Exposed Slave

by Dark Fantasy

Copyright© 2018 by Dark Fantasy

BDSM Sex Story: A slave is sent on a little exhibitionistic adventure on a sunny day in the city. This is a short experimental story told entirely from the perspective of the master talking to his slave. Please make sure to read the story codes.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Scatology   Water Sports   .

Well, hello sweetie. Nod once if you can hear me clearly.

Good. I really like this new wireless earphone. We’ll have to see how it works out today, just make sure you don’t lose the ear piece. I’m over by the fountain, by the way. Can you see me?

I notice you have already received your banana split. Enjoy. Take your time eating it, we’re not in a hurry. On the other hand I want to have some entertainment, too. So move the chair around a bit until you are facing me, and spread your legs so I can see your panties. Spread a little wider. Yes, that’s good.

Did you know that you already have a little wet spot on your panties? Well, that’s why I told you to wear those pastel pink panties, I just love how clearly wetness is visible on them. Are you that horny already? No? Oh, don’t tell me you squirted pee into them. You did. Bad girl, you know that I forbade you to pee from the time you woke up this morning. So was that little bit that made the wet spot all, or did you pee more? No? At least that’s something.

Keep looking at your ice cream, there’s a guy sitting at the next table wondering why your face got so red all of a sudden. Let’s let him wonder for a while, maybe he gets the idea to look under the table and see your wet panties.

At least I can see that you followed the clothing rules I gave you. Your nipples are slightly visible under the white t-shirt so I know you didn’t put on a bra, and they will show even more prominently once the t-shirt gets wet from your sweat. The weather forecast says it’s going to be a hot day. The panties contrast nicely with the black skirt, by the way. Did you have any problems getting here barefoot? Good.

I see you are done with the ice cream, have you already paid? Good, then let’s get this show on the road.

As a reminder regarding the rules, if you manage to obey every order I give you without hesitation, you will get an orgasm as a reward. We both know you can do it. It’s not like you ever disregard an order, you just need to learn to not hesitate. You have gotten better at it, so I want to see you succeed today.

Get up and walk in my direction. Slower, there’s no urgency. Pull your shoulders back, walk proudly. I love watching your tits bounce under the t-shirt. The other people around here want to enjoy that, too. When you get near the fountain, you will see that there is a butt plug sitting on the rim to my left side. Go there, pull your panties to the side and sit down on it. It’s only the middle sized one, and I put KY jelly on it, so you should be able to get it into your asshole without pain. Don’t look in my direction, look into the crowd. It’s okay if you need to work yourself onto the plug, but be careful that you don’t pee, and I want it completely inside you fast. Are you down? Good. Pull your panties over the base of the plug.

You should probably get used to having the plug in your asshole, so I want you to slowly walk around the city square once. After you made the round, I want you to go and stand directly in the middle of the square facing me and wait there for instructions.

By the time we are done, you will probably have a sun burn. Oh, well. I like to watch you standing there in the sun. And the best part of it is that you continue to sweat, and your nipples and areola are now clearly visible. In the time you have been standing there, I have counted three guys and one girl sitting down near you just so they can watch.

Since these people seem to like your tits as much as I do, let’s give them a thrill. Pull the front of the t-shirt up so it rests on the top of your titties, then walk to the little pathway you see between the two yellow buildings behind me. Stop at the entrance to the pathway. Also, if the t-shirt falls down by itself let it fall, but you may not help it along in any way.

Very nice, and you have more people watching you now. Go about two meters into the pathway, then move so you stand facing the wall of the left building. Since the t-shirt didn’t fall down, we’ll just let it stay there. Spread your legs slightly, then pull the skirt completely up so your panties are fully exposed all around.

Since you have been such a good girl, you now get permission to pee. Empty your bladder completely. That’s it, this is so erotic watching your piss running down your legs. And while your panties have been damp before, they are soaked now and that difference is also clearly visible. If you ask me, it was worth making you endure the full bladder for this. I know it was painful, but isn’t it such a good feeling now that you have drained it?

Pull your skirt and t-shirt down, then walk back past the fountain until you stand about three meters in front of me, and face me. Pull your soaked panties down and remove them, then put them into your mouth. Make sure put stuff them in far enough so they are not visible with your mouth closed. Good. You may not open your mouth again without my permission.

You are such a good girl, this is the first time you managed to put something dirty into your mouth without hesitation. I’m proud of you.

Do you want to bet that some asshole called the police on us? We should get going. Walk to the park, I’ll be behind you.

It’s a good thing school is still in session, that way there aren’t that many people here and the tables to your left are unused. Go to the middle one and sit down on it, facing into the park. Make sure you don’t have the skirt under your ass and spread your ass cheeks while sitting down so your weight presses the plug into you. Pull the front of the skirt up so I have a good view at your cunt. Spread your legs a little more, don’t be obvious but make sure that everyone who cares to look sees your pussy. You know, it’s been long enough that all of the piss on your body has dried, but your cunt is glistening wet despite the tampon you have in it. It seems to me that you are enjoying this as much as I do.

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