Jim & Val

by Lone writer

Copyright© 2018 by Lone writer

Erotica Sex Story: Couple into BDSM but it turns into Sado before they know it and wifey becomes a porn star.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Heterosexual   Fiction   Wife Watching   BDSM   Rough   Sadistic   Torture   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Body Modification   Leg Fetish   Needles   Violent   .

Jim and Val are trying to spice up their marriage. After ten years, it’s grown a little stale. One of Val’s girlfriends, named Jessie, suggested that she try dressing more daring or trashy. Val said “what do you mean by trashy?” Jessie replied “ do you own a garterbelt and very sheer stocking? Do you have 4 inch stilettos? How about a skirt that would just barely cover your stocking tops or maybe a side slit?” Val was stunned and said “No!”

“Well women have to do the changing, it’s the natural order of things. If he started dressing sexy, it wouldn’t help his sex life much, but if you do, he wouldn’t be able to wait to get you in bed or over the hood of the car!” Jessie said. Val “I’ve gotta think about this.” With that Val ended the call. Val couldn’t get that conversation out of her mind. She went on the Internet when Jim was at work and was looking at some pictures of women showing their stockings in public places and it started to turn her on by the power she would command over men. She also visited some web sites on exclusive clubs and it turned her on, the way the woman dressed and how the men reacted to them. One club, The Masters Place, was in the next city from them, so she called them and found out the have a guest policy which allows a couple one visit before they will have to join. She gave her name and said they would be there this coming Saturday. They told her that the doors open at 6 pm. For drinking and dancing and the festivities start at 9 pm sharp.

So she took the plunge and went on E-bay to buy some very sheer vintage black seam stockings. Then she found a site that sold corsets, waist cinchers and garterbelts. She ordered a garterbelt. Then she went to the mall and bought a pair of black 4 stilettos. Now she had to wait for for a week for the stockings and garterbelt to come in.

Finally they arrived! While Jim was at work, Val decided to try out everything. Val loved the feel of the stockings compared to the pantyhose she wore which felt like sandpaper. She admired herself in the mirror. She tried on some of he skirts an none of the were short enough. She thought for a minute then figured she would go to some second hand clothing stores and wear her stocking so she could see what works best. Val was now getting very turn on. She could feel herself getting very wet and she loved it. She felt for the first time in her life very “naughty”! So she jumps in the car and starts her journey. Two and a half hours later she comes back home with three skirts! One was very short, two had high side slits with one having a very high slit.

At supper Val asked Jim if they could go out this weekend and do something very exciting. Jim “sure! What do you have in mind?” Val “supper at a nice but not real fancy restaurant but in the seedier part of town.” Jim” Are you sure? What are you up to?” Val “Well you’ll just have to wait and see!”

Saturday night comes and Jim has been going nuts wondering what Val is up to. Jim goes into the bedroom and gets dressed while Val is doing her makeup and hair. After Jim leaves the room, Val closed the door and got dressed. She walked out of the bedroom nervous because she didn’t know how Jim would react to her new look. Jim looked up from watching TV and he was stunned! He said “Wow! Are you for real? Are we going out like that?” Val said I thought you would like something daring for a change. I can change if you want.” Jim “Hell no!!! I never thought you had it in you to dress like this!! It’s awesome!” Jim walked over to Val and gave her a very passionate kiss. Val had put on a black sequined deep v-neck blouse, a black skirt with a side slit that showed stocking top when she walked or sat down and her new black 4 inch stilettos.

They go to a restaurant and have a nice supper. Val turned heads when she walked in and she loved the attention! Everything went well and as supper was ending Jim asked “well, what do we do now”? Val replied “I got us into a very exclusive club called The Masters Place”. We have to be the for 6pm for drinks and dancing then the real party starts at 9pm “! Jim checks his watch and it was 5:15. Where is this place? It’s in Casey. “Then we better get going” said Jim. They paid the bill, got in the car and drove rather fast. A little after 6pm the arrived there. The place didn’t look flashy. They went inside and the woman at the desk asked “do you have a reservation?” Val replied “yes, It’s under Val & Jim”. “Are you new here?”

“Yes” Val said. The woman at the desk said “Then you have to sign this form. In short it states that you both are willing participants and can not hold the club libel for anything that happens to you and that you must attend at least once a month for the next three months or we will bill your credit card $300 for each month you miss.” So Val and Jim signed. “OK, please go in.” the woman said. It looked nice with plenty of tables and chairs. They found a table for two and sat down. A waitress came over for the drink order and was given one. Then Val and Jim got up to dance. As they were dancing heads were turning to view Val, she was very hot that night, but so was some of the other women so she didn’t feel uncomfortable there.

At 8:50 an announcement was made that tonites festivities would start at 9pm and would be in the auditorium the next level down. Jim and Val got up an followed the crowd to the auditorium, found some seat and sat down. They couldn’t wait to see what the show was. Then the house light dimmed and a well dress man came on stage and said “Welcome to The Masters Place! Tonite I would like to welcome some new visitors here, would Jim and Val please stand up!” They were surprised and stood up. The M. C. asked “Would you both please come down here for a proper Master’s welcome?” So they proceeded down and on to the stage, as whistles and cat calls echoed out when Val walked across the stage. Then two more well dressed men came on stage with two chairs and Jim and Val were escorted to the chairs. With that the announcer said “Let the show begin!” One of the well dressed men produced a large leather belt partially together and dropped it over Jim from behind and quickly tightened it around Jim’s chest. Then both men worked to restrain Jim’s wrists to the chair. When this started Val jumped up and was grab-ed by her arms by the announcer. She was helpless and could do nothing but watch. Then they worked to secure Jim’s ankles to the chair all the time Jim was yelling and cursing. The last thing was a black ball gag. Now they turned their attention to Val! They took her blouse off. While she was struggling her stockings were in full view to the eruption again of whistle and cat calls. Then they removed her bra, skirt and panties. Leaving her in her garterbelt shiny black seam stockings and heels, all the while screaming, which heighten the audience. They a fixed leather cuffs to her wrists, bright red ball gag, then a cable was lowered from the ceiling, attached to the cuffs and then she was raised two feet off the floor. She looked extremely beautiful hanging there in the spot light. The light bouncing off her gorgeous tits, shaved pussy and legs. Then a hooded man came out wearing only leather straps and carrying a whip!

Jim was trying to bounce around in his chair and making noise. But there wasn’t anything he could do to stop what was going to happen. The whip master looked at Jim for a few seconds then turned and lashed out on Val. Crack! Val jumped and twisted while dangling from the cable. Then another, and another, five in all while Val twists and muffled screams with those beautiful legs kicking and twisting. He stopped to let her rest a bit. Again the two men came out and a fixed leather cuffs to her ankles. The cable was lowered and they help hold Val, as she was exhausted from her ordeal, and she was laid down on the stage while the cable continued to drop, then her arms were bound behind her back and also bound at the elbows, as they attached the cable the ankle leather cuffs to it and it started to raise again. Dragging Val across the stage and up until her head was three feet off the stage! She was a vision off loveliness dangling there, her beautiful long hair hanging, tits hanging in an nu-natural way, lights shining on her shave cunt and those long, long beautiful legs and shiny high heels! She didn’t offer much resistance as she was wore out and in pain. The whip master returned and gave her ten lashes this time and they were given to her tits, her back, her cunt and long legs. Some of the lashes on her tits and back drew blood. Every stroke made her jump except the last two as she passed out. They left her hanging there for ten minutes so the audience could come down to examine her beautiful body and also touch it.

Jim was loosing his mind, but also highly excited. He didn’t know if Val expected this or not. Then one of the ladies from the audience walked over to Jim, unzipped his pants and pulled his erect dick out and said “ here, let me help you with that” and started giving him a blow job. Just as he was ready to cum, she jerked him off so it landed all over his pants. Everybody got a turn touching and fingering Val. The announcer said “OK everyone back to your seat.” Then he bent down and gave some smelling salts to Val. She woke up crying in pain and wiggling to the audience’s delight. He produced a needle from his pocket and held it up and said “Everybody here knows what this is. This is to her her with her pain.” Then he turned and stuck it through her stocking and into her thigh. Soon she stopped crying and wiggling. Again she was lower, her restraints removed and raised to her feet with the help of the two men. The held her by her arms extended somewhat so people could admire the whip master’s work and then turn her around. Next came out a padded table and she was bent over it and it was placed so the people could see her side view. The men held her there as this big black man came out with a very large and long dick. He walked over to her licked her cunt then started to slowly enter her pussy, while she was shaking her head no and screaming into the ball gag. He finally got all 11 inches in and was pounding her bad. After about 10 minutes of this he wanted something else, her ass! He got some oil, lubed his dick and dropped some on her ass. Val was going nuts, she had never been fucked in the ass before and this monster dick was about to pop her ass cherry. He started with his fingers an then started to ram is cock into virgin territory. Val tried to get away but the two guys were still holding her. After a couple of minutes her had it all in her and again Val passed out. Jim just sat there watching the show of abuse and rape of his beautiful wife and he couldn’t do anything to stop it. The black man finished by cumming in her ass. A camera man came out to get a close up, so the audience could look at the TV monitors of her swollen leaking red pussy and, gaping asshole with gobs of cum running out and onto her stockings.

After that night Jim and Val wonder why in hell did they ever sign that contract without knowing what was about to happen. They thought about just giving up the $900, but they really could afford to do that so they decided that they would have to attend three more times.

Well the next month comes and Val gets an email from the club stating that this coming Saturday is slave display night and slaves will be paraded around the club in some type of bondage. Masters must dress in some form of Master outfit.

Val got nervous when she read it and call Jim to read it also. They discussed it, but resided to the fact they have to go. Jim called the club and told them he didn’t have that kind of clothing and he was told to go to this address and tell the the owner the club sent him. So Jim and Val jumped into the car, drove to the address, which happened to be a biker store, spoke to the owner and was lead into another room that was filled with bondage gear. Jim spotted a leather hood with eye, nose and mouth openings and took it along with a pair of leather shorts and a criss cross chest harness. For Val he bought a collar, leash, leather wrist and ankle cuffs, leather under the breast corset with buckles and six garters, red ball gag and a small leather buckle strap. He paid the owner and they went back home. Val could not wait to see Jim model his new outfit, so he put it on an Val got very excited at the site of Jim like that! He looked so powerful and menacing, she was getting wet.

Well Saturday evening came and they got dressed. Jim got into his new gear. Val did her hair and slutty makeup, shaved her pussy, put on her new corset, as she had tighten the laces before putting it on so all she had to do is tighten the five front buckles and it knocked four inches off her waist. She now had an hour glass figure. She put on her black seamed stockings and four inch heels with ankle straps. She then put her collar on and looked in the mirror and thought how very hot she looked. She went downstairs where Jim was waiting and when he saw her he started to get a hard on and wanted to fuck her right there. She said “no we must wait until we get back home as we don’t know what tonite will be like.” Jim said “OK. Now I have to finish your outfit.” With that said, he put her wrist and ankle cuffs on, put her arms behind her back and clipped the cuffs together, then came the ball gag. He then put her cape on her and buttoned the only button which is at the top. This left her in full view proudly displaying her tits and shaved cunt! He put her overcoat over her shoulders and buttoned it up, Jim also put his overcoat on and they left.

They arrived at the club, Jim got Val out and into the club they went. The receptionist greeted them and asked them to remove the overcoats. She took the coats and told them to enter. They walked in with Val still in her cape and Jim attached the leash, then tied her elbows together with the leather strap. Then her lead her by her leash as people watched them go by with some men touching her. They ran into the Club Master and he asked Jim if he could borrow his slave for a short time then he would return her safely back to him. He wanted to show her off to some V.I.P’s and she would have to be blindfolded. The both agreed and the Master took the leash from Jim and walked off. Jim walked around the club watching other masters with their slaves and after about 15 minutes of this Jim found a secret door hidden behind some curtains. It had no door handles or knobs, just a door, so Jim started looking for a way to open it and found when turned around to face the backside of the closed curtains at the very top was a small button. He pressed it and the door popped open!

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