by Marduk

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Erotica Sex Story: In investigation into a dating sites brings on successful encounters - read on

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Orgy   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   .

Allan wasn’t that keen on investigating the ‘adult dating’ businesses but he was fed to the teeth in being alone, sitting on his backside but he had heard so many negative comments re these organizations that he had avoided them. However, after a bit of a discussion with a couple of friends who had experienced them and been told, that his suspicions were correct in nearly all cases but there were a couple that were genuine. “I can guarantee these two that I have told you about Allan are good and you should obtain your desire which is purely a woman to fuck”, he friend said with a smile. He then added that they were a bit expensive but if you made a hit and it was successful you could cancel your membership and continue to engage with the one you had connected with. Allan thanked his mate and clicked onto the two that were recommended. They asked for him to make a profile and what short of woman he was interested, age, build, interests and any other information that would assist him in his search. As this was an adult sex connection he put it that he liked plump women, heavy breasted, unshaven, age requirement and ones that wouldn’t go off the planet in the use of erotic language and that they would suck a cock and fuck.

It wasn’t long before a number of profiles appeared and to give the organization some credit all that replied were in the area he had indicated and was delighted to have a number of women issue photos that showed them totally nude and even a couple showing them sucking a cock. He picked out a few that displayed all and contacted them but chose those that were not that attractive, he wasn’t interested in where they stood on the beauty platform, only if they did what his desires were. The first a plump woman, long hair and sagging tits with a growth between her legs, her name was Marlene, he commenced a line of communication and once that was under way still engaged the others that were in his desires, there were two a Karen and a Cathy, all three said they would fuck and suck his cock. It was then a matter of arranging a physical connection as all didn’t live that far away. His first encounter was with Karen, after coffee she sucked him off in the back of his vehicle in the local carpark, while he gave that groin a well-deserved feel. “That was an introduction” he said as he gave her dripping mouth a tissue. “We fuck next time and would you take it up the bum, naturally after giving your cunt a good service?” She managed a grin. “Whatever you want Allan”, she said. “You want to shove your cock up my bum, I won’t say no”.

Cathy was all giggles, she wasn’t attractive, that didn’t mattered. But no matter how hard he rammed her, no matter how hard she bucked, she just giggled, almost like an unturned off tap; he put her on the back burner, kept her there as an emergency but turned his attention to Marlene. He had only observed her by a photo; he rang her and immediately got an invite to her abode. “I was hoping I would hear from you Allan”, she said. “I did like your profile and as I mentioned will engage in whatever sexual operation you want. It will be great to again feel a man pumping between my thighs”.

Her abode was a small unit with an average garden. He didn’t get time to knock for a time had been set and she was eagerly waiting and had observed him arrive. “Come in, come in”, she excitingly gasped and what surprised him was that she immediately took hold of his fingers and led him into her lounge room. He didn’t object but observed that the photo that was on her profile must have been taken some time back for the woman that was now clinging to him was sloppy in dress, her hair didn’t seem to have been brushed; her tits and they were melons hung and wobbled almost to her navel; her stomach was rather fat so that the jeans she was wearing could not be pulled right up and a lot of midriff was very visible; but her welcome was genuine. She didn’t hesitate in responding to his kiss and when he felt her up, and found she was braless she wasn’t offended when he muttered. “I like your tits, pity they are covered”. She gave a bit of a giggle and then asked. “Would you like a cup of tea or coffee? I have also made some biscuits?”

“Tea would be fine Marlene”, he replied as she playfully pushed him down onto the sofa. Whether it was pure excitement or whether it was an invitation he didn’t ask but as she bent over to get something out of the cupboard, her slacks fell down, revealing almost her entire backside and a lovely bottom it was; he didn’t admire but acted. In seconds his cock was out, he pulled what covering remained over her bum, pushed her slightly forward till that hairy crack was fully displayed, inserted his cock and thrust and Marlene was propelled forward, almost colliding with the bench, but it was her vocal response that sounded like the cry from the wild. With his cock rammed up to his balls, he pushed her blouse up so that her tits swung free and gripping them both rode her like a horse till the thrust that emptied his balls and Marlene shuddered and her entire being throbbed and her tits swung like the pendent on a clock. Finally he pulled out, wiped his cum coated cock over her bum and grunted. “Fuck that was nice”.

If he hadn’t grabbed her she would have tripped over her slacks which were caught around her ankles; she kicked them away. She turned, saliva dripping from her lips but although her comment could have been heard as a rebuke the smile said otherwise. “You ... you bastard Allan; we have just met and even before I could offer you a drink you stuck your cock up me; you are one randy bugger. Now can I get that drink or are you going to shove your cock up my bum”, she concluded. He didn’t pull his trousers up for like her he was naked from the waist down and that heavy forest of hair at her groin was an invite that he hopped to again penetrate.

“I think I will settle for the drink now Marlene”, he said. “My balls need a refill ever drops was drained and lodged well up inside you”.

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