Little Brown Girl

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: Man in Desi country adopts a street urchin and she pays him back the only way she can. That opens his heart for the first time in years.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Interracial   Indian Female   .

I was working in India, Mumbai to be exact, as a consultant to a local company trying to make inroads into the lucrative American Market. I’d spend a couple of days in their office and the rest in my rental room on a side street walking distance from there. My name is Mark and I’m a 42-year-old divorced guy with no kids.

I was a lousy cook and prepared food is pretty cheap here so I was at a streetside café when evening when a small skinny waif was going from table to table, begging for food. The Desi people just ignored the small person. I’m trying to lose weight and the portions were always bigger than I needed so I offered what was left. That got me a smile as the food was quickly eaten. I felt good.

As I opened the door to my room, I heard someone behind me. A quick glance revealed the waif who had followed me. I tried to communicate but English didn’t work and I don’t know enough of the local language to be useful. My sympathy button had been pushed so I invited this little person in with gestures.

They were quite ragged and dirty so I offered my shower. There was a puzzled look and I thought maybe they had never seen one before. From all appearances I thought this was a young boy so I stripped off my clothes and got in to demonstrate.

When they followed my example I was surprised to see it was a female with no tits and no buns due to her extreme thinness. She laughed as the water splashed on her and stood quietly as I soaped up and washed her hair and body. She followed my example except she couldn’t reach my hair. After I rinsed off, we got out and dried each other and then I was startled. She dropped down and began to suck on my still soft cock. Quite well too, I noticed. Not having had any female contact for a while, it began an appropriate response.

I tried to push her away but she shook her head and gripped me even more intensely until I emptied in her mouth. Then she pulled back and smiled at me, clearly trying to repay my kindness. I found her some more food and a T-shirt to wear. I had some work to do on the computer and she stayed curled up on the floor next to my feet, clearly tired.

When I needed to sleep I made her a pallet on the floor but she got in bed with me and snuggled close. I didn’t have the heart to eject her. Oh, I had tried to learn her name and the best translation I could pronounce was “Dori”. That seemed to work okay with her.

I had a rare wet dream, or so I thought but it was Dori sucking me off again. I didn’t complain and figured the protein was probably good for her too.

The next day, when I wasn’t working, I began teaching her English. She knew a few words, one of which was “fuck” with a British accent. I wondered what the significance of that might be but just kept going.

Later on when she joined me in bed she said that word repeatedly and I wasn’t sure exactly what she meant by that. She clearly got frustrated and finally pulled on my boxers, sucked me hard, and tried to drop her tiny pussy on my good sized dick. It was too big and she pushed until it hurt, but I still wouldn’t go in. She cried, disappointed and I held her close and comforted her. Reaching down with my finger I began to pleasure her and she looked at me adoringly.

So over the next week I worked on stretching her with my fingers until finally she was able to mount me and take half of my shaft inside. She was very joyful as she moved and made me spurt inside. I’d had a vasectomy so wasn’t worried about unexpected consequences.

She expected me between her legs every day and with plenty of food she started to fill out quickly. She was actually quite pretty all cleaned up and smiling. Her English was doing well also as she watched English language videos on my computer when I wasn’t working. She’d picked up how to use it very quickly so I knew she was pretty bright but had no idea how much education she’d been able to get.

My contract was ending soon. What was I going to do with her? She had no papers and there had to be some reason to get her a visa to accompany me. I sure as hell wasn’t to leave her here on her own. I asked around and found a good lawyer who came up with some very official looking adoption papers for an exorbitant price but it was worth it. I was able to get a visa for her just in time.

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