Trudy the Erotic Site Troll

by DDMarshall

Copyright© 2018 by DDMarshall

Humor Story: I wrote this a little over a year ago after reading about "trolls" in the Forum of another site. All I could picture is a hypocritical middle-aged woman exercising her right to condemn publicly what she willingly indulges in and enjoys privately.

Caution: This Humor Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Fiction   Interracial   .

It was a hot Tuesday afternoon in Alabama as I sat down at the computer. I was eager to go to my favorite website to read the Scripture of the Day. I clicked on the ‘history’ list so I would not have to type the website name again. Just as I was about to click, I paused. I spotted a site in the ‘history’ called ‘’

I scrolled down and saw that the site name came up every couple of days and sometimes two or three times in the same day for the last two weeks.

Out of curiosity, I clicked on the site. There was an extensive list of available story themes, including Mature, Cuckold, Bi-Sexual, Boy / Boy and a few more that I was not familiar with. There is a category about halfway down the list called Incest. I knew what that one meant and had to smile as I thought of the good times I had when I would take my little brother down to the barn when we were kids.

Two and a half hours later I had finished reading four stories and proudly gave them all a negative vote. My god, how could they think that that was literature? I pushed my house dress and apron down and got up and pulled up my panties. I needed to wash my hands.

I went to the sink and washed my hands and took a paper towel and folded it up and stuck it in my panties and went back to the computer. I sat down and went through my e-mails and responded to a few of the ladies in the woman’s church group concerning the bake sale for next week.

Then I opened my husband Walter’s e-mail. He did not know I knew where he hid the black notebook that contained his passwords. I like to check every once in a while and see if he is up to something that I can hold over his head and use to my advantage. Most of the mail was spam from companies trying to sell him something. There was one from his friend Fred that he had already opened so I opened it to see what Fred had to say.

Hey Walt,

Thanks for the heads up on “” that George at the Sunoco station told you about. Everyone down here at the Fire House 69 is enjoying it. I told the boys at the Police Station about it yesterday.

Wanking on the job,


My god it sounded like every man in the parish is reading this smut.

It was 5:30 when my husband Walter parked in the driveway and started up the walk. I took my, <i>’I am angry and you are in deep shit’ stance in the hall as I waited for him to open the door. I screwed up my face and crossed my arms and started tapping my foot.

Walter came in and put his briefcase on the Demilune side table and looked at me and asked, “Oh shit, what did I do now Trudy?”

I crooked my finger at him and he followed me to the computer. I pointed to the screen and said, “Just what is this filth you have been reading? I have been reading these stories all afternoon and not one of them comes close to the sophistication of a decent romance novel.”

“Listen to this drivel. He loosened his pants and retrieved his cock as he spied on his hot and naked young neighbor by her pool...”

“Even the phrasing is awkward. It sounds like he misplaced his penis and had to go get it.”

Walter mumbled, “I thought ‘Friday Night MILF’s Club’ was pretty good for the most part.”

“What? I didn’t hear that Walter!”

Walter raised his voice an octave, “I will lock out the site my dear.”

I turned from the computer and put my hands on my hips and said, “You will not lock out the site. What we need to do is discourage these amateurs from writing these sex stories by giving them negative votes. And you’re going to help.”

“How do you want me to help?”

“Every night before you come to bed I want you to review a story and give it a negative vote.”

With a little more enthusiasm than I thought was necessary Walter said, “I guess I can do that...” Then he quickly added, “But only if you think it will help you, my dear.”

I went into the kitchen and took the casserole out of the oven and set it on the table. Walter and I ate in silence like we always do. After I cleaned up the kitchen I went back to the computer and read some disgusting stories about men trading their wives at swap parties. I gave them their justly deserved vote of negative.

Walter took over the computer around 9:30. I went and took a shower and went to bed and waited impatiently for Walter to join me. Walter came into the bedroom about 10:45 and didn’t even bother to put his pajamas on before he got in bed. He roughly grabbed my legs and put them on his shoulder as he aimed his penis at my vagina.

“Oh my Walter, aren’t you the feisty one tonight?”

The next morning I put on my best summer pastel floral print dress, matching pillbox hat and white gloves and drove four miles to the church. A meeting with Pastor Lucas was definitely in order.

I went to Pastor Lucas’ office, opened the door, walked in and sat down uninvited and said, “Pastor we have a problem and we need to get organized.”

Putting his pen down he put his elbows on his desk and folded his hands together as he asked, “What is it this time Mrs. Pennyworth?”

I caught the sarcasm but I was not to be deterred. “There are men in your flock that are reading sexually provocative literature and we need to put a stop to it.”

Pastor Lucas finally showed some interest when he asked, “And just what is this sexually provocative literature that you are referring too?”

I got up and went around his desk and leaned over him and tapped out the site address on his keyboard. When the site came up Pastor Lucas stood up and said, “Hmmm, I have not reviewed that one yet.”

“Now just listen to this filth.” I randomly clicked on a story and started reading to Pastor Lucas.

“I took my ten-inch cock in hand and stuck it in her mouth as her mother licked...”

I had been reading out loud for about five minutes when I felt my dress being pushed up and my panties being pulled down. I leaned over his desk a little more and spread my legs like I always do and started reading more of the really offensive parts of the story to him. When he finished ten minutes later which was much sooner than he usually did, I scrolled down to the bottom of the story and clicked on negative.

“See Pastor, we need to vote negative to get their scores down and discourage them. Unfortunately, I can only vote once on each story. So I need help.”

I was pulling up my panties as I watched him put away his overly large cock when he said, “Why don’t you get the woman’s group to help? It will give them something to do besides complain about the curtains and the color of the paint in the church hall.”

I held my tongue, I was not fond of the orange curtains or the pea green walls either.

I left his office with a new mission in life and thinking Pastor Lucas really needed to get married. Having to relieve his stress every time I went to his office with an issue is getting a little old. If he ever does gets married I may just have to put my foot down. And another thing, he should know better than to be putting his black cock in a married woman’s white pussy.

There were only eight women in the woman’s group because there really wasn’t much to do except complain about the curtains and paint colors, help out on Bingo night and have an occasional bake sale. This project should give us a whole new focus.

I could not wait for the Thursday night’s woman’s group meeting. I spent hours doing research and writing and rewriting my presentation on “”

That Thursday night I anxiously banged my gavel twice to call the meeting to order and opened with old business. For ten minutes I tolerated them discussing the bake sale and arguing about whether we should bake additional cherry pies or apple pies. Like who gives a shit, just bake something. I have more important things to discuss.

I banged my gavel three times and interrupted their discussion and said, “It sounds like the apple pies have it. Now for new business” They stuck their noses up in the air and huffed a little and then settled down.

I knew they coveted my position as President of the woman’s group but until one of them was willing to relieve Pastor Lucas’ stress on a regular basis, I am in charge.

“Ladies, Pastor Lucas has given us a mission to rid the world of an evil that is plaguing our men folk. I will need your full cooperation.”

I explained my concern and my plan to discourage the writers on the offensive site by giving them negative votes. I even called up the site on my laptop and read them a sample of what was clearly the devil’s attempt to corrupt our men.

It was a dark and stormy night and I could see my lover’s adoring eyes in the flashes of lightning. He was naked and teasing me with his erect maleness...

I read this pitiful attempt to depict a romantic interlude for another 15 minutes. I looked up and I could see I really caught their attention. The ladies were all leaning forward as if in rapture as they waited in anticipation of my solution to this horrendous affront to our parish.

I came down from behind the podium and handed out the document that I had prepared to their eagerly grasping hands. I had included the website address and instructions to vote negative and a few snippets of the offensive material.

I could see they were all eager to get started so I went back to the podium and banged my gavel and closed the meeting.

I finished reviewing my sister’s minutes, deleted a few things that annoyed me and packed up my laptop. I went out to the parking lot and got in my car. I had to drive by the rectory to get home and saw my sister’s car parked in the drive. Poor girl, she must have stopped in for one of her marriage counseling sessions.

At the next week’s meeting, I was really looking forward to the ladies progress. I always arrived exactly ten minutes early and was astounded that all the woman were here before me. They were gathered in a tight group and tittering away like a bunch of old hens.

I caught a few snatches of their conversations as I slowed my pace on the way to the podium.

“I made Arnold read...”

“Did you read ‘Sharing Phone Time?’

“Oh my god yes, it was so wicked I read it twice.”

“How many times did you vote?”

I was feeling pretty pleased with myself by the time I got to the podium. All of the girls were engaged and seem really enthusiastic about our project. It sounded like Sally was even rubbing her husband Arnold’s nose in it.

I banged my gavel twice and opened the meeting. We covered some old business, then I took a poll of the number of stories the girls had voted as negative. Their average was five for the week. To encourage them to do better I told them I had voted on 10. My real number was 25 but I did not want to sound too uppity.

I closed the meeting a little early. I wanted to get home and review Sharing Phone Time.’


It was our third women’s group meeting since the start of our special project and I was not pleased with our efforts to discourage any of the writers. As a matter of fact, some of their scores were going up. I thought I knew the problem. We were each choosing stories at random and were not concentrating our efforts.

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