Tanya Blows Halloween

by LiteroCat

Copyright© 2018 by LiteroCat

Erotica Sex Story: Tanya is obsessed with giving head. she, and her recent Halloween conquests, meet with friends for brunch and re-create their naked public encounter. The group becomes an orgy. She reveals how she grew to love head and why.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Pegging   Petting   Safe Sex   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Halloween   .

A friend, our sometimes shy and always tiny Tanya, arrived at our post-Halloween brunch with her beau and two strangers, Chuck and Carol. After introductions, Mario asked how she met her new friends. The four of them burst out in giggles and blushing grins. “Oh, this should be interesting,” Mario smiled at his wife, Maria. Sue brought out a pitcher of frosty Marguerites and poured as Tanya hung a black trench coat and a black, long-feathered mask on a chair then began her embarrassing tale.

“You all know how shy I am about exposing my naughty bits.” I nearly choked on my spit-take. Yes, we know she is paradoxically shy—until she loses a bet or someone dares her to bare, then she’s an unflappable exhibitionist. I stared at her contradictory micro skirt as I smiled knowingly, silently, and let her continue. “Tom and I were too early for an adult Halloween party last week. I was in ‘a mood’ and said I had an idea that might thrill both of us and pay off a bet I lost. He looked confused, but I kept details to myself.

“We all know I feel obligated to pay off a bet no matter how extreme or,” she squinted at me over her left shoulder, “how sneaky or dishonorable it was, AL.” I shrugged innocently. “When I had him drive to a large strip mall and pull out his phone cam, he began to suspect my plan. He just didn’t know how far I wanted to push myself. I was already in costume—that half mask with black feathers, this short, black trench coat, and black heels with NOTHING else. When I stepped out of the car and unbuttoned all the buttons, I flashed Tom to remind him I was naked under the coat then quickly tied the belt loosely and walked off with an exaggerated hip sway. I looked back and saw his wicked grin as he loosened his slacks.”

“I’m guessing you brought your costume here for a reason. This sounds like one of your daring adventures you often do for that truth-or-dare site. Is it?” asked my hopeful, wide-eyed wife, Sue.

“Well no, and this one was for a bet. You aren’t the only one who’s daring, Sue.” Tanya gulped down her drink and I quickly refilled it. “As I waited around the side of the mall, I got more nervous with the delay. Several minutes later, a virile and handsome young man came around the corner,” she pointed at Chuck with a flourish, “and I forced myself to stop him. Chuck, stand up for me, would you? He looked me up and down, just like that, smiled stupidly and stared at my bare legs until they disappeared under my short coat, then finally asked if I needed help or was doing a daring trick-or-treat.” She brandished her sexy legs until they disappeared, today, under her micro skirt.

“I took an exaggerated long look at him, especially at the small bulge at his groin.” Chuck groaned and Carol puckered a smile. “As I pulled open one side of my coat and let him fully see this tit in the still bright, setting sun, I nervously told him in my innocent voice, ‘Yes, I do need your help. I, um, lost a bet and I must pay it off. This is my Halloween costume.’ Just pointing it out now; I’m not showing my tits to all you perverts! Anyway, I leaned closer, rested my bared tit on his arm and pulled him lower by his collar. When he was low enough, I put my nose in his ear and lips on his lobe to warmly whisper my message. I pretended not to notice when Chuck raised his arm and slowly rubbed my nipple with it. Besides his quickened breaths, that told me he was mine.”

“So, you flashed him. What else? Mario is about to wet his pants! Com’on, spill,” pleaded Maria. “What did you tell him? Wait! If he was a stranger, what happened to your safe sex pledge to us?” On that cue, Carol flourished over her clean blood panels dated four weeks ago without the ta-da I expected. “Still, you didn’t know this then.” When Tanya said she wasn’t about to let him fuck her without a clean report, and that her HPV vaccine was current, the matter was closed though it was still risky just swallowing his fluid then. However, as she loved giving head and always craved the varied taste of all men on her tongue, she was all too willing to take that risk.

Tanya looked over at a blushing Chuck. Carol had one arm through Chuck’s and was slowly rubbing her breast as she breathed deeply. Chuck’s bulge thickened as tiny Tanya continued. “Well, I told him I had to blow a stranger in public, naked, with photo proof, and he would be doing me a favor if he let me. He dropped his shopping bags in a blink and he gawked as I untied my coat, flashed both tits at him, then pulled it behind my back so he could see my pussy too and know I was serious.” Mario moaned and Tanya pointed to Chuck’s obscenely tented pants with a smile. “Looks like he remembers and still appreciates me. By his fat bulge, I knew I picked the right guy, so I took off the coat. Despite the poor parking on the side of the mall, cars were coming and going—slowly when they saw us.”

Carol, quickly covered her man’s swollen member—then began rubbing and shifting it as we all silently watched. “As I removed my coat in the well-lit lot, I snuck a peek at my husband to be sure he was recording all that. He was, of course. His one shoulder shaking regularly made me grin even more. Now naked, I turned away from Chuck and pretended to look for a clean spot to drop my coat—actually, I wanted to pose in a profile for my personal cinematographer as I gave Chuck a lingering view of my ass. When I dropped the coat, I bent over in front of him, straight legged, like this,” she turned, pulled the coat to the floor and fidgeted with it as her micro skirt immediately climbed over her shapely ass and clearly revealed she was commando. What a beautiful pussy!

She extended the moment to allow us all a long, silent look at her wet pussy as she reached for and applied her half mask. It wrapped around her nose, across her cheeks and tapered down to her jaw. That left her mouth and red-painted lips free to suck. When her nectar beaded on her bare, swollen labia, my tongue, in anticipation of tasting her, came out and licked my lips on its own—I swear!

Mario and Chuck moaned. Sue, eyes glossy, chest rising with deep breaths, reached out to finger the pretty pussy ‘innocently’ exposed for our pleasure, but surprisingly held back. Even as I stared at her gaping, lusty, paradoxical pussy, I wondered why she kept her tits covered. I mean, if she were truly about to recreate the scene, shouldn’t she be naked by now? I knew better then to ask at that point.

“I knelt in front of him and unzipped his pants, like this,” she shooed Carol’s hand away, possessively and unabashedly opened Chuck’s zipper and fished out his stiff, uncut cock then immediately began stroking it proudly. “As you can see, I wasn’t disappointed.” She paused a moment in admiration of her conquest and sighed. “I also wanted his balls free, so I pushed his slacks to his feet. Help me, Carol?”

She eagerly helped push his blue baller shorts and boxers to the floor. His heavy balls dropped as his fat eight-inch cock rebounded stiffly. Tanya resumed slow, deep strokes as he stood with his hands behind him. As they watched his foreskin form a collar behind his crown then lurch forward to partially cover it, Sue, Maria, and Carol began tattooing their swelling clits and pressing obvious, slow circles around their vulvas. Even with her knees together, it was obvious Maria was happily naked under her green micro skirt. As usual, she came to play.

When Chuck’s Cowper’s beaded on his bishop, Tanya continued, “I waited for this stranger’s clear fluid to prepare him, then I licked his shaft, his balls and finally his slippery, sweet head—like this.” Four men moaned at once, Chuck, the loudest. Only the noisy slurping and sucking sounds of cock-in-mouth drilling broke the following silence.

Rubbing his own, still hidden yet obvious cock, Tom picked up as his wife sucked the stranger yet again, in front of us. “I, of course, kept recording all this. When his hips curved out to fill my obsessed wife’s throat, he held her head with one hand and lifted her heavy tit by her nipple. Yes, like that, but it was bared then, not covered by that tube top. He quickly learned that she likes her nipples pained when she gets aroused, so he pinched harder and she moaned louder. Just as I was sure he was about to pop, his beautiful wife came around the corner and nearly bumped into them. They didn’t stop.”

Carol stood and mimed shock, “What’s going on here? Who is that?” She pretended to drop her bags and bent to stare closely at the pretty woman’s filled mouth as she continued to shamelessly suck her husband.

As Tom sped up his thrusting deeply into Tanya’s throat, he gasped, “Oh, hi honey. I’m just doing this woman a favor. She lost a bet and this is her penalty. She really sucks well and has a special tongue trick I’m, oh, struggling to withstand. C-come around this other side and look how her throat swells as my cock fills it. Now you can see what you look like.” He beamed and proudly looked around at us, daring us to challenge his subtle claim that his own wife was also a stellar cock sucker and cum lover.

Tom chimed in, “She did step around them and bent over to stare at Tanya’s impossibly bulging throat. She reached out and I could tell she was feeling her husband’s cock as it explored my wife’s throat, but couldn’t record it since she aimed her beautiful face at me.” Hmm, flattery will get you everywhere.

Carol gingerly cupped the merged cock-throat as it bulged obscenely, but her shapely ass was in my face and blocked my view so I palmed both her plush and firm cheeks to move her aside. She didn’t object at all and reached for Tanya’s free and bobbing tit. Following Chuck’s example, she squeezed the hidden yet obvious stiff nipple as hard as she could and Tanya moaned in bliss.

As I continued to watch, I caught a heady whiff of a fragrant pussy close to me. Judging by the growing wet spot in Carol’s shorts, it was hers. Emboldened by the daring performance before us, I gently squeezed Carol’s cheek as I ran my other hand up her nicely toned inner thigh. The beautiful stranger looked back at me, “No one was there to do that to me.” She spread her legs a bit wider. “Yet we aren’t in that parking lot now.” As if that were too subtle a hint, she clenched and released her muscular ass for me and I slid my fingers into her shorts.

Her cotton panties were soaked. Though I briefly rubbed them along and into her swollen slit, I soon wedged them aside, tugged her shorts a bit lower and pushed them to the same side. There it was, a well lit, beautiful pussy with its stiff clit already exposed for me. When I leaned in for a deeper breath of her intoxicating aroma and my nose touched her thick labia, I gaped as I sucked in the nectar-laden air; she moaned and squeezed Tanya’s nipple again. Tanya groaned and made Chuck moan in a cascade of deep, prolonged sexual sounds. I sighed as I sucked my wet finger clean of its heavenly nectar.

Tom continued, “Instead of shouting or beating on my wife, that beautiful stranger, Carol, kissed her husband passionately while his stiff cock was still in my wife’s throat.” Carol wiggled her sweet, bared pussy on my finger and embraced it deeply. “With a little help from Tanya, she loosened her shorts and stepped out of them and her panties then pushed her tube top over her head. Once she’d joined my wife in her stark naked state, she turned to me and winked. That surprise nearly made me wet my slacks.” Tanya copied Tom’s description as he said it. I couldn’t believe I had a beautiful naked stranger before me working on her half naked guy to mimic the state of their sultry story.

Now the first one completely naked, she again winked at the camera then kissed her husband passionately, just as she did in the lot. When I slid under her sopping pussy to reenter it freely, Tanya’s hand was already inside it. It pumped and twisted and made a delicious splashy noise. I slid a finger in there next to hers, then two. The heat and juices were invigorating. Unable to resist, I sucked one soaked finger deeply as I watched the triplet perform in front of me.

The other wet and slippery finger had a new target. As I carefully spread Carol’s shapely cheeks, I stared into her winking pink hole and she relaxed her gluts and her rear hole. The green light was clear. After briefly rolling my wet finger across her round muscle, I rotated it inside to very little resistance. No stranger to anal this one, nevertheless, she moaned again as my finger gently stuttered inside her hot ass. Thus began our deviation from the Halloween story. Delirious from her pussy and musky anal aromas, I vertiginously licked around her flawless, puckered hole.

Turning the tables on me, Sue playfully, and abruptly, pushed my shorts and boxers to the floor. Tom came closer, focused on my eight-inch stiffness then recorded from pussy level as he caught my already slippery cock displace Tanya’s hand and slide into Carol’s soaked pussy. She groaned loudly then bent to lick Chuck’s cock with Tanya. “Yes! She did that too that day,” gasped Tom. “By then I was out of the car and circling the threesome as I am now. Of course, Carol was short a cock since I wanted to keep recording. Yet as she leaned over to share sucking Tom, I fingered her hot, wet and tight pussy—I didn’t want her to feel left out, after all.”

That’s when Tom pushed his finger deeply into Carol’s occupied pussy—alongside my cock. I wanted to pull out, but the extra tightness felt too intense. He rubbed my cock and her hot pussy at once. We both moaned. Tanya reclaimed Chuck’s cock, sucked it down her throat and abruptly pushed a finger deep into his ass. Her years of experience guided her directly to his prostate and within seconds, he surged and filled her belly with his sperm. His grunts set off orgasms in Tanya and Carol, whose convulsions squeezed my cock and caused me to breathlessly fill her pussy with my seed.

Tom, whose shorts were down and whose thick cock bounced menacingly, passed me the phone cam, “Take some clear closeups of this. I could only get blurry, jouncy shots that day.” He sneered as he pushed on Carol’s back to bend her farther and easily slid into her cum-filled pussy. I did the best I could under the circumstances.

Tanya fell back onto her ass, legs wide open and wet pussy gaping at us all. As we stared at it and Carol’s thick, reddened labia, Tom’s thick rod pushed Carol’s lips apart from the rear. He reached around and harshly pinched and twisted Carol’s thick nipples. That set off her second orgasm and Tom reacted to her tight, welcome convulsions on his ready cock by grunting loudly as he filled her velvety purse to overflowing.

As he staggered back, Tanya pinched Carol’s lips closed so only a few drops of cream flowed onto her thigh. After sucking and licking Tom’s wilting cock clean, she sighed, “Hmm. Delicious. Just like that day. Your mixed juices are intoxicating to this cum slut.” She quickly shifted her head between Carol’s legs. “Better than that day, I’m going to enjoy the gourmet repas of not two, but three, folk’s sex creams.”

I captured her licking Carol’s thigh clean then wedging her head high between her legs, opening her mouth wide and releasing a river of cum. When her mouth filled, she pinched the thick labia closed, savored then swallowed the huge load. She repeated that twice more with her own legs forgetfully wide open so we could see her lips and stiff clit throbbing. Once the flow slowed, she pushed her fingers and tongue into Carol and licked every bit of the gourmet cum then lapped Carol to another loud, shuddering orgasm.

Gasping, Carol dropped to her knees and sat on Tanya’s face. Then she spun around and Tanya sucked her pussy lips wholly into her mouth to enjoy the feel, scent and taste before releasing them with a lusty pop. Yet when Carol lifted Tanya’s tiny skirt to lick her pussy, Tanya cried out a loud “NO! I don’t want to do that here.” Her reaction stunned and perplexed all of us. There’s no way she could deny that she exposed her sopping pussy for us throughout the performance, so why this paradox? Why were her tits still covered?

“But honey,” Carol began, “you let me eat you that day, naked and in public. Please let me savor you again. Your aroused aroma says you want this. These are your friends and I’m sure they want to see you fulfilled. You were delicious, and I want you now too.”

Tanya uselessly pulled her skirt down to hardly cover up. “I’ve never actually had sex in front of them and I’m embarrassed to show them my ugly cum face, I’m sorry, but no.” I wondered why she lied.

“Honey, look around. Our recreation inspired all these people. Your husband is openly fucking Maria right now and Chuck is fucking Sue. We are all naked now but you. I saw your cum face that day and it’s not ugly. I loved looking at it, even while your mask was on, and feel privileged you shared such intimacy with us. Poor Mario is jerking himself as he’s fingering Sue’s ass. I want someone in my ass too, don’t you?”

Tanya pushed up on Carol’s sweet ass, spread her labia for a last look then looked around at the near frenzied activities and halfheartedly whispered, “Trick and Treat! I so wanted to taste everyone’s first load today.” She sighed glumly.

Mario immediately moved to her and offered his swollen cock. “Your wish is my command, fair lady.” He gasped as Tanya instantly licked then sucked him deeply into her throat.

Gleefully, she began to hum “Ohhh thay can ou theeeeeeeee...” and quickly set him off. His first spurt went directly into her belly, but she ensured the rest filled her mouth. Her eyes rolled back in ecstasy as she rolled his tasty cum over her tongue and teeth.

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