Billy and Betsy

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Fourteen-year-olds begin a lifetime sexual relationship.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Teenagers   Romantic   Sharing   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   Big Breasts   Revenge   .

It was about ten on a Saturday morning, the time when a fourteen-year-old boy begins to think about waking up. He’d been up once to pee and crashed again. His parents were gone somewhere for the day so it was very quiet.

He was enjoying a not-uncommon sexual dream. This time a naked body, hopefully female, was spooned up behind him and her hand was holding his morning wood and rubbing it gently. What was different about this one was the voice whispering in his ear, “Billy, I want you to fuck me.” It was a very familiar voice although the words were a first.

His eyes popped open and the dream didn’t evaporate. “Oh-My-God,” he thought and struggled to turn over to face this visitor to his bed. It WAS her! Betsy the girl next door! She was as naked as he was.

They had grown up together as best friends, playing and exploring life, including each other’s bodies. But they hadn’t been naked together since before adolescence. That had changed things a bit for both of them. She was holding an erection much larger than the little stiffies he’d gotten before and her breasts were swelling up nicely with protruding nipples.

When they got comfortable facing each other on the bed he asked, “I was just waking up. What did you ask me?”

“I want you to fuck me. I think you know what that is. You seem ready to do it.” She squeezed his erection. With no more talking, she rolled on her back, pulling Billy by his cock on top of her and getting him between her spread legs. Further guidance got him positioned and her hands on his buns made to final connection. Billy groaned as his cock sank into the hottest, wettest, most wonderful place, better than he could even imagine.

As he reached full insertion, Betsy squeaked and pushed her hips up against him. Her hands in his hips showed him how to move and she began making noises he’d never heard before. All too soon his crotch built that familiar tingle from jacking off but this time the semen just flowed out in powerful spurts.

Betsy murmured in his ear, “Oh! My first sperm! I wanted it to be you. Stay in me and get big again. I need more.” He moved slowly and soon was erect again. She was so slippery he had no trouble holding off his release until his lover moaned and thrashed beneath him in her orgasm.

As they lay panting, still connected, Billy had a million questions. “When did you start doing this?”

Betsy thought for a moment, “About twelve hours ago, more or less.”

“WHAT!” blurted Billy, “Who with?”

Betsy smiled, “A girls isn’t supposed to ‘kiss and tell’ so I bet that applies even more to fucking.”

“But ... but ... I’m not some silly girlfriend. You just trusted me with your body so do you think I’d go blabbing around?”

She got thoughtful, “I guess you’re right. But it’s just between us.”

Billy nodded so she continued, “You know Mr. Smith that I babysit for? It was him last night when he came home without Mrs. Smith. I’d found her dildo a while back and had it in my pussy when he came in real quiet and saw me. He said he had something a lot better than that and before I knew it I was feeling his cock up me. It WAS better! After I came I told him to not cum in me. He said he’d had that operation so he didn’t shoot sperm, and it was all good from then on. Two times before I went home.”

Billy was hard as iron hearing about the sexual adventure of the pussy he was buried in but he asked, “I haven’t had that operations so why did you let me shoot in you?”

“It’s almost my period so it’s pretty safe. Come on, fuck me good!”

After her period, Billy told her he swiped some condoms from his older brother. It wasn’t as good but a lot better than nothing. Betsy admitted she was screwing Mr. Smith a couple times a week too. Bareback of course.

A few weeks later Billy’s brother Josh cornered him, “You’ve been swiping my condoms, I think. I don’t need them with my current girlfriend but I did notice. It’s gonna cost you.”

Billy asked, “How much?”

“Not money ... just pussy. I want some of what you’re tapping or no more wrappers. I’m not greedy cause Caren keeps me well laid but variety is always nice. Let’s say once a week.”

“I’ll ask.”

“BTW, anybody I know?”

Billy responded timidly, “Betsy.”

Josh smiled big, “I’ve noticed how cute she’s gotten. I’d love some of her!”

Betsy was getting a bit annoyed with Billy. He was wanting to know everything about her screws with Mr. Smith to the point he wouldn’t fuck her until he heard all the latest. She finally got mad, “I’m tired of that shit. When I’m with you I think about just you. When I’m with him then that’s who I pay attention to. I expect the same from you so I’ll never tell you about any other fucking I’m doing again.”

Billy got the message and their sex improved quickly. When he told her about the condom situation she was a bit dismayed. “So do you want me to fuck your brother just so we can do it?” she demanded, “What if I think he’s hot and want to fuck him because of that?” Billy didn’t know what to say. She continued, “I’ll do it because I want all the experience I can get right now. No reflection on you but older guys can show me things that you will later get to enjoy too.”

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