Recreational Vehicle - It Sure Is

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: A saga about the ways a mobile bedroom affected the lives and loves of many.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Sharing   Swinging   .

They acted like twins but were actually six months apart with different parents. Her mom and his dad had married when the pair were maybe six years old. Willy and Milly were inseparable, neither having any other siblings. They often slept together and their parents didn’t seem to mind.

Milly’s mom was taken by cancer three years later and Willy’s dad was having heart trouble. The step-siblings clung to each other and when puberty arrived they followed those deeply embedded instincts. Willy’s dad was not totally self-absorbed and got his step-daughter to a clinic and on birth control in the nick of time. The youngsters fucked a lot, especially since Dad was gone so much working.

When he was home they would slip out to the small RV parked by the garage and use the bed in it for comfortable coupling. Between their instincts and the stuff they saw on the web they became pretty good lovers.

Willy’s dad died suddenly from a heart attack and they were alone except for each other. A trust owned the house until they were twenty-one and the life insurance proceeds let them relax about paying the bills. They were both eighteen and graduated so they talked about the future.

Willy suggested that they use the RV and travel around this amazing country. He bought some simple wedding rings so they could pass as a married couple.

The little RV and its lusty occupants toured the country following the seasons. It was a great experience and staying at various public and private campgrounds allowed them to meet some real and interesting people.

They learned about geography and history and nature, especially the kind of nature that two or more people can indulge in. Tents or unairconditioned campers do not contain sounds very much. Through the screens after dark, and often any other time of day, one can hear sounds that might stir your own genitals. This really came to the forefront when they returned from a hike and the tent next to their RV issued assorted groans, moans, and rhythmic squeakings of an air mattress. The siblings sat quietly in their camp chairs only a few feet from the tent and held hands, glancing occasionally at each other as the audio sex show ran itself out.

After a quiet period there was some rustling and a blond-haired head popped out of the door. “Oops!” she squeaked and hurriedly headed for the toilet building. The man’s head peeked out and there was rustling as he put on some clothes.

He took the few steps to the seated audience and introduced himself as Leon and his partner Melody who had just returned. “I hope we didn’t disturb you,” he offered.

Milly grinned, “Oh, no. It was an interesting listen. Don’t hear anything like it very often.”

Melody was seriously blushing, “Being out here kinda changes behavior I think.”

Willy spoke, “A friend of my mother once told me ‘If it’s natural then it isn’t nasty’. I think she was speaking about a fart I just let but it applies to sex too. I’ll leave a window open tonight so you can have some entertainment,” Glancing at Milly he added, “or maybe we won’t wait that long?” She grinned as she scanned the other couple’s faces.

Leon laughed, “I’ll be listening. Might stir us up again too.” Melody gave him a quick kiss and they both headed towards the beach.

Milly asked, “You wanna get a quickie and then go to the beach too? I’ll be easily accessible as I change into my bikini. Also you won’t be so easily stimulated by the scenery down there. I saw the way you looked at the just-fucked Melody.” Willy made no comment on the last item but couldn’t ever resist an offer of pussy so they did just that.

Sharing a cooler of beer with Leon, the two men got acquainted under a beach umbrella, watching the mixed parade of nearly-naked women wandering by. The two women walked along the beach talking and subtly enjoyed showing off their just-fucked bodies.

Melody and Leon weren’t married, or even exclusive, as Milly soon discovered. Melody usually had two and sometimes three boyfriends going at any given time and, although the other current one might not like her spending the weekend with Leon, he’d get his chance if he would make similar arrangements. Milly did acknowledge that Willy was her only lover ever but did not explain their true relationship, always letting others think that they were married.

The men got along pretty well too, talking about sports and the women strolling by and other guy things but not explicitly discussing sex. Just out of earshot Melody discussed something briefly with Milly then whispered to Leon who nodded. “Willy,” she called, “There is something I want to show you down the beach.”

As they watched her tight buns wiggle in her brief bikini as she walked away, Milly sat down on the lounger with Leon. “Melody had some interesting things to say. I’ve thought about being as open-minded as she is but never had the opportunity.”

Leon laughed, “She’s open-crotched too, as I’m sure you found out. I sometimes wish she’d be exclusive but accepting her is better than being deprived. I must admit that I’m frequently reminded just how sexy she is. It will be interesting to find out how your husband reacts to what she’s gonna do.”

Milly smiled, “In the meantime I’d like to get some sun. Would you put this sunscreen on me?” They were in a rather sparsely occupied part of the beach so she untied her top and laid on her back, eagerly awaiting his touch. She shivered as he stroked the lotion on her skin, especially on her tits and thighs. She still had her thong bottom on so when she rolled over her buns were nicely fondled. She reciprocated on his back but his suit got in the way until she slid her hand under the back and put lotion on his buns too. She didn’t dare try the front, only because she didn’t want to be a tease and they were in public after all.

Meanwhile, down the beach away from the busy part, Melody casually took of her tiny top, saying, “You’ve been staring at them so here is a good look.” A little further and there were no people or buildings around so she slipped off her bottom and put both of them in the beach bag she was carrying, then turned to Willy and commented, “You seem overdressed to me. Don’t be embarrassed by an erection. I’d be insulted if you were limp.”

Finding a semi-hidden place between two huge rock, Melody pulled out a big towel and put it on the sand then sat down on it to display her slightly pink crotch. She patted the towel beside her and Willy sat down, his hardon jutting upward.

She put her hand on his thigh just inches from the boner and said, “I suspect your wife has her hands on Leon by now. That was our plan. She is curious about other men and I agreed to help her out. You are attractive to me, in case you haven’t guessed. I was told you were laid just before coming to the beach so that ought to make you last longer in my recently fucked pussy, in case you are interested. I am.” She reached to grasp the rigid rod and began stroking it slowly.

Willy reached out to fondle her breasts, fuller and more pendulous than Milly’s. She moaned and pulled his head to a nipple for a bit then bent down to suck and tongue his cock. “You can eat me if you don’t mind the taste but I’m ready to see how you fit in my busy box.” She pulled him on top and wrapped her arms and legs around him as he hit bottom. “Mmmm, you fill me up very well. Go ahead and cum in me when we get there. I prefer that.”

They fucked in three different positions and each had two orgasms before deciding to head back. When they reached the lounger, it was empty. Grinning at each other they headed for the campground. Sure enough, sex sounds were floating out of the RV window and they opened the door quietly to see Milly bouncing on top of Leon. He groaned and she shivered in her orgasm feeling his hot cream spurting where only Willy’s had before.

Then they noticed the spectators who stripped and joined them on the bed. Both women squealed in delight as their regular partners pushed cocks into the fresh semen of the other man. Being recently drained, the men lasted a good while and the passion of each couple boosted that of the other.

When all had finished, they put on swimsuits and went looking for food, not caring if they reeked of sex. After beer and sandwiches they played in the water for a while and then each couple went to their own place, intent on talking about the day’s events with undoubtedly a very close connection. They emerged for dinner and a walk on the beach at sunset. Melody’s suggestion that they swap for the night surprised no one.

Willy discovered that Melody was almost thirty with Leon only a few years behind. He learned more about the sex life she’d related to Milly and was going to get Leon’s thoughts and feelings the next day. He already knew how happy Milly felt about this development.

By the time they said goodbye to their new intimate friends both he and Milly were fucked-out but very pleased. They shared contact information. On the drive home Milly said she’d love to stop in a rest area and fuck again but her pussy was kind of tender. Maybe they could join gently later that night.

Two weeks later they were back at the campground and Melody had brought her other guy, Raul, who was Hispanic. No seduction was necessary but they did make it a bit romantic by doing the beach thing again with both couples in the place between the rocks. Willy got extra hard watching a big brown uncircumcised organ stretching Milly’s pussy. He was filling Melody’s slippery slot from behind as they watched. When the “performers” signaled their conclusions with moans and groans and white cream coating the brown shaft, Melody stood bent over with her back to them and they had a clear view of Willy’s willy filling her with meat and cream from behind.

This time on the way home they did fuck at a rest area since Milly’s cunt was much “tougher” now. She and Willy had fucked a lot between the camping times.

Thus began a voyage of sexual exploration. As they toured the country they met couples or singles who helped them explore bondage, watersports, and variations on group sex among other variations. For a month they took a young man who was “out to see the world” along as a guest and Milly got more than twice as much screwing with the synergistic effect multiple partners can have. She could, and did, get banged as they rolled down the road and that was novel, having the vehicle’s motion involved in the action.

After a year of nomadic life they returned home with some decisions made. Having found a delightful place in the Ozarks on a large man-made lake which they put a contract on, they prepared their city house for sale. That was a big project which was punctuated a few times by visits from road-friends. The first of those was Melody who brought both Leon and Raul along, having convinced them that they were all better off if they “worked” together. The three visitors were there a week and helped with the packing between fucks.

At last the house was sold, the hillside cabin overlooking the water was purchased, and a Pod loaded with the belongings they kept was in transit. Willy drove the RV and Milly followed in their small SUV which would be great for their rugged driveway. That access would have to be improved to get the RV up to the cabin so for now it would stay at the local gas station.

It was an overnight trip so they stopped in a Walmart parking lot where they had a choice of restaurants within walking distance. As they were returning to their “rolling home” a boy on a bicycle was sitting there with his backpack on the pavement next to him. He stood up and smiled as they approached.

“Hi. I’m Timmy and I have a favor to ask. I’m on a cross country fundraising ride and I need a place to sleep tonight. Usually I’m under the stars but a storm is expected. I’ve run out of options and hope you could help me out.”

The couple looked at each other, knowing that they had only one bed but maybe there was room on the floor. Their eyes met and there was a subliminal agreement to be compassionate.

“OK Timmy. Go get your dinner and we’ll work on arrangements.”

He was back in twenty minutes and there was aisle space for his mat and sleeping bag alongside the bed. It would be too warm to be in the bag so Milly found him a sheet to cover up with.

After a final trip to the Walmart toilets, they turned off the lights but the parking lot illumination coming through the windows kept visibility quite good. Milly noticed he slept in his boxers like Willy was doing while she dug out a rarely worn nightie to barely cover up.

She snuggled up against Willy while facing Timmy and wasn’t surprised to feel a firming shaft against her buns. When Timmy’s breathing deepened she pulled up her nightie and raised her leg so Willy’s willy could slide inside. He couldn’t fuck her vigorously enough to get her off before he lubricated her innards. That was frustrating and she laid there for a while between two snoring men. She heard the storm approaching and finally pattering on the metal roof of the RV.

Frustrated, she sat up, pulled off the nightie and gently removed the sheet covering Timmy. He was on his side but turned on his back as she fondled his pecker. That gave her mouth access and both boy and boner awoke. He lay quietly, watching her bobbing head and barely warned her when eruption was imminent. She didn’t pause and then moved up to mount that still-hard shaft. His hands and mouth demonstrated familiarity with mammaries and she came before he did again.

Making no attempt to be quiet, aided by some nearby thunderclaps, they’d awakened Willy so she moved to mount him as soon as Timmy’s semen shots were finished. He watched avidly as his cum was turned to a whitish foam by Willy’s thrusts. Milly moaned as she felt her mate’s spurts join Timmy’s and then she laid on the bed and grinned at the young man, “Next!”

He took his time savoring this very sexy slippery snatch. Her breasts got more attention and she enjoyed some deep kisses from Willy with his tongue thrusts matching Timmy’s pecker ones. Milly had him move up and fill her mouth with his cock and they kept on synching, shooting semen between both sets of lips at nearly the same time. Now for a bit of satisfied sleep.

Timmy was headed their way so he got contact information along with an invitation to visit. Milly was wishing he was along for the ride like that other guy had been in the RV so she could fuck the miles away.

Joel and Kelli were an older couple they’d befriended while visiting the area where they’d found the new home and they arrived to help unload what they’d brought in the vehicles. All the main thigs were in the Pod which wouldn’t arrive for two more days. Joel and Kelli invited them to stay at their place, a half-mile walk through the woods away, until the cabin was livable. They already knew they were compatible.

“Compatible” by now meant that all of them had been naked and intimate so the first happened quickly and the second wasn’t far behind. The host couple only had a super-king bed so it was group relaxation after the drive and unloading. Milly loved the way Joel’s very thick but only five-inch-long cock stretched her diameter more than anyone ever had. She felt so full and liked him to get all the way in and just take very short strokes with his pubic mound rubbing her clit as their fur meshed.

Kelli looked forward the depth that Willy reached, rubbing his cockhead on her cervix and pushing against the very end of her love canal. His semen sports were much stronger than her husband’s too.

During “R&R” they talked. Kelli said that she and Joel were second cousins and the newly purchased cabin had been in the family for a long time. Both of them had often used it as a place to take someone to screw in their younger days and that’s how they got the first piece of each other. They’d each separately taken a partner and after screwing them the couples switched. Previous contact had been at family gatherings but they knew they were meant to be together when it happened again and they eventually married. In their forties, they’d never had children.

The local couple had been instrumental in letting Willy and Milly know that the place might be available and had some influence on the decision so were delighted to be neighbors. They would also help the newcomers be accepted into the loose “family” of the local residents.

Resettling into a new home takes a bit of time and energy but the couple wasn’t “all work and no play”, going out on the lake, hiking, and visiting with their neighbors. Since the good weather local custom seemed to encourage nudity, it was a delightful time with ample opportunity for variety in copulation.

That got even better when Kelli announced, “This Saturday is our full-moon party. Friends and family gather here at dark for feasting and fucking. We keep the lights off and it’s potluck for food and sex with no clothing permitted. I’ve had a good time with all of the men and many of the women who attend. You are welcome to join. Everyone is polite or they’re gone. No one wants to be banned!”

Milly was very curious and had a number of questions for the party hostess. She was always hot for Willy and stopped over to ambush Joel too. Kelli laughed, “Getting your pussy in shape? Good idea. Some women have told me they get laid more here in one night than at home in a month. BTW, we invite some single guys to help out. You understand, don’t you?” Milly grinned and had to rub her pussy, still drooling Joel’s cum.

It was the wildest night that Willy and Milly had ever spent. Outdoors under the full moon with occasional clouds dimming the light there were air and foam mattresses scattered all over the yard. If you weren’t eating from the potluck table or drinking beer from the keg you were probably in some position or another on one of the mattresses with one or more other people. First names were written on your upper chest in washable marker which got rather smeared after a bunch of sweaty screwing. The new couple were the center of attention and two sturdy teenage farm boys took Milly for a walk closer to the water and began getting acquainted. Few words were necessary or said. A boy began sucking on each tit and there was a different hand on each thigh. Her hands got filled with steely shafts for a bit before she mounted one and sucked on the other.

Willy was watching from a short distance when a hand reached around from behind him and a rather flat-chested girl pulled his pecker around to get his attention. She knelt and was a damn good cocksucker for someone so apparently young. This slim redhead guided him to a foam mattress and put him on his back so she could mount him. “Am I your first tonight?” she asked and he nodded. “You’re not mine so I hope you like wet pussy.” He thrust back and his hands searched for her breasts. The only thing big were her protruding nipples so he pulled her down and began sucking and biting on them. She let off whimpers and her cunt pulsed its grip on him.

Willy could hear Milly’s familiar noises and at least one climax one. This girl, whose name read “Wanda” smiled, “I think my brothers like your wife and I hope she likes them as much as I do.”

“Your brothers? How old are you?”

“A week ago was my fourteenth birthday so I’m legal here and this is my first full moon party. I plan to get a lot of this tonight. You feel really good in there. I’ve been doing my brothers for a long time and my boyfriend got his first piece of me just a little bit ago.” She doubled her riding speed and Willy shot his stuff a few minutes later. As he hopped off she gave him a little kiss and said, “Bye. Fuck you later.” He watched her skinny ass walk towards a group of boys around the beer keg.

Milly was laying where she’d been laid and he went over to see how she was doing. Even in the moonlight there was a dreamy expression on her face. She smiled, “Saw you with a real young one. Was it fun?”

He reached down to stroke her sopping slit, “Not as good as this but interestingly different. Your pussy-fillers were her brothers who she screws too.”

“No shit! And the evening has just begun. Whooie!”

Eight women and a dozen men were in attendance and Willy managed to feel the usually slippery insides of six before he ran out of “steam”. Wanda saw him near the end and asked if he wanted more. “I wish I could but I’m just fucked out.” She proudly announced she’d fucked every man there and one guy twice. He congratulated her. She bent over to give his limp hose a quick suck. “I’ll look for this to be working again next month. You were my first stranger and older man so I’ll always remember you.” Once again he watched her skinny ass departing and just shook his head in some disbelief.

Milly had copulated with eight of the men before they ran out of hard dick but was far from disappointed with her performance. Several said they wanted to be with her before the next full moon and she was tempted by two but decided to not rush things. When she heard about Wanda she too shook her head in amazement.

Timmy showed up the next day, having changed his route a bit to visit them. It was going pretty well, he said and appreciated the kindnesses strangers had given him. Milly grinned, “Any like mine?”

He grinned back, “There have been a couple but not as attractive as you.”

She quickly responded, “Good answer. I’m a bit tired today so you aren’t going to get the full welcome for a while. Go visit with Willy if he’s awake.”

At bedtime she gave him a gentle fuck and also had Willy inside her later, thus reaching a 24 hour total of ten different lovers. Her pussy was a bit sore but she was proud of herself.

The next day Willy was out working on the yard with Timmy, both naked of course. Suddenly Wanda arrived on her bike, calling out, “Hey Willy, where are you?”

The two guys came around the cabin and she stopped suddenly, her face split into a huge grin seeing two naked men approaching.

Willy introduced them and explained why Timmy was visiting. Wanda parked her bike and took off the simple cotton dress that was all she was wearing, then advanced on Timmy and gave him a big, tight hug. Looking at Willy she asked boldly, “Can I fuck him? I came after you but you might still be tired out.”

Willy simply said, “Ask him yourself.”

Timmy’s eager erection was on display as she backed away and knelt down to introduce her mouth to it. He grinned at Willy who excused himself. When he looked out the window next they were rutting on the grass quite vigorously. He brought Milly to see and muttered, “Ah, youth!”, not that he was very much older.

When the young horns were clipped they came inside and were offered cold tea and cookies. Milly got to visit with Wanda for the first time and she was invited for dinner. Precocious as she was she asked if she could spend the night since this was a lot more interesting than home with her brothers. All she had to do was let her parents know where she was.

They cooked hotdogs on a beach campfire and made s’mores too. At bedtime Wanda wanted to be with Willy first and could they swap back at midnight? That suited everyone. Wanda wasn’t the wild-child of the full moon party. She wanted snuggling and slow sex with Willy saying he made her feel safe and loved more than anyone, even her parents. She appreciated meeting Timmy too and expected a lot more fun with him. That’s what fucking others was to her, just fun, but Willy was somehow different.

Timmy stayed another night and Wanda had a ball draining the balls of both men among other activities. Timmy taught her to swim and she gave him her ass, a first for both. Then he had to hit the road and she cried seeing him pedal away. He was way better than her boyfriend who she was having second thoughts about and she stopped over two or three times a week to talk and fuck with Willy.

Milly was feeling some jealousy towards the young girl. Not from the sex but due to the emotional connections she was wanting to build. Wanda was needy, getting little support at home where her parents favored her brothers. The girl was not stupid, applying herself in school and getting decent grades. She was finding more and more reasons to stay overnight and was also demonstrating some curiosity about sex with Milly. It was not unpleasant as both women enjoyed Willy together or separately.

One morning after an overnight stay she refused breakfast for the first time, complaining of an upset stomach. Milly had noticed that her breasts were getting a bit noticeable too. “Wanda,” she asked, “What kind of birth control are you on?”

“None,” came the reply, “My Pa wouldn’t give me the money for it.” Milly got her in the SUV and went to the county public health clinic to have her suspicions confirmed. Why it had taken eighteen months for her sperm-flooded womb to conceive was a mystery but it was now a problem. The local clinic couldn’t do abortions but did give them a couple of phone numbers to call.

There was a serious talk that night. Feelings ran both ways on the options and Wanda had to admit that there had been quite a few paternity candidates, especially since her last fertile time had coincided with a full moon party. They all finally came to terms that this was not a good time to become a mother and an appointment a day’s drive away was made.

While the women were gone Willy fended for himself until Kelli found out what was going on and invited him to stay with them until his women returned. His times with the older woman had been mainly at the full moon party and only occasionally in between now that Wanda had been occupying much of his “spare” time. She reminded him how good an older woman can be as she slept between him and Joel.

A subdued Wanda returned from her unhappy trip. It had been interesting to visit the biggest city she’d ever seen but she had cried herself to sleep huddled next to Milly that night before they started back. Getting to where she considered her home now, she threw herself into Willy’s arms and began sobbing all over again. Milly reported that all had gone without incident and she now had an IUD.

On her fifteenth birthday Timmy was sent an airline ticket to help celebrate. Wanda hadn’t gone to any of the full moon celebrations and her unofficial parents limited their copulations to a few favorites. She was having occasional loving joinings with Willy, often at his initiative, wanting her to get her life back to some semblance of normal.

Her “parents” booked a luxury campground by the Gulf for a few weekdays and Wanda was both surprised and delighted when they stopped by the airport and Timmy came out looking for them. He’d been clued in about Wanda’s problem and showered her with affection when they got in the back of the little RV. While they’d screwed in it parked next to the cabin, this was the first time on a road trip. Willy had tipped the new arrival about how they’d had sex “on the road” and when things settled a bit Timmy got gently affectionate, mindful of her feelings.

Wanda began to respond but got concerned about this whole new situation. Milly turned in the passenger seat and said, “It’s fun like this. Try it.” Remembering that the video camera could be routed to the dash screen, the front seaters watched the passion develop and get acted on, finally culminating with two young people nakedly embracing quietly after the lust was satisfied. Willy reached over for Milly’s hand and flashed her a loving smile.

Wanda got filled in about Timmy’s first experience in the RV and seemed both excited and contented, the best in a while. They set up the camper and headed for the ocean, a first for Wanda. She splashed and played in the surf and Timmy showed her how to use a paddleboard. He heard that she wished she could be naked but it was a public beach after all. He told her he had an idea for later.

They ate the first dinner at a nearby restaurant and the campground had planned an amateur talent show for that evening. Timmy borrowed a guitar and played several songs dedicated to his “young love”. He was quite good and she was dreamy-eyed when he finished a small set to applause.

Taking a beach towel from the RV, he took Wanda for a walk on the beach with the light from a waning moon. She later told Milly that he found a secluded place and they made love under the stars. That was a first for her and she wanted to take Willy there too. “Right now?” asked Milly. With a yes answer she told her “husband” to follow the young woman’s lead. They returned over an hour later and Wanda was beaming like she used to. Timmy gave her a hug and kiss to show his acceptance of what she’d done.

The weather was nice so the younger couple took the foam mattress and covers outside under the rollout awning and had quiet sex again. Milly wanted all the details from Willy and said he’d better take her there the next night. She might ask Timmy too. Fair?

They all acted like kids at the beach for three days, filling them with fun and fucking and Wanda said on the ride back she’d never had such a nice birthday. They were all sad when Timmy had to be dropped at the airport but he promised to spend his next school break with them. Fall was arriving and that would be Thanksgiving.

Milly was homeschooling Wanda now to help her not only catch up but get ahead of the public schools. Thus it was easy to take Timmy’s suggestion to visit him for Thanksgiving. They were cautioned that his parents were pretty religious and conservative so he’d withheld anything that might bother them. Getting laid during the visit would take extra care.

He lived in a vanilla middle-class suburb in a small three bedroom home. They were nice people, of course, and made their son’s friends welcome, having heard carefully edited stories of how he’d been befriended on his ride and later. Wanda was reminded and coached how to be more “sweet” than she already was. His parents did know he was “sweet” on her and they thought it was “cute”.

Timmy had a sister, Susan, who was eighteen months younger and a brat. She acted nice to Wanda to see what kind of dirt she could find. When she found out that her brother’s girlfriend was only fifteen, she treated her with distain. She was sixteen, much more “mature”. When the parents were gone showing Milly and Willy around, Timmy and Wanda went to e RV and got naked to take advantage of the opportunity. Susan watched them go and after it started rocking she opened the door and screamed, seeing her brother between Wanda’s legs. He quickly pulled out and grabbed her wrist, pulling her in and shutting the door.

As she stood spluttering with her brother’s erection wobbling in front of both of them he barked, “What the hell are you doing spying on us. Have you no manners?”

Catching her breath Susan bleated, “I’m going to tell on you ... you fornicator!”

Timmy was mad, “I should put you on the bed and use this thing on you. Maybe you’d find out that a man can do more for your pussy than those girlfriends I see eating each other during your sleepovers. I even have pictures.” He didn’t but it sounded good.

Susan was blubbering, “I didn’t mean it. Really. I’ll do anything you say but don’t tell on me.” In their church being a lesbian was a lot worse than a fornicator.

“Take your clothes off like the rest of us. I want to finish what I started since it’s been a long time since we fornicated. You can make her feel good any way you like. I’d even fuck you if you asked nicely.”

Susan pulled herself together as she pulled her clothes off, keeping her gaze on the first erection she’d seen in real life. Of course she and her girlfriends had talked and fantasized about sex and fooled around with each other, afraid of trying it with boys. Now she could see sex happen. Wow! With one hand rubbing her pussy she saw her brother bury himself in Wanda who was responding just the way she’d imagined. Remembering Timmy’s orders she reached out to touch Wanda’s breast and did the things she’d learned with her girlfriends. Wanda smiled at her. Then she got brave and moved around to see that stiff shaft splitting those pussy lips apart. She stroked her brother’s buns as they moved and, when he didn’t object, she reached down to gently hold his swinging balls. They were so hot and hairy!

As she held them she felt her brother take short strokes and groan. Whitish stuff started to ooze out around his shaft and Wanda cooed her joy. He was ejaculating in her! She sat back as he pulled out and ordered, “Taste her like you’ve done your girlfriends only this time you will get a taste of a man.” She was aroused and complied, giving Wanda another orgasm with her tongue. The taste was interesting.

Then she was shocked as Timmy had moved around behind her and was probing her hairy lips with his still erect penis. The head popped inside, aided by her copious lubrication. She pulled away, “Don’t! I might get pregnant!”

“How about I fuck your ass then?”

Her mind was whirling with all this stimulation. She turned around quickly and captured his cock in her mouth and tasted the same flavors as Wanda’s pussy. Her brother began to fuck that opening and she did what she could to accommodate it until he spurted a fresh load in her mouth.

Timmy chuckled, “That’ll do for now but someday I’m going to teach you how to be as good a fuck as Wanda.” That statement got Susan off.

She and Wanda spent some serious time talking while the visitors were there but Susan wasn’t ready to go “all the way”. She was reassured that big event was best done when she was completely ready. Wanda’s advice was that she might come visit with her brother and Willy could do the honors because he was probably the best she’d ever fucked.

Through the school nurse Susan got birth control before the Christmas break and visited with her brother. With Timmy as chaperone her parents were convinced she’d stay as pure as the driven snow. Boy were they naïve!

The very first night the horny Susan insisted on spending the night with Willy since she knew that her brother would be well laid by Wanda and Milly. She’d eliminated her hymen with various objects and welcomed her first man with eagerness and vigor. Willy got little sleep and asked her brother to take over but he was too well drained by the other two women. She pouted until Milly suggested Joel who happily rose to the occasion and had a great encounter with the young woman.

Susan welcomed her brother into a slightly sore twat later that day. She told him it felt holy, not the evil she’d been brainwashed to believe. “Since I love you it must be a good thing to share such joy. I feel like a real woman now.” He moved slowly and with feeling, fulfilling the promise he’d made. She gripped and kissed him with a deep love.

When she wasn’t naked and joined with one of the three men, the erstwhile virgin counseled with Milly about how to live her life happily in this new state. Timmy would happily satisfy this new hunger for a while but she learned how to make good choices when she met boys or men who she wanted to get very close to. For this vacation though she could learn from three skilled studs and she took every advantage, even watching them fucking the other women.

Willy and Milly drove them home in the RV in their way to a concert they had tickets for. Susan loved screwing on the road and barely got finished with her brother when they pulled up at her house.

It wasn’t a day later that Susan’s mom got her alone and commented, “You changed over the holidays. Are you having sex? Be honest.”

“Yes, I’m no longer a virgin. Mister Willy took care of that. It was my idea and Ms Milly is ok with it. I hope you can be too.” Her mom only asked if she was on birth control and was relieved at the answer. Then they were interrupted.

Two days later they are visiting in the back yard, getting some topless sun because the guys weren’t home. Susan had some questions for her mom which led to the disclosure that she’d lied to her kids about their wedding year because she was pregnant with Timmy at the ceremony. Mom was into some wine that she kept concealed and offered some to her underage daughter. She was clearly struggling with this conversation. Starting with, “You’ve been honest with me and I haven’t been with you. I need to confess and be forgiven of some things your father isn’t to ever know about. He’s a good man and I love him to pieces.”

Susan reassured her and listened intently. Mom continued spilling her deepest secrets. “I was so angry when I got married pregnant that I did some foolish things. Rationalizing ‘what could it hurt’, I had sex with a couple of guys while your father was at work. I still don’t understand my feelings but after doing each of them a few times I realized it was not a good thing. Sex with your father was better and I’ve never strayed since, although I must admit to normal temptation. I think it might be good that you are learning before you are in a committed relationship.” Susan hugged her mom and words weren’t needed.

It was a couple of weeks later when mom came home unexpectedly and saw her precious daughter riding on her beloved son. She was well into her wine supply when the surprised siblings found her waiting in the family room. Timmy took off and Susan sat across from her. “Mom. I didn’t lie because you never asked me who I was having sex with.”

Mom had tear stained cheeks. “That’s true but it’s not why I am crying. I was reminded rather forcefully that one of the men I cheated with was my brother so I can understand how you feel. As I said, we haven’t done it since but I sure want to at family gatherings even after all these years. Does that make me wicked?”

Putting an arm around her mother, Susan says softly, “I don’t feel at all wicked with Timmy. I love him just like you do your brother. We meet each other’s needs and no one is getting hurt. How can that be wrong? I don’t know what to say about your situation except that the desire isn’t evil.”

Mom hugged her back and said, “I sure wish your father would do the position I saw you two in. I did it with the others but he won’t.”

Susan responded, “Then you remember how good it is to do it in different ways and with different partners. Timmy is real talented. I’d bet if you asked him...”

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