The Prize

by lucyB

Copyright© 2018 by lucyB

Erotica Sex Story: Couple win a holiday, their first for many years. They go to enjoy themselves and they do in more ways than one...

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Coercion   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   Wife Watching   Exhibitionism   Pregnancy   Voyeurism   Hairy   .

It happened just after my thirty eighth birthday, in the May of 2004. We had a couple of messages left on our telephone answering machine asking us to call a number to claim a prize. Well, both my wife Jennifer, and I straight away thought it was a scam and just deleted the message.

Then one evening while waiting for Jennifer to serve dinner the phone rang, “Hello?”

“Ah, hello is that Mr Thorpe?”

“Yes, who’s this?” I asked not recognising the voice, there was a -lot of people talking in the background.

“I’m sorry to disturb you at this hour, sir, but we have been trying to get hold of you so that you can claim your prize.” He said the last part of his sentence with a lot of excitement and I didn’t quite know whether it was for real or not. However, the phone messages came to mind and I thought straight away that this is the scam.

“What prize?” I said with derision.

“Okay, my name is John and you entered a competition a year ago, last April, and I am happy to inform you that you have one third prize. How about that then Mr Thorpe?” John said with so much enthusiasm that it seemed to drool out of the handset.

“Just hold a moment John,” I said and put my hand over the mouthpiece. “Jennifer, Jennifer,” I shouted across the lounge. Jennifer emerged from the kitchen.

“What?” she said, standing there with a ladle in one hand and a saucepan in the other.

“Did we enter a competition way back last year around April time?”

“Um, don’t think so,” she replied as her mind worked overtime trying to remember, “Nah pretty sure we didn’t, why?”

“There is some idiot on the phone here saying we won third prize.”

“Well, if we did, I can’t remember,” she said and returned to the kitchen.

I returned the handset to my ear, “Well, we think you’ve got the wrong Mr...”

“Wait!” came Jennifer’s voice as she burst back into the room, “We entered a competition last year just before your birthday.”

Suddenly it clicked, “It could be I suppose, let’s see what he’s got to say,” I said, “John, what was the competition for?”

“Well first prize if you’d won it was a holiday in the Maldives with one thousand pounds spending money. Your prize isn’t as luxurious as that I’m afraid Mr Thorpe but you have won a holiday in a five-star caravan with all mod-cons in Torquay with six hundred-and fifty-pounds spending money.”

Still sceptical, “So have I got to do anything to claim it.” Here it comes I thought, the scam to grab what little money I have. Having not worked for the past four months after a car accident and the driver not having any insurance I was skint. Having debts up to my eyeballs and know where to go.

“Mr Thorpe all I need from you is...” Go on say it, the amount per person to go towards the admin costs.

“ ... is your address and post code. I can then post you all the details of your holiday, that’s it. Oh, we’ll need to discuss when you can go we have only a limited number of weeks.”

Well to say I was gobsmacked would be an understatement.

Within five minutes we’d set the dates for a week’s holiday in Torquay in June. With the paper work coming the following day by courier.

I sat down to my dinner of liver and onions with Jennifer as pleased as punch.

“I don’t know why you’re smiling like a Cheshire cat. If I remember correctly Steven Thorpe you threw that competition slip in the bin, discarding it like you used to with y’ woman before y’ met me. It was I who put our telephone number on that slip and handed it in, not you.”

I looked down sheepishly, “Yes, well we were there together, weren’t we?” We fell silent while we ate our dinner. My missus makes a gorgeous liver and onion casserole.

“You know Jen, I’ve never won a competition before.”

“I did once. It was my first job after leaving school, I worked in the local supermarket on the wines and spirits department. I won first prize in the Christmas Raffle.” I saw her smile with pride at that, “Haven’t won anything else mind, well not until now any ways.”

“Cor, duck, we’ve a holiday, we’ve not been out of town for nearly twenty years on a holiday.”

“Hey, we’ve only been married eighteen years what you talking about?”

“Aye, but we’ve been together twenty-one years, right honey?”

Jennifer smiled, “Aye, you swept me of my feet when I was just seventeen,” she reminisced.

“Don’t go all mushy on me now duck,” I said then started singing, “We’re all going on a summer holiday...”

The drive to Torquay was good until we got to Torquay. Then my navigator got us lost. Jennifer’s okay so long as the road is completely straight and we don’t have to turn off.

Instead of us taking about four hours to get there from home it took five. Once Jennifer had got her mind into gear we eventually got to the park. She never gets lost when we go shopping that’s for sure.

I know caravan holidays are not always the best, but when it’s free you don’t complain. We both needed a break, and we certainly hadn’t had one since our honeymoon. So, you can appreciate how excited we were.

We parked up outside our caravan and found ourselves impressed. The van was at the end of a long drive, we passed several other vans along the way. Our van stood in a secluded spot with a copse of trees growing behind it, and the beach no more than a hundred feet from us.

“Will you look at that Steve, it’s longer than our house back home!” Jennifer said enthusiastically.

“Aye, y’ damn right sweetheart.” I said also enthused as much as the misses was.

I walked up the steps to the front door and with the key they’d given me back at reception I opened the door and stepped in.

Jennifer barged passed me and walked the length of the van looking in each room. “Jesus honey, we’ve two bedrooms and one’s en suite. The kitchens a bit small but it has an oven hob and even a microwave. We have a shower, very nice bathroom. And look at the size of this lounge, it’s huge and we can see the sea out the window.”

I followed Jenifer into the lounge just as she flopped down onto the bench seat under the panoramic rear window.

“You can see the sea,” I said as I sat next to her.

“This is just luverly, Steven,” Jennifer sighed in happiness, “The place is gorgeous, so plush and rich.”

“Aye lass, it is,” I agreed, “Very nice, very nice indeed.”

We fell silent as we sat there looking about the van. We’d never had anything like this before and the whole idea of a holiday for us was totally out of the question. I suppose because we’ve never had one, we’ve never missed it. Now we’re here in Torquay, in a caravan, for a whole week just seems totally unreal.

“I think I’ll try out the shower,” Jenny said out of the blue.

I looked at her as she sat looking out the window as the waves lapped up the beach, “Okay sweetie, I think I’ll walk up to the shop next to reception and see if we can buy a bottle of wine and some goodies.”

“What about dinner?”

“We’ll go out for dinner, find a local pub and have a nice steak!”

“That’ll be luverly, we haven’t been out for years.”

“That’s true we haven’t. We should be able to go out every night with the money we’ve won.”

“What’s the time?” she asked.

Looking at my watch, “A quarter to five.”

“Then I’d better start getting ready.”

“Sure, make it sexy for me, we’re on holiday let’s enjoy ourselves.”

“I’ll see...”

At the shop, they had all the things you would want to help your stay on the park a good one with a large selection of wines and spirits. Jennifer’s favourite wine is Merlot so I bought three bottles, they weren’t cheap but I thought who cares we’re on holiday. I got myself eight bottles of real ale and a few snacks.

As I left the shop I noticed it’d turned dark and looking up saw the storm clouds coming in off the sea. Looked like we might get a downpour. We didn’t want it to rain but if it does we certainly wasn’t going to let it spoil our adventure.

It took me about twenty to thirty minutes to get to the shop and back. I could see a light on in the van due to the darkening clouds. I walked round the car and as I did I saw a small man wearing a peak cap wonder into the woods at the rear of the van.

Hello there, what’s going on ‘ere then and moved to the end of the van. The light was on in the bedroom and the curtains were still open. I could just see Jenny standing in front of the bedroom mirror in just a towel putting her make-up on.

There was rustling in the bushes and I turned to look. The man was peering through the bushes and into the van. The dirty bugger, I thought, he’s peeking at my wife.

He could see directly into the caravan; the light was on and my wife was standing there with just a towel on.

Jennifer put her brush through her hair a few times and then removed the towel. She obviously didn’t realise people could see her from the trees. Her tits swayed as she moved then she turned and gave the man a full frontal, exposing her hairy black muff to him. She still has a great figure even after two kids. She still had the brush in her hand and again she runs it through her hair whilst standing exposing herself completely to this man.

Neither one of us are getting any younger and as I see her standing there I felt quite proud she was my wife. I smiled to myself admiring the view as I knew she was totalling unaware of the show she was giving me and the guy in the bushes.

Just then, I became aware of some slight movement from him. After a few seconds, I realised the man was old. I could see him there in the overgrowth, but the weather had darkened the woods more than they would normally, and I found it a little difficult to make him out at first what with the cap he was wearing.

Then I noticed his arm movements. I suddenly realised the old man was wanking his cock. At first, I couldn’t see properly but the wind blew and the leafy branch obscuring my view; there it was in all its glory.

The man moved his head and his face came into view. He was old maybe in his seventies and treated to the same view as I. He was wanking over the sight in the window. The filthy old bastard was wanking over my wife! I then noticed his trousers around his ankles, cock in hand, and staring at my wife’s big tits and hairy pussy. The light didn’t allow me to see much more.

Then the rain came and within a minute or two the thunder rumbled overhead and there was a flash of lightening. Then it poured down. The old man pulled up his trousers and retreated into the woods.

I couldn’t believe it, what the hell did he think he was doing? We’d only been there a matter of an hour or two at the most, and this old man was using the sight of my wife for his own gratification. He had now scarpered, but I could feel myself ready to have a go at him.

The rain however, made me run for the door. Opened it and as I walked up the three steps to get into the van, I felt my rock hard cock. I had no idea why I was rock hard. What was wrong with me? I should be livid - not stood here on the door step with a huge boner. I made my way in to the caravan, not knowing what to say or do.

“Are you okay?” she asked, looking at me bemused.

Was it that obvious? “Yes, why?” I replied.

“You’ve got a weird look on your face.” she said.

“Um, yes, I’m fine.” I smiled weakly, “I’m just desperate for a pee that’s all. I’ve got us a few drinks,” I added passing the bag to Jenny hoping she didn’t see my raging hard on and pretended to rush to the toilet.

Sitting on the toilet lid I went over what I saw and tried to decide whether to tell her or not.

Do I tell her what had just happened, or to keep it a secret? If I told her she would want to know why I didn’t do anything about it and she certainly wouldn’t appreciate the fact that I just stood there and did nothing. I settled to keep it to myself for the time being.

Jenny was nearly dressed, so I got into the shower and got ready for our meal out.

We found a pub not far from the park, got a table and ordered our meal.

“It’s nice, here, isn’t it?” Jennifer asked as we waited for our starters. She was looking around the pub at its features, the black beams running along the ceiling the huge open fire place. Nearly all these types of public houses are gone where we live. Now we have modern gastro pubs that have no character or ambiance and a service that sucks. Here, out in the sticks, well not quite, we were still in a large town but not a huge city. Our waiter was a young girl and the service she gave was very good, she smiled at us would you believe.

After a few glasses of wine, we were both in a relaxed mood, and enjoying ourselves. We had a nice meal and the expected rush in the restaurant was soon evident. At around nine we left the table for the bar and managed to find a couple of stalls and sat. We ordered more drinks, “I don’t think I should have much more, Steve. You know what I’m like with alcohol.”

“Yes, I know alright, but hey we’re on holiday, we don’t have to get up in the morning we can do what we want when we want.”

“I know but I don’t want to make myself ill.”

“I won’t let you get that far. Do you remember Bill’s son’s wedding, you were smashed out of your skull that day?”

“That’s precisely what I’m talking about. I promised myself I wouldn’t do that again, and I haven’t, Jimmy’s wedding was nine years ago, and I haven’t let myself go since.”

“Aye lass you’ve done very well.”

“You haven’t mention Bill for a long time don’t you see him anymore?”

“Nah, not so much these days, not since Doreen took ill with the cancer.”

“Yes, you told me about that. I never knew Doreen that well, she kept herself shut away. Never came to the functions up at the club when that was going.”

The pub door opened then and there was a gust of wind. We both looked round to see the weather had got worse and two men came into the pub. I recognised one of them because he was still wearing the same clothes as earlier. It was the old man spying on my wife.

As they entered the old man took his cap off. He was bald on to top but had hair round his ears and the back of his neck. He looked to be in his seventies and had the biggest beer gut I’d ever seen. I’d not seen that earlier. His face was full of wrinkles and dimples with welts and warts. He wasn’t a pretty sight.

Looking at Jennifer I wondered what she’d make of him but she was now looking the other way and sipping her wine. I looked back at him to see him eyeing my wife. He was blatantly staring at her, probably recalling what she looks like without her clothes on.

“You know I really like this place, it’s nice,” she said.

Noticing her glass was empty I suggested, “Shall we have one more then go?”

“Okay, that’s my limit anyway,” we looked at each other and I saw that look in her eye, the one that means she’s feeling a bit frisky.

Wine does that to her.

The old man came and stood by me and his friend ordered their drinks. They were talking and I could see his friend looking at Jennifer, looking her up and down.

Have no clue as to what Jennifer’s weight is but she stands five foot four inches tall. She’s not as thin as she was but she still retains her curves although she is slightly fuller in body. Jennifer certainly isn’t fat nor is she a twiglet.

With the two men standing beside us Jennifer and I fell silent. Then I overheard the old man’s friend ask, “So what y’ been doing today Alf?”

Alf took his pint glass away from his mouth, swallowed saying, “Not much, had a walk along the beach this afternoon that’s all.”

“You been out peeping again.”

Alf took a mouth full of ale and swallowed saying quietly, “Saw a good ‘n today mate.”

“Did y’ now,” said his friend smiling, “You really are a perv aren’t you, you old git.”

“She was gorgeous, Phil, I mean it,” Alf said stressing that he meant it, “A touch of class.”

At that point, I turned to look at the clock and saw Alf pointing over his shoulder towards Jenny. Indicating to Phil that it was my wife he’d seen earlier.

Phil suddenly stood up from leaning against the bar as if he was expecting an altercation, I saw the fear on his face but I just looked at the clock and turned back to Jennifer.

“Come sweetheart, time for us to bed.”

She smiled and finished her drink. I went first and as I held the door open for her I looked back to find the two men staring at my wife’s butt. I followed, chuckling to myself. We headed up the road towards the park. The rain had stopped and the evening was quite warm considering the down pour we’d had. I held her hand like I always do when we’re out walking.

“Blimey, Steve its bloody dark along here!” Jenny said alarmed.

“Aye there is no street light along this road by the looks of things,” I replied.

“You could break y’ neck along here and no one would know until morning, dreadful.”

“Well the path is well maintained, if you remember, when we came up this way to the pub. We should be okay.”

“I remember.”

We got to the entrance of the park without mishap and entered following the narrow lane to the far end where our caravan stood. Just as we started along the lane, I suddenly had this feeling that someone was watching us, I couldn’t make up my mind so I looked behind only, surprise, surprise, to see nothing there.

In all the years we’d been together, I’d never thought about my wife with another man. Even after what occurred this afternoon, I never thought a man of Alf’s age would want to wank over Jennifer’s body. But I’m not as old as Alf so I couldn’t really answer that question. I have had no need to wish or want to have a go at another woman as Jennifer has always given me what I wanted except for anal but then I don’t really want to do it anyway. I thought about trying it many years ago, it was something I hadn’t tried, and still haven’t. This is one thing Jennifer would never do.

Yet, the idea that a man as old as Alf would want to gratify himself over her was a total turn on. Now that I’ve seen him I thought, best of luck old man, if that sort of thing turns you on then fine.

Then my mind took on another perspective, another angle to the whole scenario and as I thought about it I felt a tingle in my cock and I started to get an erection. Jennifer didn’t know about her flashing the old man this afternoon and therefore it would be quite easy to let her do it again.

As we came up to the caravan I stopped at the door and before opening it turned to Jenny, took her into my arms and kissed her. She kissed me back thinking it was a small peck on the lips and tried to pulled back. I held onto her pulling her closer to me keeping my mouth on hers. I felt her tits squash up against my chest as my cock grew. Then she gave in, surrendered her body against mine and gave a quiet moan of pleasure as I pushed my tongue between her lips and into her mouth. Running my hands slowly down her back I lightly caressed her bum cheeks with the tips of my fingers, then went further by taking hold of the hem of her skirt, I slowly pulled it up exposing her knickers. She wasn’t wearing stockings; I continued to pull until her knickers were on show.

Dropping her skirt, I broke the kiss, and whispered in her ear, “Come on let’s get into bed.”

I turned to the door unlocked it and entered. Jennifer with a gentle giggle went straight to the toilet. I needed a leak bad but I held on and waited for Jennifer to finish. As I did I removed my jacket and shirt. Took off my shoes and socks. Jennifer came out of the toilet with a smile on her face.

“Dirty old man, why did you flash me like that, you’ve never done that before?” she asked.

“I’ve never thought of it before,” I replied dashing to the loo, and called back, “Don’t undress yet, I want to watch.”

“Steve, you old bugger, what’s got into you tonight?” she giggled.

I stood at the toilet taking a leak and would it stop, would it buggery. I stood there and stood there while I emptied my bladder. Eventually I finished and zipped up and went straight to the bedroom.

Jennifer was sitting on the bed, she was a little worse for wear, the alcohol was going to her head but not like she was drunk, just tipsy. That look in her eye told me it wouldn’t take many more drinks for her to get drunk but, she still had all her mental capabilities.

I sat on the bed next to her, “Now my little cherub I want you to undress right there,” I said pointing to a spot on the floor in front of me, “And I want you to do it really sexy.”

“Steven Thorpe what’s come over you this night,” she got up with a huge anxious smile on her face and stood in the place I’d indicated. Even dressed she looked gorgeous.

“Is this where you want me?”

“No, darling,” I replied, “I want you here on the bed naked but only after you’ve undressed nice and sexy for me.”

“You want me to do a strip tease, is that it?” she asked blushing.

“Huh, huh,” I replied while moving up the bed and leaning back against the headboard. My cock was already growing just thinking Alf could be out there watching us.

“But I haven’t any music,” she added glibly and raising her arms in dismissal.

“Just pretend, Jen, better still just strip down but do it slowly so I can relish your body.”

“What’s this all about Steven, you’ve never asked me to do this before?” she said still standing there, arms at her side.

“Just trying to make our bedtime a little more interesting that’s all,” I added, “So you going to do it or not?”

“Sometimes I just don’t understand you Steven Thorpe,” she said as she started to undo the buttons on her blouse, “I sometimes think you’re getting kinkier as you get older.”

“What’s kinky about a wife doing a striptease for her old man?” I said and went on, “Besides what we do in our bedroom is up to us isn’t it, so long as we’re not hurting ourselves or anybody else we can be as kinky as we want.”

“You’re incorrigible, now you’re talking dirty,” she added mockingly and removed her blouse, throwing it onto a chair in the corner of the room. Jenny stood there in her bra and skirt, her breasts bulging slightly as the garment pulled them together. Jenny placed her hands behind her waist and started to swing her hips whilst giving a cheeky smile.

As I watched her I glanced out the window behind her to see if I could spot Alf in the bushes. But it was way too dark and with the lights on near impossible to see anything out side. Jenny pulled the zip on her skirt down and the garment fell to her feet. She continued to swing her hips then slowly turned exposing her knicker covered arse to me. Slowly she came back round to face me and by this time my old cock was at full mast.

“Oh, will you look at the tent in your trousers!” said Jenny surprised, “Does this turn you on sweetie?”

Looking at her I saw the dark patch of black pubic hair through her knickers while quite a bit of hair was sticking out from the top of them. Jenny has an abundance of hair around her minge and I just love it when I dive into her muff searching for her flaps.

Jenny made another turn and as she had her back to me I had a good look through the window into the darkness outside. Just as she was about to face me again I suddenly spotted an old face looking from the corner of the window.

The dirty old git was watching, my cock grew another inch at the thought of this man ogling my wife while she undressed in front of me.

“Sure does, darling,” I replied with a huge grin. Then Jenny push her thumbs into the waist band of her knickers and slowly pulled them down while continuing to swing her hips and slowly turn.

Her knickers slowly revealed her abundant pubic hairs as she gradually pulled the garment down over her mound. Seconds later she exposed her mound and displayed her black copious hair. It’s wild growth now revealed to an unknown voyeur as she turned to face the window. It completely amazed me she hadn’t mentioned the fact the curtains were wide open and anybody who happened to walk this far in the park would get an eye full.

Yet, here she was, my gorgeous wife, standing before me swinging her hips to some unknown music playing away in her head as she stripped. This is something totally out of character for Jenny and me.

Then suddenly, she let go of her knickers and they fell to the floor at her feet. Stepping out of them she did one more quick spin and climbed onto the bed next to me.

With a huge sexy smile, she says, “Did you like that lover?” She placed her hand on my dick and gently rubbed.

I groaned, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, sweetie, you’ll have me spunking in my pants.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to waste that lovely goo like that, darling,” she said as she started to unzip me, “We would really like it pumped into the correct place now wouldn’t we,” she said sexily.

“There’s nowhere better than inside your sexy hairy minge,” I said as she took hold of my cock and pulled it out from my trousers.

Jenny started to gently wank my dong whilst moving up and kissing me, her tongue venturing between my lips and into my mouth. As we kissed so I looked over at the window and there, was old Alf looking in. His eyes wide with wonder and pure lust as he ogled my wife’s nakedness. From the movements of his left shoulder I could tell he was wanking away at his cock.

I bet he’d just love to be where I am now, I thought, on this bed with my lovely Jenny getting ready to fuck her.

Then, suddenly, I moved Jenny over onto her back and made to get up. “Where you going?” Jenny asked as she relaxed back onto the bed.

“Think we should pull the curtains sweetheart, we don’t want any perv’s looking in on us now do we,” I said getting off the bed and going over to the window. I just spotted Alf drop down out of sight. I pulled the curtains over and closed the view that Alf so clearly enjoyed.

That night the sex we had was out of this world. Jenny has never been so sexually vibrant as she was that night. Even I, managing to get it up three times before I fell asleep exhausted, to spunk three loads in one night was just outstanding. It was a good job I’d had the snip otherwise I’d have put baby in her.

The following morning (Sunday) we were up at our usual time. Breakfast was a little sombre as both of us reflected on what happened the night before. Jennifer seemed to have a slip of a smile on her lips as we munched on our toast. However, I was contemplating how I could get it all to happen again. Better still to get Alf in to watch or maybe even to touch, Jesus this is rich!

It was then Jennifer broke the silence between us, “So, did you enjoy yourself last night?” she asked.

Looking up from my mug of coffee, “Sure did,” I replied also smiling, “What about you?”

“Never in a million years did I imagine doing something like that. It was so, so, I don’t know so sexy. That’s it I’ve never felt so sexy as I did whilst I undressed for you in that way.”

“Yes, I know, you were fantastic. The way you took your clothes off was pure sex. I wish I’d asked you to do it a long time ago.”

“A long time ago I would’ve said on y’ bike. Now though, well I enjoyed it so much I might just do it again for you.”

“What about you looking sexy for me today. You know something short and slutty?”

“I don’t own anything like that Steven, you should know that.”

“Aye, you don’t do you,” I said pondering wondering if she’ll go for it. Oh well in for a penny... “Well what if we went shopping for some?”

“Some what?” she asked looking up.

“Slutty clothes to wear just for me.”

Jenny went silent. I could she was thinking about it, “So you want me to look slutty for you, do you?” she said coy like.

“Yeah, why not? Why can’t we be a bit more adventurous. You’re my woman, you have a nice body which you should display at its most appealing. Men would look twice if you were dressed sexy.”

“But it’s for your eyes only, Steven Thorpe.”

“Of course, but a little teasing wouldn’t go a miss would it; if you were to show off your stocking tops or flash y’ knickers now and again.”

“I’m not liking the flashing bit. A little teasing would be okay I suppose,” she said thoughtfully.

“Come on then let’s go shopping for my beautiful lady.”

We went into Torquay and spent a while looking in stores for the right clothing but we didn’t see anything I particularly liked in the popular stores. After a couple of hours of searching we stopped and had a coffee.

The café was extremely busy and we struggled to get a table but once one become vacant we did enjoy our coffee.

“Looks like there isn’t a descent lingerie sexy clothes shop in Torquay Steven,” Jennifer said slightly despondent.

“Yes, you could be right. When we’re finished here we’ll wonder along the road a bit further and see what’s there. If there’s nothing there then we’ll have to wait until we get home.”

“I was looking forward to dressing up for you,” Jennifer spoke dejected.

“Hey don’t worry about it sweetheart, you can do what you did last night it was brilliant,” I said smiling.

“To much of a good thing will spoil you, Steven Thorpe,” Jennifer replied smiling.

“Aye, but I like being spoilt, it’s nice,” I replied, “especially the way you did it last night.”

“And about last night Mr Thorpe,” Jennifer spoke seriously, she has this habit of changing from one state of play to another at the flick of a switch. “How comes you were so horny last night, what got into you?”

“Well I blame you my little cherub. You’re the one that excites me, you’re the one who brings the worst out of me.”

“Yeah right,” she came back, “Then why haven’t you done it before now, I mean, how long have we been married? In fact, you’ve never been that horny not even when we were dating.”

“It’s still you, darling,” I replied, “The mature you. I don’t know what came over me. I just seemed to see you in a different light that’s all. I’d never in a million years thought you’d dance for me, but when you did boy was I hard.”

“So, it was my dancing that got you all worked up, was it?”

“And the fact that you undressed while you danced, teasing me with your body.”

Jennifer finished her coffee, “I suppose you’ll want me to do it again then?”

“Damn right woman, that’s a priority.”

“What’s next then?” she asked.

“As I said we’ll just wonder down the road a little further and see what’s down there. If there’s nothing there we want, then we’ll go back to the car and home to the van.”

Jennifer stood and headed for the door. I followed; once outside I held her hand and we slowly walked down the street away from the beach. We looked in various shops along the way and then I saw the shop we were looking for. It was across the road, Janes Lingerie. To say I spent a lot of money that day was an understatement. To see the look on Jennifer’s face was enough do it all over again. I bought her platform bras, crotchless knickers, stockings, suspenders and a couple of Basques. The shop wasn’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination. Also, we added a couple of miniskirts a dress that was also short with a very plunging neckline.

Jennifer was ecstatic, she carried all the bags to the car and then I drove us back to the van. She was like a little girl with a new toy but I pulled her in and told she could give me a fashion show after we’d had dinner. With pouting lips and a frustrated look, she went and showered ready for dinner.

I had a slight change of heart when she came out of the shower and told her she could wear one of the miniskirts and a platform bra to dinner.

Jenny looked at me a little perplexed saying, “Oh, I didn’t think you were expecting me to wear them in public, do you?”

“Well of course sweetheart, what’s the point of having these lovely clothes and not show them off.”

I could see Jenny was getting a little angry, “But there too revealing, I’d be showing more than is respectable.”

“Come on Jenny, I want to show you off. You have a great body and you’re very attractive when you put your mind to it so off you go and get ready.”

“Steven Thorpe what’s got into you? Since we’ve come on holiday you’ve been a different person!” she said quite perplexed. “I’m not so sure I like this part of you.”

“Hey, didn’t you say you liked what they did last night. Didn’t you say you got so horny stripping for me; got so excited that we had great sex nearly all night long?”

Jennifer blushed, “I know but that was in the bedroom not out of it. You’re asking me to do something that goes against the grain. Against all things, I was brought up to believe.”

“Yeah, well that’s true I suppose, but that was when you were single. We’re adults and as long as we’re not hurting anybody else, what’s the problem?”

“The problem Steven Thorpe, is we could be hurting ourselves and we could end up destroying our relationship,” snapped Jennifer angrily.

“Why on earth would we end up doing that? We’re stronger than that sweetheart and you know it,” I countered, “Besides what’s a little exhibitionism going to do?”

“I’m not sure Steven,” Jenny said softly, “I like the clothes and I’ll wear them for you in the bedroom or even in the house when we get home. But I’m not so sure about going out with them on.”

“Ah come on Jen, what was the point of spending all that money if you’re not going to wear them out. I want to show you off, show the world what a sexy woman I’ve married, I’ve never been able to do that before.”

“But why do you want to show me off?” she asked confused, “Why would you want other men to see me dressed up like a tart?”

I wasn’t ready for that question. I knew she would eventually ask it but I was hoping it wouldn’t be so soon. The thought of having a bit of fun first was what I had in mind but now Jennifer has backed me into a corner.

“I’m not going out of my way to make you look like a tart sweetheart, far from it. I just want to show you off make other men notice you. You know like when you were younger and lads would look at you and want you?” I replied not knowing whether I’d taken it too far with her or not. “It would be even better if you were chatted up or a man made a pass at you.”

Confusion turned to amazement on her face. Her mouth hung open in sheer disbelief at what I’d just revealed.

“My God, Steven I would never have thought in a million years you would like that sort of thing. I mean I’ve heard people talk about it and I read an article in a woman’s magazine about this sort of thing but I never dreamt you would be one of those men.” Jennifer shook her head in disbelief.

We went silent, and for a long time we didn’t say a word. I do not know what was going through her mind at that precise moment. All I can say is I’ve over stepped my mark and now have a wife who will never trust me again. I’ve ruined our marriage, I must have.

Jennifer suddenly barged past me and went into the bathroom to have her shower. Twenty minutes later she returned to the bedroom. She stood with a towel round her body beside the bed. “So, you want me to dress up as a cheap slut and strut my stuff in every bar we come across?” Although her voice was abrupt it didn’t hold any anger. It pleased me that she was at least listening to me.

“No that’s not it at all,” I replied, “I want you to dress sexy, for me. Not just in the bedroom, though that’s part of it, but outside the bedroom where the world will see my wife as a woman unafraid to let the world know what her husband gets when she is in the bedroom. I want other men to look at you, lust after you and when they see me with you they look at me with envy, wishing they were me and able to climb into your saddle.”

Jennifer looked at me with complete shock on her face. Her mouth hung open in stunned silence as her mind took in what I’d revealed. I shocked myself at my own revelation. For the life of me I didn’t want it to go as far as it did. Why, I just don’t know. Honestly, I have never had any thoughts of showing off Jennifer before. I am generally a jealous man and kill the first guy who tried to take her away from me, still would. But since coming to this caravan and seeing another man ogle my wife through the window, my lust has taken control and I want it to happen again and again. Just knowing that another man had seen my wife do a strip tease for me and saw her naked made me so hard that I was able to shag Jennifer several times in one night. The way Jennifer reacted to her strip was magnificent, she responded to my caress with an abandon I’d never known before it was like she was a whore for her husband and I seriously want that again.

I want her to be that wanton all the time.

Jennifer slowly came out of her stupor. Jennifer looked at me her eyes wide in dismay, she swallowed hard saying, “Well that was a revelation, my God Steven, are you serious about this?” she asked her voice full of astonishment.

Sitting there wondering what I’d done I couldn’t now back out. I had committed myself inadvertently by opening my big mouth. This was a first, I generally just don’t comment on anything, just keep my mouth shut most of the time and let most things go over my head.

If I backed off now, Jennifer would never let it lie, she would always make a joke about it and ridicule me for years to come.

“Yes,” I replied firmly trying to make it look as though I hadn’t dropped myself in it.

“Oh, for a moment there I thought it was all a joke. You really do want me to wear these clothes, don’t you?”

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