Getting Hit On

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2018 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Making your sexual interest in someone known can change things. It's more difficult in these times but it can work.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Teenagers   Sharing   Polygamy/Polyamory   First   Size   .

It was his first job and he’d been there about six months, with assorted tasks at a small specialty retail store. It might be sweeping the floor or putting away a new shipment or anything else that Lena, store manager, asked them to do.

Donny was sixteen, short and kinda scrawny but he had a good wit. He got real comfortable with the manager and they would tease each other in different ways. He knew she was single and never heard much about any dating so he kept commenting how nice she looked and kept offering to make her feel like a woman. It was done in a light way that really couldn’t be considered harassment, especially since she was his boss.

She would always make some smart remark back and tease him about his stature. Then one day when all the work was done she asked him if he could stick around for a little bit. Lena offered to buy him dinner at a fast food place nearby and he was curious about this sudden change and quickly agreed. He texted his mom that he would be a bit later and to have dinner without him.

As they finished their burgers and fries, Lena commented about how often he’d said he thought she was sexy and how he had something she might like. “I think you whetted my curiosity long enough. Now I want to see exactly if you’ve been bullshitting me or not. Let’s go to my place. It’s only a short walk.”

When they got there she offered him a beer and they just looked at each other as they took the first couple of sips. “Okay, it’s showtime,” his hostess ordered, “stand up and drop your drawers so I can see what you’re packing.” She noticed he wasn’t shy and respond promptly to her command. When he dropped them his tool was partly filled and her eyes went wide. He wasn’t kidding! This little guy had a big one.

As she reached out to stroke it and see how big it could get, Donny spoke, “Okay, you’re seeing mine now let’s see yours!” Reluctantly she took her hand off but her eyes lingered as she stripped. Revealing her womanly treasures completed the hardening of the shaft waving in front of her.

She was curious, “Have you fooled around with girls before?”

Donny replied, “I’ve done some titty squeezing and pussy tickling and got one blow job but that’s all so far.”

Lena bent down and engulfed the head and half the shaft in her mouth. She not done a lot of cocksucking but he was even less experienced so he began moaning about how good it felt. She knew not to go too long because she didn’t want a mouthful of his youthful stuff. As she backed off she pulled his mouth to an erect nipple and pulled a hand to the other one. She felt electricity run down to her pussy, getting it wet.

Sex for her had been an obligation, not a pleasure in and of itself. Even with the boyfriend who was as dominating as her parents and her ex-husband, she spread her legs because she was supposed to. There was some pleasure but not the kind she’d read about. Now that she was in charge, it already felt a hell of a lot better.

Taking Donny to her bed she laid down and pulled his head her pussy. He’d seen it done on the web so and now she felt something that neither previous man had ever done for her. She came and clamped her thighs on each side of his head as she shook. When he could, Donny pulled his face up and said, “That was an orgasm, right”

She looked at him and smiled, “Yup, best one I ever had and now it’s your turn. Move on up and go easy as you put that big thing in me.”

She was very wet and he was careful and soon she felt more full of man meat than ever before in her life. With her hands on his hips she paced his thrusts and soon felt powerful gushes of hot cream deep inside. She was beyond grateful when he said, “can I stay in there and keep going?” Her deep tongue kiss let him know wishes.

An hour later they both had by far the best sex of their lives. He had come three times and she lost count. She was also grateful that she’d kept up her birth control. Her fingers couldn’t stay away from her pussy after he left and her mind was whirling. This was what sex was supposed to be, and just from a kid!

They fucked at least once every day he was at work and got together on Saturday for more leisurely time naked together. Donny was interested in her sex history too and she told him how her marriage had been arranged by her parents who ran everything else in her life. She knew the guy involved but there was no love between them. He turned out to be a mean and dominating bastard and she finally got the guts to divorce him when the documented bruises on her body were evidence enough that he had better cooperate.

It was quite a while later that she took her first boyfriend but he turned out to be a bad choice, just a user who fucked her when he wanted to and didn’t care much about her satisfaction. She realized that after about a half a dozen times between her legs when he put a notch on his bedpost and just walked away from their relationship. She noticed the sympathy that Donny gave her which warmed her heart towards him even more.

Their relationship was strong, rather surprising to both of them because of the age difference. Donny was pretty experimental and Lena discovered how much fun those adventures could be. It was her turn to propose something kinda wild when her ex-boyfriend must’ve gotten hard up and asked to see her again. She didn’t put out on the first date but arranged the second one to be at her place. She told Donny all about this and he was hidden in the closet so he could watch her get laid.

It was his idea to pump a load into her first so the boyfriend be unknowingly getting seconds and then, when the guy finished, Lena would kick him out and Donny would get thirds. He’d read about fucking a woman right after another guy and Lena was delighted with the idea too.

It went well and the boyfriend was none the wiser, just happy he’d gotten his rocks off while the real pleasure began after he left. The lovers felt wicked as Donny’s big dick squished the other man’s sperm out to drool down over Lena’s asshole. They talked dirty, enjoying a horny fuck, not lovemaking. It was Lena who asked, “Could we do this again sometime?”

Johnny laughed, “Well look who’s turning into a slut! After you’re tired of him I’ve got a buddy who is a virgin if you’d like to try one of those.”

She squeezed his wilted pecker with her pussy as she replied, “Hmmm. When he’s trained maybe we could have a threesome like I’ve read about.” Donny grinned and kept rubbing inside her as his cock firmed up for another go.

Willard, a family name he got saddled with so preferred Will, had been hearing stories about Donny’s mystery lover and was rubbing his small dick raw with the idea. A beneficial side effect of that was his endurance increased quite noticeably. When he was invited to accompany his older friend he had a perpetual hardon.

When Lena met this awkward boy she gave him a friendly smile and said, “Will might be kinda shy his first time so you wait for us out here Donny.” She led her new acquaintance to her bedroom and closed the door then began disrobing, turning about so he got a really good look at her attractive body. “Your kind of overdressed for the occasion, I think.” Will nearly fell down trying to get out of his clothes and his little pecker was sticking out underneath the roll of baby fat on his tummy that his adolescence had not yet dealt with.

She led him to the bed and he explored a woman’s body for the very first time. As much as she wanted to touch his little pecker she knew it would probably just explode and that would be messy considering it was not in any kind of receptacle. She debated whether she should have him shoot in her mouth or just get it in her pussy for starters. He was so eager she didn’t even push him for oral sex. That would leave some subjects for future lessons.

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