commodore 64 personal computer, to play with. It was of course a primitive device by today’s standards but it was possible to program it and play simple games on it. I wondered then whether the time might come in the future when we would be teaching about such things in school. Harry was fascinated by it, having never had anything to do with anything like it.

The four of us became close friends. We went on outings together and we frequently shared meals. We took turns being hosts most Friday nights. Helen and Harry would come to our place for dinner one week. The next week we would go to their place. After we got to know each other evenings often ended with hugs and kisses all round although we were restrained and didn’t cross any boundaries. Dorothy and Helen frequently went shopping together and had long chats over coffee. When we were both free during the weekends Harry and I would get together at his place to work on the vintage car or he would come over to our house to play with the Commodore 64.

One place we liked to visit was the Brisbane Jazz Club where, in those days, every Saturday evening they would have an old fashioned big band playing vintage dance music. We would go and sometimes dance but often we would just sit and listen and talk to the other patrons who were a friendly bunch. We got to know one couple named Leonard and Becky. We assumed initially that they were a married couple but it turned out that they weren’t. They were both New Zealanders although Becky lived here in Brisbane. Becky’s husband, Andy, was on a long secondment to Auckland, 2300 kilometres (1400 miles) away across the Tasman Sea in New Zealand, while Leonard, whose home was in Auckland, was involved in a long term project here in Brisbane. Andy and Leonard only got to be with their wives on weekends every six weeks or so. By mutual agreement Becky kept Leonard company in Brisbane while Leonard’s wife Kathy kept Andy company in Auckland. It was apparently a happy arrangement for all four concerned.

When just the two of us were together Harry and I were not particularly talkative about anything except what we were doing but unexpectedly one day Harry said “You know you and I are among the luckiest men in the world.”

“How do you mean Harry?”

“Between us we sleep with two of the world’s nicest, sexiest, loveliest women.”

“I agree with you there! I love Dorothy but if it wasn’t for her I would certainly go after Helen.”

“You’d better watch out then Don because I have similar thoughts about Dorothy.”

“I’ve rather suspected that.” I said.

That night when Dorothy and I were cuddled together I told Dorothy about Harry and my conversation and what Harry had said. She wasn’t surprised. She said “Actually Helen and I have been swapping secrets behind your backs. I told her about our sexy games imagining Harry and her as partners in our bed and she confessed they play similar games with you and me in their imagination. Helen told me she thinks you are very sexually attractive. Of course given your occupations you have to behave yourselves. Do you think they wish our games were real? Do you?”

“Well I don’t know about that. It would be dangerous to actually have sex but I really would like to experience a cuddle with Helen. You and Harry have the advantage over Helen and me. You have actually had your real passionate experience even though you stopped before it went too far. That doesn’t upset me greatly but I am a little jealous.”

“I understand that. Well, you never know what might happen in the future. I wouldn’t mind you and Helen having a cuddle like Harry and I did but I agree that actual sex could be dangerous to relationships all round. I wouldn’t want to lose them as friends and, much worse, it would be a disaster if something upset one or both of our marriages.”

A few days later the subject came up again as we talked about Harry and Helen between hugs and kisses in bed. I said “You know I have been reading stories about wife swapping and swinging and they all seem a little crude and unappealing, particularly when they have sex without love just for the sake of having sex. Most of them don’t turn out well. I wouldn’t want things to go wrong with Harry and Helen. However I am a little intrigued by the idea of soft swing.”

“What’s meant by that?”

“Apparently two friendly couples in the same room swap partners and kiss and cuddle and make love in front of each other but stop short of penetration of any kind. It would be like making out as we used to do before we were married or like prolonged foreplay without the conclusion.”

“Would you like to try that with Helen and Harry?”

“Maybe. I am not sure. It would only be possible if all four of us were all totally enthusiastic with the idea and I doubt that would happen. What do you think?”

“It sounds a crazy idea. It might be fun but I doubt that Helen and Harry would go along with it. Harry is pretty possessive of Helen and the idea is rather way out for Helen. Anyway I don’t see how it would come about.”

The following weekend Harry and I were working together on the old car when Harry said “Dorothy told Helen about this crazy soft swing idea you were talking about.”

“Oh dear. It was just pillow talk between Dorothy and me. I didn’t seriously think of it as something we would ever actually do. I hope Helen was not too shocked.”

“No. Not at all. Helen thought it was a great joke. She was a little surprised at first but she thought about it and I think she might even want to try it. You know she has secretly had thoughts about what it would be like to make love to you.”

“What about you Harry? I know you had that experience with Dorothy and I assume you wouldn’t mind more of the same but would you be OK seeing me making love to Helen?”

“I could stand it if the four of us were in it together and you didn’t hurt her.”

“You know I wouldn’t do that. Well perhaps we should just leave it up to Helen and Dorothy.”

I didn’t seriously think it would happen.

The next Saturday I was told we were going round to Helen and Harry’s place after dinner for a talk. When we knocked Harry came to the door and invited us in. In their main room they have a long corner lounge with comfortable room for two to sit or even lie down in each half. Helen was sitting on it near the corner. Harry sat down next to her and invited us to sit in the other half so Helen and Dorothy were between Harry and me. There were the usual greetings and small talk about what we had all been doing since we were last together. The conversation got slightly awkward. Then Helen said “Don! Tell us about this soft swing idea of yours.”

“It is not my idea. I just read a couple of articles about people doing it and I told Dot about them.”

“OK,” said Helen. “Tell us what happens.”

“Well,” I explained “two couples who are close friends make love to each other’s spouses in the same room but refrain from any form of penetration. They have to agree on the rules and how far they can go so no one gets hurt.”

“What are the rules?” asked Harry.

“Well, all four have to be happy throughout. No one continues to do anything to the person they are with unless that person wants it. Most importantly, if anyone of the four says ‘Stop!’ they all stop immediately and there must be no recriminations.”

“What are the rules about what you can do and how far you can go?” asked Helen.

“That depends entirely on what the four agree on in advance. I would think you could go as far as you like as long as there is no penetration. Couples who practise soft swing want to keep penetration as something special for their own spouses. That’s what makes it different from swapping or swinging.”

Harry asked “What about variations like bondage and anal play and oral sex?”

I said “Personally I think oral penetration with a penis would count as penetration and be against the rules.”

“I agree,” said Dorothy “and I wouldn’t like the idea of anal play or any form of bondage or inflicting pain.”

There were nods all round. “Any more questions?” I asked.

Dorothy and Helen gave each other a long searching look and stood up. Dorothy leant over and gave me a big hug and a passionate kiss. I wasn’t looking but I think Helen did the same to Harry. Then Dorothy and Helen swapped places. Helen sat down beside me, put her arm round me and gave me a long sexy kiss. When we broke apart she said “I’ve been wanting to do that to you for a long time. Now, if you have no objections, kiss me back.” and of course I kissed her passionately. I was vaguely aware of kissing and slurping and happy noises coming from the other half of the lounge and there did not seem to be any problems there but I was more interested in what Helen and I were doing. I wasn’t going to object to what was happening and I was pretty sure Harry wouldn’t either.

Helen and I lay as close together as we could get with our arms around each other. I was stroking her side backwards and forwards from her bottom to her shoulder. After a while I changed the path to touch her breast on each stroke. She seemed to like that. I squeezed and massaged her breast through her blouse. When she didn’t object I reached down and up under her blouse to feel her breasts directly. I said “Your breasts feel wonderful.”

She said “I didn’t wear a bra tonight because I thought this might happen and I hoped you might want to do that. Would you like to see them?

“I would love to.” She sat up, removed her blouse and lay down in front of me again.

As I had always imagined, her breasts were beautiful. I played with her nipples for a while and then bent down and took one in my mouth and sucked it while I continued to play with the other. For a long while she just hugged me tight against her. I took my shirt off so I could hug her skin to skin. She reached down between us and stroked the front of my pants. Naturally I was rock hard down there.

She said “I want to see what I am feeling. Take your trousers off.” I looked over briefly and saw to my surprise that Harry and Dorothy were both down to their underwear. I took my trousers off. “Now your underpants.” Helen ordered. She pushed them down and off me and proceeded to stroke my prick up and down.

I reached up under her skirt and ran my hand up and down her thigh getting closer and closer to her pussy. She asked “Would it be easier if I took my skirt off?” She did. My hand went up to her panties and stroked her between her legs. She was soaking wet. I slid my hand into her panties and fingered her clitty. She was getting very excited and so was I. I slid a finger inside her pussy.

She said “That might count as penetration.”

“I suppose it might but if you don’t mind I think it could be allowed.”

“Whatever, please don’t stop. You’re going to make me cum.”

I was about to cum too and was rapidly reaching the point when I would be unable to prevent it. I heard familiar gasps and cries coming from Dorothy at the other end of the lounge. I recognised the sounds she made when she was enjoying a major orgasm.

Suddenly Dorothy cried out “Stop! I can’t stand it anymore. Don, you’ve got to take me home! Now!” The other three of us stopped and stared at her. She was obviously in distress. “I am sorry but I have to get out of here.” she said “Take me home!” She and I quickly pulled on our outer clothes not bothering with underwear. Dorothy grabbed me by the hand and pulled me out through the door of the room, out of the house and into our car which was in the dark, in their driveway at the side of the house, under a tree.

I went to start the car but she stopped me and grabbed hold of me. “I thought you wanted me to take you home.” I said. “Whatever is the matter? You seemed to be enjoying yourself up until the last moment.”

“I was. I loved it. It was wonderful. I was as excited as I have ever been. It was too much. I wanted him inside me so much I couldn’t bear it when he didn’t fuck me. If I hadn’t got out of there I would have insisted he fuck me. I need a cock inside me, right now, right here. Get over here and fuck me!”

“Was he wanting to do something you didn’t want?”

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