by Mike McGifford

Copyright© 2018 by Mike McGifford

True Story: Five scenarios in which a trainee is placed to gauge her reaction and response to each situation. It's a short read merely provided to engender feedback and to get the reader's own creative juices flowing. What would you do in these situations? There's no sex however the situations are all sexual.

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Scenario One

It’s cold. It’s Florida, so the cold is completely different than it would be in, say, Ohio in the winter. Fifty degrees in central Florida is like five degrees in central Ohio, yet I have you in a cute little pleated skirt and an overstretched tee shirt – no jacket or even stockings. You’ve got goosebumps on your arms and legs, your nipples are definitely on high beam. I smile as I see you’ve even got goosebumps on your ass cheeks. That I can tell is a testament to how short the pleated skirt is. Even though I know you’re not wearing panties, I can’t help myself from trying to see if there is any telltale sign of a string or a thin strip of material wedged between your cheeks. Knowing something and hoping to catch a glimpse of something is part of the attraction of watching you work.

You’re definitely working though. Every time a vehicle slows, you go into action. Your face lights up as if the occupant of the car is a long lost friend you’ve been waiting all night to get reacquainted with. This is your fifth night working the street. The first night was as different as if it’d happened a year ago. On that night, your smile was more like the face someone would make when they’d eaten a lemon, skin and all. It was truly scary and caused a few potential clients to accelerate away without even coming to a complete stop. Now you’d learned to control your expression. It had taken a couple of days and quite a few corrections to learn how to smile invitingly, yet learn you had.

The car that’s just stopped contains not just a man, but a woman too. You’re leaning in the open window, bent at the waist so your tits are almost on the driver’s window cell, one leg forward and the other bent at the knee so that the high heel on that foot is in the air and loose on your ankle. I’ll have to do something about that. We’d worked on that pose after I’d decided it was sexier than the way you just leaned slightly forward on your first night hooking, however I didn’t like loose anything except gaping cleavage, especially loose shoes. Shoes should never fall off the heels of your feet. If you had to suddenly run, you’d not only be more likely to be caught, you could twist an ankle, costing us money due to lost income and possibly medical expenses.

I’d provide a correction later and ensure you tightened your shoes, however it is that women make adjustments like that. A dozen strokes of the cane to the sole of each foot should do it, I decided.

I can’t hear both sides of the conversation however from what you’re saying in response to the driver’s questions, it would seem that he finds you attractive. Shit. Clients are supposed to look to get their rocks off, not flirt with whores. Part of me wants to go over there and tell him he just won the ninety percent off prize. He could have any and all holes he wants for a buck.

My thoughts:

I wouldn’t be doing it for him – it’d be for Joy in the form of training. Joy has to be a whore to learn respect and humility. Getting compliments and pickup lines from a potential client isn’t teaching her anything.

I carefully move a little closer so I can hear what he’s saying. I’m careful because I don’t want to spook him. I may have read the situation all wrong and moving in could cost Joy a client. Of course I’d have to punish her for letting one slip away but I know a part of me might still feel a twinge or guilt if I was partly to blame.

In a way I’m relieved when I hear the guy say that he wants to see his wife get her snatch licked by a whore because he’d be fucked if he’d do such a disgusting chore himself. I hadn’t seen Joy responding to compliments – I’d seen her responding to exactly the sort of client she knew I wanted her to service, however we hadn’t really discussed what she’d charge a female client – that hadn’t really been an expectation.

I wondered a few things. First, I wanted to know how Joy would deal with this new situation. I’d never told her how much to charge to service a woman. For that matter, I’d never given her any ideas of how much she should charge to allow a man to do the honors on her either. Hell I didn’t even know if she’d gone down on a woman before – not that she wouldn’t of course – she’s a fucking whore and whores do whatever they need to, but knowing a straight woman is sucking off another woman because she has to, is kind of hot. The car is nice and he’s just suggested they have a room at the Camry Club, a four star local hotel. Is she going to accept, or use the room we have for her?

I was fairly pleased with how she was negotiating with the man. Not the prices involved in the negotiations, but rather the words and body language she was displaying. Those were two other things she’d been working diligently on – her first days walking track were, to put it mildly, amateurish. She’d paid the price for a laundry list of deficiencies in her behavior and like the pose at the client’s window, she’d learned a great deal.

Now the guy is asking something I don’t want her to do. He’s suggesting he pay to ream her ass bareback if she’ll go down on his wife for FREE – his wife will collect his come out of Joy’s ass afterwards. What’s she going to say to that suggestion?

Scenario Two

Joy is doing her morning constitutional. That translates to her naked, squatting in my back yard, pissing and shitting. Her daughter, not usually up at this hour, comes to the back door, sees her and makes a cutting remark about what a slag she is. Her daughter even being at my house while she trains is a result of a request she herself made.

She’s not a good mother or a good role model and her daughter has learned the worst of her traits and seems to have very few admirable traits of her own to draw on. The worst part is that her daughter is what would be commonly called, a “cutie”. Unfortunately any time she acts like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth it’s just that – an act. She’s even more foul in some ways than Joy was before training. I’m on the verge of changing her rules and ripping her clothes off her body along with the supercilious grin she’s wearing.

Unfortunately, Joy’s daughter hasn’t actually broken any of the rules I set down for her. Cutting remarks said with a smile and a cute tone didn’t make the cut when I was developing the rules of conduct she’d have to adhere to while in my home. Joy’s daughter isn’t stupid and she knows exactly how to walk the sharp edge of acceptable behavior without taking a misstep into the abyss of retribution or correction.

Being sixteen and believing she can get away with such things is the most difficult part of this training. I’m within a cunt hair of snapping and taking control of her as I have with her mother, although unlike her mother, it’d be without her express permission. Joy had even suggested that I take control of her daughter as I would with her, when we were planning this training.

I’d declined the offer however after spending less than a week with the delinquent, I saw nothing but benefits to a rule change. Telling her mom to make sure she cleaned out that Hershey Highway real good so the toilet brush wouldn’t get lost up there later was just one of her more humorous and yet annoying remarks.

I gave Joy the command, “speak freely”, which told her to respond to her daughter’s comment any way she saw fit. I was interested to know how she’d respond to the jib. Would it be a polite apology for subjecting her daughter to her training or a cutting remark of her own? My addendum to the speak command made it clear that Joy wouldn’t be punished no matter what she said to her daughter.

Scenario Three

Walmart, or wallyworld, as I call it, is a second home to some of the nation’s most unusual characters. There are even videos online entitled, “People of Walmart” and these videos have millions upon millions of hits from around the world. Into one of the thousands of these esteemed venues I led Joy, or rather I followed her, holding her leash. She was blushing furiously – this was a correction in the making.

I’d looked into it. There is absolutely no law against leading a person around on a leash as if they were a pet. Joy wasn’t tied up or anything. It’s not like she couldn’t slip her leash and or collar off, although such blatant action would only escalate her correction to unknown levels. So she blushed and allowed me to leash her before we climbed out of my truck. Prior to even reaching the building, she’d received catcalls and a few derisive comments from one elderly woman.

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