Ben & Mary

by Lone writer

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Erotica Sex Story: Wife has some fun at amateur strip club night then gets kidnapped into prostitution.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Drunk/Drugged   Fiction   Cuckold   Gang Bang   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Body Modification   Leg Fetish   Needles   Prostitution   Violent   .

Ben and Mary have been married for 7 years. They dated for 3 years before getting married and Ben loved it. Mary was quite provocative in the way she dressed an acted. After the first two years Ben noticed a big change in Mary as she no longer wore dresses and skirts like she did, now its mostly jeans or shorts. She also stopped wearing hosiery and went bare legged. Ben had been invited to go out clubbing with another couple. He discussed it with Mary and she agreed. He asked her if she could dress like she use to and she reluctantly agreed. She wore a short black sequin dress with garters and stockings and 4 inch heels, but she also brought flats because she hadn’t worn heels in a very long time so if the heels hurt she could swap to flats. The two couples met at the club, which was very crowded, and managed to land a table but it was one of those buffet style tables and Ben and Mary sat on one side the other couple on the other side. Ben was getting upset because Mary use to flash stocking top while seated when they were dating and she didn’t do it once all night also she would get up and go to the smoking area and Ben could never see her walk in the heels as the place was so crowded. She pulled her chair out then walked down between the row of tables. Ben was getting aggravated because he was expecting the old days again. When Mary came back he told her to finish her drink as they were leaving. They said their goodbyes, then Mary promptly changed her shoes for the flats and walked out. When they got in the car Ben unloaded on Mary about the way she acted all night an changing her shoes so he never got to she her prance around in her heels but everyone else did.

Two days later, he told Mary that this coming Monday he needed to go to the local strip joint (of which he had never went to before, but did frequent a different one before meeting Mary) to watch amateur night. Mary said why do you need to go there? Ben replied that usually amateurs dress sexier than the pro’s because of the large cash prize and also they get more and bigger tips if they wear stockings and heels. If you won’t satisfy me then I have to go elsewhere. Mary got angry and said how would you like it if I went to watch the strippers. Ben said I’d love it, because there are no male strippers there. That made Mary even more mad and she said if that’s what turns you on maybe I should go and strip, how do you like that? All those me looking at your naked wife. Ben said I’m not worried about that for two reasons 1. you ain’t got the guts to do it, you may say you will but you’ll chicken out at the last minute and 2. you have to shave that hairy pussy because the guys boo any broad that have hair on her pussy.

Now Mary was backed into a corner and is fighting mad so she said your on! What time Monday? Ben said they open at 8 pm and the contest starts at 9 pm. Now remember that tomorrow is Saturday that leaves you with 3 days to change your mind or pick out what you will wear, but it has to be sexy, no granny panties!

Well the weekend went by and now it’s Monday at 6 pm both Ben and Mary have arrived home from work. He looks at her and says well you going thru with it or bailing out? Mary in a smug manor says I’m doing it and I hope this will make you happy. Ben replies well that all depends on your dress code and your actions while losing your clothes! Don’t for get we have to be there for 8 pm to register you and get a table so you better hit the shower and don’t forget to shave! Pissed off, Mary heads to the bedroom and Ben goes to the computer room to watch a little porn for sort of a warm up for tonight’s festivities. Mary comes back all dressed by 7:20. Ben looks at her and says WOW. Her makeup was heavier than normal she wore a button down blouse with the top 3 buttons undone displaying her sheer black bra. She had on a black side zip skirt with a gold zipper that she had unzipped to show part of the garter belt and off black seam stocking top and 4 inch ankle strap heels. Ben lifted her skirt to see a tiny bikini panty. He looked up at her as she looked down at him, he said well did you? She said well look. He did and she was bald! Ben said I don’t believe it! We better get going. They arrived at 8:10 and got signed in and sat down, ordered drinks and the guys in the place were checking Mary out and commenting to her about how hot she was. Time passed, the the MC announced for the girls to go backstage as the contest is about to start. Ben asked Mary going through with it? Not if you don’t want me to. Ben said I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Mary got up an walked backstage. 10 minutes later the MC came out and announced that the contest will start and announced the first contestant. Well now it’s been almost a half hour and 5 girls later and no Mary. Ben is worried that she either quit, passed out or called a taxi to go home when suddenly the MC said no for number six Mary! Mary comes out and starts dancing very seductively and Ben can’t believe his eyes. The guys are hooting and hollering which turns Mary on even more getting all this attention at age 37! She looses her blouse and minutes later her bra followed by her skirt and the crowd is going crazy and clapping and chanting take it off, then she teases about taking off her panties while the spot light is shining on her wedding rings,. She finally does and slowly slides the down her legs while bent over letting her tits hang and steps out of them, walks to the edge of the stage, balls them up and throws them to Ben! She is dancing around the edge of the stage and guys are stuffing money in her stocking tops and garter belt! There are even $20’s in there. The music stops. The MC calls for all the girl to come on stage. All the girls are back on stage just like when they left after their dance ... naked!

MC gets behind each girl and the audience applauds for their favorite one. When he got to Mary the response was overwhelming and she was declared the winner. Ben couldn’t believe it! She just won $550! Mary came off stage carrying her clothes and sat down with Ben and said are you happy now? Ben replied more than you will ever know. You were fabulous! Then the MC gave Mary the $550 in cash and she said I can’t believe I won! Ben said beginners luck even though you looked very exciting. Just then a black guy came over and asked if she would do a lap dance and she said no I don’t think so. He said I’ll pay you $30! Ben said might as well get the full experience tonite and she said OK and stood up, he sat down and Mary climbed on him wiggling and grinding and she did this for 10 minutes. When she stopped and he got up he was sporting a large boner! She returned to Ben, they finished their drinks, she put on her blouse with only the last two buttons buttoned (showing off her tits) and skirt, unzipped 10 inches from the top of the skirt, no bra or panties. They got into the car and she said hurry home I’m so horny and I need you to fuck me good! When they got home she was taking off her blouse and skirt ran to the bedroom. When Ben walked in, she stripped for him and gave him quite the blow job the he pushed her back onto the bed and started eating that sloppy pussy then he finally started fucking her. She was going crazy, moaning and grabbing the covers. Ben pushed legs over his shoulders and her juices were running out her pussy and down her ass. He told her tonite will be another first, with that he stuck is dick in her ass. At first she was screaming and crying but then she was bucking like a bronc!

The next day at breakfast they were talking about what happened and Mary said she never dreamed anything like that would happen to her. She said that she was so proud that so many men found her so desirable. I’d like to do that again, think we could? Ben said sure! I really enjoyed all the guys going nuts over you and I liked watching you give a lap dance. What are going to do with that money you got? I think I will buy some sexy clothes and shoes for our next trip Mary replied. So as the week progressed Mary went shopping and did purchase some very sexy blouses, skirts, panties, bras, garters, stockings and heels.

The following week on a Tuesday when Ben got home, she asked Ben when could they do this again. He said let me look into that and let you know latter that evening Ben got on the computer and started researching strip joints in the area and found one four cities away that paid $1000 on amateur night and it was on this coming Friday night. Ben called for Mary and told her they could go this coming Friday if she wants. Mary got all excited and said Yes. Well the week went uneventful until Friday evening when Mary started to prep herself. She showed, shaved everything, put on her half cup shelf bra, lacy six strap garter belt, seam stockings, sheer see thru panties. Semi sheer blouse and skirt four inches above the knee with a six inch slits on both sides and to top it off five inch strappy heels with a one inch platform. She came out of the bedroom and Ben said WOW don’t you just ooze sex! You’ve got the come fuck me look! When the time drew close they jumped in the car and drove to the club got signed up, ordered some drinks. Before the contest started Mary had already downed two whiskeys and cokes. She had a slight buzz going. Time came and called for contestants to go to the back of the stage, Mary kissed Ben and left. Guys were asking Ben if she was his girl and he told them, no she’s my wife! You lucky dog and couple of them replied.

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