A Walk by the Lake

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Ignored and frustrated wife finds solace in nature.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Cheating   Sharing   Slut Wife   .

It was a small cabin on the shore of a small lake but it was well appointed and equipped for year-round habitation. Olivia had inherited it from her grandparents and she and her husband would spend time there both in warm and cold weather.

She was a good-looking woman in the neighborhood of 50 years. She kept herself trim with plenty of exercise, was small breasted, sported short salt and pepper hair with very noticeable pale eyes.

The last year had been very frustrating. Her husband had completely lost interest in sex with her even when she initiated it and did things she thought would be lust inciting. She still wanted it and resorted to the usual things that one person does to satisfy that itch.

There seemed to be no other choice but initiate some outside copulation. There were four other cabins near theirs on the only part of the lake that was privately owned. The rest was state forest which made for a lovely view, quiet solitude, and even good hunting in season.

It seemed this quiet little lake attracted more older people than youngsters that wanted busy beaches, powerboats, and such. She became more or less a local guide for the people who rented those cabins and as a consequence met a lot of people, more than half of them men. Most of them were reasonably close to her age and some of them were even attractive enough to consider sexually. Those that were, even if married, often responded to her flirtations and invitations to go for walks on the trail that went around the shoreline of the lake. Many wives weren’t interested in that.

Men who responded to her flirting found themselves detoured off of the shoreline path at the far side of the lake to an unnoticeable trail which led to the clearing where in old tent had been set up by their companion, complete with air mattress and other essentials. They both got what they wanted before continuing the walk. Since regular exercise is good for the health, it was repeated daily even in poor weather when raincoats would keep them dry. In the early fall, after finding a few cooperative men for forest adventures, she was approached by a man renting a cabin by himself.

“Hello, I’m Mark and I have a question for you.”

She smiled, especially because he was tall and nice looking with a slim and tanned body from what was visible. Looking up at him she said, “I’m the amateur local tour guide. Is there something I can help you with?”

He smiled back, “I kayak on the lake and I’ve seen you walking on the shoreline trail with the man from two cabins down. You disappear for a while and then I see you continuing the walk. The last time you did it I beached my kayak and followed you to a tent. The noises were unmistakable.”

The smile left her face and a worried one took its place. “So why are you telling me this?”

He reached down and took her hand, “You’re an attractive woman and apparently not restricted to your husband. It’s been quite a while since I had the pleasure of one like you. I’d like to go on that walk with you.”

Her smile returned, “I do have one scheduled in the afternoon but how about later morning after it warms up a little bit?”

“Okay, I’ll see you at 10,” and he turned and walked away. She suddenly realized that a fantasy was about to come true, i.e., two men on the same day. She hoped she could sleep that night.

Surprisingly he didn’t seem eager to get her pants off. He wanted to talk and get to know her. After a while she had to ask, “I thought you wanted sex with me.”

“I do but it’s been a while for me and I have always gotten to know a woman before I got intimate with her. No ‘first date’ screws in my history. Speaking of which, would you mind telling me why you have this tent out here? I know you are married.”

She told of her frustration that led to this solution. Mark asked some good questions and she realized some things about her behavior, like the fact that she was enjoying the variety in partners she’d never had before. He got her to admit that she might want to do this even if she had a decent primary partner.

They headed back to the cabins with an agreement to visit that evening at the beach. When he saw her going on the afternoon walk she had mentioned she passed close by and winked at him while struggling to keep a straight face. It was the same guy he had seen before.

Later, using the excuse of watching the sunset, they sat on a seat by the water. Mark opened directly, “How did your afternoon walk go?”

She turned to face him so she could read his expression, “About as I expected. It is quite satisfying to commune with nature, you know.”

Mark replied with a hint of a smile, “I barely remember and guess I need a refresher from a skilled guide. Perhaps there would be an opportunity tomorrow?”

“My morning is still not taken if that suits your schedule.”

They talked about other things till it was dark. Rising from the beach bench Mark took her in his arms and bestowed a long and intense kiss including a bit of tongue. She kissed right back.

She was early at the meeting place and resisted taking his hand in public. Unlike the other men she had “walked” with, he had really touched her as a person. That felt very good.

This time at the tent, she reached out to kiss him. It got hot and wet fast. Knowing his shyness, she took a hand and put it on her breast but on top of her minimal clothing. He got the hint and began fondling. She whispered, “Touch the real me!” and peeled off her top, then pulled his face to a tit. He was eager to enjoy her pendulous but still firm bosom.

Olivia reached for him too and was disappointed to find a soft handful. But she remembered his history and switched to an encouraging mode. Knowing how guys’ sexual identity is so tied to their organ, she paid a lot of attention to Mark’s. She got down close and made a point of examining it visually as she handled it. A few little kisses and licks to the various parts made it respond appropriately and she admired and complimented his cock as it grew.

She skillfully maneuvered them to a 69 position and was delighted to discover he was a very good pussy eater, so much so she was distracted from swallowing his rod. She gasped, “Mark, I’d like this nice thing inside me.”

She was wet and gaping so he slid in easily. Excellent fit and she told him so. He was a happy man from the look on his face and he began using remembered moves to build the pleasure of their joining. She felt his arousal building and culminate in a hot flow deep inside, as she had felt so often recently. She didn’t peak but knowing he did was enough for this time. He whispered in her ear, “Thank you ... I feel like a man again.”

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