Plain Jane

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: The heart doesn't have eyes; either do sex organs.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Sharing   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Water Sports   .

Part 1 – The Beginning

Plain Jane
Got the main
Interest down
Under her gown.

-Tony Tiger© 2017

It wasn’t quite that bad for little Jane, but she’d gotten close to her best male friend long before looks were even noticed. Even before hormones kicked in, just simple curiosity about bodily differences was enough.

She and Joseph spent a lot of time together since early childhood because their neighbor mothers home schooled a passel of their marital issue. Being the same age, they often worked on projects or tasks together, building a bond at least as close as with their siblings.

When they weren’t in a structured situation, there were no other children their age to interact with. They found things to do since their mothers were often busy with younger children who needed more attention. Privacy wasn’t difficult to find and, as they developed, learning about the physical differences that they noticed was a natural activity.

Having the idea from somewhere that boy’s and girl’s parts went together somehow for who-knows-what reason, and stumbling on erogenous zones, they managed to try oral, anal and vaginal intercourse using little Joseph’s “stiffie” before menarche arrived.

Although members of a very conservative church, Jane’s mother was also tied to the earth and discerned what was going on before fertility arrived. Realizing that the youngsters were not likely to close that door already opened, she educated and counseled her daughter and arranged for birth control with the stern admonition that the righteous husband/father must never know.

The youngsters were faithful lovers, finding opportunities a few times a week, and with hormones in check, remained model children. Things went pretty well until the summer they both were sixteen. Joseph’s dad split with his mom and took his son away. The young couple were devastated and Jane refused most socialization from then on, focusing her energies on her studies in the public school and church work.

Her old-school father, patriarch to the core, decided that his daughter needed to be married by eighteen so “the urges of the flesh” would not lead her to perdition. Mother’s opposition was overridden and Jane found herself betrothed and wed to a twenty-two year old church deacon much favored by her father.

Resigning herself to the role of a dutiful daughter and now wife, she quietly accepted her fate. Andrew (Andy) was a good man if not good looking, but she had discovered with Joseph it is what the inside looks like that is most important.

So she found herself in a hotel room on her wedding night with a man she didn’t know very well, very concerned that her lack of maidenhead would cause a serious problem right at the outset of their union. She and her mother had decided that honesty was best before things went too far.

In her chaste nightgown and sitting on the bed, she addressed her new husband, “Andrew, there is something I must speak with you about. Will you listen to me?”

He nodded and sat on the other side of the bed, “Go ahead.”

With halting speech and downcast eyes, she unloaded her words, “I must inform you that I am not a completely pure and unspoiled vessel of the Lord. We were never given the opportunity to have serious discussions or I would have brought it up by now.”

He looked into Jane’s eyes with what seemed like an expression of relief, “Are you trying to tell me you are not a virgin?”

She nodded and he broke out into a smile, surprising her. She whispered, “You are not angry?”

He moved over and hugged her, “I’m not one either and had the same concern!”

She kissed him and turned off the light and the marriage was consummated with surprising success and pleasure. Lying beside him as he snored in post-coital slumber she had a maelstrom of feelings. During the coupling she had many flashbacks of Joseph who still held a strong and deep place in her heart. This was her wedded husband who had full rights to her body yet she felt unfaithful to her first love. The act had been physically similar but the feelings very different.

During the next year they got used to living with each other. She liked Andy but it wasn’t the love she felt with Joseph. The sex got better and it soothed her physical desires well enough two or three times a week. But it had none of the excitement that the young lovers had experienced finding places where they could copulate with young lust and keeping their special secret.

Sitting on the bed in her usual nightgown, she said those words again, “Andrew (when she didn’t say ‘Andy’ he knew it was serious), we need to talk.”

Once again, “Go ahead. What’s on your mind?”

“You are a good man so I want to be honest with you as a spouse ought to be. I expect that from you too.”

Andy looked concerned, “Have you done something wrong?”

“No, and I don’t intend to. But something has come up and I need to reveal part of my past you have never asked about. I let you know I wasn’t a virgin. The boy, now man, who was my one and only before you, called me today. I haven’t had any contact with him since I was sixteen. He is coming back to visit family and would like to be with me too. He has asked me to dinner and it is important to me to go. I’ll invite him here to get me if you would care to meet him.”

Her husband pondered the request and asked for the night to think it over. They snuggled but no sex. It wasn’t an every night thing by this time anyway.

By morning Andy decided he’d “man up” and agreed to meet this part of her past. It would happen that very evening. He was restless all day dealing with this new challenge to his manhood and sense of maturity.

When Joseph rang the doorbell and was introduced, he seemed familiar. Over a beer while Jane finished her preparations, the two men chatted warily, curious about what the other was thinking in this new situation to them both. All of a sudden, as Joseph was speaking about his family in the town, Andy dropped his beer bottle. Hurrying to clean up the spill, he bumped into his wife. They were in the kitchen as he blurted in a subdued voice, “If you decide to stay out very late, just text me so I’ll know you’re all right. It’s OK and I’ll never question your decision.”

He shook hands with Joseph and gave Jane a small kiss, then went to get another beer, emotions and thoughts racing.

At ten pm he got a text, “I’d like to stay with him a while longer. Are you sure?”

He replied, “Yes [heart emoticon]”

It was after two am when his restless sleep was interrupted by the sounds of the shower and Jane getting under the covers. Softly, “I sure hope my loving husband wants to reclaim me!”

As he pounded her more furiously than perhaps ever before, matched by her many squeals and moans, he was lost in the joining with her. After they both went over the top, he lay beside her, and before sleep took him he thought, “Physically no difference but the ardor sure was.”

They coupled more tenderly before arising and, coffee in hand, it was time to talk.

Andy opened, “I guess you had sex with him. How was it?”

Jane reached for his hand before she answered, “It was good but not the same as I remembered. We have both changed so I guess it couldn’t be. And not nearly as satisfying as what you and I had last night and this morning.”

Her husband relaxed hearing those last words but then seemed anxious again, “You have been open with me so now I must be also. The woman that took my virginity was Joseph’s sister.”

Jane’s eyes went wide, “You’re SHITTING me! She is married!” She very rarely swore.

Andy’s eyes dropped, “Not then anyway. It was during the month before the wedding and she wanted one last fling. I was available and we had sex four times. She winked at me at the ceremony. I haven’t had any contact with her since.”

“Did you know she’s divorced now? That’s who Joseph is visiting. Would you like to see her? Only fair, I guess.”

Now the shoe was on the other foot. He swallowed several times and hemmed and hawed but finally said he’d like to find out how she was doing. Jane just smiled and gave his arm a squeeze. It would have to be that night since Joseph as returning home the next day.

Jane made the call and was on the phone for quite a while but he couldn’t make out what was being said. Dinner at Lori’s place was the plan.

Andy was on pins and needles the rest of the day. In midafternoon he tried to get Jane to take a “nap” with him but she gently declined, saying she wasn’t in the mood. He wondered, did she want to save her energy for later?

Lori was as beautiful and charming as ever. Why she ever decided to seduce him was a question Andy could never answer. He knew her reputation at school as a companion to the wealthy and leaders among the male classmates, a position she surely didn’t keep without assuming “the position”.

She could cook too and it was excellent. Pouring some cordials after the meal, she took Andy out on the back deck, telling him, “Jane and Joseph have some more catching up to do. So do we.”

He was puzzling over all the implications as she sat right next to him on a porch swing. She opened with, “So how is married life? Mine was for shit.”

“It was pretty ordinary until your brother showed up. Now I’m not sure how to judge it.”

She put his hand on her leg, “Joseph told me the whole story. I think it’s kinda sweet and you are being a real man about it too. More than my shithead of a husband ever could. He had to go fooling around without being honest. I’da let him in exchange for equal time. You know as well as anyone how monogamous I’m not. You also treated me more respectfully in and out of bed than any of those jocks and big-shot dudes. I never forgot that.”

She leaned over to kiss him, “Jane knows how horny I am right now. I haven’t dated since the split so I was extra glad we could get together. C’mon, let’s fuck!”

It was breakfast time when all four surfaced, looking the worse, and the better, for wear. Jane gave her still naked husband a hug and kiss, whispering, “I can’t wait to get you home!”

Lori overheard and laughed, “He may not be worth much till noon so don’t be in too big a hurry!” Everyone laughed.

It was only an hour later that he was firm enough to separate the still-pink lips between Jane’s legs, especially since it was slippery with Joseph’s gifts oozing out. A spooning position would let them join and talk with little energy expenditure. Orgasms were low on the priority list right now.

They each had questions about the other’s experience. Describing the night’s activities built the arousal of both and Andy soon surprised both of them with a full erection.

“Somebody likes my wicked parts,” she chortled, “but he’s been messing around in a slutty one himself. So, dear husband, do you prefer the ‘straight and narrow’ of our religious upbringing, or the more open-minded ‘love your neighbor’ philosophy?”

He gave a couple of thrusts which were marked by pleasure grunts, “Are you referring to some selective extramarital intimacy or general and unrestricted rutting?”

“Hmm, I’ve never tried the latter although every girl I know has fantasized about it. For now, the former seems manageable and beneficial. I doubt you were thinking about anything but hot and wild pussy in Lori’s bed, but I was doing a lot of thinking when the action paused so my partner could recover. I think I might rather have both of you together relay-style so my fun wouldn’t be interrupted so much by ejaculations and reloading time. That is, if there is a next time.”

Andy moved steadily and forcefully and orgasmic noises were soon heard. Before he fell asleep he answered her final question. “I don’t see why we can’t try it some more. Seems to suit you well and I’m greatly enjoying the consequences.”

She said solemnly, “I truly love you, dear husband.” She’d never said that so seriously before. She hoped he heard her.

With Jane’s full knowledge, Andy fucked Lori twice a week until she resumed full dating and had other sources of sexual satisfaction. They would remain friends for life, even if mostly, but not completely, platonic. She never remarried.

Joseph was a different story. Still smitten with Jane, he visited monthly but stayed at their place. She got her wish for relay-fucking and loved it. It was exhausting so that was often enough. When she asked Joseph how he got along without her he admitted that the wife of a minister in his local church needed “prayer sessions” unencumbered with vestments. Jane laughed at the attempts to disguise good old lust with spiritual overtones, “Does she say ‘Oh My God!’ when you cum in her?” She’d started saying that when she felt his hot gift spurts.

Then things changed as life has a way of doing. Joseph’s father got too ill for his mother and sister to cope with so he found a local job. It paid much less so Andy suggested he live with them, fully aware of the consequences. Jane was ecstatic but mindful of the position it put her husband in.

“My dear husband, and you are every bit of that, please never doubt that you are now first in my heart even though you were not first between my legs. Do you have any concerns?”

He looked thoughtful, “His visits have been fun but tiring. With him here all the time, will there be enough of your loving left for me?”

Rubbing his wilted willy, she grinned, “Let me just say that with him here, there will finally be enough loving for ME!”

Part 2 - Andy’s Story

Lori was a beautiful neighbor girl that I had grown up with. She lived two doors away. Being four years older than me, she had been hired to babysit and we got to know each other pretty well. I would hear her talking to boyfriends on the phone and as I reached puberty I lusted for her gorgeous body. One of those hopeless teenage crushes I thought.

I’d heard she was getting married so I was really surprised when she called me about a month before the wedding and wanted to visit. She invited me to her place and when I got there no one else was home. My puzzlement about the invitation was soon explained when she said she wanted to have sex with me. Seeing how startled I was she explained that she wanted one last and discreet fling before entering the marital condition. I sure as hell wasn’t going to turn down the object of those many fantasies.

She was my first that day and we repeated it three more times before the wedding. The experience was fantastic since she’d done it plenty of times and was happy to show me how to make it work well. It was quite an emotional moment to see her taking her vows then have her wink at me as she walked by with her new husband. Our paths had not crossed since. A big lesson I learned was that I shouldn’t be fussy about a woman being a virgin. Experience makes being in bed with them a whole lot better. I also got over worrying that God would strike me dead if I had sex outside of marriage.

I did some dating but never found anybody willing to put out and I’d had an awful high standard set as well. I graduated from trade school and had done a lot of training with our conservative church so had been made one of the youngest deacons they ever had. My dad wanted me out of the house I guess so he could run around naked more with the young women he was dating so he set me up with a church friend of his to marry a homely young woman named Jane. He dominated me my whole life so I felt it was hopeless to protest. He did offer to pay for the honeymoon at least.

It was a small ceremony with nobody besides immediate family attending. We drove an hour to a small town at the edge of the national forest and had a weekend at a cheap motel.

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