by Frank Noir

Copyright© 2018 by Frank Noir

Erotica Sex Story: How long can an experienced professional make a handjob last? Her client is about to find out.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   FemaleDom   Light Bond   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

“You’re going to let go,” she said softly. “Eventually.”

Her client groaned in reply. He lay on his back, his hands cuffed to the headboard, his hard cock pointing straight at the hotel ceiling. Her gloved hand stroked it expertly, up and down, up and down. Pursing her lips above the tip of his member, she occasionally produced a slow string of saliva, letting it drip down gently on his helmet and run lazily down the sides of the shaft. She covered the skin of the cock in her spit, spreading it all over, and then dribbled some more, her glove wet and slippery like his bulging shaft. Her client breathed heavily.

“Yes,” she went on. “It’s going to happen. It will take a while – but you want that, don’t you?”

“Uhhh!” he groaned. “Yes!”

“You want to feel the urge to come,” she said. “Feel it for as long as possible. It feels good, doesn’t it? Your cock swollen and hard, ready to burst. You like feeling the tension, the pressure building up inside you, don’t you?”

“Ah!” her client cried.

His cock twitched violently.

“But,” she went on. “It’s also sort of painful, isn’t it? The closer you get, the more you feel the need to let go. Oh! Wouldn’t it be great just to give in? Feel all that sticky cum force its way out from the depth of your balls – burst up through your bulging shaft. You’re so aroused, you’d probably shoot it several feet up into the air. You’d just love to feel that, wouldn’t you?”

She masturbated him slowly, squeezing his cock hard.

“Ah!” he gasped. “No! Not yet!”

She laughed.

“Of course not!” she replied. “Because you want to feel the tension, right? Feel it building and building until it becomes unbearable. Until it becomes painful. Don’t you?”

Her client grit his teeth, throwing his head from side to side on the king-size bed.

“Yes!” he gasped.

She released her grip slightly, massaging his cock in firm, rhythmic strokes. Clear fluid oozed from its tip. She licked it up, wriggling her tongue teasingly. He moaned.

“Strange, isn’t it,” she said thoughtfully. “You want to come – real bad – yet you also want to wait for as long as possible. You can’t stand the anticipation – yet you want it to last and last. You poor, poor thing.”

Her client threw his head back and gasped, his helmet bulging between her gloved fingers.

“But your cock...” she whispered. “It’s so beautiful now. So erect – as long and hard as it will ever get. So thick I can hardly wrap my fingers around it. So hard I can hardly squeeze it. It’s so perfect – you must be just about to come.”

“Yes!” he gasped. “I can’t help myself any longer ... I’m going to come!”

“No!” she protested. “Not yet! Try to hold back – just a little while. Concentrate!”

“Aaah!” he groaned.

The clear liquid flowed from his twitching cock. But he didn’t come. His balls contracted, shrunk into hard little pebbles inside the hairy sack. He breathed deep, trying to control himself.

“Ah!” he gasped. “Oh, my god...”

“See!” she purred. “You can do it. There’s a good little cock. I just want to play with it for a little longer.”

“Mmm,” her client said.

She opened her mouth and with a little, wet sound, she wrapped her red lips around the helmet. He began impatiently thrusting his member into her mouth. The handcuffs jingled as he moved.

“Ah, yes!” he gasped. “Suck it!”

“Mmm!” she replied. “Mmm!”

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