Rathi's Reward

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Overseas teaching experience changes his life and those of two Desi young people.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Sharing   Group Sex   Interracial   Indian Female   Indian Erotica   Prostitution   .

I was in Mumbai to set up a course that I would teach on a regular basis at a college. My preference for lodging is a small bed and breakfast that caters to business people. These are often family run and usually are both less expensive and quieter than hotels. I had heard that some of these establishments offer special services but had never encountered any on previous trips.

BTW, I’m white, in mid-30’s, and have advanced degrees in some technical areas. I’ve never married, preferring non-binding intimate relationships which are often easy to find on campus.

My second night at this particular place, I received a knock on my door as I was preparing for sleep. Opening it, I was confronted by the daughter of the family who was wearing a nearly transparent sari. In her late teens, she was shapely and attractive of face. In good English, she inquired, “Would you like ‘room service’? It is modestly priced and would appear as such on your bill. It is only offered to guests who stay for extended periods.” From the way she was dressed and what she said, there was no doubt that the services were sexual.

I hadn’t paid for pussy in quite a while but hadn’t made any connection here either. Not any in India before so her exotic appearance was very tempting. I invited her into my room. She lowered the top of her sari, revealing a pair of well-shaped breasts tipped with dark areolae and prominent nipples. That clinched it and I reached for them. As I fondled, she continued, “I charge by time.” The rate she quoted was quite modest but she had little overhead. “Your first session is half-price as a sample. Would you like to start now?”

I nodded and leaned forward to kiss her. She pulled back and said softly, “Kissing on lips is not included. Other parts are OK. There are a few things that I will not do and will advise if you attempt them.” I moved lower and kissed her nipples and she dropped her sari to the floor, revealing a slightly rounded belly, full hips, and a trimmed patch of curly black hair at her crotch. I moved my kisses lower and stuck my tongue in her belly button, tweaking the jewel she had there. Her tinkling laugh was delightful.

As Rathi laid on my bed, a fleeting thought ran through my mind, wondering how many times and with how many men she had already done this with. She pulled my robe open and took the revealed erection into her mouth. Seeing her dark lips envelop my pale shaft was stimulating as was the skill she demonstrated.

“I want inside you,” I whispered and she laid back in the classic pose. Moving between those golden thighs, I spotted the pinkness of her opening and my circumcised shaft, with short repeated pushes, found it moist and engulfing. I was soon “balls deep” and she had her arms and legs around me as we humped together. I felt her orgasm before mine although she was silent. When my seed rushed to its new place she hugged me until my cock stopped pulsing.

I withdrew and she put a cloth over her pussy as she stood up. “Do you wish regular visits or on request?” I told her that my schedule was going to be very irregular so she said to inform her mother when her services were desired. I told her that they were quite good and I would do so.

As I drifted off to sleep, I was replaying the copulation and realized that she had fully participated, not just being a semen receptacle putting on a show like I’d experienced before with hookers and even some dates. That was very nice. I wanted to learn more about her.

The next morning as she served breakfast her behavior was as it had been before. Looking around the table I couldn’t help but wonder if the other two men had experienced the same thing I had. Her demeanor gave no clues.

Arriving home fairly late that evening, I inquired if Rathi was available for a visit? Her mother informed me she was but it would be later. I got my work done quickly so was ready when the knock on the door came.

She had on a regular sari this time, not the one she used to “advertise” her services, but it was quickly discarded. I laid beside her on the bed and began exploring her body with my hand while I feasted on her delicious tits. They were so firm and well-shaped.

When my fingers probed her vagina, it was quite wet, much different than the previous night. She was a perceptive one, which became evident when she said, “You are not the only man staying here. Does it matter?” I shook my head and mounted her at once, taking only two pushes for full penetration. As I lay soaking in another man’s juices for the first time that I explicitly knew about, my mind was racing. Getting “seconds” was a long-time fantasy and here it was. My own seed was soon added to his but my erection didn’t subside and I kept pounding, much to Rathi’s delight.

When I finally slumped on top of her, she rolled us to our sides and spoke, “I am pleased that you enjoy me that way. Many times it will be like that because I am quite popular. I do not use condoms with most guests but go to clinic regularly.”

I had a request of her, “It is too late tonight but some night, or day, when we can spend the time, would you talk with me at no charge? I would like to get to know you better.”

Her eyes went wide and a beautiful smile lit up her face, “No one has asked for that. I would be very pleased so let’s look for a time.”

Two days later she sought me out, “I have no other guests tonight if you would like to do as you said.” I nodded and she was in my room when I returned from a supper out. I’d thought about inviting her but it might not be good for us to be seen together in public. More for her than me.

She took off her sari, “Let’s have our pleasure first!” I noted the word “our”. She enjoyed sex with me, at least. Using a spooning position I could enjoy the coupling with little physical effort. When that was accomplished, she rolled over to face me, “What do you want to know?”

I’d given that a bit of thought so the first one was, “Why is a beautiful young woman selling her body, and with the knowledge of her family?”

She cast her gaze away from me as she answered, “Two years ago I was raped and impregnated by a relative. He was forced to arrange an abortion for me and it was a poor one. The clinic doctors say I will never conceive again. Because of that I will not likely find a husband so I am earning the money for college that my parents do not have. I must make a career to support myself in a better way than this.”

I put my arm tenderly around her as I digested the information. “Let’s talk about college. I am connected with them so perhaps I can help you with that.” Her face lit up and she hugged me. We talked for a long time about her interests and what would be required. My laptop was used to search for information. Since we were still naked, my penile recovery, aided greatly by her close proximity, was noticed. As our time together drew to a close, she said, “I’d like thank you for all your help. Let’s get back on your bed. No charge!”

When we finished, I had another question, “Do you enjoy sex this much with all of your guests?”

She squeezed my still-embedded cock with her pussy muscles, “With most of them I do. If I don’t they are no longer on my list.”

We became friends and her college plans took shape with my help. When I found her a scholarship she was overjoyed. All of our sex was as friends now!

I had negotiated a long-term contract to teach at the college. I would teach there alternate terms and back home in the US on the others. It made sense for me to lease a small house near campus so I offered to Rathi that she could live there and take care of the place when I was away. With her savings, and the scholarship, she could give up whoring. Her family was pleased as well.

It was like a honeymoon that neither one of us had ever had. We were both very busy with school but made love, for that’s what it was now, at least once every day. But then the time approached for me to return to the US for a several months. Being used to such a vigorous sex life, that would create a shock.

We discussed it. I admitted that I had a couple of women back home that liked to get it on with me. One was a single career woman and the other a married one with a hankering for variety. My horns would be well clipped.

Rathi was now in a new social environment, I pointed out. Dating was acceptable and she would undoubtedly meet men her age that would tickle her lust. She was used to variety from her previous work so she might want to date more than one to avoid emotional entanglement. Just keep it fun. We could Skype regularly to keep in touch.

It only took her a week to identify and seduce a classmate who could provide tutoring as a benefit. She took a surreptitious picture of his body and it was brown and nicely hung as I expected. They screwed a half-dozen times a week, about as often as I was getting laid by my two fuck-buddies.

When I returned she wanted to know, asking in the middle of our genital reunion, if she needed to stop “seeing” him. I pointed out that it was little different in principle than when she was whoring, so why disrupt the relationship. She would want him when I had to leave again. She understood that.

I suggested she invite him over for dinner. He had been told that she was housekeeping for me, a common thing in India. Perhaps he wouldn’t notice the absence of a second bed in our small place.

Nikhil had been in my class so we immediately had things to talk about. He was in computer science, hoping to go to the US and make big bucks. Rathi got left out of the conversation as we ate and finally had to butt in to get some attention. He was embarrassed by his impoliteness. Glancing at me first, Rathi leaned over and gave him a little kiss.

They went out for a walk after dinner. Rathi had told me he lived nearby and they always had sex in his room. I suspected that’s where they were headed now.

When she came back a little while later, it was obvious she had something troubling her. She didn’t strip and get in bed as usual. I asked her to share with me and she put her head on my shoulder as we sat together. “Nikhil noticed the one bed when he used the toilet and asked me if we slept together. I was honest and said we had for a long time and you were understanding about my being with him. I hoped he could do likewise. He brought me back here and said he’d be in touch. I don’t know what will happen and that worries me.”

I told her that at his age I was possessive of the few sexual partners I had until I discovered that the most interesting ones were not exclusive like I thought they were. It is an instinct that a man must overcome to be mature. I would speak with him if he was willing to meet. If a few days he was ok meeting me for coffee.

We talked through things and he now had more to think about than just his own selfish needs. I would never reveal how Rathi and I had met but did tell how I was helping her get the college education she badly needed. When he better understood our relationship he could accept it and enjoy the college-student one they had developed. Sex was not the foundation of anything, just a pleasant and necessary thing to be indulged in.

They resumed their copulations and I got plenty of “seconds” after their times together. Nikhil didn’t want to know about any of those he got and Rathi cleaned herself before being with him. I told her that it would only be a matter of time before his curiosity overcame his male ego.

As I had predicted, during my next month away, when she brought him to our bed for sex, he began asking guarded questions about what had happened in that place. She gave equally guarded answers, wanting to heighten his curiosity. It worked and she began talking about the differences between men without revealing just how many she’d had. He’d had little experience before her so she probed what he had done with other girls and how they compared to her skills. He was hooked on exploring this wondrous thing people could do with each other.

By the time I returned, he was ready to see her getting fucked. She started his orientation by taking him in his bed soon after doing me at our place me and letting him know what the slipperiness inside her was. He ejaculated quickly, she reported, and just continued to avidly pound her to more orgasms for both.

We set up a Saturday night for his big “sex lesson”. I treated both of them to a dinner out and we retired to my place. Rathi changed to her sexy sari which I hadn’t seen in quite a while and our “guest” had never seen. She started a very provocative dance for us and then insisted we disrobe if it was to continue. She reminded us that we had both been naked with her so get on with it. We did and cast glances at each other’s bodies. I hadn’t been naked with another aroused man before either. The main thing I noticed was his foreskin covering part of his cockhead. I was clipped.

Our “love goddess” was slowly revealing even more of those female parts that enhance male arousal and dancing provocatively closer, leaning over to brush a nipple against the top of our erections. This situation was a new thing for her and finally she ran out of ideas so we just clapped in appreciation and simultaneously made a grab for her. I said, “tits!” and we each glommed on to one with hands and mouth and she squealed in mock distress.

We pushed her to the floor and engaged in mock combat with our fleshy swords seeking to be the first to invade her soaking honeypot. She wiggled her ass to make it more challenging with a moving target so I held her ankles and ordered Nikhil to “put it to her”. He penetrated her eager pussy easily and stroked a few times as I watched from her feet and the rolled off and it was my turn. She was still by now and watched wide-eyed as one cock exited and another entered. Her hips rolled in time with my thrusts and then I returned the favor and Nikhil slid in.

This was all he could take, not having the ball-draining I had before we got together, and I saw his testicles tighten as the pulses of semen flowed into Rathi. She moaned at the sensation but hadn’t orgasmed yet.

When I made a squishy-sounding reentry and quickly shot my sperm, she convulsed in her own peak of pleasure. Nikhil was watching, spellbound and with a rigid tool. I was wilting so told our goddess to sit on his still-useful tool. He cupped her breasts as I stood over his head and she cleaned my messy hose with her mouth, making tasty sounds as she did so.

We lay together, panting and smiling. She finally got up, using her hand to contain the dripping cream and headed for the bathroom. Neither of us spoke, still savoring the richness of the experience. When she returned we put together a simple supper with local wine and fueled up for what promised to be an active night.

It sure was, and by morning when Nikhil left, he and I were quite familiar with each other’s male parts. It seemed only natural after a while, and encouraged by Rathi, to touch each other as part of sex play as we regained our stiffness. Not only touching, but also tasting. This was not being “gay” but just a complete sharing of the situation. No semen was spurted in a male mouth or up a male ass, but the same limitation did not apply to our female companion. Besides the traditional double-penetration of pussy and ass, we managed to get two cocks in her vagina at the same time. Awkward and not easy, but a damn interesting accomplishment!

When I was not in residence, Rathi did try a couple of other men, with full disclosure to us, but decided we were the only ones worth the effort. Nikhil had similar experiences which served to firm up our trio’s solidity. I was, of course still screwing my stateside women when I was there. A guy doesn’t want to get out of practice, after all!

After two academic years, it was time to move on and I got a full-time teaching position in the states. It was difficult to break the news to my young friends who by now were depending on me for more than sex. Nikhil had moved in and shared our thankfully large bed.

I softened the blow by revealing that I had been investigating exchange student programs with my new institution and they were looking for candidates. At my recommendation, and aided by a significant donation, my duo were accepted and that news created an uproar, only silenced by lots of wine and screwing. Both had longed to go to the USA and here it was, gifted to them!

The culture shock was significant but exciting. They were excellent students and that part went well. It was the social part that took some getting used to. American students were so laid back compared to the highly competitive ones in their country. They partied all the time. Being considered somewhat “exotic”, they were invited to events and a few private parties.

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