It Started in the Laundromat

by Pallidan

Copyright© 2019 by Pallidan

BDSM Story: A couple runs into a female gang while doing laundry.

Caution: This BDSM Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Reluctant   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Spanking   Black Female   .

My wife, Pat, and I were out of clothes as usual and decided to go to the launder mat in the middle of the night to get it done. The only one we found open was in a shabby area of town but since there wasn’t anything else open around and no other people, we quickly made the stop and put our dirty clothes in the washers.

We sat down to wait, about when are clothes were half way done, we notice three young black ladies walk in wearing biker black outfits. They were shouting at each other and having a good time it seems when they came over to where we were seated. Even though they were very beautiful, probably around 18, I ignore them reading the magazine, I had found to keep the wife from noticing. Pat gets very jealous when she notices me looking at younger women.

One of them walked over to where I was sitting, “Bet you haven’t had any good black pussy in a while boy.” Pointing over at Pam she said, “Just that old bitch over there.”

I almost dropped the magazine in surprise, “He is mine man bitch, just go fuck yourself.” Pam retorted. I was shocked to hear Pam talked that way, but more shock to see the girl reach in her pocket and pull out a pistol.

“I don’t think so bitch,” the girl looked over at Pam. “It’s been a while since me and the girls had some fun with white assholes like you. Now get your fat butt up and strip pretty for me, You too white boy.”

I drop the magazine on the floor stunned at the gun. Pat wasn’t saying anything, so I figured she was too.

“If I must repeat it myself again, I plan to use this”. The girl shouted again, “Now get your white asses up and strip.”

The other girls were laughing in the background as I saw Pat get up and I followed her lead. Pat was immediately removing her top in fear as I glanced over and started unbuttoning my own shirt. By the time, I got my shoes and shirt off; Pat was left with only a bra and panties.

“Please Not here,” she begged the girl.

The girl pointed the gun at her, “Strip or I ll put a new asshole in you here.”

I quickly dropped my pants and underwear as Pat removed her bra quickly and dropped her panties.

Two other girls were laughing and making lewd remarks about our worthless white bodies and we both stood there trying to cover up ourselves with our hands as best as possible.

“Now white boy, I asked you if you had any black pussy lately instead of that worthless white bitch there. And you better address me as mistress from now on,” she replied grinning at me.

“No mistress, I never had black pussy before,” I replied shaking.

“What about you white bitch? I bet you been dreaming of licking a black woman pussy,” she continued.

“No mistress, Pat replied quickly, I never licked a woman pussy.” I could see her shaking as well.

“Well we may have to do something about that, won’t we, the girl replied. Mel, you and Lou take our little white bitches here over to the dryers so we can have some fun.”

One of the girls walked over to me and laughed at the hard-on I had developed from the vocal humiliation of the girl. “This one is already getting excited,” she shouted and then reached behind me grabbing my buttock roughly in back with her hold palm.

“Come on sugar,” she smiled and started pushing my ass cheek gripped tightly in her palm.

I move forward as if in a trance. My cock was now strained out to its limit as I was more turned on than I had ever been I could hear Pat being led and voices behind but at the present my only attention was on my cock and that hand gripping my ass. As we made it to the dryer, the girl with the gun opened one of them and told me to crawl my ass inside. I didn’t dare hesitate as I was so embarrassed of my stimulation. It was hard to crawl inside and when I finally made it and she closed the door; my ass was firmly implanted against the dryer glass.

They had goosed and slapped my ass the whole process. It took quite a while to adjust myself so that I could look out the glass by raising my knees and looking by my cock between my legs.

Pat was standing with her side to the glass and one girl was in front of her roughly squeezing her tit and rubbing her clit with her hand at the same time. Another girl as behind her and was shoving her finger in her asshole from my view. At first, it looked like Pat was in real pain and then I watched as her body started to move with the strokes and tugs and seem to be anticipated each. I couldn’t hear anything but buffered noise, but I had seen Pat too many times to know that she now in heat.

The strain on my neck was killing me as I had to readjust myself and finally got back in position to see Pat really starting to grind herself on the hands using her. Ooze was flowing from my cock blocking most of my view. Finally, they stopped moving and dryer door open as cool air hit my ass “Pat,” I started to say, but I noticed she had immediately walked behind me.

“Shut up,” she yelled at me. “and give me that cock now.”

She grabbed my cock from behind and was immediately shoving it in her throat. It was so hard, I thought it was broken by her hand pulling it back but when her mouth started gliding it in and out, I quit caring and started enjoying it. Her nose was bouncing against my lower ass and felt so good. I was getting so close to cumming when I felt her mouth pull back and my cock sprang out.

“Looks like our bitch got our white boy in heat,” I heard one of the girls say and then the door was pushed closed again pushing me forward. I tried to reach down and grab my cock to finish myself off when the dryer started turning. It wasn’t turning much but just enough to keep me trying to adjust myself to keep from moving with it. It was quite a challenge in the tight quarter I was in. My cock was leaking all over my thighs and stomach. It was getting very warm in there and I was starting to sweat when the door finally opened again. This time, I was on my back with my ass out.

“Are you going to be a good white boy and do everything your mistress wants?” a girl asked me.

I replied, “Yes mistress I’m a good little white boy.”

I felt a finger at the entrance to my asshole and then roughly shoved all the way in. I moaned from the penetration. “Oh dear,” the girl said out loud. “This one really has a hot ass. My finger made it in with no resistance whatsoever. Must have been fucked by one of the brothers,” she continued laughing.

Another voice spoke up from afar. “Yea with the way this bitch is lapping my cunt, I think a sister or two have used her too.”

My cock was going to spurt at any moment when the girl finger roughly withdrew.

“Get your white ass out of there boy,” she commanded.

I struggle to try to get out while the girl would pinch me here and there on my body. I almost fell to the floor before I lost my balance and fell to the floor. I finally could see my surroundings again. As I got up, the girl grabbed by nuts in her hand cuffing them tightly.

“You re my bitch now aren’t you white boy, he grinned squeezing my balls in her hand.

My resistance was gone, so I cried out. “Yes mistress, I want to lick black pussy and ass.”

“Look at my new white bitch,” a girl sitting on the folding table yelled out at me.

I looked over at the girl and saw her patting Pat on the head as she was on her knees licking away at her pussy. The other girl was behind her pushing one finger in Pat asshole and the other in her cunt. I had seen Pat plenty of times in heat and I knew now she was lost in lust. Nothing would satisfy her at pleasure except for her to cum two or three times. I felt my balls squeezed hard and then release as I gasped them in pain.

The girl walked over to the washer where our clothes were thrown in earlier and opened the lid. Grabbing the clothes, she threw them all out on the floor. I saw her pick up a pair of my wife still wet pantyhose and see through panties with one of her T-shirts and throw them at me.

“Put these on faggot, can’t have you getting a cold when we go out.’ she yelled at me, while giving my ass a slap.

I didn’t hesitate at all picking up the wet garments and putting the panties and then hose on. They were still pretty wet, and it was very difficult, but I managed. The t-shirt; however, was so tight I could barely breathe. I noticed they had pitched a pair of my underwear and one of my shirts to my wife and she was doing the same.

“Let’s go get some food at the drive-in and then go over to the bitches home, the leader said. “We are going to have some fun with these hot bitches tonight. Be sure to pick up your wife purse on the way-out faggot boy”, she said to me. “You will be paying.”

I grabbed my wife purse, as I watched one of the girls put her hand in the waistband of Pat underwear and started moving it in her ass. Pat was moaning and asking the girl to be her bitch. My wallet was already gone, and I followed behind the women leaving all our clothes gathered on the floor. We wouldn’t need them tonight anyway, I thought, hurrying to catch up.

When I finally got out to the car, Pat was already inside with each of the black girls on either side of her in the backseat. The one that had tormented me the most, was getting in the passenger side as I walked up trying to walk in the still damp pantyhose and panties. As I got in the driving seat, she moved over to my side and held out a pair of scissors in hand.

“Your little dicky can use some air, she told me reaching in my crotch area and pulling the panties and hose up slightly. Some of my hair too; as I gasped in pain. Then the sound of a snip and a hand grabbing my sore hard cock and pulling it up and out the hole of the hose.

She smiled at me, “There I can use it as a gear shift as we drive to the burger place. You don t mind do you sissy.”

“No mistress, I replied moaning in delight as she grabbed it in her palm and squeezed tightly around it. She gave me the key and told me to get moving. I could hear Pat yep occasionally, in back and knew they were doing something as I started the engine and got the car out of the parking lot and down the road as she told me. When she jerked on my cock as we got moving, I yelled in pain from the sudden push and pull.

“Get it up to second gear baby,” she to me said to me laughing.

I tried to concentrate, when I felt the jerk again and I yelled in pain. Damn, it felt like she was going to break it.

We drove for about 20 minutes till she told me to pull into the drive-in of an all-night burger place despite both me and Pat pleading with them to just go to our house. A young black girl was at the window as I drove up to it.

“Shittttt, Damn Jess you trying to get me fired?” The girl yelled out.

“Don t freak girlfriend,” the girl beside me said. “We both know you and Bette are the only ones working this hour at night.”

The girl startled look turned into a smile. “I haven t seen one that small be so hard, it wouldn’t even fill up my mouth.”

I turned red with her words, “It’s only a toy anyway,” Jess replied. “He has other things I want to use tonight, how about the old bitch in back. You want to try her when we get done? The last time you got through with that cheerleader mom, she couldn’t walk for a week.”

“Nah but show me her big white butt and I’ll think about it,” the girl replied.

I heard Pat try to protest and then some rumbling in back and my seat being pushed up by something. “That s its bitch, now spread them good for the sister to look at, one of the girls in back said.

The girl at the window was smiling. I tell you what, she said. I’ll give you a bag of barbecue fries extra for you come shove up that one. With extra bags of ketchup of course.

“Thanks, can you give me a hot dog also, I want to shove in my slave mouth here so he like to know how big a real cock should be.” I yelp as she jerked my cock hard up and down a few times as the girl was the windows was laughing madly at the sight.

“Coming up,” the girl replied.

It felt like hours before the girl returned with the bag and I quickly grabbed it hoping to get out of there fast.

Jess smiled at her, “I’ll call you tomorrow, to see if you want these white asses to play with. Now get moving sissy boy.”

I started the car moving as the girls were saying goodbye. No sooner than we were on the road, Jess shoved the hot dog in my mouth and demanded I hold it there all the way home. she started eating her burger and passed the bag in back. In a few minutes, I hear Pat in back moaning and knew where they were feeding her the fries. At least I thought I did as my cock was being jerked on again and at present, I had my own troubles to worry about.

We were home in less than ten minutes. It was a small community with only our house and the neighbor, an elderly teacher across the street adjacent to each other while the rest of the houses were about a block away. The porch light was still on and I hope the teacher wasn’t awake at this time of night.

“Get out sissy and open the car door for your mistress,” Jess demanded.

I got out and walked around the front of the car hoping not to be seen and opened her door. She got out and demanded I do the same for the girls in back.

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