Three Inches

by mattwatt

Copyright© 2018 by mattwatt

Romantic Sex Story: Her strange request was to have grown three more inches, which was, she thought the difference between being 'dumpy' and wonderful. But he knew the truth. The three inches were not necessary at all.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   Fiction   .


Judy Reid is a doctor; it had positively been the peak of a long lasting ambition for her: to be a doctor. She loved medicine and she absolutely loved working the ER at St. A’s in the city.

But: Judy Reid. She was a bit short. She lacked really only a few inches of being what in rural Pennsylvania would have been termed: ‘built like a brick shit house’.

Please don’t get the idea that our Judy was dumpy. She certainly wasn’t that. She was too tall by several inches for ‘dumpy’, even if she lacked the ‘brick shit house’ status that we mentioned earlier.

Judy had dark hair that wrapped around her head and came to rest, in the back, on her neck. It framed her head. Her lips were lovely and large, really, from a romantic point of view, her lips were what was frequently termed ‘inviting’. Of course there were other kinds of descriptions of those lips but such prurient references are best, at this point, left out of this story. But she had great lips.

Her ‘jugs’, another old PA term, were pretty large with glorious tit ending nipples. They were big nipples and, if anyone ever paid attention to them, few did, very sensitive to touch and even more so to licking, pinching --- you get the idea.

Judy had a really nice, rounded, firm looking ‘booty’ on her. In a pair of 9’s, the size panties that she used, she was a sight to stop any even casual admirer in his or, let it be said, her tracks.

But, truth to tell, Judy didn’t swing the ‘her’ way. She wasn’t all that experienced in sex but she was aware of the fact that it was men for her, for whenever, or wherever it might be, or happen.

Judy Reid was a treat. A bit short, nicely rounded, great in the ‘t and a’ department and remember those sexy, pouting lips. Yes, Judy Reid was a treat.

It was a night shift for her on that particular occasion. She was on with Dr. Bill Heyes that night. It was a bit busy but nothing that she and Bill couldn’t handle.

They brought a man in with a shoulder injury. He was accompanied by a fretting wife, who stood by and tried to stay out of the way. The man, as was his usual nature, was obstreperous, and allowed himself to ‘dump’ on whomever might cross his path.

This man, Beckwid by name, was being treated by Dr Judy Reid. He was her turn in the rotation.

Dr. Bill Heyes was just then finished with the patient that he’d been working on. Both he and Judy were about at the end of their shift and their relief doctors were already on hand, with Judy just attempting to finish with Mr Beckwid before going home and deciding on what to eat that night.

Bill stepped over to where Judy was trying to work with Mr Beckwid. He stood for a moment, when the man, who looked to be about in his 60’s, had a pinched mouth and a very unpleasant looking face, spoke out, in a rather nasty way.

“Good a real doctor!” he said with exasperation.

Then turning to Bill he said: “Doc, get this fat bitch away from me and take care of what is wrong here.”

Judy Reid blanched at this statement.

“Now, Harold,” the woman said, in the voice of a fairly long suffering woman.

“Don’t you ‘now Harold’ me, woman,” he said. “Do you actually think that this fat bitch looks even remotely like a doctor?”

“Harold!” the woman said, again trying to get him in line.

It was then that Bill Heyes spoke up: “Mr Beckwid,” he began softly but so that both women there could hear, as well as the attending nurse, “Let me tell you what is going to happen here.”

The man was about to make another demand but Dr Bill cut him off: “Shut up and listen to me!”

It was said roughly enough that Harold Beckwid did as he was told. He stopped bitching.

“We at St A’s ER treat all sorts and conditions of people; we do it regularly and faithfully. We have a better than excellent team from medical and nursing staff to support people. But when an injury is like yours, and is not life threatening, and the patient repeatedly insults our medical personnel, then we dismiss that patient and let him or her go elsewhere.”

He was simply staring at Harold Beckwid, as he said this.

“Clear?” Dr Bill asked.

Harold didn’t respond right away.

“I said ‘Clear’ Mr B?” Dr Bill reiterated.

“Yes,” Harold Beckwid said, sullenly.

“So, Mr B,” Dr Bill went on, “I’m going to have a nurse here call security, and they are going to usher you off of our premises. You can take your sore shoulder and your shitty attitude and go to another hospital, and if you would care to read our procedures and principles, you would see that we are within our rights to throw your sorry ass out of here.”

“Clear?” Dr Bill asked.

“Clear!” Mr B said, softly.

“Now if you would care to apologize to Dr. Reid, who is the attendant here, and in charge of your care, and the apology is sincere, then we’ll continue and take care of that shoulder. Otherwise...”

Here Dr Heyes lowered his head until it was only inches away from Harold Beckwid’s face, “Get the fuck out of our ER!”

Harold Beckwid was chagrined.

“Oh, Harold!” his wife muttered. “What good does that attitude accomplish?”

It was then, with Dr. Bill Heyes staring at him and Dr Judy Reid standing and literally holding her breath, that Harold Beckwid did in fact apologize for his attitude and his words.

It was then that Judy Reid showed her qualities, what she was made of: “It’s fine, Mr B,” she said. “You’re in pain; you’re worried and all of that is behind us. Let’s just take care of this shoulder.”

He said a chagrined ‘thank you, Doctor’. While his wife also thanked Judy.


Mr Beckwid was taken care of and had left and the relief doctors were there and the shift for Judy and Bill was over. They were in the staff area, where they’d store their white coats and get along for the evening.

Judy was silent, and, truth to be told, was still moping pretty much from the ER incident with Mr B.

She looked up at one point and Bill Heyes was standing in front of her.

“Done, darlin’,” he said, using a word for her that he used often, and that, secretly, pleased Judy very much.

“Yes, done,” she said, softly.

“Out for a bite?” he asked.

“Oh, Bill,” she said, tears now gathering, despite her best efforts against that. “I am so mopey!”

“Well,” he began with a grin, “I will take you mopey, and I will take you dopy, and I will take you soapy...”

She was grinning now.

“I will, I will, Judy I am,” he said finally, and latched onto her.

“Ohhh,” she simply groaned and put her arms around him. “With you it always feels so good.”

“Fine, then a bite to eat!” he said.

“Yes, Billie I am! A bite to eat.”

Then they were on their way out. They decided to take his car and he, as they emerged from the hospital, gave her his arm. With a soft smile, Judy put her arm through his.


They settled into an Italian place that was nearby and ordered. Judy ordered a glass of merlot and Bill ordered a beer with their meal.

“Want to talk, darlin’?” he asked.

“Oh, Bill,” she said sighing. “You know what I want and what I have always wanted?”

“No, tell me,” he said softly.

She got a wistful look on her face and said softly: “Three inches.”

“Three inches?” he said, not really understanding.

“Yes,” she said, “Three inches, the difference for me between being dumpy and being attractive.”

“Hey, hey, hey,” he said, holding up a hand. “No using that word. I won’t allow it. It is so far off of the mark that it’s ridiculous to brute it about.”

“Brute it about?” she said, putting her hand over her mouth a giggling.

“Hey,” he said, “I am waxing eloquent here! Allow it!”

“Yes, yes, eloquent,” she said, “Eloquent, Biliel I AM!” She grinned at him then and then got a bit more introspective: “I appreciate you being there for me.”

“I am,” he said, then he repeated “And I will take you mopey, and I will take you dopy, and I will take you soapy...”

It made her giggle then.

“I wish I could give you the three inches,” he said earnestly.

“Thank you,” was her reply.

“But I have to declare that those three inches are not at all necessary,” he went on.

She only stared at him.

“You are wonderful just the way you are!” he said, causing her to catch her breath and sigh.

This was the kind of declaration that he’d wanted to make for ever so long a time. Now, he realized, it was being possible.

She reached out and put her hand on his. Then he got a kind of twinkle in his eye.

“Okay,” she said, grinning. “Say it! I know you will!”

“Yes,” he said, as though proud of himself. “I’m working here at getting into your pants!”

She burst out laughing, hiding her all out grin with her hand in front of her mouth.

“Too big for you!” she said, giggling.

“Bet they’re not; or I’d wear a belt around them! Bet they’re pretty, like you.”

“Bill, Bill, Billie,” she said, as though only to herself, “You are so nice!”

“But I get to be nice, when it’s you that I’m being nice to!” was his reply. That now brought tears to her eyes.

He leaned forward then and said in a soft whisper, which was only for her:

“What color are our panties?”

“Our?” she said, brightening up right away. “What’s this ‘our’?”

His answer was quick and caused her to laugh: “And I will take you mopey, and I will take you dopy, and I will take you soapy, and I wish you’d tell me what color our panties are!”

“Hey, that doesn’t rhyme,” she complained. Then still grinning she said, very softly, “Pink, of course!”

“Of course,” was his reply.

They wended their way back to the ER parking lot to pick up her car. He followed her to her apartment building. Both stood, in the parking lot, by her car, and since it was not yet terribly late, Judy asked him:

“By the way, Billie I AM, would you like a late night drink at my place?”

“Oh, lovely!” he said.

“You can meet my Grendel,” she went on, with a smile.

“Grendel?” he said, “You actually have a monster at your house living with you?”

She giggled. “My kitty!”

“But ‘Grendel’?” he said with a laugh.

“Yes, I loved ‘Beowulf’,” she explained. “It has the best line of any book or story that I’ve ever come across.”

“Yes?” he said.

“Poor Grendel’s had an accident; so may you all!” She quoted.

“Oh, cool!” he said. “She’s gorgeous, doesn’t need three inches, has a great rack, a nice rounded butt, is wearing our pink panties and is literate! Wow!”

Then she simply moved to where he was standing and had her arms around his neck.

“‘Our’, Dr. Bill I AM?” she asked, lips to lips.

“Yep,” he asserted, “‘Our’ pink panties!”

“You’re getting closer and closer to wearing them!” she said, also lips to lips.

“Goodie for me!” he said.

“And she wants to be kissed!” she said, licking his lips with her tongue.

“Of course,” he said with a chuckle, “Otherwise it’s Grendel the monster for me!”

“Glad you realize that Dr. Bill I Am!” she said, wading then into the kiss.

“Just sorry,” she said, still holding onto him, “That it’s the end of the day and I’m dirty, sweaty and a little smelly.”

“Ohhhh,” he groaned,, “I love, love, love the idea of you dirty, sweaty and smelly. Mmmmmmmm!”

“Kinky brute!” she said, grinning.

“Yep! At least where you are concerned,” was his reply.

“Okay,” she said then, “Grendel now.”

“And our pink panties, and you dirty, sweaty and smelly: yumm!” he said.

“Persistent and kinky!” she said, kissing him again.

“Some of my best characteristics,” he asserted into the kiss.

“Okay,” she said, “But rules.”

“Yes, rules!” he answered, waiting.

“You only get my panties, my pink panties...”

“Our pink panties!” he interjected.

“If you interrupt, it’s Grendel for you!” she said pleasantly.

He held up his hand and said: “No more interrupting, none at all!”

“Good!” she said, “So, where was I?”

“At ‘our pink panties’,” he offered.

“Yes,” she said, “So, you only get ‘our pink panties’ if you put them on as soon as you get them.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” he said. “Makes me shivery; you: dirty, sweaty and smelly, and me getting into your pink panties. Yumm again doubled.”

“Our pink panties!” she corrected.

“Hoorray for ‘our pink panties’!” he said, giving her his arm and walking toward the apartment building with her.

They went into her apartment building and once there, he was grinning and obviously waiting for her to undress.

The very first thing that happened, once they were indeed inside the apartment, was the appearance of that Grendel, a lovey, kind of plaid kitty who was rubbing both of them and making very contented cat noises. Grendel proceeded to follow them around, everywhere that they went.

“Just love this Grendel,” he said, “Gives a new take on the monster.”

“Now,” she said, grinning at him. “My turf, my rules. Off with your clothes first before you get my pink panties.”

“Our pink panties,” he corrected.

She giggled and said: “Yes, our pink panties.”

She sat and watched as he slowly and carefully took his clothes off, setting them off on a stool by the side.

She was simply grinning: “Take it off, take it off, BIllie I am!”

“Dirty minded girl!” he said, unbuttoning his shirt.

“Yes,” she said, “Remember: ‘dirty, sweaty and smelly and wearing our pink panties.”

“Ohhhhhhh the joy of it!” he rhapsodized.

Now he was taking his slacks off. He was wearing a pair of pale blue, thigh length Calvins.

“Off, off,” she said.

“Yes, panties time!” was his reply, as he skimmed the Calvins down his thighs, letting his erection spring out.

“Oh,” she cooed, “It’s our Maxie; you brought our Maxie.”

“Maxie?” he said, grinning.

“He whispered it into my ear,” she said.

“When did you have your ear in my crotch?” he wondered.

“Never you mind!” she said. “Hi, Maxie! How are you? Good! What? Oh, you’re looking forward to dirty, sweaty and smelly and our pink panties? Well, good for you.”

“Can anyone join this conversation?” he asked.

“Yes,” she said, “But you and my buddy Maxie sit and watch now.”

He sat contentedly, idly putting his hand on his erection as she began to take her clothes off.

“No playing with Maxie until I give you permission,” she warned.

“You are so exciting, when you are in a take charge kind of mood,” he said, taking his hand off of his erection.

She grinned at him, and bending proceeded to plant a kiss on Maxie’s head before continuing to undress.

He accompanied her stripping with various sighs and little whistles.

Finally, she was wearing only the pink panties, grannies.

“Oh,” he said, “Pink panties, our pink panties!”

“You know the rules,” she said.

“You bet I do; Maxie and I are ready to be splendid!” he proclaimed.

He hesitated and then, with a grin, asked: “By the way, we want to know, Maxie and I, if I could plant a kiss on your naked, wonderful, right now pink nylon covered ass, once it is erotically and actually naked?”

She giggled and said immediately: “Yes, with one condition.”

“Yes, condition?” he asked.

“That you wear lipstick so that I can have a mark on my ass from where you kissed me!” she said.

“Really?” he asked with a wide grin.

“Really,” she said. “Take it or leave it!”

“Take it, yes,” he said. “Bring on the lipstick. Do I get to pick the color?”

“No, you don’t,” she replied.

“Ok,” was his calm reply.

She got the lipstick from the bathroom, and, giggling, proceeded to put it on him. He grinned and said: “Ready!”

She laughed and, turning around, pulled her pink panties down, and bending forward, presented her naked ass for him to kiss.

He did it then; he kissed her naked ass, planting a lipstick kiss on each ass cheek in turn, with her giggling all the while.

Then, just before she straightened up, he also bit her ass cheek, causing her to jump and shriek.

“You bit! You bit! No fair, no fair,” she said, giggling with the effort, “You bit.”

“But it was so biteable!” was his immediate defense.

“Grendel for you!” she said, but launched herself at him, and, with her arms around his neck, began to kiss him.

When the kiss broke, she had her head against his chest, while he retrieved his phone.

“Now for us,” he said, and put on a song from ‘the Brothers Four’ about giving her ‘7 Golden Daffodils’.

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