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Erotica Sex Story: kidnapped wife raped in bondage tortured then snuffed all on video

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   BDSM   Sadistic   Snuff   Torture   Gang Bang   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Leg Fetish   Needles   Prostitution   Violent   .

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and I do not condone any of the things written about.

This is a sad story about my wife (Jackie) and I (Dave) who live in Boston. My wife is a Realtor for a large firm who specializes in selling commercial property, large sprawling ranch houses and large old mansions through out the tri state area. Myself, I work for a utility company, so I’m on the road a lot. I’m six foot 1 inch 200 pounds while Jackie is a stunning red head, five foot four inches 115 pounds and 38DD breasts. Her voice is of the breathy type, very sexy, but being a red head, if you cross head watch out she has a mean temper. Yep drop dead gorgeous! Because of her looks and her charisma, she sells a lot of property. Her firm recently had her do a TV commercial for the company. You know the old says “sex sells”, well when she working she dresses sexy as hell. When you sell large dollar properties you can meet perspective buyers in jeans and drive a VW, she dresses in a nice expensive business suit (skirt type as a rule as men like to see legs, but there are time when she must wear pants), usually a white silky blouse, see through bra, a thong, expensive vintage stockings that have a nice shine, garter belt, always heels nothing shorter than four inches. She drives a Mercedes.

One day in the Roxbury part of Boston which is known for is crime rate, some black men are in a bar when Jackie’s commercial comes on the TV and it shows her walking out of a mansion, then stops and she gives her pitch then it ends. Leroy says to his buddy Jerome “will you look at dat. Now that is a very nice piece of white meat. Bet she ain’t never had a black cock before.” Jerome says “ya your right but you ain’t gonna get into dat, she won’t let you near her, she be strictly high class.” “Don’t be so sure! It might take some time and doings but I betcha I can fuck dat!” Leroy said. “I’ll have a plan ny the end of the week” said Leroy. Jerome said “I can’t wait to hear this one!”

Sure enough Leroy and Jerome are at the same bar when Leroy says I have a plan! I’m gonna need some help but I knows it’s gonna work!” Jerome says “ Come on bro tell me bout it.” “Well first of all dis is the hard part we have to break into a and expensive downtown Boston clothing store so I’z can get an outfit, soz I can dress the part of a rich dude. When that is done the we steal a big Lincoln SUV, a black one, dat will take some time and stash it in the old abandon warehouse on the docks. Then you call her cause she won’t talk to somebody like me and tell her you are interested in a mansion the we knows is empty, then when you make an appointment and wez get there, we get to more bro’s and you three crouch down soz she only sees me. Once inside you guys come in!” said Leroy. Jerome says “You know that just might work!” “Ya and when we gets her inside ... wez fuck her brains out and make her a black cock whore!” said Leroy.

So it’s now the following week and Leroy tells Jerome to meet him at his house. They get together and Leroy starts detailing how the thefts will happen in great detail. Two days latter they hit a clothing store that Leroy had already visited and found the suit and shoes that he wants and fits him and marked them with a special marker that only shows up under UV light! This way they don’t waste time in the store!

Next they steal the Lincoln and stash it in the warehouse. Next they check her listing and go check them out till they find one that is not lived in. Now they are giving each other the high fives! Jerome calls Jackie and tells her he is interested in this very large ranch house and makes an appointment to see it. On the appoint day and time Leroy, Jerome and two more guys show up before Jackie. As she drives up, three of them duck down. Leroy says “Give me about twenty minutes inside cause I wants to get her in the basement. When you come in be quiet an listen to make sure we are in they basement, then sneak down quietly.”

Leroy gets out and greets Jackie “Hi I’m Leroy my assistant called you for me. I hope this is big enough I through a lot of parties (as Leroy chooses his word carefully to no sound like the thug he is). “And I’m Jackie. This is a lovely home and I’m sure you will love it. Let’s go inside.” Leroy is drooling already seeing this gorgeous white woman dressed very sexy in a black pinstripe skirt business suit, very sheer off black stockings and black patent leather ankle strap stilettos. She opens the door and they start walking around while Leroy tries not to say too much.

After about ten minutes Leroy asked to see the basement, so they went down and it is completely finished including a fireplace. But one thing stood out of place and was a gray large steel door. Leroy went to open it but it was locked. He asked Jackie if she had the key to it. Jackie said “well they never said anything about this door. Let’s see if it’s one of these keys and after three tries she found the key and opened the door. She reached in and turned the light on. They both were stunned at the site! It was a small dungeon play room! Leroy walked in and smiled as Jackie backed out but by then too late as the others were already down there. Jerome grabbed Jackie as she was screaming pushed her in. The others followed in and closed the door as the room is sound proof! Leroy says “ Well dis is better than I could have dreamed! Strip her boys!” With that they removed her clothes leaving the garter belt, stockings and heels.

“Bring her here” Leroy said hold a red ball gag. She is brought over and the gag shove in place! Next he is holding some leather cuffs and attaches them to her wrists then raises her to hook the cuffs on a hook in the ceiling beam. She is hanging there with her beautiful big tits, large nipples and areolas and bald pussy two feet off the floor. Now the guys are grabbing, feeling and fingering Jackie and she does an air dance for them! One guys says “look the bitch is married!” When they tired of playing with her Leroy said “hey look what I found!” It was a closet that contained whips, ropes, needles, skewers, leather restraints, smelling salts and other various toys!

“Let’s take some of the fight out of this bitch” Leroy said as he grabs a whip and starts to whip her. She is screaming into the gag, crying and twisting under the bite of the whip. It is leaving welts with some bleeding over her tits, stomach, legs and ass! Next he gets the skewers and starts shoving three skewers in each tit and puts two needles through each nipple. He keeps this up for 30 minutes then Jackie passes out and Leroy stops. This gives them time to strip naked to get ready for the gangbang.

In the mean time her husband has been trying to call her, the calls go unanswered. So he decides to go to the property. When he pulls up he sees her car and a Lincoln SUV. He walks in the house and right away he hears loud talking and laughing coming the basement. So he quietly sneaks down and is greeted by the site of four naked large black guys. He moves to see better into the room and sees Jackie hanging there passed out with her head back with the skewers and needles in her tits. He is in total chaos! His body and mind are fighting each other, one one side he wants to rush in an kill everyone and on the other seeing her defenseless and being tortured like that with all those black guys knowing they are going to fuck her, excites him very much!

He decides to stay and watch a little because if he tries to intervene he’ll be beaten to a pulp. They take her down. Dave has now got a hard-on watching black men handling his wife. They remove the needles and skewers (with blood running from the punctures) and put her face down on a small red padded table, then attach her cuffs to the two front corners of table and tie her ankles to the two bottom table legs. Her holes are now accessible to the guys. Dave is struggling not to cum in his pants as Jackie has never been so exciting to him before. Leroy says “well brothers let’s get this party started” with that Leroy pushes his 11 inch very thick snake into her small delicate pussy. At the other end her ball gag is removed and a guy grabs her by her hair and is ready to shove his dick in her mouth. She wakes up abruptly because of the pain from Leroy as a dick is shoved down her throat!

Dave seeing that loses control and cums in his pants as Jackie has always refused to suck him off saying that its a filthy thing to do! Her she is laying with a black dick in each end! When they are finished fucking her pussy, Leroy takes her ass cherry! Again she screams, but on the third guy she doesn’t complain anymore. Now she lies there and takes what ever they shove in her, in any of her holes. Leroy says “amuse yourselves boys, I’m getting dressed to check out the barn.” Dave runs up the stairs jumps in his car and drives off around the corner, parks and ducks down. Leroy checks out the barn and sees something he likes ... a chain-fall on the ceiling beam! He goes to the SUV, get a video camera, goes into the basement, takes some video of her getting fucked then says “gag her and bring her to the barn.”

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