Fertilizing Flowers

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Nature calls to meet nature's needs. One never knows how some seeds will blossom.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Romantic   Cuckold   Sharing   Polygamy/Polyamory   Pregnancy   Water Sports   .

From the corner of my eye I saw some movement in my backyard through the window. I went out quietly through the garage and couldn’t see anything until I looked behind the shed. There was a young girl squatting down and taking a piss.

When she finished and stood up, pulling up her jeans, I confronted her, “What are you doing here?”

She was so startled she stuttered, “I had to pee so bad I couldn’t stand it. I’m on my way home from school and this was the first place I found. I hope I didn’t hurt anything.”

I sized her up, maybe 5 foot even, a slight build with b-cup tits. She had short red hair and blue eyes. I’d gotten a quick look at her crotch as she pulled her pants up and that seemed to be the same color as on top.

“Well,” I said slowly, “you didn’t hurt anything but you didn’t help it either.”

She looked puzzled so I continued, “Did you know that human urine is an excellent fertilizer, just a bit strong so it needs to be diluted for plants. During the growing season I try to not send mine down the toilet but use it for my shrubs and flowers and garden.”

She looked around and saw that landscaping was my favorite hobby. The yard was full of growing green and colorful things.

I smiled at her and she relaxed, “There’s not much growing back where you put yours so next time let’s put it to better use.”

She opened her eyes wide and said, “Next time?”

“I figure that if you had to pee one time when you got here, it might happen again. I’d like to have a plan. Do you have a few minutes to work with me?”

She was getting pretty intrigued by now, I could tell. I went in the house and got her a tall glass of iced tea and brought out my planting map. “I will put this in a plastic sleeve on the porch so it can be referred to easily. See how I am checking off the plants that had been fertilized, going clockwise from the house. About the time that the circle is completed it will be time to start again. Let me show you how this works.”

He walked over to a rhododendron and identified it on the map, “See, this one is the next one that isn’t checked. I need to take a piss and I think it would be fun if you were in charge of the distribution.”

Again she looked puzzled. “Have you ever touched a penis?” She nodded so he continued, “Then get mine out and aim it and I will tell you where it needs to go. She struggled with the zipper a little bit and getting him out through his boxers. All the fussing had made it grow a little bit but it was still pointable. She stared as the yellow stream began shooting out and he had to get her attention to wet the ground the proper distance from the stem of the plant. When he was empty, he had her put it away and then they went to get the watering can. “It takes a full watering can to dilute the average bladder full for best results.”

She was absorbing all this and then her eyes lit up, “I have to pee again. Can I do the next plant?”

“Okay, show me what you learned.” She dropped her jeans again and pretty skillfully spread her urine where needed to go. When she stood up she seemed to not be in any big hurry to pull up her pants. She laughed, “I think wearing a skirt would make this a lot easier.” Then she went to get the watering can for her deposit.

She smiled and laughed and he realized he didn’t even know her name. The episode was enough to make him beat off after he got back in the house. He was 35 and a bachelor, not having much success with women, not so much from his appearance as his social skills. He worked at home as a technical developer so didn’t even have much opportunity to meet people.

He’d noticed what time this redhead had been caught the day before and sure enough, she came in the back gate but came right up to the door and knocked. “Here I am and I’m ready for action!”

She was wearing a short jeans skirt so she just pulled her panties aside and did her thing, remembering to dilute it properly. He invited her in the house and offered her some ice tea again. “By the way my name is Joe and what’s yours?”

“I’m Lily and I live about a block to the west of here. I’m a junior at the high school. What do you do?”

“I do computer work from home most of the time. A couple days a month I have to go into the main office for meetings.”

Lily was inquisitive, “Are you married?” Joe shook his head so she asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?” Another head shake. “I have a couple of boyfriends but nobody serious at all. I don’t have any brothers or sisters either.”

They visited for a while until she said she had to get home and by then the ice tea had hit bottom. She consulted the chart, stepped out of her panties which she gave Joe to hold, and raised her skirt high as she did her duty. Retrieving her panties, she was disappointed that she couldn’t help aim Joe. He promised to have a full bladder if she came tomorrow. She said she would. “Damn,” he thought, “She is awfully cute!” It would be beat-the-meat time again after she left.

Sure enough, there she was again. She hadn’t forgotten his promise and promptly took him out and he had enough to water two plants before she put his hose away. It had gotten pretty firm by that time so he had to help do it and she just grinned. This time she had worn a summer dress and pulled it off over her head, revealing that she didn’t wear a bra. She teased him, “Now watch closely to be sure that I am doing this just right!” His cock was at full stature by then and she glanced at it and smiled.

Once again they visited for a while but she didn’t bother putting her dress back on since she said she’d probably do another watering before she left and thought she was getting pretty good at it. He noticed that she gave him plenty of pussy peeks and wiggled her ass a little extra as she got up to refill their ice tea glasses.

The next day was Friday and she appeared right on time in the same kind of dress as the day before. He figured she liked nudity so he dressed very lightly, with just some gym shorts and no T-shirt. After their initial landscape maintenance, she took his hand and said, “You’ve been very much the gentleman in spite of some serious teasing I’ve been doing. I really like you and I’m ready to make up for it. Please lead me to the most comfortable place to lie down in the house.”

She laid back in the classic position, saying to him, “Make me feel good and I’ll do the same to you. So you don’t have to ask, you can shoot your stuff in me all you want. I actually prefer it inside to anyplace else.” No words were spoken for quite a while as they got completely acquainted with one another. She was the most inventive female he’d ever copulated with, moving them into different positions every little bit and showing him erogenous zones he didn’t know he had.

As they lay together, breathing hard after their orgasms, she spoke softly into his ear, “I would like to do this with you a couple times a week. I told you I have some boyfriends and you need to know they are also lovers, or more accurately fuck buddies. As you can tell, I love sex and especially with a good partner like you. Are you okay with all that?”

Joe thought for a moment, “Well, I am as long as the sex doesn’t interfere with properly caring for my plants.” She was surprised by the answer and swatted him on the ass when she realized he was being facetious. That made his cock twitch inside her, and he started moving again to help it refill. He wanted another piece of this hot young honey. She was very appreciative as well.

It was arranged that she would stop by Monday, Wednesday, and Friday after school for whatever needed doing, taking care of plants and pecker. One Wednesday she was a few minutes late and instead of doing the usual fertilizing, she put Joe down on a lounger in the backyard, rubbed his almost erection to full potential, and dropped her pussy on it, taking it all on the first stroke which was unusual. As she rode him she queried, “Do I feel any different inside?”

Joe quickly replied, “You are a lot juicier than usual and it feels like I’ve already fucked you once.”

She smiled, “One of my fuck buddies borrowed an RV van and he banged me right after school and dropped me off here. So you are sliding in some pretty fresh semen. Flowers aren’t the only thing that like being fertilized. I love the feeling and I hope you do too.”

Joe blew his wad as the thought sank in. After his pulses subsided, he put one hand behind her neck and gave her tongue kisses that almost choked her while his other hand squeezed her tits hard. “You are a sexy bitch, Lily, and thank you for sharing that with me.” Lily came hard again, being talked to like that. Then they did their usual plant maintenance but fucked again before she left. As she departed, she said, “My parents would like to meet you so could you come to dinner on Sunday?” He said he would plan on it.

It was great to have a home cooked meal and her parents were pleasant enough. He had no idea how much they knew about their daughter whose conversation was all about his wonderful plantings. Her mom, Rose, said she’d like to come down and see this place her daughter raved about. How about tomorrow noon and she would bring lunch? Knowing he was a bachelor made that an irresistible offer.

Rose showed up at lunchtime carrying a picnic basket and they set it out on a table in the backyard. Joe offered some cold white wine which was gratefully accepted. Rose enjoyed the lunch and especially the wine, downing two glasses before they got up to inspect the vegetation. She knew some of the plants by sight but many of them she did not. She was a little tipsy so she put her arm through his as they worked their way around the planting beds.

When they got back to the table, she asked for another glass of wine and, after taking a slug, said that she knew about the fertilizing program her daughter was part of. Her husband did not because he would likely not approve of it at all but she was terribly intrigued. “Would you show me exactly what you do with my daughter? I’ve resisted going to the bathroom so I can be of help.”

Joe gave her the basic explanation and showed her the chart. They identified the next plantings that were due and he said he would demonstrate exactly as he did with Lily. She must follow his directions explicitly and she nodded. “Okay then, to start you must pull out my penis.” Rose was momentarily startled but complied. “Now you must trace a pattern about six inches away from the main plant stems. Have you ever steered one of these before?” She shook her head so he put his hand over hers to get started. She got the idea after a bit and did a credible job. “Now put it away and we must go get some water so the plant doesn’t get burned.” The watering can was filled and used.

“Now is it my turn?” asked Rose. Joe inquired, “Have you ever peed standing up?” When she shook her head he said, “Then you better take your jeans off so they don’t get wet.” She followed orders and he saw a mature woman’s shape with abundant red hair decorating her crotch. “Let’s practice a little bit out here in the gravel. Kind of hunch down so you aren’t being right between your feet and look between your thighs when you let go so you can see where you are hitting. Let some go then if you can stop it in midstream, that would be good.”

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