by tunefulbob

Copyright© 2018 by tunefulbob

Erotica Sex Story: A transcript of cybersex action between two lovers who a temporarily separated.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   True Story   Oral Sex   Tit-Fucking   .


This is a transcript of an actual cybersex interaction between an older man and his young lover, who is on assignment five time zones away. Only light editing has been done, to correct obvious typos; otherwise this is exactly what was written by the two lovers. I don’t know how erotic this is, or even whether it can be considered a story. But it brought satisfaction and release to the two participants.

I’m with you and totally focused on you
are you ready?


I want to hold you, kiss you and caress you – a little foreplay to start.

I’d like that

I’m kissing you now, caressing your sweet tummy.

Ok good

kissing your neck, your ear.
caressing your breasts through your bra
pinching your nipples,
squeezing your breasts
unhooking your bra
taking it off of you.
now kissing one breast while caressing the other.
chewing one nipple and pinching the other


squeezing one breast and still chewing on the other.

Ok good
I like it

switching my mouth to the nearer breast now, and chewing that nipple
slapping the other breast, firmly
then squeezing that nipple
now caressing one breast and nipple softly, gently


then squeezing it again
slapping it
pinching the nipple

I love your sweet tongue honey
Love when you chew my nipples...

while I alternately kiss and chew on the other nipple.
I love kissing your breasts
I love caressing them
I love chewing on your nipples
squeezing and slapping your breasts and nipples
your breasts are so spectacularly beautiful, darling
they are amazing, so lovely, so firm


so beautifully shaped.

I love that you love them...
I’m reaching for your cock now

they are the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen, and by far the most wonderful I’ve ever touched.

My fingers running through your cock hair...
I’m standing before you now
pull my underpants down, sweetheart

Pulling your pants down now honey...
suck my cock, sweetheart
he’s yearning to be in your mouth

Fuck my boobs...

fucking your breasts now


Fucking your boobs hard now
your breasts feel so good on my cock
your skin is so soft

I’m taking your cock head into my mouth while you fuck my boobs
Spitting on your cock and between my boobs

your breasts are firmly gripping my cock.
Your skin is so slick from your spit
the tip of my cock is in your mouth now

Keep going fast honey

oh - fucking your boobs and your mouth fast and hard now!


that feels so good, sweetheart
so sexy


so wonderful
swirl the tip now
while I fuck your boobs

My tongue is swirling the tip of your cock...

wow, sweetheart, your tongue is wonderful!

Swirling slowly now...

yes - pumping slower now too
so sensual
enjoying the caress of your tongue on the tip of my cock


feeling the soft skin and firmness of your boobs as you squeeze your breasts on my cock

Ok ... let me stroke your cock and suck your balls
Then you fuck my mouth

holding your head and fucking your mouth
going deep into your mouth
against the back of your throat

yes - I want that

now holding my cock against the back of your throat, stopping your breathing
now letting you breath again

Good. I like that ... I’m kneeling with my head up looking into your eyes...
stroking your cock with my right hand and sucking your hairy balls
I’m pressing your balls with my tongue
And rubbing them

My cock has never been sucked so beautifully
you give the most exciting blow job I’ve ever had, my sweet.
you can take my cock so deep into your mouth.
I love how your tongue and lips caress my balls

Now I’m slipping your balls into my mouth ... and I suck them gently

yes, gently -
feels so good!

Sucking you
Gently ... Yeah

your touch and your mouth on my balls are both perfect.

Now I take your balls out and lick under your hard cock

my cock is twitching

Just that part...
Licking it fast now

yes, that is so good!

You like it?
I worship your cock and your balls

so exciting!
it’s beautiful

Now I suck on your cock head when I lick and get there

oh, so good!

I continue licking under your cock and sucking your cock head...

my cock is twitching with pleasure

I’m going to take your cock in my mouth
But first I want you to stroke my boobs with it

oh yes!
that’s what he wants now - to fuck your mouth!
I’m caressing your nipples with the tip of my cock

okay good
Yeah do it...

one then the other, then back again


pressing my cock against your firm breasts

Now stroke my boobs...

my cock worships your breasts
adores them
loves them
now I’m caressing and squeezing your boobs
now inhale my cock again darling
take it deep
I’m holding your head and fucking your mouth
long, hard, deep strokes

Okay ... Good

lifting you to seat you on the couch
kneeling before you to kiss your tummy

Okay good.

and the insides of your thighs
I slide two fingers inside of your pussy to find your g spot


then press my thumb against your clit


I’m squeezing your g spot and your clit between my thumb and fingers
kissing your tummy
now chewing on one nipple, squeezing the other nipple, while caressing your clit and g spot
faster and faster
now bring my mouth and tongue to your clit


while still fingering your g spot

Keep going honey
I love your hard heavy cock

my tongue is pressing your clit

I want it

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