Shattered Illusions

by KingBandor

Copyright© 2018 by KingBandor

Humor Sex Story: A husband laughs as his wife is catfished by her online stud.

Caution: This Humor Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fiction   Humor   Wife Watching   Interracial   Black Male   White Couple   .

I sipped my whiskey as I watched my wife Carol sliding her vibrator in and out of her pussy with her left hand. Her right hand was on her computer keyboard typing dirty to her online lover, Marcus. On screen, I could see their 3D avatars, naked and fucking. Mandy, Carol’s beautiful, young, blonde avatar with the perfect body, was bent over the back of a chair while her well-endowed, muscular, black lover Marcus was pounding her virtual pussy hard.

Marcus didn’t know that sexy young “Mandy” in actuality was an overweight, middle-aged mom of three with sagging tits. Carol had told him she was twenty-two, married, and in great shape, due to her regular Crossfit training. He had no clue I was next to her, reading her chat and watching her every move while stroking my cock.

Marcus: Does your husband know how big of a slut you are?

Mandy: He has no fucking clue!

Marcus: Bet he doesn’t fuck you this good?

Mandy: Fuck no! Never!

Marcus: He got a little dick?

Mandy: You have no idea!

Carol turned to look at me, smiling. I had my “little dick” in my fist, pumping all eight inches rapidly. She rubbed the head of my cock and winked at me.

Mandy: His dick is tiny! Pathetic! He can barely get it up and would never fuck me as good as you do!

She blew me a kiss and worked her vibrator faster. I knew she was just talking dirty. Carol and I had an extremely active sex life and fucked long and hard almost every day.

Marcus: Can we voice?

Carol glanced at me. We usually both hated doing voice unless it was with someone we knew and whose voice we liked. So many times, we would hear people talk whose voice didn’t match their online image, shattering the illusion. It’s quite the let down to see a beautiful woman and create a dream of what she sounds like, only to have that fantasy destroyed when you hear something radically different.

The results for us had been hit-and-miss but mostly miss. So, for Carol to even consider voicing with someone she didn’t know meant she had to be really fucking horny.

“Is it ok?” she asked, biting her bottom lip. She always liked to include me in her play. I never asked her to, but it was kind of our understanding.

“Do you want to?” I asked, already knowing the answer. She was pretty worked up.

“Kinda,” she smiled, “that way I can use both hands.” She reached over and tugged at my cock. I grinned but knew from experience she meant both hands for herself.

“Ok, if you want,” I replied. As I said, we weren’t usually into voicing as it was too often disappointing. When it is good, it can be smoking hot to hear. But, when it is bad, well, you can’t un-hear it.

She moaned, “He’s such a fucking gangsta thug. He had all his hoodlums gangbang Mandy yesterday. If he voices anything like he chats, you should get me a big towel.”

“Gangbang? I bet you loved that!” I exclaimed. We didn’t always play together, but we didn’t keep any secrets.

“Yeah, it was fucking epic.” She put her gaming headset on and lowered the mic. She looked like a naked astronaut. “Ok, be quiet now, I’m going to call him.”

Mandy: Sure, baby. You ready?

Marcus: Yeah, bitch. Are you gonna cum for me, like a dirty little slut?

Mandy: If you make me!

Marcus: You fucking know I will. You love this big black cock.

Mandy: I do! I really do! Ok, calling now.

She clicked the little phone icon to establish a voice chat. A couple of seconds later there was a click and the connection established. She could hear background noises, like a change to the white noise, faint hints of a TV, and raspy breathing.

“Hey baby,” she whispered into the microphone, “I need that big black dick, Marcus.”

There was no response.

She moaned into the microphone, as she pumped the toy faster into her pussy. “Oh baby, my pussy is dripping wet for you.”

There was still no response. Carol gave me a slightly annoyed look, then took off the headset and unplugged it, so the sound started coming out her main speakers. She leaned over her desktop microphone to speak.

“Marcus, baby?” she began, sounding a little apprehensive, “are you there?”

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