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Fantasy Sex Story: Slut wife in big trouble it doesn't end well.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Blackmail   Fiction   Slut Wife   Snuff   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Leg Fetish   Prostitution   Violent   .

Judith was scared as she was taken from the warehouse to a van by two large black males. Judith is five foot, six, green eyes and red hair. She weighs 125 lbs with 38DD breasts. In other words a knockout woman, absolutely gorgeous. She was blackmailed into being a slut for Theo, the local drug dealer who also has a stable of women for sex. Judith managed to piss off some of Theo’s clients by not wanting to perform some sex acts. Judith is married an managed to keep her other life a secret from her husband by working when he is at work. When she works for Theo she has strict rules as what to wear. Not only is she a slut for black cock she has to dress like a slut. Lately she has been giving back talk to the clients and Theo.

Today, Tuesday at 8 am she gets a phone call from a burn phone Theo uses, and he tells her to be at the warehouse by 11 am. She said ok. Now she takes a shower, she shaves everything including her pussy. She then starts dressing. She puts on her black garter belt, black seam stockings and 4 inch black ankle strap stilettos. She then puts on a semi transparent blouse with the top four buttons undone, next is a beige skirt than the hem is 4 inches above the knee and a 8 inch split on both sides which give a glimpse of stocking tops. She tucks her blouse into the skirt. Next she does her hair and heavy make up. By now it’s almost 10:30, so she gets into her car and drives to the warehouse. When she gets there she drives inside, then gets out and walks to Theo’s office.

Inside she finds Theo and two thugs. Theo tells her he is done with her because she is causing too much trouble. She is nerous now as she does know what will happen, but she doesn’t have long to wait. Theo said get rid of her in the usual way. They grab her and drag her to the van. They tie her hands behind her back, ball gag in her mouth and tied her feet together, picked up and put in the van. They drive for about 45 minutes, turn off to a dirt road and drive another 15 minutes then it stops. They slide the door open and she is terrified by the sight as they drove into a swamp. Being in Louisiana swamps are plentiful. This swamp has some quicksand areas and is a perfect place to dump a body. The body sinks to the bottom and never floats back up, it just rots down there.

The thugs get out some video cameras as Theo likes to see what happen also to make sure that the thugs did their jobs and not let anyone escape. Once everything is set up and the videos are filming, they remove her from the van. They cut the ropes on her feet and hands also removed the ball gag. She immediately starts begging to live. They tell her to remove her blouse and skirt. She doesn’t hesitate and removes them. Standing there in her garter belt, stockings and heels. Now the thugs grab her and start fucking her in her three holes. This goes on for two hours. When they finished she was laying on the ground crying. Again she starts begging.

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