Crossbones Carol

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Woman sailboat captain honors her late husband and moves ahead in life without him. It surprises her in a number of ways.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Sharing   Gang Bang   Swinging   Interracial   Anal Sex   Pregnancy   .

She was now the captain of the 39 foot sailboat named “Crossbones” on Lake Erie. For years she and her husband had raced the boat in the many regattas that were held there. He’d had the boat when they married and their honeymoon was a 10 day voyage to Lake Huron. They’d sailed naked and screwed out in the middle of the lake as well as every other chance they got. But cancer got him and she was now left with the memories and the boat.

To play along with the boat name, her husband had gotten vinyl stickons that gave its dark blue hull the look of having gun ports. He had the costume and went by the name of “Pirate Pete”. Carol had a lot of fun being a pirate wench and role-playing not only at parties but also when they had sex on board. He was her first and only and they frequently had a good time.

The crew was loyal and stayed with her. The thrill of racing ran deep and, while she was a damn good helmsperson, she didn’t understand all the strategy. During the winter she took Coast Guard courses and studied racing strategy online but she really depended on Will, a senior member of the racing crew.

She brought her husband’s ashes on board and secured them in the main cabin. This season would be in his honor and all of the guys appreciated that. They’d all learned a tremendous amount about sailing and self-confidence from him.

Carol stayed on as helmsperson. She was so short that she looked through the wheel but knew how to read the instruments and follow instructions. While she was nominally the skipper, Will actually ran the show this season.

As we said, she was short, 45 years old with no children. Nice tits, trim salt-and-pepper hair, and a fun personality. Horny too, since she and her husband had fucked on this boat a lot of times. That was a big issue now when she was aboard, missing a naked man buried between her legs.

Will came down the night before the race at her request. It was nominally to discuss strategy but she had some other ideas. He was a single guy with several different girlfriends and no specific commitment.

It was a warm evening and the boat was not air-conditioned so she was dressed in a T-shirt and a thong. They had their favorite rum and soda as they looked at the weather and the course for tomorrow’s race. As Will sat at the chart table she leaned over and pressed her firm tits on his back. Her nipples were hard and she hoped he could feel them.

As soon as the official business was taken care of, she whispered in his ear, “It’s rather warm in here. Do you mind if I wear a bit less?”

He looked her over quickly and with a big grin replied, “I’ve wanted you to say that for a long time. I’m going to follow your lead.”

No more conversation was necessary since his erection let her know that he was “on board”. There was plenty of time so they explored each other’s body in all the ways that lovers can. When she was more than ready she laid back in the classic invitation pose. She’d have liked to ride him but the berth ceiling was too low.

Damn it felt good, having a hard one moving in her after so many months of celibacy. Until it was buried, she’d been shivering from unrequited lust but also some anxiety since he would only be the second man she had ever welcomed into her pussy. Now her years of experience kicked in and it was clear that they both were enjoying themselves.

She drained his dick as often as she could before the rest of the crew arrived early the next morning. She made it very clear that she had no commitment to him. Her hornies were coming alive and, while he was certainly welcome again between her legs, he would likely not be the only one. He grinned and said he completely understood. He’d enjoy whatever was offered to him and reminded her that he had some other lovers himself.

He was the only one for a while but when the racing got tough, she announced to the crew that whoever she thought had helped them the most with winning a particular race would get to spend two hours in the stern berth with her. Their performance improved tremendously and they were practically undefeated. Even the married crewmembers enjoyed her rewards. What happened on Crossbones stayed on Crossbones. After the passion died down and she was laying quietly with a man who had just fucked her, she sometimes thought how her husband had tried to get her to do this but she had been reluctant. Perhaps his spirit was on board and enjoying her activities.

The pre-and post-regatta parties were lots of fun for her. She enjoyed being hit on by the guys who knew she was a widow and she teased them but rejected their subtle or blatant proposals. She had her crew.

Near the end of the season she lost one of the crewmembers who took a job in another part of the country. In asking around the yacht club for a replacement she thought of Miki, a woman in her mid-20s who’d been around there all summer. She really seemed to be the “pirate wench” type, actually living at the Marina since she apparently had no other home. Kind of a “berth surfing” existence where she would trade a place to sleep for maintenance and/or crewing.

When they visited in more depth, Carol decided she liked the young woman and offered to let her crew on the next race. Until then, she could stay aboard Crossbones with a list of cleaning and maintenance that needed to be done. In checking she heard good reports from some other skippers including that she didn’t keep her knees together when you got to know her and she liked you.

The boat was in great shape on Friday when Carol arrived. Will couldn’t get there until the morning so she could visit with her new crew person who was quite good mixing rum and sodas. It was warm again and they got naked down below until it got dark and then moved up to the cockpit since they were quite a way down the dock and no one else was around.

Carol sized up this other woman. She was half a foot taller than herself, slender and toned from being so physically active. Her shoulder length carrot colored hair was always tousled looking, much like what adorned her crotch. She seemed quite comfortable being naked and didn’t even try to cover up when some people boarded the boat across from theirs.

They got kinda tipsy as they drank and visited. It would be an early day tomorrow so they put on robes and walked down to the facility where they could pee and brush their teeth.

Returning to the boat, Miki coyly said that she’d gotten used to sleeping in the stern berth and wondered if it was shareable. Intrigued and adventurous, Carol agreed and they settled in.

Sometime in the wee hours Carol awoke and felt Miki’s body pressed up against her back. It did feel good to have some company since Will couldn’t be there. She went back to sleep.

They won the race and everyone was impressed with Miki’s performance. One of the guys asked if she was going to get the usual reward. Carol blushed since she’d not talked about it with the new crew person. But she had to keep her word and she had some new thoughts running through her mind last night and today. “Okay! No discrimination in this crew.” She beckoned to Miki to follow her and they closed the door on the stern berth behind them.

When she explained what the crew member was talking about, Miki grinned, “I mostly go for guys but girl-girl can be fun too. Have you ever done that?” When Carol said she hadn’t, Miki added, “The easiest way to think about it is that you do to me what makes you feel really good and vice versa. In some ways it’s kind of like fucking yourself or super masturbation. It’s just not as messy at the end is it is with a guy although I seem to produce quite a few fluids of my own.”

Carol’s hesitation faded away and she started to get her pleasure which encouraged her to give in return. Certainly the parts were pretty familiar although she never been agile enough to lick her own pussy, so that was a new and very interesting experience.

They emerged from the berth topless, giving the four guys a visual treat. When she got a drink put her hand, Miki pulled the bearer to her tits for a couple of quick nibbles, a little taste of things to “come”. Her proclivity for uncommitted fucking was known to one of the crew and shared with the others. They were all looking forward to enjoying her lithe body if they had the privilege.

After the yacht club Saturday night party, Will and Carol adjourned to the stern berth and Miki had invited one of the crew that she had worked the foredeck with to the vee berth. Both ends of the boat were busy for a while and again later. Carol heard the other couple go up in the cockpit and figured they were having it live up to its name. She’d have to do that with Will sometime.

And so the season went, very successfully for this highly motivated crew. After the fall regatta when they took the overall championship, Carol announced that the following weekend they were going to go for a pleasure cruise. Everyone should plan for three nights. Miki was put in charge of getting the supplies, both food and liquid, and getting the boat ready for recreation.

They headed out Friday late afternoon, sailing to an anchorage by a small uninhabited island and hoped that they’d have privacy. One other boat did find a place but anchored quite a distance from them.

The grill had been mounted on the stern rail and Will got busy cooking steaks while the women put the rest of the dinner together. Before they ate Carol announced that this was not a “clothing optional” cruise but a “clothing disallowed” cruise and everybody needed to get naked if they wanted to eat. One of the wise ass crew piped up and said, “And is steak all is available to eat?”

Miki piped up, “I’ve got a nice appetizer here if you’d like to try it.” He couldn’t resist a dare so she sat on the cockpit seat and spread her legs and everybody hooted and hollered as he licked and kissed it for a minute. Then the real food was ready. As they sat wherever they could on the boat, the dingy from the other boat putted by and the couple on board gave them a thumbs-up. When they returned from their shore excursion they were naked as well.

Carol and Miki divided up the guys for the night and, while three in either of the main berth was a bit crowded nobody was going to complain. Having two men take turns with her was a first for Carol. Previously she’d done her “fuck the crew reward” and then later that night had Will couple with her but never before had two banging her repeatedly like this. She loved it and the next night they would trade men. But what would happen during the day? She was excited by the possibilities.

There was a good bit of one-on-one disappearing below and even before bedtime Carol realized she’d fucked all four men already since midnight. A new personal record!

Miki took the life ring and swam over to the other boat in the afternoon to invite them to the cocktail hour. They were a somewhat older couple who were new to sailing. They had covered up only because they didn’t want to get sunburned and Miki reminded them of the “undress code”.

When they arrived in their dingy, bearing some snacks, and climbed aboard, their eyes were busy checking out all the exposed flesh. Brenda, the wife, commented to Carol that her husband, Carl, would likely not be embarrassed by an erection since she had jumped him anytime he had a hint of one since earlier that day. Her eyes sparkled when Carol told her that was much the same situation on this boat. As she looked around she felt her pussy begin to drool.

Brenda had married late, waiting until she was 30 and found the right man. Certainly not celibate, she’d had a number of short and long-term and relationships. Besides being a great guy, her husband was equipped with an above average penis, both in dimension and being uncircumcised. Looking around at four naked men, she realized she’d never been in this situation although they had gotten naked with another couple early in their marriage but it hadn’t gone beyond oral. Right now, even though she’d fucked her husband limp, she felt the urge to fuck every one of these naked men.

It wasn’t to be, somewhat to her regret is they had a social evening and then went back to their boat. They had contact information though. She sucked her husband hard and rode him and told him what she had felt on the other boat. He admitted similar lusty feelings for the two women and they both had above-average climaxes.

The weather was still holding so Brenda and Carl arranged to meet Carol and whoever back at the same anchorage the next weekend. Brenda had got her husband to agree that they could both take advantage of any opportunities that were presented. The days leading up to the weekend were pretty hot in their marital bed.

They were not disappointed. Over plenty of drinks it was decided that Brenda would take Will and Jim, the other crew guy, back to their boat while Carl would have to cope with two horny women. Brenda kind of smirked to herself that she got the better part of the deal.

When they all got together on Crossbones the next morning, rather late, Carol was quite profuse in her praise of Carl’s performance. He admitted it was his first time ever with two women, even in the same day but they were incredibly stimulating and, while he might’ve had rather dry ejaculations towards the end, his partners had gotten off as much as they needed to. He was pretty fucking proud of himself, especially when Miki said his was one of the biggest dicks she’d ever enjoyed and she loved the way it filled her.

Brenda was equally pleased, setting several sexual records with the help of two eager and younger men. She loved titty-fucking with her substantial and pendulous bosom as her cunt was filled with a rigid rod. She’d never had as many ejaculations on her cervix in such a short period of time. The fact that they came from two different cocks had put her in erotic overload.

After breakfast, she insisted that her husband take her back to their boat because she wanted his bone buried at the scene of her incredible pleasures. “I know I’ll get him up just by telling him what his favorite pussy has been doing in the bed where we are,” she confided to Carol.

They came back for a short visit and a farewell cocktail before all had to weigh anchor and head back to their respective marinas. The consensus was that this would be repeated.

Carol was pregnant. Her doctor confirmed it and said things looked good. She and Pete hadn’t used birth control, hoping for offspring but didn’t get involved in fertility studies either. Her periods were light and irregular at this age so she didn’t pay much attention when her sperm intake was so drastically increased. Who had planted her was the big question although keeping it was not. Will had probably fucked her the most but there had been quite a few crew screws plus Carl for the possible times she was fertile.

She and Will had a pretty solid relationship by this time but she was reluctant to make a commitment to anyone considering the uncertainty of paternity. What he still hadn’t told her, because up till now he’d considered it irrelevant, was that he’d had a vasectomy a long time before. His ex-wife had insisted because she hadn’t wanted children, a decision he sometimes regretted as he got older.

Her hormones were bouncing around and she had happy and teary times as well as horny and “leave me alone” ones. The boat was pulled for the winter and prepared for the cold months before Will put his foot down, “I’m going to take responsibility for this little one on the birth certificate whether you marry me or not. It’s up to you now.”

When she heard that ultimatum she was curled up next to him in her own bed and broke out in tears for a bit when she said, “You win. It’s best for the baby. I hope you don’t stop liking me with all these changes to my body. I’ve wanted bigger tits but never thought of this way to get them!” He bent down to give them some serious sucks and she shivered with the pleasure, being in a horny spell.

He fondled her crotch, “Do you want me to invite the crew for a pussy party? Since you don’t know which is the father, maybe all of them ought to be given visiting privileges?”

She swatted his ass as he pumped in her, “You’d do that for your fiance?”

“Why not. You’ve fucked them all before. As long as you keep me so well drained what would it hurt?”

There were only two others available anyway since Miki and Jim had landed crew jobs in the Caribbean for the winter season. Carol wasn’t sure about a gang-bang in her present condition.

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