How I Became the Empress of Porn

by George Foxx

Copyright© 2018 by George Foxx

Incest Sex Story: At a time when men dominated the porn industry, a very horny girl decides she can make better movies, and she does.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   First   Oral Sex   Safe Sex   .

I love my dad like crazy. I’ve always been a daddy’s girl, and when mom walked out on us, I wanted to be daddy’s ONLY girl. Dad is a hard-working man. He is honest and honorable and responsible. He is very skillful at working on car engines, but where most other things are concerned, you wouldn’t call dad bright. That wasn’t a problem for me, except that we never had quite enough money to get through the month without the phone or the water or something getting turned off for being late paying.

I am pretty smart, but I try to keep a low profile at school and not draw attention to myself. With dad, I don’t want him to think I’m bossy or don’t respect him, so I just don’t say anything about managing money. I could probably juggle things and get everybody paid before things got shut off, but that might make dad feel like he wasn’t man enough or something, and I never want to do anything emasculating to daddy.

I had my first period when I was eleven. Dad had already explained stuff to me, and I had sanitary napkins at home, in my locker at school, and in my book bag, so I was prepared and didn’t experience any of the horror stories like a big bloody spot on a white skirt. I noticed some pink in my panties when I was in the bathroom, slipped a Kotex in my panties, and I was fine. I never had cramps or pains.

What I wasn’t prepared for was how horny I got. There was no ramp-up or gradual about it, I was suddenly hot and wet all the time. The thing that was weird about me was that I didn’t lust after singers or actors or some boy at school, I was wildly in love with my dad, and I wanted him to make love to me.

Of course, I knew about “age of consent” and the legal stuff, so I knew it would scare the crap out of my dad if I suddenly said, “Daddy I’m horny, please fuck me.”

We are poor and dad is responsible, so I didn’t have the option of getting dad drunk and then seducing him when his inhibitions were suppressed and his judgement was impaired. Most of my waking hours from then on were spent thinking of how I could get my dad in bed with me and his cock inside my perpetually dripping pussy.

Dad ALWAYS pays the rent first. ALWAYS. For my fourteenth birthday daddy bought me a dress that was new and from Younker Brothers, not from a thrift store. I got to enjoy looking pretty and stylish for a whole day before we got a threatening letter from the landlord.

I sat down with dad and told him he had to take the dress back and get a refund. He refused. I showed him the letter and explained it to him. He still refused. I decided it was time to try out one of my schemes.

I didn’t have many friends, and the ones I did have had “something wrong with them” in the eyes of everyone else at school. Rachel was the daughter of the owner of the only “dirty book store” in town. She developed an early interest in sex, like I did, but her thick glasses, ethnic nose, and Jewish sounding last name meant boys weren’t going to chase her. Boys didn’t chase me because I was too explicit about what I would do to them if they ever tried to snap my bra strap.

Rachel sneaked damaged books out of the shop and we read them in her tree house. We never thought to try things with each other, although we did masturbate in front of each other while we were reading about some handsome man’s steely shaft sinking into the core of some girl’s burning femininity. Censorship still prevented dirty books from being very dirty in 1947.

Rachel brought an illustrated novel one day and we saw the parts we had been reading about for the first time. We both had our dresses pulled up above our waist and our panties pulled down to our knees and we were rubbing ourselves furiously as we held the book between us. The photograph of the man’s dick half-way inside the woman’s pussy got both of us off harder than either of us had ever cum before.

One day Rachel looked embarrassed and said, “You know my Uncle Morty is not a nice man. He asked me to tell you that if you ever wanted to make extra money, he would pay you to let him take pictures of you. Of course, he would want you to take your clothes off. He would offer to pay you more money if you let him touch you. I let him touch me, and he really did pay me. It felt really nice too. He was careful not to do anything that could be called ‘sex’ though, so he couldn’t be charged with anything, so it wasn’t scary. I knew he wouldn’t try to deflower me or do anything that would get me pregnant. I’ll understand if you don’t want to. My family is always going to be the bad people who sell dirty books. I know how you and I both get horny and need the dirty books and pictures so we can cum, so I’ve started thinking the people who say my family is bad are kind of hypocrites.”

“Actually, Rachel, I’m interested because dad bought me a dress for my birthday and was late paying the rent. Now all the bills are late, and I need to make some money to help get caught up,” I said.

I got introduced to Uncle Morty the next day. He took pictures of me undressing and posing. When I was naked, he told me how to pose. I had to show off my pussy lips and pull them apart so the camera could see inside my hole. He took lots and lots of pictures. Then Uncle Morty asked if he could touch me. I said, “Yes, but Rachel says you pay extra to do that with her, so I expect the same deal.”

He quickly agreed, and before I knew it I was cumming from being fingered by an adult male. He paid me even more to let him kiss and lick my pussy. I came so hard I knew I would have let him do it for free if I’d known it would make me cum so good.

I didn’t want to get too much money all at once, or daddy would notice, so when he explained about what a blow job was and told me how much he would pay me to do one on him, I told him I needed to think it over. He was a little whiny and said, “I licked you, so it would only be fair for you to lick me.”

I said, “Uncle Morty, prostitute is not among my prospective careers. I’ll model, I’ll let you make me cum, but I have to think it over carefully before I agree to do things that make you ejaculate.”

He apologized for getting pushy. He explained how having balls full of sperm did that to a guy. He seemed like he wasn’t going to get out of line with me, so I accepted his apology.

I went home and took a bath. I dressed in what we called a “house dress” in those days and went to work cleaning house. At five I started dinner, so it would be ready when dad got home at six.

I suppose I am not a nice girl anymore, and maybe I am acting like a whore. I had shortened the skirt of the house dress quite a bit so my bottom showed when I bent over. I had cleaned out mom’s clothes, but I never threw them away. I got in the box and went through the fancy panties she had, and I washed them so they didn’t smell stale or like moth balls. I had on a red pair made out of some kind of silky fabric. Most of the panties were too big for me, and the bras were all too huge, but this red pair fit me pretty well.

When dad got home I had him sit at the kitchen table and I bent over to get the casserole out of the oven. My butt was pointed at daddy, and I knew he would see my little butt covered with the silky red panties. I wiggled my butt at daddy as I got the dish out of the oven. I put the dish on a trivet on the stove to cool off a little. I walked across the room and sat on dad’s lap. He had a boner. I giggled and turned to daddy and kissed him on the mouth. I felt his dick jump under my butt when I kissed him.

“What’s got into you little girl?” Daddy asked.

“I was hoping I could get you into me, daddy. Since you are already nice and big and hard, it should just slip right inside my pussy; especially because it’s all wet from thinking about how much I love you. You want your little girl to be happy don’t you daddy? You don’t want me to grow up to have neuroses or something do you?” I said.

“But Linda, that’s incest, and it’s against the law,” Dad said.

“I know dad, but I need sex really bad, and I don’t trust anyone to do it to me except you. I feel all nervous and squirmy. Please daddy. Please make your little girl feel better. Just don’t get me pregnant, and no one will ever know,” I begged.

Daddy led me into his bedroom and bent me over the edge of the bed. He pulled down the red panties, and then I felt the head of his cock between my pussy lips. I felt something rubbery over his cock, so apparently dad still had rubbers. He pushed into me, and I felt my maidenhead tear. Daddy’s cock was all the way inside me. He fucked me, and it felt really good. I came a bunch. It started feeling so good and it made me cum so hard that I started making moaning noises. After about ten more climaxes, daddy whispered to me, “I can’t hold off any more Linda.” I felt his cock pulse inside me. I hoped the rubber would catch all his sperm.

I started sleeping in dad’s bed and he got more enthusiastic about having relations with me until we were up to twice every day and three times on Sunday.

Rachel told me on Monday that Uncle Morty wanted to see me. I went to the shop after school and snuck in the back door, which was in an alley. I went down to the basement to his studio and Morty had fancy underwear for me to model. He took pictures of me undressing out of a secretary’s suit and then posing and showing off my body in the fancy bra, panties, garter belt, and hose. He even had high heels for me to wear. After Morty finished taking pictures of me I went over and knelt in front of him. “Will you still pay me one-hundred dollars if I give you a blow job, let you ejaculate in my mouth, and swallow your sperm?” I asked.

“Yes, Linda.” Morty said.

I opened up Morty’s pants and let them drop to the floor. I smiled, knowing my dad’s cock was bigger than Morty’s. I gently took his hard shaft in my hand and began to kiss the head. His dick got harder, which I hadn’t thought was possible. I took the head in my mouth and started licking all over it. I listened when Morty said to just lick on the bottom, right behind the head, and in three minutes, Uncle Morty shot his load in my mouth. I sucked and swallowed until his cock got soft.

I didn’t want to do anything romantic with Morty because I was in love with daddy. I did smile and suck and lick his cock clean. He looked helpless for a minute and it made me feel good knowing I’d gone down on him and made him shoot off.

When Morty caught his breath I already had my school clothes and my own white cotton underwear on. He paid me the one-hundred dollars and smiled at me. Then Morty said, “Linda if there is a man you have sex with, I can pay both of you a lot more money if you will let me take 16mm movies of you having sex. You would have to let him eat your pussy, suck his cock, and then let him fuck you in several positions. You would need to let him shoot off in your pussy and then pull out and show the camera how your pussy was all full of his spunk.”

“I have a regular lover, but it would send him to jail if he got caught. Can we wear masks, so no one can recognize our faces?” I asked.

“Yes, of course. You know when you do decide to get pregnant, I’ll pay you extra for letting me take movies of him fucking you when you first start showing and then as you get bigger, until right before you are going to deliver,” Uncle Morty said.

I was really worked up and I was bathed, shaved, powdered, perfumed, and in the sexiest of mom’s nightgowns, when dad got home from work. I took his hand and practically dragged him to the bedroom. We fucked each other this time. It wasn’t little girl Linda lying there letting her daddy fuck her. This was horny as hell Linda showing her daddy how much she loved fucking him. I drained daddy dry. He fell asleep, and I kissed him when I got out of bed and went to make his dinner.

So far, the rubbers were working and I was having my periods as regular as clockwork. Because daddy did hard, physical work at the John Deere plant, he was tired when he got home. I was more than a little proud I was sexy enough to tempt him into fucking me two times every day.

When dad woke up I asked him how he would feel about getting paid to let us get filmed while we fucked. When I told dad how much it would pay, he agreed. We had done without a car for a long time, and the streetcar line that dad rode to work was closing down. The bus company claimed there weren’t enough potential riders for a route from our neighborhood, or any neighborhood, to the John Deere plant. Dad says he thinks that sometimes all “progress” is good for is lining the pockets of rich men.

So we make a movie. I talk sexy, and now that daddy is used to fucking me, it doesn’t make him spurt right away, so the camera man was happy. Then I ask if there is a market for daddy/daughter movies. The camera man says that is too much for his stag movie market, but he gives me the number of a guy in New York who does more perverted kinds of films.

I called him up on a Monday morning, and he was in Des Moines on Friday afternoon. Saturday, he shot three movies of daddy and me fucking. I had made up a kind of script for each one and I had explained to daddy that in the first, I was going to trick him into fucking me. In the second, he was going to trick me into fucking him. In the third, he was going to pretend to rape me, then when he made me cum, I’d love it and we’d fuck really hard. The movie guy approved my scripts, and right after breakfast we started shooting the first movie in a cabin at a motor court. I saw the camera man having a tough time keeping the camera steady because he was rubbing his dick while he was shooting. We took a break, took a shower, changed clothes, and then started the second movie when daddy could get hard again.

In this one, he was supposed to seduce me, and that was a stretch for him as far as acting was concerned, but I coached him by whispering in his ear, and before long I was feeling like a girl with wet panties and an itchy pussy who was more than willing to have her daddy scratch that itch with his hard dick. The things I thought of for the girl to say really got to the camera man. I saw him cum in his pants. It got to daddy too, and he creamed my pussy before I thought he would. I gave dad a blow job to get him hard again, and we fucked really, really hard because we both got so worked up. This time my dirty talk helped daddy be able to ejaculate again. The camera man told daddy to pull out and shoot his cream in my mouth. We talked about it, and realized how sexy it would be if I was the one who told him to pull out, took off the rubber, and begged him to shoot his spunk in my mouth. I would suck his cock to make sure he could shoot, then he would pull back and spray my face with his sperm. It worked so well, I saw the camera man cum in his pants again.

We showered, got dressed, and went to a diner for lunch. We went back to the motor court and dad took a nap. Around 4pm he was ready to go again, and we talked through how he was going to pretend to rape me. I had old clothes from the thrift store, and I changed into those. The panties and bra were sexy. In the script, he would accuse me of being a tease and would rip my clothes off and rape me to teach me a lesson.

Daddy was afraid he would hurt me, so he wasn’t too rough. I had to pretend not to be strong enough to get away. I begged and pleaded for him not to rape my virgin pussy, but he just laughed and shoved his dick all the way in me. He hammered me hard, just thinking about making his cock squirt. We got to the place where I came, and then he started calling me a slut and a whore. I kept cumming and he kept fucking me. Finally, the camera man signaled us to do a cum shot and daddy spunked my boobs and then stuck his dick in my mouth and made me take the second spurt. He growled, “Suck my scum, you cock teasing slut. Suck up every drop and swallow it all.”

I did. The camera man creamed in his pants again.

Daddy and I lay in bed, cuddling and catching our breath. The camera man asked daddy if he thought he could cum again. Dad said he was feeling good, and with a couple hours rest, he’d be ready to go. Then the camera man explained his movie idea to me. I thought up the dialog and explained to daddy how the scene would play out.

I was wearing a sexy nightie and it was supposed to be our wedding night. I got into bed, then daddy came into the room, pretending to be my new husband. He was acting drunk and being vulgar. I told him I had a headache. He pulled the covers back and ripped my nightgown off. He barked, “You are my wife now. No more excuses. You will do your marital duty any and every time I tell you to. Do you understand bitch?”

I mouthed off, he slapped me, and then raped me. We simulated him deflowering me. Of course, I couldn’t help myself and came. He really started working me over then, and by the end I was promising to suck his cock and fuck him any time he wanted. I was cumming like crazy and that was the first time I actually got worked up enough to scream when I climaxed. Daddy buried his cock in my pussy and came with the head jammed right into the opening of my womb. I came again, squirming all over the place, as daddy rode me hard. He kept slamming his hips forward, drilling his dick into me. After he collapsed on top of me, his cock got soft and slipped out of me. I played with my pussy and got my fingers messy with his cum. I coated my fingers good, brought them up to my mouth, and licked his scum off. I grinned and said, “Thank you for teaching me not to be a bitch, my Lord and Master.”

Daddy was nearly asleep by then, but he mumbled, “That’s how a wife is supposed to behave. Let me take a nap, go clean yourself up, and wake me up when you are ready to show your husband you know what you were created for.”

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